Will the Economy Turn Around? 2022/2023 Tarot Reading

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Foreign Hi welcome everyone this is Raven Machado Oracle and I’m here to do your Reading for October 2022 regarding the Economy how is the economy going to do How is the market going to do a lot of Us are trying to figure out what is Happening because we are in the middle Of a recession so let’s get started I’m gonna ask right now What is happening with the markets Okay this year And I’m also a Trader as well I do a Crypto trading so I’m very curious like A lot of you out there what’s going to Happen with the markets for the rest of This year 2022. Oh First card is page of Swords a lot of Information coming up right now a lot of Information and it has a lot to do with Like action having needing action to be Taken Um Swift movement uh possible news but The news let’s see This is reversal so this is Three of Wands and Three of Wands is usually when It’s right side up that means uh your Ships are coming in Commerce is things Are moving fluidly with Commerce however It’s upside down so it seems like things Are kind of upside down with Commerce With movement with anything moving in The markets right now obviously it tells

You here so let’s see okay A lot of heartbreak happening and um Now I’m seeing the emperor heartbreak Next to the emperor so I’m going to tell You exactly what I’m seeing here so the Page of swords Yeah there’s going to be a new leader Okay this is what I’m picking up a new Leader coming in and is going to set Things straight going to try to set Things straight Because things are just it’s out of Control is what I’m picking up okay Um There’s a need of a really good leader That’s strong Dependable stable that’s Going to definitely fix turn this Economy around I actually see this Happening but it’s not going to happen Until we see a lot more heartbreak okay A lot more heartbreak I’m getting some Time in April April things are going to Start turning around or March March April this is the time of Aries okay There’s going to be a lot of things Going on right now a lot a lot of things Are in suspension mode let me see what Other cards are popping up here let’s See what I’m getting here with these Cards Is I’m getting the five of Pentacles Upside down it’s not as intense it’s not As heavy as they say it’s going to be And the eight of Swords is saying upside

Down it’s saying that it’s going to get Better we’re going to be moving out of Prison mode imprisonment mode so things Are going to start getting better I mean Right now things seem kind of like Ugh You know rough at the moment that I’m Seeing energy coming in with the emperor Very a lot of strength coming in and Things are going to start changing Thanks to his strength okay so let me See what else can we be getting here for The rest of this year 2022 balance Justice what a beautiful card guys wow Just as Balance Need a little patience yeah okay Justice Okay I got the Justice card we got the Balance I’m sorry We got the Justice card we have patience Be very patient guys and deception Something about deception but it’s going To be we’re going to start seeing Deception we’re going to start seeing Things for what it really is it’s all Coming out folks and New Beginnings how Freaking exciting is that new beginnings Guys so Brace yourself you know and I will Mention this because you know we see a Lot of things going on on YouTube on the Media and everybody puts their own input Including me as a reader I mean many People will have their own input and say Oh my gosh the economy is going to go

It’s going to crash it’s going to hell Guys we’re gonna die you know what I Mean and this is why a good reading is Needed in special a special situations Like this because anybody can throw Whatever right and I am a reader I’ve Been reading since I was what 17 many Many years ago so I’m seeing a new Beginning is happening with the emperor Things are going to start looking up and Also the new beginnings also represents Let’s see okay balance first balance is In Libra we are in the month of Libra Right now so you’re going to start Seeing things balancing up balancing Harmonizing Things have to happen the way it has to Happen things are coming into a balance And with the Libra the Libra is very Much a it’s a diplomatic card Harmony Diplomacy you know fairness I’m seeing a Lot of that going on and people are Starting to see the deception happening That you know people are starting to Shift they’re starting to change they Had enough and we’re seen in the the new Beginnings this is this is an Aquarian Energy Aquarius which deals with New Beginnings the new age or the New Age of Aquarius okay Aquarian age energy and We’re going to start seeing things Happening in in a brand new way it’s Going to be very very very positive so Let’s see what else am I getting here

Let’s let’s get some clarification on The emperor please Tell me more about the emperor what does He represent what Okay well from what I’m getting here it Is the Ten of Swords upside down it Seems like The ending of the old ways is coming and I’m actually seeing the six of Wands This is Victory So what I’m picking up there is going to Be an ending to some type of dictatorial Rule okay the emperor could also be Um But it’s not negative it’s not an upside Down because the emperor he seems very Just he seems very proud and organized And and very well structured so he is a Symbol of the end of Um treachery tyranny And uh with a six of Wands there’s a lot Of recognition he’s going to be very Recognized and people are going to look Up to him he’s going to be very Recognized they’re going to see him as a Wonderful leader and he might be of an Aries energy okay and Aries energy and Six of Wands is a very good card there’s Going to be some type of celebrations There’s going to be a lot of good happy Times happening happening So Again I’m picking up around 2023 in in March in the springtime that things are

Going to start turning around for the Better folks okay so let’s get some more Clarification on The The balance let’s see what’s going on With Justice give me more clarification For balance right this is going to be Whoa We Got The Page of Cups the page of Swords Page of Cups page of swords and the Ace Of Wands All right so what I’m picking up here is There’s going to be good news whenever We get the Page of Cups it’s always good News it makes people feel really good Um good news about diplomacy about Things turning out for the better and The Knight of Swords is taking action Someone is going to be taking major Action and there’s going to be a new Beginning because the Ace of Wands deals With new beginnings A whole new way of doing things passion Things are going to come alive so what You’re seeing right now is like a All the crop is coming to the surface Basically okay all the garbage is coming To the surface and it’s in its crap all Right and we’re starting to see the crap And I feel that we’ve already started Seeing the crop two years ago when the Whole cover thing started we started Seeing a lot of garbage rising up to the Surface but this time we’re really going

To see it because With um With a crop come into the surface and With with the eight of Swords which is Imprisonment but it’s upside down that’s Breaking free Breaking Free from Imprisonment that’s definitely saying Hey things are going to start turning Around for the better And with the eight of when the Ace of Wands that also signifies summer time You’re going to start seeing things Really getting better in the summertime Things are going to start booming in the Summer but it’s going to start in in March in the spring you’re going to Start noticing some differences okay so Let’s find out about the stock market And the crypto Market because I’m really Freaking curious I don’t know about you Guys but I am so curious about this will The market be in The the springtime Of 2023 The empress Okay so in the past you know we have Been in suspension mode nothing has been Happening you see the hangman Everything’s in suspension mode nothing Seems to happen nothing seems to be Happening at all everything’s been Upside down you know Turned upside down with the markets Especially but the good news eight of

Wands I’m actually seeing things Happening Um in a good way it’s very fast fast Communication everything’s going to be Coming together is what I’m picking up Like things are going to start charging There could be a possible bull market Folks a possible bull market happening Around this time and which is in the Springtime And the high priestess is a very good Card that’s dealing with your intuition And you have to understand and realize Okay you know a lot of us we think oh You know everything is happening outside It’s out of our control but really Truthfully folks it is in our control Because it is we are the center of our Own world we are the God if you believe You are the god of your own reality or Co-creator of your own reality and What’s going on is people are starting To wake up and with a high priestess People are starting to listen to their Intuition and their instincts like Something within their psyche their Intuition is going to be opening up even More something with the energies in Spring things are going to start opening Up and people are going to see Everything they’re going to see the Truth they’re going to see everything For what it is and things are going to Start skyrocketing and this is what I’m

Getting with the eight of Wands okay so Let’s see what’s happening For Crypto for the for the summer time Crypto and the stock market what’s Happening for the stock markets in the Summertime and crypto Okay this is the Ten of Wands this is Just recent past you know we’ve been Going through a lot of struggle a big Load on our backs can you tell like a Major load on your backs The devil popping up that’s a very That’s a major card here that that’s Based on a lot of fear a lot of fud Going on Okay so that there’s something’s going To happen in the summer and I’m picking Up that maybe There’s going to be a lot of conflict And but people are going to be standing Their ground here okay the seven of Wands people are going to be standing Underground they’re going to be and They’re not going to be um Trampled down They’re gonna be they’re going to be Standing their ground and they’ll say Hey enough is enough and they’re going To be fighting back they’re going to be Standing very strong and there’s a lot Of competition too a lot of competition In the markets obviously So

Let’s see Six of Swords And things are going to start simmering Down Simmering down a lot So it seems like the bull markets can be Starting in the March things are going To start livening up in in March in the Springtime and things are going to kind Of simmer down a bit okay but it’s going To be good it’s going to be a balance There’s going to be a major major Balance here so let’s see let’s see what The angels have to say here with these Cards let’s ask are we going to enter a Bull market I mean a real bull market on the Macrocosm With the stock markets in 2023 Within the next few months Oh my gosh within the next few months We’re gonna start seeing a bull market We’re going to start seeing things Turning around it would be freaking nice Wouldn’t it wouldn’t it be nice Okay so It’s saying right now is not the right Time Not right now not the right time but Within the next three months things are Going to start turning around which is In conjunction With the The Aquarius card within the next three Months

We we move into Aquarius in February Um mid-February we move into aquarius so You know we’re in October now November December January so within maybe towards The end of January and beginning in the Middle of January February when we move Into aquarius so things are going to Start looking up within Uh January February And into the spring Yeah I’m asking a lot of really It’s for a lot of you I’m sure a lot of You’ve been wanting to know listen to Your intuition It looks like the FED is gonna pivot and Let’s see if it’s accurate within the Next three weeks What do you guys think about that you Think it’s going to Pivot within the Next three weeks Who knows who knows a lot of people are Saying no it won’t but I know Kathy Wood Was talking about That they have to Pivot they have no Other choice Oh that’s brilliant foundation and Achievements this is the four of Wands Guys the four of Wands represents Security Um foundation house family happy family Life everything Oh my gosh material Harvest This represents money like there’s going To be a lot more money moving in the

Economy Um houses maybe real estate’s going to Be kicking butt But from what I’m picking up folks It seems like real estate is going to be Doing very well there’s going to be a Lot of investment whatever you’re Investing in you’re going to be reaping The Harvest because that’s what the Material card is is about wealth and Reaping the Harvest it’s going to be Really powerful From what I’m getting here with my Readings and my guides everything is Going to start turning around so get Prepared in three weeks there could be a Fed pivot okay possibly and in the Beginning

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