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We are now putting our info out in book format through Amazon which makes perfect sense considering the constant shadow banning and censorship that’s been occurring on these platforms.

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Hi everyone this is darana how are you Happy Halloween I just wanted to give you a heads up on What I’m going to be doing To be releasing my information anymore Because on YouTube it seems like I don’t Know if it’s YouTube and other platforms They have been censoring our information Because the information is extremely Needed for people So what I’ve decided this past week I’ve Been writing books writing books and Putting them up in Amazon and it seems To be the best route at this time To be put in a lot of important Information One of them is Sovereign magic another One is drenna’s manifestation formula That I started back when I was in Egypt But I added a lot more information in There this time And I’m going to be writing about the Forensic debt investigator and adding a Lot of suspense Suspenseful stories because I am a Storyteller and I love to tell stories Especially about my life and what has Happened in my life that has been A story in itself So I decided to go ahead and go on Amazon and just I’m going to be writing Books more books instead of putting all This information on YouTube for nothing There’s no reason for me to be putting

Much information out there anymore if uh We’re being Shadow bound So that is the deal folks Um I’ve had some people write me Trying to Leave a comment and for some reason They’re being censored or they’re not Allowed to write any comments you know We have we have a I made it so that way you can write Comments but a lot of it is being Filtered because I have to check the Comments first because some of the Comments that come through are like Porno comments and those people are Trying to sell their porno stuff I don’t Know uh it’s kind of embarrassing so um That’s why I like to filter out the Comments but but she actually mentioned One of my students mentioned she said Yeah I don’t know still I’m not able to Even write a comment like a lot of People are being prevented from writing Comments maybe even viewing the videos Uh who knows I don’t know but you know My time is very precious And the information that we share is Very high quality work and we decided Well for high quality work and Information like this we might as well Just put it in book formats because Right now people love to read books People are going to books they’re Reading Kindle paperback whatever for

More information and to us that’s Would be it just makes perfect sense to Do that so I just wanted to let you know Um so right now we have about a couple Books out and several other books that Are journals tarot journals dream Journals all that fun stuff that we Ended up creating along with the books That we’re going to be creating some More the next one’s going to be the Forensic debt investigator because it Tends to cover a whole wide a wider Audience where you don’t have to become A secure creditor anybody can use it and With my stories especially explaining What I’ve gone through doing the Forensic debt investigator and how I was Able to remove a lot of debt for my Credit reports back in the day and it Really really worked and it also worked For my students Especially those that are waiting to be Secure creditors so I’m going to be Writing that next I’m going to be Writing a book on the forensic debt Investigator it’s going to be pretty Quick read maybe 50 to 100 pages long And with some information and documents In there too as well that you can Utilize okay so I think it’s going to be Really it’s going to be perfect and Amazon tends it is one of the largest Search engines in the world compared to Google compared to YouTube they are

Humongous so it’s really going to get Our information out there easier and we Get to be fully compensated for it for All the hard work and information that We’ve been putting out to everybody so The first one is going to be the Forensic debt investigator after after The other two books I’ve already put up There and a little on the secure Creditor as well so for those of you who Are into becoming a secure creditor You’re going to be able to download Download it on Kindle even paperback Whatever and documents will be included In that as well so I just wanted to Share that with you and Also I still want to share that in November from 11th to the 14th we’re Going to be doing an in-person workshop For secure creditor Silver Bullet trust And transformation work in Cancun Mexico And the deadline to sign up for that is Going to be on November 1st okay So you can you can find out more on that Information at securecreditor.com Um and then you know it’s a good idea if You want to come down to Mexico to Definitely sign up by the first no later Than that it’s also going to be online At the same time so those of you who Cannot come down to Mexico that is fine You can actually do it online and we’re Only taking 13 more seats for the the Mexican class okay in well the class in

Mexico in person all right guys so I Just wanted to let you know what’s going On that’s probably why we’re not really Making as much videos we’re not putting A lot of energy into it now Tick Tock Our Tick Tock channel is just going Crazy it’s going nuts which is great you Know it’s good to have like some fans on Tick Tock and us sharing some Information and we can go live now which Is a really good thing and it seems to Be more lively and a lot of activity Going on there on tick tock and then of Course you’ll find our books on Amazon Amazon and you just look up Dr Joanna Johnston you can look up Sovereign magic You’ll find the books and Kindle and Paperback format and other books as well But I’ll put all the link down below all Right guys much love and light happy Halloween to you and I hope to see you For those of you who want to come down Become secure creditors get your silver Bullet trust done and get your Transformation work done come see us for Four days we get to hang out be fun and Uh yeah don’t wait too late because you Know seats can be taken quickly alright Bye-bye

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