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Hey everyone this is true Anna and uh Interesting things I need to share Really exciting my beautiful gorgeous Daughter decided to do a reading for me Today yes she does her reading like her Mother And you know we were just kind of I was Kind of asking like So what's going to be the next step in My life in my career you know with my Work because I've been helping people to Become secure creditors and help them Get their private trust set up and all That And it was interesting what the cards Were saying what they were revealing and They were basically stating that It is time for me to bring everything Together that I've been doing to Too much how fast you know my work was a Little too half-fast meaning yes I was Focused on the technical part which is The paperwork However the missing part of the Paperwork is spirituality Because why are we seeing so many doors Closing or let's say you know for Instance let's say okay you go and you Get your documents recorded they'll say You know the security agreement And all of a sudden The court that you used to go to like For the past 10 years all of a sudden Decides you know what now we no longer

Do that anymore okay Um if you're working with the other Agencies and you're you know filing your Documents the way that you usually do It's the same old crop it's like Something new like oh we don't do that Anymore and they're asking all these Crazy questions that they never asked Before So there's a lot of that going on And it's because what's going on is We have to understand and realize That we have been raised and programmed Within the Matrix to be slaves to have a Slave mind and it all began with a whole Christianity movement from the Roman Catholic Church I mean I'm not talking About the Baptist and all that I'm Talking about the Roman Catholic church Because I'll tell you you know nowhere In history has there been so much Atrocities caused in the name of Jesus Christ through the Roman Catholic Church Millions and millions of people were Murdered in that name of that belief System So because of that it spreaded like a Virus and an illness And And through that you know we had to Learn to be more submissive and we had To learn to you know put away a lot of Our gods that we were praying to or our Spirits or our books that we were

Reading because we're afraid to get Burnt to the stake or murdered and all Of that you know all the things that Have been happening in history it's not Something that happened like oh it Happened a long time ago it's never get Don't worry that was just a long time Ago baloney because you can see it Within the programming of the people They are so mind controlled as you can Tell and what I've seen With the whole pandemic and I don't want To get into you know the whole covet Thing I have really opened my eyes and I Believe that because I've been working With Azazel and he's a spirit a powerful Spirit that I've been working with for About almost nine years You know it was shortly after I did a Working with him on in January 2008 no December 2019 or something like that was Right before the covet hit All of a sudden you know I asked him Please you know I want this and I want That I want to be able to have more Power and I want to be you know like my Own queen of my own reality and I want To be able to help people to take back Their power and all of that stuff right Because that is that has been my work For the past freaking 13 years teaching People how to become secure creditors And you know kind of giving them some Input about transformation utilizing the

Power of your mind and so forth right So I said please I want this right I think I was asking for something a Little too high but anyway So what happened shortly after that boom Boom boom boom done here comes the kova Thing and then we're going to the store And all of a sudden here comes the Thermometers or whatever to check your Temperature and having to wear masks and Gloves and I'm like what the [ __ ] just Happened like all this craziness just Happened out of the blue all of you know Exactly what I'm talking about we've all Experienced it together And I'm like and the first thing was What am I supposed to learn here because When working with you know specific Entities Especially entities from the gowatia They really get you to learn about Yourself learn about your own fear and It's all about self-transformation it's About Uh Learning how to face Your Shadow Self And your fears it's all about you it's All about you know if you want money if You want a windfall of money or whatever The heck you want you're not going to Get it just for free there's a lot of Work involved and it's all to do with Dealing with your Shadow Self are you Able to face your fears and all of that

So you know I feel that the within the Three years of this whole pandemic has Really got me and many people many People all over the world to really face Our fears in the realization of what the Hell is going on who is in control of This world who's in control of this Reality who what the heck why is Everybody blindly following whatever's Being told to them and them jumping on The Kool-Aid drink right Um I'm not to say that nothing happened It a lot of things happened during that Time so I don't really don't want to get Into it And you know the the reality so I from that experience And helping my students become secure Creditors and helping them to transmit Their social you know all the stuff that I teach them okay to take their power Back It's like I'm getting a lot of messages And input from my guides because I've Been working with a lot of the galatious Spirits And now I'm working with Belial as you can tell but anyway more Of um trying to get Me to see trying to get me to be more Empowered To take that torch and say hey it's time To help Humanity because where humanity Is it's not good what's going on we have

Bombarded by lies upon lies upon Lies by The media by all these other agencies To believe in a Fake economy okay Um my uncle brought that up he was the Builder of the B-2 bomber and he says For the past 50 years everything was Based on a fake economy he knows a lot Of underground stuff that he's not Allowed to talk about and him and I can Just go on for ages talking that was you Know it was years ago but we could go on Talking and we're all we're like on the Same wavelength because of all the Conspiracies all the stuff that we've Been lied about And we've been told a lot of lies okay About our history about Even the celebrities came out you know a Lot of the things going on with the Celebrities with the whole cannibalism Crop and hurting children and all this Horrible stuff All this coming to light For us to see and I can tell you right Now it was definitely a uh challenge for Me because I asked for that when I was Working with Azazel I asked for that I Said I need to see what the hell's going On I want to be powerful I want to be Able to help my students to be powerful And all that but it was like in order For you to do that Joanna you need to See the [ __ ] first you need to really

See the [ __ ] rise to the surface and see If you can handle it And so you know all my fears came up and Then people that I used to work with in The secure creditor World a lot of them Were not the people I thought Who they were Um and matter of fact an individual that I was working with He was so involved with the whole Ascended uh Master thing and he also Believed that we were all these fallen Angels that fell to you know to our Damnation here on this Earth and and I'm Like you know that that is such total [ __ ] because I don't believe that at All I believe that we're all gods we all Came from source and we came down and we Are or maybe I mean who knows we were All at one at one time and we just came Down and we need assistance utilizing Our power of our mind the power of other Angels you know uh whatever you want to Work with Spiritual Beings So you can you can navigate through this Reality And there's just a lot of things about Him and just other and not just how many People like like I said again before in My other videos this whole love and Light [ __ ] okay this whole loving Like crap and oh just forgive and let go And Love and You Know You're a starseed Your your nocturian you're you know

Whatever I just there was something Wrong and it was many people just really Depressed like if you've ever been in a Starseed group you will find out so many Freaking depressed people like the Wanting to kill themselves wanting to Leave this world wanting to exit and go To 5D and 90 or whatever and it's like Total like not there is no empowerment At all whatsoever And so I started realizing I'm like you Know the thing that people are needing There's something that I have and this Is what my daughter was saying in the Reading there's something that I have That many of these other folks that are Involved in The Sovereign world the Secure credit world don't have actually A matter of fact they're scared to go Where I'm going And that is Helping my clients and my students Not Only was Secure creditor paperwork okay But learning how to manipulate the Reality using the power of magic through Darks through Shadow work through the Dark side utilizing help from other from Like the galatia spirits which are Probably called demons to many of the Christian you know Christian mindset In order to be able To make things happen and manipulate you Need to connect with specific entities That are close to a vibrational match to

Who you are whereas let's say for Instance you're working with angels or Their their energy is very very high are Certain Angels or certain even Um like arcturians Star beans I felt Their energies very very very high up There and it's beautiful beautiful Energy I've experienced it But whenever you want to get [ __ ] done Nothing's being done okay you're like oh Oh the Galactic Federation is going to Come and you know all that stuff okay It's just this whole Messiah [ __ ] so But with working with these other uh the Goatia I'm able to basically I I'm able to Connect and okay this is what needs to Be done you know I I work with them I do My sigil work my sigil magic Bloodletting magic which is for myself My own prick of my thumb or whatever And I I do and I manipulate my reality And I actually see things happening in My life other people sure other folks Would be like oh my God I cannot believe You you can start with other demons your Demon worshiper and whatever but again Those people are coming from a Christian Background which is being programmed by By the Roman Catholic church so to me It's like okay no worries you know what How's your life doing and how's how is That working for you that's all I ask Them how's your life working for you

Because I'll tell you with the energy The entities that I've been working with For the past Several years Doing Shadow work and all that I have Seen freaking Miracles I've been on Adventures I've I've gone to all Different parts of the world I've taken My family all over the world I make Really good money whenever money's not Doing good I just freaking conjure up One of these entities and boom I get a Windfall it's just like a piece of cake For me my life is easy But most of these other people they're So programmed in that belief of being a Slave okay that they're even a slave to The specific God that they're praying to And they don't realize that this Specific God that they're praying to was Created by the elite okay through Because you can tell through my Experience meditating for so many years You can tell a big difference Something up in the sky and you need to Live up to its word and and try to be Sinless and all this crap which is very Unlikely Whereas when you're working with other Types of entities like the gowatia And Demon altree You are liberated you are feeling free To be yourself because that's what we're Here for you understand we're here to be

Free we're here to be liberated we are Not here to be Um Ordered being told what to do having to Worship something above us that is not How it is when working in dominatry or The deminolators demonelators sorry Um or in working with the goatia and the Shuttle work we do not believe in Something above us and we got to live up To we have to live up to We believe that we have kindred spirits That we are working with it's very much Similar to the Norse gods it's a very Similar I think a lot of the poundings Are derived from the Norse gods that's Why the Norse is very powerful powerful Work and Powerful magic so you be you're Like you're they are your Kindred they Are your brothers and sisters they're Not something you pray to in In Worship In a way where you're groveling on your Knees and oh please uh make this happen To Zazzle and if I don't live up to your Expectations you're gonna kick my ass Man that's very much a Christian concept Right So the problem is when I work with Specific students they're coming from Many of them are coming from that type Of Christian background they believe That they have to work to you know they Believe that oh when they speak about God they're throwing a ton of scriptures

At me they make it they make they turn Them into a fiery Dragon you know just Speaking like with a bunch of flames Coming out of his [ __ ] mouth you know What I mean in the name of the Psalms And eat therefore you shall be cast to The fire of hell and I'm like dude are You talking about a loving gut what the [ __ ] are you talking about right and Most these people Like I said most of these people who and I'm not talking about all Christian People because I have Christian friends And and they are loving people many of Them okay I'm just talking about some of Their full-on fanatics Um their lifestyle sucks they have a Shitty life they're working a nine to Five job their job sucks they don't like Their job they're very poor they're very Broke because they're very they're very They're very much like slaves And I know some Christians and I was Following another guy uh he is very a Very wealthy Christian he's not really a Minister but he knows the Bible very Well and he is he's getting people to See the scriptures in a different way Which is the scriptures by Jesus anyway And it's all positive stuff like it's Okay to make a lot of money there's Nothing wrong God wants you to be Fruitful God wants you to freaking be Well off and and whatever like he's

Getting people to see things differently And he's very wealthy and he wants his His followers to be wealthy as well Because that's what what the scriptures Really mean from Jesus not the Old Testament okay Um but anyway so I'm not painting all Christians with a white brush or one Brush at all I'm just talking about Specific people that are very misled They've been programmed by the Roman Catholic church and they carry on that DNA or they carry on that lineage of That belief of oh if you don't believe You're gonna go to hell and and I feel So sorry you're going to lead everyone In the the pits of hell you know all the Stuff it always it deals with a lot of Fear Until you're able to remove that crop From your mind you're never going to be Successful in this realm You cannot get away from this realm you Cannot run away from this realm there is A big misconception with that I need to Exit The Matrix well then why don't you Just kill yourself right I mean that's a Joke but you know when I you know where I'm going with that right you cannot Exit The Matrix but you can Master The Matrix we are here to master our own Reality as the gods that we are we are Not here to grovel before a God or Whatever being we are here to to work

With other entities and energies that Can help us to navigate and receive a Lot of knowledge and messages so for Instance if you look into the goation if You look into the Geisha spirit it's Like okay I get I get folks that are Like for instance I'm going to help you Guys out a little bit that are like you Know I really want to sign up for your Program but you know I got so many Hardships and they tell me a whole Freaking story believe me a whole email Of a whole story of why they should try To get in for free and all of that stuff So what I tell them I go you know what You just you just You have just told me that you believe That you are powerless That you are not God you are not the god With them So what I highly recommend for those of You who feel so powerless that you are Like you need that much help you know I Joke and I say go to the Salvation Army Or go to the Red Cross because we're not That but there are other ways around it Conjure up a freaking a powerful Galatious spirit And and and and work with them and your Whole financial reality is going to Change you're going to go from being a Poor little slave worshiping all these Things up in the sky that don't do Anything for you to actually working

With some real powerful entities that Have been worked with for thousands of Years even before Christianity decided To demonize all of them you start Working with one of them the Lyle's one Of them you you start asking hey I need A wind full of money I need some money I Want to sign up for a course or whatever Or a retreat that I can't afford I want To go travel to another part of the World and I can't afford you freaking Conjure up one of these beans you're Gonna get the money believe me okay I Know because I've experienced amazing Miracles happening in my life when I was Working with Azazel for the past Freaking nine years so I'm bringing this Up and I'm putting it all together now I'm the only I'm probably the only one Who's bringing the secure creditor Empowering people to be Sovereign to Take back their sovereignty but remove The Old Testament God out of the whole Equation now I do how again I do have Students that are Christian and I Totally respect that and I say you know You are very welcome to put whatever the Heck you want on your documents that's Not a problem if you feel that that's Going to protect you that's going to get You out of enslavement go right ahead But that's that's not what I believe I Mean I tell everyone to do whatever they Want however

For my experience when I started working With demonology and working with these Other spirits and incorporating into Them into my documents everything has Shifted in my life for the better Because this is their realm this is the Realm that they live on live on and they Are here to assist us and the Roman Catholic church and all these other Religions they're all high and mighty Are preventing you from connecting with These Spirits so what's going on with The whole Super Bowl thing I'm sure a Lot of you are asking me these questions Right now I'm sorry I'm vaping sorry A lot of you are probably asking well What the hell what's going on with these Celebrities and the Satan thing I think It's a distraction Personally I think my daughter was Telling me like there was a singer and He was doing something where he was Flashing something and all of a sudden Said Satan on there okay Satan so all the people that that knew About it freaked the [ __ ] out about her Look oh my God that he just put Satan on There so I'm thinking well me it doesn't Bother me because I you know I Satan to me is pan I've already told you Like many many years ago he's like Kernunas the Pagan God so I don't see Anything wrong with Satan at all But it's the Christian view because

Christianity created this the devil and Satan and all of that stuff and so what They're doing with the celebrities They're trying to get people to get Scared Satan Satan we have all this Control look at us haha we are working With all these beings and spirits but You can't because you're too scared We're working with them but keep going To your Christian churches keep going Keep being blind buy it keep going Because that shows that they have a lot More power than you because they are Working with spirits that get [ __ ] done Guys that is the whole freaking truth so You know I get all these questions from So many people oh my God I want to exit The Matrix I want to protect my Sovereign Soul well where the hell is Your head at first of all what religion Are you believing in are you believing In in being enslaved by a specific Entity and being a slave to that Because if you're a slave to that you're Going to be a slave to the Presidents You're going to be a slave to the Queens You're going to be a slave to your the The the the Um the foreign agents running the show You're never going to get out of it guys The paperwork is only like a It's only a tool just like Conjuring up Specific entities are tools but your Mind combining everything together

Utilizing the power of an alchemist Is what's going to bring you success in Your life why because and this is why And this is why I'm qualified to be Teaching this because number one I'm Successful Number two I get to live in a beautiful Tropical uh World a part of the world Okay I don't work a nine to five job I Haven't worked a nine to five or nine to Three in the morning because I was a Dancer back in the day uh since I was 29 Years old maybe 30 something like that I Haven't worked like that in a long long Time So I have a lot of freedom I have a lot Of freedom to be creative I have many Many clients that I have helped Throughout the years and a lot of the Clients that actually are seeing a lot Of results are the spiritual ones the Ones that are healers the ones that deal With like you know Qigong Reiki energy Work They're very spiritual they do a lot of Magic they're pagans those people are The ones seeing freaking results even More so and when you combine all of that Together then you're going to be able to See some amazing results so the first Thing like I said in order for you To get past this Fear That was created by the Roman Catholic

Church that began from the abramic Traditions the religions and some of the Muslim religions all of it that Downsized women by the way okay uh and I Do want to bring up Cleopatra because She is she is a really interesting Um Symbol she symbolized femininity okay She symbolized the queen she was a queen She was very powerful in her time what Happened after the death of Cleopatra You know the Romans couldn't wait to Take her down and couldn't wait to Downsize her because of her womanly Powers right They the Christian Church came the Roman Christian church and the Muslim decided You know what all women have to cover Their bodies now Not to dress up like her cover your hair Cover your bodies and live respectively In the name of Jesus Christ and again Nothing against Jesus I love and adore Him a lot but I don't believe in him the Way that the Christian Fanatics do where If well if you do then you have to Believe that he was the only son of God And he died for you on your sins and if You don't then you're going to go to Hell which is a contradiction from a Loving God in the first place so I Totally truly love his the energy about Him because I've actually channeled Jesus I've actually connected with him

Myself and he's as beautiful brilliant Light which is not much different from Lucifer which is the morning star and All of that But that's a whole another Channel but Anyway So all the women how to basically Downsize their power downsize their Femininity all the pagan gods had be Thrown in the trash because they're all Demons all pagan gods are demons if it's Not to do what Jesus Mary Joseph and Whatever all of them are demons the Norse gods are demons the Celtic gods Are demons all of them are demons so the Roman Church demonized all of the Freaking spirits that we were all Working with from the beginning the Beginning of time okay so what's going On and what I feel the message is coming Through from Belial and Azazel is They're telling me to I need to bring Them and this is what my daughter said Through the the tarot reading she says It's like they want you you they want You to bring them alive again for them To come alive because they are here they Are here they've always been here Whenever you need them they are here And it's not because you want to go Curse people okay it's not about that It's about working on yourself but hey If you need if you need some serious Self-defense they're there for you they

Are there for you there's no uh Wicca Wicker read crop oh if he send anybody Three times three if he send him a curse It's going to come back to you three Times three no it's not going to come Back to you three times C unless you've Allowed it unless you feel guilty about It then it's your own guilt that's Bringing that upon you okay I've done Some several a few destructive Magics Believe me none of this ever came back To me because I never felt guilty Because they deserved it let's put it That way okay so I have no problem with That at all And it's coming into your own powers Coming into your own uh Warrior Hood Being the Warriors that you are is time To gain back your balls folks gain back Your balls not only is The Sovereign a Secure creditor as a freaking sorcerer Or sorceress or a magician an alchemist In order for the world to shift and Change we all have to do that and we got To let go of this freaking Preconceived condition or religious Belief that if we do this we're going to Go to hell and we're going to burn for All eternity it is absolute [ __ ] Myth and once you start meditating and You start tapping in and working with These amazing uh beings it's going to Change your life entirely okay you will You will get over the fear and once you

Get over the fear you start to see the Truth with your own eyes you start to See the deception with your own eyes you Know you feel you sense you don't need Anyone telling you anything because your Discernment is really heightened you Don't need no one telling you nothing Because you start to become more Confident and sure of yourself and more Certain of yourself and a lot of this uh Pain of belief like oh my gosh if I do This and then I'm turning against God What God are you talking about first of All what freaking God are you talking About are you sure it's not the elite Are you sure any any type of God that Condemns and murders most of the world In the name and in the name of God Because you decided not to follow you Know that belief system It makes you should make you really Question even in the beginning of the Bible should make you freaking question Guys okay So what I suggest if you really want to Get into this powerful work Um I highly recommend reading one of the Books by S Connolly she's got a book out Called Um let's see I have a couple of her Books uh The Complete Book of demonal Tree The Complete Book of demon Autry it Is going to blow your mind she's been Working with the demons for about 30

Years now And she's very successful and like she Mentioned I got you know she's she owns A house she's got three freaking cars She could take vacation anytime she Wants she's a really uh very successful Writer working on on this type this type Of work for many many years and she Really helps you to get over your fear In working with these beings because Again these beans were pagan gods at one Time they were all pagan gods ancient Pagan gods that we the people at one Time while we were you know farming or You know doing a lot of stuff out there As as Farmers Um we were working with these entities Not a problem the Romans were working With their entities not a problem and a Matter of fact I think Yara was Mentioning yeah you know the reason why Rome was so freaking powerful they were Conjuring up Jupiter the whole time they Were worshiping Jupiter or connecting With Jupiter and they were so freaking Powerful and then all of a sudden Here Comes this whole BS about uh praying on Your knee please for this God that's Going to give you everything that you Would ever want and yet murdered so many Freaking people in the name of this Particular God and Heck even the Jewish people didn't even Do that and they believe in the Old

Testament and the Torah and all that but They never did that they never went that Far they kept their beliefs to Themselves they did their own thing but The Roman Catholic Church my God and if You think about it look at the United States right now isn't it like a Reflection of Rome think about it look At the birth certificates like my birth Certificate Um Kel is from California and you can See the Roman seal you know so Roman Right look at go to freaking Washington DC it is so Roman so in order to battle This in order to be victorious against These tyrannical beings that are Suppressing Humanity you got to get your Balls back folks It's not just the paperwork it's a lot More more than that I need to start Doing your spiritual work you need to Start tapping into Specific entities that's going to help You through because we are definitely Not a war we are definitely out of war I've been in a war for a very very long Time and these beings that are trying to Show oh yeah I wanted to tell you about The Super Bowl real quick like they just Want to scare you like oh Satan say that Again they just want to show you that They have the power and that that they Have hidden from you of all the Gaza They took away from you all the gods and

Entities that they told you not to Connect with Like I mentioned it could be Norse Sumerian Celtic it doesn't matter you're Not allowed to talk to but they were Able to take control of that why how did They learn that who did they learn that From they learned it from you the people They saw what they didn't have and you Had the power many many years ago we the People many many thousands of years ago Had so much power we were working with Our animals and and farming and Gathering and you know planting Harvesting whatever following the Sabbath following the times of the Sun And and connecting with these gods and Entities and Angels or whatever the heck And Yeah and so we were doing all of that And they saw such a power within us that We were we were really really successful At what we were doing we we didn't need To have all the fancy [ __ ] we didn't Need that we were just happy uh Connecting with the gods being one you Know doing our celebrations everybody's Eating celebrating having festivities Having awesome sex I'm sure you know People are just freaking being liberated And happy being themselves okay and all Of a sudden Here Comes this freaking Cast You know

Coming over the people with you know I Think it began in the Bronze Age Hey you know we have a cast and here's The classes you don't fit in this class And you fit in the low class and we are High class and all this other [ __ ] Okay so before that it was based on a Goddess worship actually from what I was Hearing from this lady her name was Maria From I think it was Latvia or one of the East Eastern European countries she was an Anthropologist look at look at her look For her something her name was Maria Something goodness I gotta find out her It's hard for me to remember her last Name I did a video about it And it was based on goddess worship That's how Society used to be Um it was all about maternal nurturing Loving the mother loving the goddess and Everybody worked together there was none Of this power struggle egotistical crop Going on okay so that's how it was Before for the longest time and then Later on there came some of the Gods and Then People Incorporated the gods and They had the goddesses and everybody was Just working together and then later on Yeah obviously a lot of ego came in in The way they all try to dominate one Another when kingdoms were created which Was from the classes and this is you

Know here's here we are the kingdom and You guys are the freaking slaves and The Peasants right so I believe that this Whole situation with the Super Bowl even In the Olympics whenever they do the Celebrations you know it's obviously Like their type of Satanic ritual and It's just to show you the gods that You've lost because they've taken over And they put so instilled so much Programming into your freaking brain to Worship this other type of God that is Very very to me in my opinion is Extremely demonic I mean really but it's Not demonic because the demons I work With are extremely freaking awesome They're they Empower you and they make Your life better they don't make you Live in fear and try to threaten you it Sounds very much like an elite one of The elites you know and the problem is Because of that Here Comes Here Comes All the peasants worshiping and hoping And praying and praying for Trump and Praying for all these other other these Other gods above them which are you know The presidency and the kings and queens And all this crop until you're able to Get over this [ __ ] and you start to Empower yourselves and start utilize Lies in the power of magic dark magic as Well dark magic powerful magic I mean Magic it just is really Sovereign magic That's why I call it Sovereign Magic

You're able to really recreate and Manipulate your own reality you don't You don't you are no longer obsessed With what's going on out there what is The what are they doing what are they Going to do to us little peasants oh my God what are they gonna do holy crap Let's spread it among what they're going To be doing to us I mean how freaking [ __ ] the more that I it's like weird The more I see this the more I come into Azazel Hood like really like zazzle's Mindset is very much like very very Confident and very like like oh my God Like are you why are you acting like That why are you being a Braven little Peasant like come on get up from from There and and be the God that you are Like come on guys there's so much of That crap going on And this is the fit of the fittest the The people that are going to survive are The strong are the strong ones they are Not indoctrinated by this whole uh BS Coming from you know the religious virus From so many years ago they are not they Are no longer indoctrinated they're Asking tons of questions and they are Finally bringing moving into their Sovereignty and they're doing paperwork So they can take take back that name the Government franchise name okay that's Cool Um being able to discharge some type of

Debt but really it's to remove Themselves from all the Injustice and The legal problems and the lawsuits and All this Injustice going on right and Then being able to be Sovereign enough To say you know what I'm going to start Connecting with my my ancestral lineage My ancestral lineage of the gods that my Ancestors were working with And it is very true whether you're African I mean they were working with Some powerful Gods over there at that Time heck and they're still doing it Over there in Asia as well I mean in Europe a very heavy powerful gods and Deities that these freaking oppressors Took from we the people but we are here Now to take that power back not as just Secure creditors but Sovereign magicians Hello Sovereign freaking magicians take Your power back folks get off your Freaking knees and start Conjuring up Some amazing entities to help you with Your money to help you to free you from Debt problems Enslavement slavery Attacks lawsuits judgments you can you Can handle that through magic alone guys Through magic alone but paperwork also Helps it helps as well you can do both And both so whenever I hear these little Peasants coming to me oh my God I don't Have enough money I'm just hearing it You know okay you don't have enough

Money just go get one of my books it's Fine it's perfectly fine start working On yourself start doing some Self-reflection start doing some work Start working with some angels fairy Whatever the heck beans that your Ancestors used to work with way before The Roman Church came and cut you off From that root of who you really were Okay start getting some balls before you Come to my table all right much love Love and light and darkness take care of This is Dr Durana Johnston and I'll be Putting out more content just in your Face content to inspire you and Empower You to be the God that you are here to Be to create and manipulate your own Reality take care and also check out Secured to become a secure Creditor Um also check out my other channel it's Called drana demon Ultras you can click On that link and it will take you to That channel and I'll be talking a lot About the galatia spirits that I've been Working with certain little tips you Know if you need a little bit of money You need a little self-confidence Whatever I'm going to be sharing with You my spell work take care guys goodbye For now

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