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Druanna´s Wealth Protection is all about protecting your Wealth, Assets from seizures from Tyranny, ugly exes, Lawsuits, High Taxes, Lien, Levy, Bullet proof Private Trusts, international, american, foreign, global, elite.

Druanna´s Wealth Protection is all about protecting your Wealth, Assets from seizures from Tyranny, ugly exes, Lawsuits, High Taxes, Lien, Levy, Bullet proof Private Trusts, international, American, foreign, global, elite.

The Silver Bullet trust Ambassador Secure creditor program asset protection Debt elimination This is Dr Durana Wells and this is Going to be a one hour presentation Explaining to you exactly why being a Secured creditor is so important and why It is important to escape the plantation That we’ve been under for many many many Years okay but before I get started I Wanted to mention that this week I’m Going to be doing Um an interview with one of my students Who actually got their child support Eliminated I’m so excited about that in The child support industry has Harassed him for about four years and Finally it has they have dropped all Charges against him Since he finalized his uh secured Creditor package with us and the foreign Trust as well he was able to discharge The debt so we’re going to be able to go Over pretty much how he did it for those Of you who are already seasoned secured Creditors so we’re excited about it and I’m going to be interviewing him Sometime this week it could be Tuesday Wednesday hopefully and get it out to You maybe we could do a live webinar on That I think that would be really Exciting because you get to ask him some Questions all right well so much is Happening you see what’s going on in

Canada absolutely insane you would think Unconstitutional you would think but You’re going to understand why this is Happening and why they have the right Um if you want to call them the archons The cabal or whatever they do have the Right to do these because of their Acquiescence okay and your acquiescence As well so let’s move forward here I’m going to go over what does it mean To be a secure creditor What are the benefits And the separation from The Detour and The plantation of course to the private Side Security agreement with lean itself The birth certificate UCC financing lien Registration power of the foreign trust And how do you get started and what are The requirements to get started So what is a secured creditor well It is one who operates on the private Side free from slave restrictions free From the plantation free from the Plantation owners Slay in their slave masters They are instead independent they don’t Believe to be governed over by other Human beings they handle their own Business and with their status they have The power to discharge heavy debt Created by corporations and other Foreign agents so I’m talking about very heavy debt issues

Judgments against you lawsuits even Credit card debt student loan debt Depending on how you do it we show you Exactly how to do it and to be extremely Successful at it Any creditor or lender associated with Investment in or issuance of a credit Product backed by collateral it could be A crypto it could be a house it could be Land assets Yachts anything that you Think that you own are would be Considered your collateral Secured creditors have a first order Claim on the payouts of a distressed Credit investment if a borrower default Defaults any secured credit like say you You default on a loan Um and it was listed on the security Agreement That you have you want you put let’s say A bunch of gold and silver or whatever That you put forth as collateral they Can seize They can seize whatever it is that you Think that you own okay and they can go Ahead and pay off remaining obligations So they can sell off what it is that you Put forth as collateral so that they can Pay off the debt okay that is what Secure creditors are you know creditors That you’ve been dealing with let’s say But in this instance we’re going to be Talking about secured creditor as where The individual

Can utilize collateral certain Collaterals such as the foreign trust And inside the foreign trust is going to Be the birth certificate your driver’s License the the passport if you have one And so forth and everything else that You own would be on the foreign trust And that would be also collateral and That would help you to discharge your Debts or it’s not even your debt it’s Their debt okay but I’m going to get Into it here Secure creditor is backed by designated Collateral which gives the Creditor First order rights to the collateral if A borrower is insolvent okay so that’s What a secured creditor is but again We’re going to be moving into why what This secure creditor that this secured Creditor work that we do the Ambassador Work the Diplomat work that we do okay As a secured creditor When you secure everything You would use your own foreign trust you Created with a birth certificate the Social the passport assets property you Know passport if you have one anyway Assets property bank accounts company Inside of it and use it as collateral to Eliminate debt taxes lawsuits that is Against the government franchise name Which is the name in all capital letters On your birth certificate They already created a trust in your

Name which they can administer from yeah Which they can administer sorry and but From now on you will turn it around on Them with your own trust you created Yourself with a foreign tax-exempt EIN Number you receive from the IRS and it’s A lot more than that yes a number’s one Of it one of them but you also have to Have a trust set up for you After you become a secured creditor this Is the whole completion of being a Secure creditor okay you know people Tend to teach this a lot online on YouTube wherever and they only teach Pieces and pieces of the puzzle but they Don’t teach the whole thing And they wonder why a lot of their Discharges are not working why their Debt is not getting eliminated the way That they want it to well we actually Have the full on complete package here Okay and we’re going to explain to you Exactly what it entails Why foreign because these foreign agents Who created the corporations are using The same exact tactic to enforce their Power over their citizens and slaves Citizen means slavery and you are the Enemy of the State Citizen comes from Rome Rome started With citizenship for their slaves so we Don’t utilize any type of Citizen Language even private citizen when you Say private citizen you say private

Slave so you’re a private slave right no We do not utilize that terminology These foreign agents have their own Foreign trusts their UCCS to put them on The private side and operate as Elites So you know those are questions Something that came to me it was so Funny While I was rendering I was trying to render and then I had to Start all over again anyway on this Video It was a thought it was like Maybe that’s what we’re here for We’re here to start out in slave mode And work our way up to the elite mode You see what I mean There’s a reason for everything there’s A reason why we came into this planet Through our parent our mother’s water And started Our Lives In the plantation Very interesting thought I had you know That question why why did we start like This what was the whole reason why are Some of us so privileged that we don’t Have to be born in the plantation but There are some that are a very small few That are not And in a spiritual way it could mean Evolution it could mean evolution of the Human being of the human psyche because When you see if when you look around you Many of the human beings are you know

They see themselves as victims in a lot Of ways but they don’t realize why they Even came back in the first place it Could have been a karmic experience it Could have been something that they did Um maybe very negative very bad and they Have to keep coming back until they get It right And it’s like the karmic debt that we Have to pay off while we’re here So once we get rid of all of that in a Spiritual way too and along with the Paperwork we can actually evolve into The elites that are controlling the Planet right now there is a reason why They are controlling the planet right Now okay Um we’re always being told oh they’re so Bad they’re evil and I’m not saying that They are or aren’t I’m not gonna I’m not Here to judge because this is about Non-judgment I’m not here to judge Anybody On this planet whether they’re the Rockefellers the Rothschilds the Vatican You know I don’t want to judge anybody Because we really we really don’t Understand why we don’t know We don’t understand their story we don’t Understand what they went through too And there’s some knowledge very hidden Knowledge that they have that they feel That the the Rest of humanity is not ready for

You know there’s been a lot of War among Other humans they you know even with Some knowledge and power we’ve seen it Throughout history it isn’t just the Elite few that supposedly owned the Planet there’s other other parties too You know here in in Mexico or or certain Countries you know they have a lot of Mafiosi going on there’s a lot of things Happening when the human being has power And when they have power they turn they Can turn very evil and they can turn Very greedy and very unbalanced and Unjust as well So this particular work Is actually for those if you’re being Drawn to this particular work with a Good heart And would a just cause adjust heart as Well okay then this this is for you But there are many people that try to Get away with things And they are not meant to be doing this Work at all they are not ready to to Move into the elite Elite Hood And free themselves from the plantation Because they got a lot of karmic stuff Going on in their minds in their head That they seriously need to work out and I’ll tell you The universe is watching over you your Ancestors are watching over you And if you think if you are unjust in

Any way and you’re a person that does a Lot of bad negative crap and you try to Use this technology to get away with Things it’s going to backfire on you Greatly so I’m letting you know that Okay But anyway I will move forward on All right the citizens were tricked into Servitude To worshiping their FL their flag not a Freeman not as free men either but as Free slaves Okay So As I stated these foreign agents have Their own foreign trusts their ucc’s Donald Trump even houses on UCC many of These presidents have their own ucc’s Because they’re able to operate on the Private side and they operate as foreign Agents To this so-called country that you think It is your country United States of America is not United States of America Anymore it hasn’t been for a very long Time it has been a corporation owned by Britain by the crown The benefit of secure creditors so what Is the benefits what are the benefits of Being a secured creditor you might ask Well Instead of the state being the Plantation owners and creditor over your Possessions your children money your

Assets your house your cars your boats Etc you are now the holder in due course Of your estate known as your foreign Trust which includes your birth Certificate passport if you have one You’re social your driver’s license Property land assets children bank Accounts companies llc’s Your beneficiaries will be benefiting Even in they can be your companies but I’m going to go into that with a trust At a later time in the slide here other Trustees to administer your own Trust So that’s pretty much what A secured creditor is fully fully Secured creditor and um with this Foreign trust you are now in a position To discharge all debt issues such as High taxes judgments against you Lawsuits you name it very heavy hairy Stuff folks very heavy hairy stuff we’re Not talking about if you can’t pay your Freaking bills that you actually promise To pay you know little tiny bills this Is not free this is for people that are Having some hairy heavy or heavy stuff And um and usually it’s interesting Whenever we are faced with hairy heavy Heavy hairy debt like child support for Me it tends to awaken the slave it tends To awaken us to a point where we’re like Why are we here and why are they doing This to us what is the purpose and this Has to shake us this this has to shake

Us to a point where we’re like you know What this is wrong something is off here And it’s only with this Awakening you’re Going to really Understand why You have to to be free and what the Truth really is about us living in a Plantation By the slave owners we have never left The plantation folks We never left they changed everything Around But this is an amazing school so again I Have no judgment against anybody or Anyone because it’s actually very Freaking exciting What I went through was was really scary But you know what it woke me up because If I didn’t go through what I went Through back then I would be in a lot of Hell right now like many of the slaves On the plantation right now they they Um they can’t escape their countries They can’t um You know they they they have to listen To their boss and tell them to to get Something to have something put in their Bodies whether they like it or not you Know all these things if I would have Lived way back then and I mean and now And I never became a secured creditor I I couldn’t imagine how my life would Be right now it’s just such a trip it’s A freaking trip it is an Awakening a

Mind Awakening when you actually look Around you and you see the craziness Going on and you’re able to get out of It and no but but by knowing this Powerful knowledge that was kept from Humanity for so long you’re going to Understand why it was kept from Humanity For so long because only so many are Allowed to learn this information only So many a few okay Your signature is now golden Because he took back the power of your Own estate And created your own foreign Trust This is the power of the credit that you Hold to eliminate debt Many of you think it’s just an a for V Or accepted for Value some of you we Know what this background And yes it has worked for in for a very Small occasion a very small time I guess I you can say because we’ve seen it Happen but they got a little smarter and They realized huh well you know what They’re still slaves they’re still Slaves In the plantation you haven’t really Separated yourself yet And they are right they’re right Completely because it isn’t until when You really separate yourself and it Isn’t with just the UCC it’s a lot more Than that you have to transmit that Social security number in order to be

Completely free with an estate number With the trust the foreign trust Controlling all of that your eins your LLCs everything and once you’re able to Do that you are completely on the Private side Okay Everything that belongs to the secured Creditor can no longer be monetized off Of you now have the power as a true Diplomat on the private side you’ll also Be on the no detained list because you Will be private you will be a diplomat And a diplomat Ambassador meaning you’ll Be peaceful you’ll be at peace with Other foreign agents because you become A foreign agent as well You see where I’m going with us you Start to awaken to your true potential Of who you really are and what you’re Here to do you end up joining the elite In that way okay now some of you of Course you’re probably going to think With a lot of judgment oh my God they’re A bunch of blood suckers and this and That and this and this you know I don’t Want to get into that part of the Equation here not everybody’s like that But again everybody has their own karmic Debt to pay right And we don’t really know everything 100 What’s going on you know the media tells Us so much Lies We only think we know What we what we see when we see

Something on the media we actually Believe it we don’t really know what the Hell’s going on and I think that’s part Of the illusion The hulls of a mentee illusion you know We tend to believe a lot what is being Told to us by those that are in power That actually have funded the media okay And there’s a reason for everything here Is this this life is a school so to help You evolve and it is just a game guys All right so secured creditors as secure Creditors signature is worth more than Fake paper Fiat money It instead acts as credit and is the Only solution to settle all accounts and Proceeds with credit not debt notes Okay so when you’re on the also a Diplomat on the on the private side Meaning it also means that no need to Pay with debt notes for lawsuits court Cases judgments or taxes There will be no liens against the name Anymore you create the lien with a Non-adverse position under the power of The Hague and Geneva To protect you as a civilian the Indigenous on the land The Sovereign who Holds more power than any king or queen On this land and they know this So we say indigenous of the land we Never utilize the terminology American National no way that puts you Back into the plantation okay

Private citizen puts you back into the Plantation even utilizing the word Sovereign you have to be very careful With those words because that word Sovereign is red flagged even though we Know what Sovereign is Which is being free and you know in Control of your own estate and all that But there’s a certain time and a place When to actually use that word Sovereign okay but that is exactly what Being a diplomat is So the HDR 192. this is where a lot of It began I mean it also began even Before that but we’re just going to Start off with the 1933 HDR 192. Approved in June on June 5th 1933 how Straight resolution It was payment of debt is now against Congressional and public policy and Henceforth every obligation shall be Discharged As a result of house joint resolution 192 and from that day forward no one in This nation has been able to pay a debt Or lawfully own anything [Music] For that matter The gold and silver Of the American people were confiscated And if the people did not give up their Gold and silver back then they were Fined ten thousand dollars or imprisoned For 10 years

That should have been an OP that should Have been a switch right there knowing Are we still on the plantation I mean What the hell I thought we were free Americans right The only thing one can do is tender and Transfer of debts with a debt being Perpetual The suspension of the gold standard and Prohibition against pain debts removed The substance for our common law to Operate on and created a void as far as The law is concerned the substance which Was gold and silver Was replaced with a public National Credit system where debt is legal tender Money now Gold and silver was part of the Constitution and the only legal tender Used before The hjr 192 was implemented immediately After Franklin D Roosevelt signed the Resolution the treasury offered the Public new government securities minus The traditional payable and gold class So this is what happened When The gold and silver was taken from the American people in exchange for Federal Reserve funny money that you hold in Your hands paper money plastic money now Which can melt in your hands now That is when you basically Acquiesced Everything you ask Quest your

Rights you acquiesced the the benefits And privileges let’s say Um of being a free American You agreed To those foreign Fiat paper money the Federal Reserve the Federal Reserve is a foreign entity okay Is a foreign entity based out of Puerto Rico Issuing foreign paper money that is not American they are not American treasury Notes they are foreign paper Fiat money And by the American people accepting it They’ve accepted That the constitution no longer applies The use U.S Constitution involved gold And silver as legal tender why would the The Americans and the rest of the world For that matter it’s not what didn’t Just happen with the Americans why would They take Funny Monopoly money in exchange for Something that was part of the Constitution where people high back then Were they on too much poppy seeds opium Who knows what the heck they were on but Right then and there that that should Have been a red flag for a lot of our Ancestors And that or our parents or grandparents Whoever lived during that time to be Like wait a second something is off here And uh you know of course I I don’t Really know I wasn’t there back then

Maybe a lot of people try to fight it Off I don’t know But there was a reason why there was a Loophole in the Constitution folks and It goes back to the crown You see the United the in the Constitution And the Declaration of Independence when They mention We the People They were mentioning actually We the elite we the Freemasons We the People Not we the people as enslaves it meant We the people have the right to this the Right to that the sovereignty the Everything they made you believe After 1871 when the When the United States was created the United States Corporation sorry was Created in 1871 if I’m correct here Okay after they murdered Abraham Lincoln And I have a whole video on that one I’m Gonna actually place that in the Description below After they murdered him they made it Look like It was the same United States of America Okay so really and they put the United States of America under martial law that The which was USA Incorporated put Everything under martial law And we’ve been under martial law since Then not really since 1933 it was since 1871.

After the North and the South they were Fighting and we thought that they won Well there’s another story there’s Another twist to that it’s very freaking Interesting and the more that you delve Into this it’s really going to blow your Mind It’s really going to blow your mind like It has for me you’re going to have a Passion about it it’s good to really do Some due diligence and read and research And especially Jordan Maxwell I love him And by the way late Jordan Maxwell he Left the planet a few days ago He was absolutely wonderful with Symbology he knew about the UCC he knew About a lot of things And um Please look him up Jordan Maxwell Okay So let’s move on here So the hdr-182 was implemented Immediately after Franklin D Roosevelt Signed the resolution like I said the Treasury offered the public new Government securities blah blah blah Okay 192 also states that one cannot Demand a certain form of currency that They want to receive if it is dollar for Dollar if you review the modern money Mechanics article you will discover all Currency is your credit The Federal Reserve calls it monetized Debt

The UCC financing statement to control The FI the franchise government name and Birth certificate Etc we’re going to go Into the UCC Uniform Commercial Code The UCC liant or filing is a public Notice that A lender has a security Interest in one or more of their assets The term comes from a collection of Established rules that govern how Government transactions work in the USA And many other countries too Called the UCC or Uniform Commercial Code UCC liens can be filed against Individuals or businesses UCC filing begins when you agree to Pledge assets to A lender for a loan or Business line of credit by signing a Security agreement Which gives the lender the right to use Specific assets as collateral Once that security agreement is signed It is normal for a lender to file a UCC Lien against the assets you pledged to Give notice of the rights to any other Potential lender The security agreement and other private Documents not mentioned here That’s what you’re going to be adding to The UCC and the foreign private trust as Well the foreign private trust is Actually very separate so I don’t know Why I put that there so blink blink that Part I’m going to save the form private

Trust first for the end of the this Webinar but it is also called the UCC They also call the UCC a contract trust As well okay it is some form of a trust In some way Security agreement okay this is the meat And potatoes folks this is Celine itself This is what makes it powerful okay it’s Not the UCC it is the security agreement If you are thinking about lending money To someone a security agreement can help Guarantee that loan for sure for sure Right with a security agreement the Borrower offers interest in a piece of Personal property that will transfer to The lender if they cannot pay the loan Okay I’m sure that that you can Understand that or understand that or Overstand whatever way you want to say It but that’s basically it if I lend you Ten thousand dollars I’m gonna I’m gonna Draft up a security agreement and then You’re going to put forth a collateral That if you don’t pay that ten thousand Dollars I’m going to go ahead and get Your car and then I’m going to file a UCC lien against it just just a lean Registration just in case putting Everyone on notice that if this is not Paid That I can go after you I can seize Everything that you put forth anyway Okay this is exactly what they’ve been Doing folks this is exactly what they’ve

Been doing They have a UCC lien on every person American person English person Mexican Person doesn’t matter what country You’re from they have a UCC lien on Everybody And if you do not pay If you get involved in their commercial Transactions Such as banking loans things like that And you do not pay that’s why they can Come after you they can come they have a Lien against the name the government Franchise name that is on your birth Certificate bond which is an all caps Name all caps name okay So Wyatt’s in all caps is because it is A corporation only corporations are in All cap name When you get a bill it is an all caps Name very interesting right I’m talking Slowly because I want you to really Understand What this is all about okay I don’t want To speed through this I’m really Passionate about this work And I really want you to understand and Get this because once you get this Information you are going to be Bulletproof just with this information Alone Okay so this can be a great way to Entice A lender to make the loan but if You are the borrower you should be

Positive you can repay the loan or your Personal assets will be confiscated this Is very a very voluntary act which can Be prevented by not doing it in the First place so if you don’t want to have That credit card if you don’t want to Have that if you don’t want to get Seized then don’t freaking do it folks You know you don’t even have to be a Secured creditor just stop playing their Game okay you just stop playing their Game you stop doing the loan stop taking Loans from them if you don’t you don’t You know you’re not going to pay back Stop have Max in your credit cards if You’re not going to pay it back And Don’t buy a house if you feel that maybe Someday down the road something can Happen it can prevent you from Pain back The the Um the mortgage right But again you know as a secured creditor I don’t play that game at all I don’t I Don’t get into the loan thing I don’t Get into the credit you know getting a Credit card I don’t play their game Because I am an elite I am one of them I Don’t need to play that game And that’s a whole other Story the Credit that I use I I put my collateral My crypto collateral To get credit crypto credit and I built On and built on it by selling my Fiat

Money and moving it into Bitcoin okay And with that it moves into Um the collateral is Moving up in value at accrues in value And every time an occurs in value I can Pay off the debt it’s really easy it’s Really easy the only hard part is being Patient that’s it okay so I don’t have To play that game if I don’t really want To but it’s funny a lot of secured Creditors they want to keep going back Into the belly of the Beast and playing That game okay but I will say this I Will say this for the record The debt that we the debt that you’ve Incurred let’s say credit card debt Child support debt lawsuits judgments Um student loan debt all of this debt Including mortgages okay Including mortgages Can be completely wiped out With a foreign trust as a secured Creditor it can be completely wiped out If you know what the hell you’re doing Um because you’re going to give them Something back it isn’t just like I’m Going to wipe it out get rid of it You’re going to give them something back In return and it is not your birth Certificate Bond everyone thinks it’s That it is not It’s something more powerful than that And that’s how I was able to get out of Child support and that’s how many of my

Students have been able to get out Of a lot of this debt issues Okay Very important work that we do you would Use the foreign private Trust You would have the security agreement And then add that onto the foreign Private trust okay that’s how you do it And you are acting as a secured party in The contract by the way So the detour is the foreign government Franchise name on your birth certificate That is inside of the trust with you Also being the executor if you’re a man Or executrix if you’re a woman of this Trust where other secured parties such As the governments can no longer control You or your assets this is a lien itself So the lien is a security agreement It will be added to the UCC after the Security agreement has been created A sign in front of a notary and so forth With two witness signatures then you Would add that to your UCC one okay And along with some other other things That that are are part of getting your Secure secured creditor package done So that would be the first step to do This and then the second step is to get The foreign trust set up because you’re Going to put the security agreement and Everything on the foreign truss that’s The power this is the power and with That

You’re going to be able to wipe out so Much debt you’re going to be blown away It will blow your mind believe me So You as a secured party you put a lien Against a debtor name Yourself to show yourself To show you are the one in control not Them you are the Elite you are the Executor executous of your estate So what is the collateral I get that Question a lot The collateral is everything that you Think that you own which is in the Dutcher’s name The all caps name the franchise name the Birth certificate is a formal document Which certifies the date time and place Of your birth certificate and recitation Of his or her parentage as issued by an Official in charge of such records it is A negotiable instrument a registered Security a stock certificate evidencing Or representing the preferred stock of The corporation and against which you Your body is The Surety a pedigree Channeled document establishing the Existence of the government franchise Name A distinct artificial person with a Fictitious name it is a document of Title to the franchise name a warehouse Receipt For the body

It doesn’t show your hair color eye Color or anything because it is a Corporate document only This BC made your franchise name a Corporation which the elite monetized Off of for their benefit not yours So in other words it’s funny they call It a birth certificate and everything But they don’t you know just like a Driver’s license they don’t show what Your hair color is what your height is What your weight is or your fingerprints I mean the live birth certificate they Don’t show that because it is an actual Corporate document an actual Corporation Interesting when you drink a lot of Cappuccino you get to see things more Clearly right So It’s better for me to you know explain This exactly what it is and what it Entails here So A delivery receipt An industrial bond between you the Flesh And Blood man or woman and the Industrial society incorporate U.S Government which is also the artificial Person entity Registration where does registration Come from well it is a Latin word Rex Regis or Regis Etc meaning Regal think About what occurs whenever you register Over whenever you register over to the

State you give full power over to them You hand legal title over to the crown Over to the state that’s what you do So anything that you register whether It’s a car Your children A corporation you are handing the title Over to the state over to the crown When you register anything to the public It releases legal title to the Government corporation and leaves you With only Equitable Title meaning the Right to use not own anything and for Use you will pay a use tax be it income Sales property Etc As opposed to lawful taxes excise and Impost so it doesn’t appear that the Government now owns the property which You have registered they simply put it In a name which resembles your own that You won’t suspect it the all caps Franchise name is owned by the Government if you choose to rather to Record your legal title to your property To the public you maintain your status As title owner this is very important When they register your car kids Property Etc you are simply giving Ownership over to the state to the crown To do whatever they want to do That’s why they’re allowed to do what They want to do tell you what to do and How to do it tell you to stick your kid With a bunch of garbage in their system

Stick you with a bunch of garbage they Have the right to do whatever because of Your acquiescence but this is all going To change because now knowledge is power Isn’t it So what happened They created a fiction government Franchise name Using the birth certificate And the birth certificate created a Fiction the name of the baby in Uppercase letters the state Province Sells the birth certificate to the Commerce Department of the corporations USA UK Canada or Mexico it doesn’t Matter whatever you think our countries Are corporations Which are owned by The uh the crown and the Vatican Which places a bond on the birth Certificate thereby making it a Negotiable instrument and placing that Fiction name into the warehouse of the USA Incorporated or whatever country Corporation you are a part of The representation for the corporate Fiction was given to the bar which means British accredited registry or Regency Owned and operated by the crown for the Purpose of Contracting the fiction which Most of us think is ourselves into a Third party action They have the right to monetize off of Your franchise name make money off of it

Create a corporation which they did out Of that name to move that money from one Private investor to another without your Consent What do you mean by non-adverse well as A secure creditor or secure to creditor We do not fight against the Establishment as an adversary no no no Instead we just tell we just give them What they want You scratched my back and I will scratch Your back They are very powerful folks you can’t Fight against these folks they know way Too much they are ahead of head of Everything And they knew that only some people Would get out of the plantation certain People would get all the plantation Correctly they knew this okay And Because if if that were the case that They didn’t know this You know what I mean Um You would really see the flaw in the System but really the system is really Perfect it is perfect what they do how They strategize things how they Strategize the the wars They trust me these people are not Stupid they’re not stupid okay they know About the afterlife they know about Extraterrestrial technology I mean these

People are Brilliant And we’re gonna try to You know we’re gonna try to overrule These people and it doesn’t happen that Way So you you might you have to make peace With them Because at the same time they can be Your greatest allies too They could be your greatest allies So anyway You show them you are here as a creditor To handle all Affairs and you can help Them with any credit if need be Instead of running away from obligations We just discharge those we discharge Them easily With our trust with our signature The Geneva conventions comprise four Treaties and three protocols that Established the standards of International law for humanitarian Treatment for war the singular term Geneva Convention usually denotes the Agreements of 1949 negotiated after the Aftermath Of the second world war 1939 1945. Which updated the terms of the two 1929 Treaties or the second 1929 treaties and Added two new conventions extensively to Find the basic rights of wartime Prisoners civilians and military Personnel established protections for

The wounded and the sick and protection For the civilians in and around a war Zone The treaties of 1949 were ratified in Whole or with reservations of 196 Countries Moreover the Geneva Convention also Defines the rights and protection afford To afforded to non-combatants The Articles do not address Warfare Proper the use of weapons of war which Is the subject of the Hague conventions First hag conference 1899 second 1907 And the biogeneva Warfare protocol for The prohibition and the use in War of Asphyxiating poisonous gases and of Bacteriological methods of warfare 1925. We act as the civilians waving the white Flag during a time of War The Enemy of the State okay so so Basically let me go back here so I can Put really this is really soaking in Your brain here okay We use this power of the Geneva Convention and The Hague Inside of the UCC one but there’s a Certain way that we we write it in there There’s a certain way we write it in There we don’t just say oh we’re Non-combatant non-adverse and and okay We are non-combatant no we have we have To incorporate something in there that Is so freaking powerful To get it correctly done right and I’m

Sure you’ve seen the free ambassador Program of eight days some of them were Blotted out but the first for two days First for um the first two days or the First I’m sorry the first day with the Security agreement and the UCC I show You exactly how it’s created Um what I say on there is so freaking Important and it overrides any of the UCC liens that that the uh corporations Or foreign agents have against the Slaves okay Um we are protected by the white flag Because we are no longer Enemy of the State and we’re going to go into that Right now the Enemy of the State we are Seen as civilians waving the white flag And letting them know hey we’re not at War with you we are above all that We are not slaves either So Deal with it the Enemy of the State Since March 9th 1933 the United States Has been in a state of declared National Emergency under the powers delegated by These statutes the president May seize Property organize and control the means Of production seize Commodities assign Military forces abroad Institute martial Law seize and control all transportation And communication regulate the operation Of private Enterprises restrict travel And control the lives of All American Citizens from Senate report 93 549

Foreign The situation has continued absolutely Uninterrupted since 1933. We have been in a state of declared National Emergency for nearly 65 or Possibly 85 years without even knowing It In 1933 the federal United States Hypothecated all of the all of the Present and future properties Assets in Labor of their subjects the 14th Amendment U.S citizens to the Federal Reserve System All right so here we are on the foreign Trust and what the foreign trust is and Why it is so powerful This properly structured foreign trust Provides the best solution and legal Protection on the planet The ultimate power for tax immunity with An iron-clad asset protection By transferring all assets into this Powerful trust you will have full Complete control of all benefits by Allowing the trust to own your assets Releasing all encumbrances and Liabilities Because your assets are held in the Specific trust it cannot it cannot be Seized leaned or levied in any way For the debts of the beneficiaries or The trustees the foreign trust has been Used by the wealthy Elite The Rockefellers

Rothschilds billionaires for hundreds of Years No matter what the situation is whether There is a notice of lien on your Property a lawsuit or Judgment of some Kind assets can be conveyed into a trust The foreign trusts that we create is Foreign and irrevocable which can be Used to protect the grantors assets from Seizures The grantor is also known as the Creator There are two types of trusts the Foreign trust which includes a foreign Tax identifier EIN number and an elite Um Number which is an elite number is tax Exempt which holds more power and weight It cannot be pierced by any domestic Court because the trust will be created Outside the United States the judge Himself would have to fly to that Country to fight you which it is Impossible they cannot do that it is out Of their jurisdiction that is the beauty Of having a foreign trust because it is Created outside of the country or your Country it doesn’t matter what country You’re from if you’re from Canada you Would have an address outside of Canada If you’re from England you would have an Address outside of England this is how They do it this is how we do it It cannot be pierced by any domestic Court because the trust will be created

Outside the United States you don’t have To fly to that other country to create This trust you don’t have to leave your Home You would need a foreign address outside Of where you reside okay if you are Foreign and you live let’s say in Canada And all that because it’s such a strict Country I would definitely say hey use Another address outside of your country But if you’re in another country and It’s not let’s say Mexico so not strict As much as Canada we would use Mexico we Would use all other types of addresses Whatever makes you feel comfortable but Really as long as it’s a foreign address That is that’s going to be fine because A domestic trust with an EIN where it is Taxable and easy to pierce the veil in Court is not is not a good place it’s Not a good trust to have but um the Foreign Trust The IRS is going to be sending you an Address I mean the IRS is going to be Sending you a letter to that foreign Address and it’s going to be the Courtesy letter to confirm that you do Own you do own you started a trust okay You did start this trust So the domestic trusts have no power Then I’m going to tell you why The domestic peer organization trust 508 Trust pure common law trust is still Easily pierced by the courts because it

Is created in the United States of America Meaning they can still take you to court Whether it is irrevocable or not it can Easily be pierced Okay so That’s the truth that is the truth And if you have let’s say you have your Beneficiaries listed which is your Family members they can easily change The beneficiaries into the creditors And drain your trust it’s not a pretty Sight they could do it easily If it is a business trust or not in Or not in certain states such as Nevada Okay Um The trust would have to be registered if You are okay if you have a business Trust That’s domestic And you are in Nevada The trust would have to be registered And you understand what registered means Right exactly what I said whatever you Register you give ownership over to them So In Nevada they want your trust to be Registered whereas with a foreign trust Even in Nevada it doesn’t necessarily Have to be registered interesting So you get away with a lot more with a Foreign trust than you do a domestic Because domestic they want it registered

They want it documented because they Want to own your trust simple plain and Simple certain States they want to Register your trust but then there are Certain states that don’t want to Register it but either way you’re still Inside their jurisdiction even if you Say I’m a sovereign it doesn’t matter it Doesn’t hold as much weight as you think Okay it doesn’t hold as much weight as You think because when a lot of our Family came from other countries Europe They came in To the United States of America and who Were here before then there were Indigenous people of the land that were That were you know the brown the black The indigenous people of the land and Guess what happened for your sovereignty Right they slaughtered those people The colonizers slaughtered those people So you can be Sovereign on the land Think about it I think you really need To do your history a lot of you are Brainwashed and you really don’t know it And it’s okay I’ve been there I’ve been There folks I was brainwashed too According to the Native Americans and Then indigenous people of the land they Don’t they don’t believe in owning Property they don’t believe in owning Land Because they simply believe that they Are the caretakers of the land they’re

The caretaker of mother gaia’s land or God’s land it is not theirs to own But we somewhere down the line We believed From whatever the Plantation owners was feeding us own it It is your house own everything you can Own it you can buy it and you can work Your ass for it and it’s your house it’s Your car it’s your everything But according to the very rich like The Rockefellers the elite Control everything and own nothing why Even as as rich as they are why do they Still say that They don’t own anything they know they Don’t own anything they can control it But they can’t own it because they have Set up foreign trust and they know about This okay so there’s a lot of Reprogramming that has to be done for Many people Many of you out there And it’s best that like I say learn from Those that are really doing it Because that is where your success is Going to be And it’s going to start becoming more Clearer for you as we move further along Here All right so the 508 trust is domestic And many have had their bank accounts Still shut down because it is not Registered with the state which of

Course makes it easily tampered with and What’s the point of registering it when You give ownership of your your trust Over to them Doesn’t make sense does it The danger of having a domestic trust Created in your country is that the Beneficiaries can be replaced with the Creditors that have a judgment against You emptying and draining your trust From all of its wealth Many of these so-called Sovereign family Trusts like the 508 Etc do not hold much Power because all American citizens are Considered the Enemy of the State as Mentioned earlier and are under martial Law Aline has already been placed on each Man and woman with their UCC to control Their cattle you have to leave the Plantation first You have to become a secured creditor if You are an American To reap the benefits of this foreign Trust that is of foreign status Foreigners they can easily outright get This trust set up for them they don’t Have to become secured creditors but I Think after learning about being a Secure creditor I think he would want to Be one because you want you too want Would want to leave the plantation from Where you’re at as well Okay

Because our methods are so powerful yet Delicate we wish to only work with those Who wish to become a secured creditor in Order to exercise the benefits of this Powerful tool what makes us trust Foreign the EIN number you receive from The IRS that is not domestic it is Foreign so you do not use an American Address which many people end up doing And they end up slitting their freaking Throats and they don’t realize how Dangerous that is You have to have an international Address to receive it and become a Secured creditor first So how is this trust created You first have to become a secure Creditor if you are a US person if You’re a foreign I’ve already mentioned That Um You can use the franchise name on your Birth certificate okay As the trust name and foreign granter But you don’t use Incorporated LLC Corp Limited next to it by making it a Corporation that’s not what you do you Don’t use those idioms you don’t use Those you just use the word trust after Your name That is all in caps you’re recreating Your own trust now in your name And you can create many trusts by the Way but we’re going to start with your

Name because you need to escape the Plantation right So the administrator or trustee will be Someone you trust which is not related To you this will make the trust Irrevocable Now this approach works well for those Who are are um not secure creditors to To prevent your trust from being drained By the courts they do not own the Property and the trust the only the Trustee doesn’t own the property and the Trust the they only manage the property For the beneficiaries again unless you Are a secured creditor you have more Power now Now I’m speaking for the secured Creditors only You can be a trustee of your own trust Okay Um there’s certain things that you have To do to really protect it though in Order to do that but it’s the secured Creditors can do that but if you are Going to be a trustee of your own trust And you’re not a secured creditor you Should be very very careful with that Because Still You can be there could be a lot of Problems and issues a lot of major Consequences involved here So however if you are a secured creditor You can be the trustee of your own trust

And add your companies and your loved Ones as the beneficiaries it is a good Idea if your trustee is related to you If you do decide to use a trustee that Is related to you to have other success Or trustees on board as well who are not Related and are from another country Listed on your trust they don’t all have To be from another country they could Just be anybody else that you know it’s Good to list some on there that are not Of blood okay it will really make the Trust even more powerful and more Bulletproof because they see that our Other people are involved here it isn’t Just you Okay No one can break it if they wanted to The beneficiaries are your loved ones Good friends even your own companies Those who you wish to benefit from the Trust so your own companies can also be Beneficiaries as well of your trust You do not need to show an exchange of Money or funds to create this trust like The domestic trust see what I mean the Domestic trust you have to do all of That this is what makes the foreign Trust immune to domestic regulations or Statutes It’s very simple and not so complicated Once you receive your EIN letter from The IRS you are free You are free or your trustee is free to

Open your trust bank account on your Behalf this is what makes it irrevocable And you could be the grantor you can be Have the you could be the grantor The name created again a foreign trust Is different from just a domestic where You’re a grantor of a domestic trust It’s not that’s not really good okay you Don’t really have much power but a Foreign trust is different so you can be A grantor for this particular trust and To have someone else be the trustee Overseeing everything on the trust for You okay but the thing is you don’t ever Want to say that you own anything in That trust you don’t own anything in That trust the trust owns it not you the Grantor or the trustee Now if you want to be the trustee of the Trust you would simply put somebody Else’s name on there it could be anybody It doesn’t matter a grand tour a cat a Cat could be anything you could use a Cat a dog no a name and they could be The Grand Tour and then they simply give It over to you the trustee to look over Okay real simple it’s not as hard as you Think folks So um You or they will need the trustee or you Will need the copy of the trust Documents as well it’s very important That you have those trust documents set Up too it isn’t just the Ein letter A

Lot of people end up going getting Trying to get their trust set up and Then they just show an EIN letter and Then they get it revoked because they Don’t even know what the hell they’re Doing You have to have a trust set up for you And they are documents they are they are Documents they can be very thick Documents or very thin documents but They have to you have to have those Documents that’s connected to this Letter as well You only show them They’re going to ask to see it and it’s Private they’re not supposed to see the Trust but for protection of the other Person like the ground tour maybe they Want to see what type of trust it is so You show them you can show them the Title they might see a few pages in There and then they would want to see The notary signatures okay the notary Signatures and the signatures there That’s pretty much all they need to see Okay but they don’t need to see the Whole shebang that is not it is private And is it is protected under American And English common law that they are not To see it and they know this they know This you’re dealing with the bankers Folks when you go into a bank doesn’t Matter how pretty it is how nice it Smells you are going into the belly of

The Beast you are work you’re Communicating with the bankers okay So the reason for a trust really the Reason for a trust Um what is the reason for the trust The whole idea of establishing a foreign Trust in your name is to show that you Have full power over your trust and just Like the oppressors or the plantation Owners you have foreign power too You are a foreign agent you are an elite The myth is that you are an American Sovereign citizen citizens mean slave Which began in Rome with alienable Rights Etc but the truth is if you are An American Born on the land you are Indigenous to the land you are not an American National which puts you back Into their jurisdiction of the Plantation You are an American indigenous Of the land The video the crown explains everything Which I’m going to be putting into the Description The Constitution was created by the Freemasons of the crown and And the Vatican by the way I forgot to Add that the Vatican is is really the Power behind all of this We the people did not mean it did not Mean us we the people when they created The Declaration of Independence as I Mentioned before it meant them

Foreign Elites who created foreign Corporations in England such as the Virginia Company which was a British-owned company Ruled by the crown and the Vatican that Later became USA Incorporated Are you following me here folks Foreign agents trying to act in our best Interests when in reality they are the Plantation owners of the slaves us Check out Jordan Maxwell’s work in the Late Jordan Maxwell he just passed away On March 23rd You are going to be missed Jordan He was amazing man he was involved in in Symbology he was like the Robert Langdon And actually Da Vinci Code I believe The Da Vinci Code was created because of him You know he he was very well known in in The celebrity world in Hollywood He lived in Hollywood for 40 to 48 years And it was very very well known he knew About the symbols he knew about the UCC He knew about the history Of everything going on and he was always The one to say go you better go do your History better go read your history Really know what the hell is happening With what’s going on and he knew about The UCC as well he knows about the crown He knew about everybody of the the Powerful people that rules the planet And he mentioned time and time again the Most powerful people that ruled the pal

The planet are is the Vatican Okay so I mean this goes Way Beyond 1933 would happen you know the Presidents and it’s further than that It’s a very ancient bloodline it goes All the way back to the Merovingian Bloodline That ruled that ruled that that created Their their Um secret societies and uh check him out Jordan Maxwell will go into that for you Okay very powerful stuff you can find Them on Gaia there’s a a real good Series Um I believe it’s called the symbols are The Lost symbols or the history of the Symbols something about symbols check Them out very very good and and he I Mean you can’t even get off your chair I Mean you when you watch his videos You’re like oh my God I’m completely Stuck all right so here we go In order to truly get out of the farm or The plantation you need to have Foreign power as well Foreign Diplomat status Many sovereigns have a very hard time Believing in this even though they are Still fighting against their oppressors Because nothing seems to work none of Their discharges their adversary Attitude their behavior their affidavits Are working or their domestic trusts and They wonder why they’re not successful

They wonder why none of this none of These processes are working for example When the Shroud credits and commerce Ended up in federal prison okay they Knew so much but they only knew how to Operate in an adversary adversarial way They were not at peace with the Establishment and they got their butts Kicked all over the place sure they had A lot of good things to share with People but they were missing the fact There was something that they were Missing that got them into a lot of Trouble I drowned a John Wells Dr Joanna Wells and was Johnston for many many Years Can tell you I met these people I knew Them they were nice people but there was A lot of Miss Um Miss Communication misinformation I’m sorry Misinformation That was not was not helpful to protect The slaves okay and it was during that Time when one of my mentors from Canada Got me out of there immediately and said No stop learning from them because the More you keep learning from these people You’re going to end up in prison for a Very long time and the guy that he Learned from was uh Roger elvick who Ended up in prison for eight years and Roger elvick was the one that taught Winston shroud and he also taught my

Mentor and he learned a lot to not do What they did to be that stupid and end Up in prison you have to be at peace With the establishment and it’s also for Your own good and there’s a lot of Things and I will say this over and over Again we don’t really know what’s going On like what was happening with the Covid situation you know we tend to see It as a very negative thing and I’m not Going to say that I agree with Everything no I don’t agree with it Because I’m not a Slave But I do see what they are doing the Elite are doing and they are doing it For Their own reasons It you know it could be who knows it Could be popular population reduction Or maybe because again we’re so afraid Of death we think it’s it’s all bad but We don’t think about the people that are Actually suffering and they believe that They’re slaves and they don’t have this Knowledge and they’re just like like my Mother I mean for instance she was Suffering suffering from mental illness And yes she ended up you know she ended Up taking what was being told for her to Take you know during this the plague or The pandemic And she didn’t last very long and it Wasn’t because of what they gave her You know vaccine and all that it wasn’t

Just that I believe it was for many Years of pharmaceutical abuse to her Body but the thing is she made that Decision she made that choice to do that Okay and a lot of people they make Decisions that will make them suffer and It’s them that’s making them suffer Because they did not learn they didn’t Do the research to study this Information when that was the Responsibility of the whole time they Were responsible for their actions Responsible for being here on this Planet of why they’re here to do Something very important To help people To awaken Humanity So a lot of the people that suffered Greatly that there was no hope for them And if they left the planet because of This horrible virus so be it they’re Free now okay they’re freaking free my Mother’s free they’re all free and they Don’t have to suffer anymore But a lot of us that had to stay back We’re here to pave the way For the others for others and to you Know make things for the Awakening of of Humanity of only those not everybody is Going to get it though only a small Percentage right All right So many of you still believe in that American flag that you’ll Pledge Your

Life for when in actuality it is the Flag of the plantation many of you will Die for this flag That you’ve forgotten you don’t know or You were never taught that this flag was The beginning of the plantation in the Beginning [Music] And it’s a hard reality to swallow It really is folks a very hard reality To swallow because we were taught I mean Number one I was in the Army I’m an army Veteran I fought for my country I did Whatever I could I enrolled in the Army And you know I was a signal car I did What I could I did what was right Because I believe so much I pledge my Body my everything for that flag Because I believed in the principles of What America was about or what I thought It was about but really it was only you It was a trick to trick The the slaves okay and to servitude This is your last chance folks whether You are a U.S person or live in another Country to stand strong and create your Own nation which begins with the Silver Bullet foreign trust become a secured Creditor Get your silver bullet foreign trust set Up sign up for the April webinar that is Coming up Um and I’ll get into that in a minute so The cost for this trust it is the

Private any private trust domestic Foreign is not cheap folks okay you can Go to a lawyer to have it done for you But certain trusts if it’s a domestic Trust like I said it will be you have to Pay your taxes okay Um it can protect you to some extent But not all the way if you’re trying to Protect yourself from assets assets Being seized your your bank accounts Being seasoned foreign trust is what You’re going to want so it can rage Anywhere from five thousand to fifteen Thousand dollars or maybe more When you go to somebody so I’m letting You know exactly how much a trust costs Now a living trust a revocable trust is Very very I mean it can be like about a Thousand dollars maybe even less than That but again you’re not protecting Yourself you’re doing it because it’s Cheap But if you want quality then you’re Going to pay a little more for that for Your for your freedom okay we like to Say that it’s Priceless because your Freedom is worth more So you got to ask yourself how much do You owe in taxes child support loans Credit debt Etc I bet you I’m sure that those prices are Very cheap That you see up there five thousand Dollars to Fifteen Grand is very cheap

Compared to the debt challenges that you Have right I bet a lot of your debt challenges are A lot more than that What if I told you that once you become A secured creditor and you get the Appropriate trust set up for you that All of these headaches will go away And I’m sure that five thousand dollars Fifteen Grand is nothing For freedom But I have good news for you all the Cost on our website if you go to forward slash Packages Um is very stupidly low retardedly low And it will only be low For April This is it folks we’re going to move the Price back up again so You know I could have been making a lot A lot of these videos but I had to go Through a major morning with my mother Major morning you know I lost my mother In January so You know I’m gonna be making a lot more Videos out there to really promote this To get the word out because many people Need to know this that they can free Themselves they’re going through major Situations major court issues being Forced to inject their children with Poison okay I have a family member That’s going through it right now

Having to enjoy and he is not going to Do it and so he’s lucky he’s got a Family member that can help him because We’re going to we’re going to uh it’s Going to be beautiful Um he’s just very lucky because the ex Basically said you can you know even Though he’s about ready to have full Physical custody of his son the ex said Well before you do you’re gonna have to Inoculate them with this freaking toxin In his and the courts are going for it But they don’t know that his family Member is a secured creditor and is Going to protect him at all costs that They don’t even have to do it That is where I’m I I’m out right now so I’ve been going through a lot not just My mother’s death this situation with a Family member that I have to protect and Help so which I know he’s going to be Protected completely when he’s on the Private side and oh boy that woman is Going to bite her tongue once it’s done So anyway the cost is on the site go check it out It’s very low stupidly a low amount and I’m going to tell you I’m going to wrap This webinar up with my story Many of you have no idea what a trust is Or the power of what a trust is worth Because many of us were not taught about This we were not taught about trust we Weren’t taught about trust in school

This is not for the slaves to learn About only the very wealthy and the Elite know this we are not supposed to Know I Joanna have gone through hell and back To get to this point in my life I went Through a traumatic divorce and custody Battle with an ex who was the son of Freemasons and I am talking in high Positions This was not easy and I sacrificed a lot To get this information out to the world And I knew he had an uncle that was a 33rd degree 32 or 33rd degree Freemason And he knew a lot a lot of information And through him you know they had Lawyers in the family I mean they had All the hook up that they can have even My parents wouldn’t even understand even If I had the backup with my parents okay Um He had a lot of backup and there was a Reason why I was put in that situation There was a reason why I married him There was a reason why I was with him no It wasn’t because I was stupid yeah it Was stupid but there was a reason in the In the cosmic scheme of things you have To understand that I had to go through This so I can bring this information out There to the public So there you have it Okay so this was not easy and I Sacrificed a lot to get this information

Out to the world but I discovered there Are many who are not ready for this Powerful knowledge there’s a lot of Spell little brat idiots that I like to Mention a lot of people some people that Are idiots they never went through this Pain they never went through this Torture to get to even be worthy of this Information they want handed to Them for free And they think well and they they talk Bad about me and blossomed my name Because they’re not getting anything for Free because they don’t believe in the Process they think it’s a freaking joke That’s why Their mindset their Nars they’re sick People Narcissist sociopath whatever you want To call them and nothing against Narcissist people you know nothing Against a sociopath but I’m going to Tell you many of these people they are Not mentally well they’re not mentally There They do it because they’re upset because I escape the plantation on the private Side under and I went under the fence And they couldn’t do it themselves They’re pissed at me because of it Because I was able to leave and they Could not So they want things for free in life and I can tell you this My Sacrifice in

Losing my first oldest kids was a Horrible price to pay to be where I am Today nothing can take away the pain the Sorrow that I still feel and having my Youngest didn’t in having my youngest Later in life you know with my two now That I have Didn’t help it go away did not make the Pain go away the pain still eats at me Wishing I knew more back then wishing I Was a secured creditor back then and how Could I be so stupid to allow this But in truth I did the best I could with What was given to me at that time there Were no Sovereign groups or secure Creditor groups I was aware of then I Had to learn this by hurting first I had To suffer first I had to torture I had To be tortured first and that was my Price Didn’t come in dollars it came with a Major sacrifice and those those were Losing my first two children To obtain the information in many years Of hardships with that I wish to take this time first of all Now that I’m wrapping this up To Think first and foremost my ex because If it wasn’t for him and his family I Would not be here today learning what I Know now which was huge it was a huge Awakening and shift to my Evolution on This planet I had no idea I signed up

For such a great task on this planet to Awaken the slaves to their self-worth Their truth and True Justice and you Know what if it wasn’t for him I’d be in The pin right now in the plantation with Many of you Having to force inoculate my kids having To get my properties seized and all this Crap you know this guy saved me from all Of that he’s gonna he’s going through it Right now he’s going through it right Now working for like an AutoZone having A uh have to wear a mask thing on his Face every single day day in day out Making only a few thousand dollars a Month and paying off this mortgage Pledging himself all his body To pay off a mortgage that was already Paid off the moment that they sign on The dotted line isn’t that a major a few To them right If I never knew I mean if you know what Thanks to them we’re free thanks to them I’m a secure creditor and I am a Diplomat and I got out of that I got out Of the plantation years ago where you Guys are just barely touching the Surface of what’s going on Barely touching the surface So I wish to take that time to to say Thank you thank you very much for Putting me through this hardship I was Pissed I was biting I wanted to kill you But you know what I actually thank you

So much you saved me you saved my life And you saved my my children’s lives I had like I said I had no idea That I had a big task ahead of me So on this planet to awaken the slaves To their self-worth their truth and True Justice I also wish to thank my Ancestors and the ancestors who put me On this path in the first place I am Here doing what I am doing because of Them and they will not leave me alone Until what I am here to do is fulfilled Yes my ancestors and the ancestors when I speak of the ancestors I’m speaking of The ancestors that come that came from Africa To the Americas as slaves of the So-called New World okay even even there Were Europeans that were slaves that Came to the new world as well and it’s Not the new world either by the way Folks America is a lot older it was Peopled 130 000 years ago Try to get that around your head if you Want to get into that read that book uh America before by Graham Hancock will Blow your freaking mind too but anyway And and yes you know what not all the The the African slaves were sent over to The United States no that’s BS too Because they were already living they Were already in the Indigenous of the Land of America Get that around your head too isn’t that

Interesting stuff very interesting what You what you learned later on in life All right so Yeah when I speak of the uh okay so Um I’m speaking of the answers that came From Africa to the Americas slaves of The so-called New World the Native Americans who fought a bloody battle With their colonizers from the USA the United States of America to Mexico I am here because of them for they have Blazed the trail Book before me to continue on their Legacy against Injustice at all costs I Have a very strong powerful lineage Folks and I have a very strong powerful Uh spiritual group that watches over me To see that Justice is is served And I’ve dealt with a lot of gurus that Were not just they were con artists yes They had some things that worked but They were really conning the people they Were not really doing this work by Following their heart they did it for Something else they got really greedy And they wanted to use me for my For my brand for knowing who I am for Who I am because I can bring in a lot of Traffic and I instilled to this day There are other gurus using my name Saying that they know me and having my Clients send them money and not us to Get their work done it’s such a shame What’s happening right now but those

People who do that they get their asses Kicked I don’t have to do anything I Don’t have to do magic I don’t need to Lift a finger it’s already been done to Them Because they are felons and they’re Running away from the law they’re Running away they can’t leave the United States they cannot leave their countries They are in a lot of deep water right Now okay but I have a very strong Lineage and according to my um my family Tree Benjamin Franklin was was one of my Ancestors he was one of them but am I Happy about it I’m not 100 Happy about it because I really don’t Know the man you know he could have been A really bad guy too they say oh he was A good guy he signed the Declaration of Independence he could have been one of The elites I don’t know so I’m kind of On the fence with that one however I am Native American I have Cherokee I’m Mexican as well for my father’s side so You know I know that my ancestors fought A very bloody battle against their Oppressors the Spaniards the English I Mean the list goes on we are a mix of a Lot of things folks you know I may not Be black but I am Native American I’ve Had I am from the indigenous too And it was a lot of the Native Americans That even helped a lot of the black People and the brown people um

Especially those that came from Africa To help them to free them as well you See so there’s a lot of things going on That we we all need to come together it Doesn’t matter what color you are what Matters is you know the truth you know What’s going on with the world right now And you know that you have a chance to Free yourselves and your family From what could be coming around the Pike and you see it happening already So no matter what naysayers say those Who loved us for lies about me on YouTube because they are jealous of the Dog who got away under the fence not Them when you have a powerful spiritual Team backing you up and supporting you It’s hard to say no they won’t allow it I have to keep on until they say it is Enough this work is not easy and I’m Only here to assist a few who are worthy Have the courage to stand up for what it Is in their hearts to learn these Methods to freedom and spread this Legacy on to their children So what will you get out of this webinar Well more knowledge is power you will Get more knowledge you will have a lot Of Victories you will have freedom from Tyranny lawsuits harassment child Kidnapping child support seizures of Assets high taxes uh passport freeze Which is going on in a lot of other Countries now United Kingdom is going to

Start doing that If you’re not doing exactly what they Want they’re going to freeze your Passports pretty soon and you’re not Going to be able to return to your own Country this is what they did in um in Australia Freezing preventing their own Australians come to coming back into the Country you know from coming back in the Country is it just crazy what’s Happening it’s happening in the United States happening in Canada Frozen bank accounts you will have all Of your secure creditor documents done For you along with your foreign trust Documents at a fast pace you will need To send the secure creditor package out And have certain documents notary sign Which we help you to do You’ll gain access into our lifetime Lifetime VIP groups to meet our students You’ll have four days of live training On zoom and recorded if you sign up for The full day so if you cannot make this Webinar it’s fine it will be recorded For you but it’s good to be part of the Webinar because that way you can ask Some questions that you need Okay you can ask some questions that you Need Um help on so it’s four days and then You know after that I will give you one Month after that I usually do that with

My students I give you a month of Training after that anyway so it’s not Like four days and then I just leave you By yourself no you get four days you’re In the VIP program I mean VIP Um groups and I’ll be able to walk you You know step step by step in what you Need to do and you get to meet other Students as well but after the month is Over I mean even even still I’m just Letting you know even like years later I Mean people I’ll have students come in And ask me some question and that’s Perfectly fine just don’t drill me with A bunch of questions if you want to Drill me with a bunch of questions then I would have to charge you and I would Have to Um you would have to book an appointment With me for like an hour half an hour And we can go over some questions that You have okay Um if you sign up for only two days this Is those that just want to be secured Creditors at first they don’t want the Trust right now but just know I’m Letting you know right now it is not the Full completion it’s not the full Complete package you have to have it all In order for you to be successful okay But the first two days is a great Beginning to get you started and get you Moving forward Um and it will be a live Zoom training

As well and recorded the cost is on the Website and go to the Package part the package page will tell You exactly there’s certain costs so you Pay for the two days or you pay for the Full four days 300 discount if you are a Member of sovereign Warriors and it only Applies to the full program okay the Full program the full four day program If you have a friend you wish to bring On board is 500 off [Music] So what are the requirements a Willingness and motivation to learn Desire to escape the plantation as a Slave U.S citizen citizen of any country If you are from a non-english speaking Country you will need to translate the Documents yourself Broad-minded people Travelers free Spirits Um you cannot have a felony okay a Felony meaning uh anything involving Murder anything involving violence of Any kind I will not take you in as a Student I’m sorry you need I I cannot Take you in okay so that’s what I’m Gonna tell you right now Independent confident individuals who Have studied this work have a background And experience gone through the Conventional way with no solution They’ve done it they’ve got gotten Lawyers and they have been screwed glued

And tattooed and they need help they Need remedies right now these folks are Sick and tired of being a slave and are Serious and ready for a change they are Not whiners We prefer to work with Warriors You can be a business owner investor Retired we prefer to work with those who Are still working jobs you should be Planning on working for yourself still If not then this program is not for you And why do I say that it’s because You’re not really going to benefit from It I get a lot of students I’m still Working for corporate America and I Don’t want to pay taxes how do I do that What does my employer have to do and yes There are ways of doing that you know There’s there’s ways of you filing You’re going to have to do the the File the use I’m sorry file the taxes Yourself it’s not filing there’s a Certain way of doing it but you’re still Locked in because you are a slave to an Employer okay you haven’t figured it out Yet you’re not really there yet it can Work to some extent yes it can work to Some extent but still you are under the The the powers that be Now I do have you know students that Have worked that are working jobs and Everything and they’ve even had Garnishments taken out and with this Process it actually helped protect them

From that so yeah you can you can be Protected from it as a secure creditor And getting your trust set up you can do It you can do it at least get started on On your way okay I mean I will take you In if you have a job it’s fine but just Know you have to have a specific mindset You got to be prepared for Independence Being really independent and learning to Work for yourself if you can have that In your head and have that in mind and You’re not on welfare and you’re not you Know don’t have a welfare mind Then this this program is for you okay You have to in order to escape you can’t Have one foot in the plantation and one Foot out of the plantation it doesn’t Work that way Um and also the question you know once You transmit your social security number Can you still get food stamps can you Still get welfare can you still get a Job can you still get Um loans and and all of that yes you can You can still do that you can still do That Um you can still get disability you can Still get SSI and all of that you still Can do that okay Um your TR it’s transmuted and it’s also Known as killing the social but it’s Major it’s transmuting it into a Different form but yes you can get Um the help that you need it doesn’t

Matter because again you are you are Still Um indigenous of the land and they know This okay But you don’t really want to partake in That system why after becoming a secure Creditor why would you want it partake In that system getting loans and all That if I were to get loans banking Loans or whatever I would just take that Money and I would buy more Bitcoin with It seriously there’s other ways of doing It you can get you can get Credit every somewhere else which is Crypto credit and that is a whole other Presentation in itself crypto credit That’s what I do I’m completely Free from all of that the banking system I don’t need the bank at all I got Crypto credit I I use Bitcoin And I wait and I wait for it to crew in Value and I’m able to pay pay back the Loan okay that’s how I do it I’m Completely free from the banking system So just letting you know that and if you Want to learn I mean definitely love to Show you how to do that too that would Be another webinar in itself All right so Um Sovereign Warriors you get to get 300 Discount Um if you’re a sovereign Warrior you can Have to prove it I got to see your email That you signed up with Sovereign

Warriors and I at me as the Administrator I will check to make sure That you are you are a sovereign Warrior Um 500 discount if you bring a friend Or a family member doesn’t matter and Again like I said it only applies for The full program okay I think I believe I said that already let’s move on here So sign up now We have only six seats available And um Will you be the one to carry on the Legacy of your ancestors are you going To overcome the oppressors and live your Life freely The choice is yours go to secured Creditor secure credit or not secured Creditor forward slash Packages from our info fill in the Questionnaire and email to Godzillamentitrust and one of Our Representatives will contact you Back and we do take Fiat we do not take Credit cards but we we really happily Take Bitcoin we have and other Cryptocurrencies all right Um can’t wait to see you in April I’m Excited the deadline is going to be on The first please get your questionnaires Out to me as soon as possible so we can See if you are approved or not if if What we have for you is going to is Going to help you at all if if you’re

Even going to benefit from this at all Okay take care everybody much love and Light see you on the other side bye-bye

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