Your health is your wealth!

We are so busy these days, that many of us do not stop to think about how our health is related to our ability to build wealth. We listen to celebrities that tell you sleep is for broke people…and how you must be willing to work longer and harder than anyone else. Well, some of that is true and some of that is just a big myth that could be putting your health and wealth at risk. If you are not resting and eating well, you are putting yourself at a higher risk of developing a chronic illness. And once you get a chronic illness, your ability to earn will decrease, and how much money you spend on healthcare costs will increase. If you are burning the candle on both ends to get a business off the ground, I understand the need to work harder and longer…. for a while, however, you cannot sustain a work rate that has you neglecting your health. Check out today’s video and decide to invest in your health….as well as your business and/or stock portfolio. Investing in your health is the best investment you can make!

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799 800 ah Oh who me what am i doing i’m just Working on my wealth strategy And if you want to know what i’m talking About you want to check out today’s Video Now where are those 100s [Music] What’s up everyone thank you for Stopping by the achieve financial Coaching channel where we believe in Breaking the chains of debt And talking about all things related to Personal finance my name is kenny simon Your personal finance coach and today I want to talk to you about something That’s not very popular to talk about When you’re talking about building Wealth or budgeting or just getting Better with your finances and that is Your health I want to talk to you about five reasons Why your health Definitely is your wealth so i hope you Learned something from this video Please subscribe to the channel like the Video and share it with friends Let’s get started i want to start Today’s video with a couple of Um statistics one is a study published In the american journal of public health In 2019 That found that over 66 percent of

Bankruptcies in the us Were due to medical issues like not Being able to pay your bills Or time lost from work even if you have Health insurance This still is impacting us in the u.s And then just some information from the National center for chronic disease Prevention and health promotion so 90 Of the nation’s 3.8 trillion dollar Uh health care expenditure budget are For people who have Chronic health conditions or mental Health conditions So they also went on to state that Chronic diseases have significant health And economic costs In the us preventing or managing those Symptoms when prevention is not possible Can drastically reduce these costs And herophilus says to us who is an Ancient greek physician Love this quote when health is absent Wealth is useless so let’s get into Five reasons why your health is your Wealth the first reason is Healthy people don’t pay as much in Medical bills as people who are sick We all know that preventive care is much Much more economically friendly than Paying For care after you are sick or you are Meds or you have some sort of a chronic Condition that you’re managing

Me personally i’d rather pay for a gym Membership than to pay for all the meds I’ll need to manage a condition that my Unhealthy lifestyle cost Second reason is healthy workers are More productive Study after study shows that healthy People perform better And they earn more also like people who Are sick often see a reduction in income Because they leave work All together or they have to cut back on Their hours Third reason is exercise leads to a Healthier brain Sharper memory and thinking some studies Show that exercising is actually better For your brain than some of those mental Puzzles That you see advertised reason number Four Unhealthy lifestyles not only destroy Your health but they Are expensive so if you consume a lot of Alcohol If you’re a smoker you like to go out And eat unhealthy food Fast food candy sweets this stuff Not only impacts your health but it also Hits your bank account If you add all those things up those Habits are actually very Expensive and reason number five Why your health is your wealth

Is that poor health robs you of time This is time to earn money Time to build wealth time from your Family and friends it leads to a Premature death So if you were to google the top 10 Reasons for premature death I don’t care what comes up six of those 10 are going to be related directly to Poor health that lead to chronic Diseases i guarantee you These will be in there heart disease Cancer Chronic respiratory disease that we call Copd Asthma stroke diabetes all of these Things are directly Related to unhealthy lifestyles not Exercising And things like that so this list of Five all these things if you really Think about them Tied directly back to your ability to be Healthy and your ability To earn more over your lifetime So just real quick there are five Recommendations that i have For you to improve your health which of Course can lead to Your ability to improve your wealth These are not rocket science these are All things that we need to do these are Things that i am trying to do On a day-to-day basis because this is

Definitely a life Long journey so get enough sleep Manage your stress levels eat healthier And that may mean eating out less And you need to drink a lot of water as Well exercise regularly And take your butt to the doctor get Screened Have regular doctor doctors visit Especially You men out there we do not like to go To the doctor but this is something we Have to do so these are the five things Get some sleep Manage your stress levels let’s eat Healthier and drink water Exercise regularly and let’s take our Butts to the doctor to get Screenings i hope after walking through The five reasons why i say your health Is your wealth you have a better Understanding of the correlation between These two things If you are not healthy it will Definitely impact your ability to earn And grow money and ultimately leave a Legacy for your family it could actually Result in your premature Death which actually could be Financially devastating for your family There were also a few things i mentioned In terms of things we can do to start to Improve our health from exercising To eating right i will tell you that i

Work on these things daily because they Are a struggle for me I like to eat and i don’t always want to Eat the healthiest things But my goal of leaving a legacy to my Children is so important that i try to Make time to exercise And most of the time i try to eat pretty Decently not all the time So start to work on these things it’s Going to be hard And the crowd is not going to be going This way i can guarantee you If you are following the crowd and doing What everyone else is doing You’re not working on your health and You’re definitely not working on your Wealth So go the path that uh is less worn Because there won’t be a whole lot of People willing to walk with you on this Path Remember this you can achieve much Greater things than where you are today If you’re willing to put into work Conceive it believe it And achieve it i’ll see you on the next Video if you enjoyed today’s video Please subscribe to the channel like the Video drop a comment and share it with Friends Check out some of the other videos i’ve Recorded as well i’ll see you next time Thanks for checking in

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