Why Law of Attraction Doesn´t Work!

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Why Law of Attraction alone does not work! There is so much more to this.

Check this out we got a great show Coming your way today All I can say is wow lock it on to the PlayStation on the net on On God I love the station [Music] I am completely in awe of him I’m addicted to this Um I’m excited too [Music] You got it going on girl [Music] From the weird to the insane [Music] Hello good morning good afternoon good Evening wherever you are in this realm Um my name is Darren and I’m joined With my beautiful co-pilot and wife Joanna and we are moving beyond the Matrix and today we got a lot of good Stuff to talk about so do you want to Start off Well yeah I can definitely start off Um hi everyone how are you so good to be Back I’m so happy to be back really it’s Been a really crazy Ride wild ride and It’s good it’s good that There’s so much to talk about regarding And we’re going to be using a lot of the The stuff that has happened to us as an Example as well on the topic of what We’re going to be talking about So really

I really want to talk about goal setting And How to enslave your mind okay from Victimhood to Hero And What’s really important Now it’s really interesting I had this Podcast yesterday or it was a few a Couple days ago on spiritual Alchemy and Someone wrote back Actually a few people wrote back telling Me about you know their experiences and Everything about the spirit spiritual World how we are all God you know we’re All God like And We are the ones that are in control of Our own reality good or bad and a lot of Times like I said the victims will say Oh no no everything is happening to me To me to me because it’s a lot easier Right it’s a lot easier for the victim To say that but the victim doesn’t Realize How bitching and badass When they finally turn it around and Realize they are in control and they’re Responsible for their own reality Because why and I will delve into it I Think I’m kind of jumping ahead of Myself right now but I’m going to go Ahead I wrote some notes down So many of us the situation That I hear and you know we’ve we’ve all

Gone through this and I’m not saying That we’re all Jesus Christ and we’re All perfect because we all go we go Through this all the time many many Times life is about discipline life is About learning to discipline yourself And balancing the ego and the the the Spirit So that way it can connect with the Higher mind the Divine mind okay but a Lot of times we get lost We get lost and we start following Distractions a lot of our projections Outside of us that we think are outside Of us is actually inside of the mind the Whole time And what I mean by that we are going After the the White Rabbit just like in The movie Matrix you want to add Something to that you said something About that about the white Matrix the White Rabbit there was something on a Picture you showed me that it looked Like the White Rabbit was going off the Track leading the blinded person Somewhere else Yes so there’s a bit of a I don’t know Do you follow the right White Rabbit uh Like in The Matrix movie or is the do You not because it’s wine Um leading you somewhere else off your Main path that you should be on yes Exactly Um now I can tell you this because I’ve

Been a practitioner of magic for for Many years since I was 17 and I’ve been Part of the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn for many years since my early 20s That is the major thing that is taught Is personal Alchemy and learning to go Inside of oneself utilizing the power of Your your mind your will your Visualization to manipulate the world Around you to manipulate The external world we came here to Master I wouldn’t say manipulate energy but to Master How to utilize the energies around you Yes yes Um so so pretty much what’s going on is It in the Golden Dawn we learned it was On the front of a book actually one of The books uh self-initiation into the Golden Dawn and it shows a guy he’s Blindfolded and he’s chasing after the White rabbit with his blindfold on but Yet there was a pathway that if he went Through the the pillars of black and White mercy and sovereignty Severity I believe he does you go Through and you climb all the way up you Have to go through all these little Levels okay degrees To get to the top and when you get to The top you connect with your higher Self that’s when the lower self Which is a dark energy okay more dense

Energy which is the ego is able to Connect and start to move up to the Higher mind but it has to go through a Lot of trials and tribulations in life But the problem is there’s a lot of Distractions preventing us from Following our true self because it’s our Higher self That is trying to get you to to Um it’s leading the way for you to Connect with it but we’re getting caught Up in that World by chasing that bunny Down the rabbit hole and guess who the White Rabbit is I would say it’s the Elite yes they’re the ones distracting You because they know because we all Know now about their secret societies And their secret sacrifice sacrificial Things and their rituals that they do Everyone can do magic we were born to be These magicians Um manipulate and or utilize the Energies around us Um but through time we’ve been scared Away from that just like back in the Days of the inquisitions and the witch Hunt’s source is a witch just because She’s got a botanic garden she’s a witch Really yeah and all these are the kind Of things that just spun people off that Path of reality that should be right and There’s a lot more skills There’s so many things our human bodies And Spirits can do but we’re not taught

There’s a reason for this because they Want You To be That slave yes and you and everybody’s Just been under that Spell yes so to speak the Mind Game the Mind white the mind whatever the hell Everybody else going on because they’re Too busy looking Tick Tock are some of The stupid stuff Right bunny rabbit so it showed in the Cover oh gosh on if it’s downstairs I Would ask you to go down if you wanted To but if not it’s okay I can actually Send you actually no no I can send you The picture But anyway while we’re on this topic and I’ll bring it over Yeah Okay here we go I’m running dude yeah I’m looking to the other side there yeah So they can see Um Here you go this is perfect perfect There you go okay Yeah keep talking I’ll bring that up Okay awesome so you get to see the the Picture of the front Okay and this man is running after the Bunny rabbit and he’s just distracted he Doesn’t know where he’s going and Because he isn’t he hasn’t gone through The the the the past the the pillars

He’s not he’s it’s like right before Initiation He hasn’t gotten initiated so the people That are uninitiated you know again this Is figuratively speaking and for many of Our temples my husband and I by the way We have our own Temple now our own Golden Dawn Temple but we’ll get into That later Um So basically it’s the people outside of The Temple that are asleep they don’t Know They don’t know any better because They’re out there chasing after their External Shadow which is the bunny Rabbit in Disguise which is the ego that Says come down the rabbit hole you want To know more you want to know more we’re Going to tease you we’re going to tease You a little more you know and I find a Lot of my students uh you know in the Secure creditor World they end up Jumping on that train and following the Little fluffy bunny down the road and Many many of them they end up traveling Jumping around looking for you know Following that bunny for more new Information that they never thought of Oh my God it’s more exciting than what Jordan has got We’re going to be rich we’re gonna have Gold and all this stuff so they go Follow they follow the bunny rabbit and

Then they realize There it is yeah okay there you go and Then they realize that They end up coming back they end up Coming back to me and saying yeah I went There I went there I went to that Teacher I went to that teacher and I Haven’t I haven’t gotten nowhere but I End up wanting to come back to look to Learn from you again so it’s like okay That’s interesting because I believe We’re the only ones Well sad we’re the only ones And all that okay so there you go look At that guy okay he’s he’s actually he’s Supposed to be an initiate he’s supposed To be following through with the Initiation to go into the Golden Dawn Order right to connect and make an oath With the temple and with his the Divinity to say I am here to connect With you to be the magician to learn and It’s basically white magic it’s white And gray magic okay that’s what the Golden Dawn is and but the problem is Here comes the bunny rabbit and it Totally distracts them from his purpose So he gets distracted and he’s all over The place he’s like I can go here and I Can go there and I you know and then He’s so lost but yet everyone all the Initiates all the members of the golden Honor like come on dude where are you Come on frauder where are you and this

Happens to us all the time okay can I Just mention it’s quite ironic this Because when you think about it right We’re too busy chasing after money to Enhance and self-develop our minds Bodies and souls our Spirits like this We’re on a spiritual thing but at the Same time We need money to each survive any bills To live to do all this thing but back Going back round again if you sort your Mind body and soul out then that takes Care of everything else you come off Autopilot and you focus on what you need To focus on and then you’re successful And then the money comes in yes let me Let me that’s how it works yeah let me Give you an example okay about my life You know I love to just tell my story Because you know that’s So you can connect Um all right so I basically came into a Rule a rude awakening a couple months Ago And You know I I really got into crypto Hardcore uh for this past year a couple Years actually and Um I mean I still love crypto don’t get Me wrong it’s fun exciting but isn’t it Funny how everything first of all it’s Like again it’s like chasing after the Bunny rabbit and oh and then all of a Sudden you go to this Guru or that Guru

Or this person that and then you realize Who these people are and you’re like Some of these people are not really you Know they’re kind of they’re not who you Think they are they’re just there to Entertain you right pulling you down Their Rabbit Hole every video you see is Pulling you down their Rabbit Hole Basically If they’re if they’re creating a video That’s not with with ill with ill Intentions anyway But anyway Um so I just started really getting Involved with that to a point I started Losing myself too much where I was more Into the trading side and I kind of Started veering away for my purpose okay And my purpose of course is always to Serve humanity and help others and I I Realized I’m like yeah I’m making good Money but it’s kind of empty it feels Empty yes money is great but there’s no Real communication between people There’s none of that you know connection You know what I mean a program of Segregation that’s been going on isn’t It yeah it feels like segregation so What happened was I was getting into it so much that Something just knocked me off my access Point and the first one was my was a Bronchitis boom hit me hard Had it for a month couldn’t talk

Couldn’t speak so I couldn’t make any Videos couldn’t do a podcast so what we Did was do mine movies I tried to be Creative to show you guys to put your Mind and at ease and then when my voice Came back everything was fine and then I Get hit with this other crisis Vertigo and uh this is due to something Very very serious feminine problems so But it can be fixed so don’t worry yeah It could be fixed so I’m not gonna dive So it could be fixed but it was like you Know I was becoming anemic and all this And there was just so many but finally It was funny even though here I was Spending for so long for the past month Month and a half up and down you know Something kept calling me my heart kept Calling me and I started reading Rereading the Golden Dawn book again Okay Something I just wanted to connect with I’m like gosh let me let me re you know What I just I just feel that I just Wanna I wanna connect with magic with With Golden Dawn again And when I started doing it I started reading and I started feeling So good and You know even though my mind was Scrambled my heart wasn’t scrambled you Get it So it was like a test it was a test for My higher self saying you know what

You’ve been focusing two you’ve been Going too far on the left path or or Right path or whatever veering off out Of a balance and onto another path but It’s not where you need to be you’re Here to come back centered so when I Started reading the book and I started Getting into it I said oh my God this is What I really want to do this is what I Want to do okay connect me a sole Contract yeah it’s connecting with your Soul and this goes beyond money this Goes beyond anything it’s it’s what You’re here for you’re here for a higher Divine Purpose I mean many of us are And so I I was thinking you know hon why Don’t we start our own Golden Dawn Temple we should start one virtually and Then eventually we will start we’ll Create one physically because I’ve gone Through all the gray grades I’ve I’ve Done it and I had to take do the rest of The grades on my own because I couldn’t Rely on a specific Temple they were very Very unorganized Unfortunately they were Going through their own issues and due To Ego problems right I’m also initiated So yeah his initiate as well so we Decided you know what let’s do this Because it’s really going to help people To connect with their higher self And it’s personal Alchemy in its finest That’s what it is it’s personal Alchemy It has nothing to do with you know

Watching Metals change into gold and all That stuff it’s about the Alchemy within Yourself to become more of the magician That you’re you’re here to be it’s doing Doing the great work okay in your Thoughts with your feelings and your Actions exactly so what happened during This time I didn’t you know I was able Even though I’m spinning around I’m Still able to focus on reading the book But I did not want to read anything else I wanted to shun everything else I Couldn’t look at it but I could only Look at this because my heart is Connecting to what I’m here to do And so I’m thinking wouldn’t it be Awesome that you know a lot of our Students become initiates of the Golden Dawn I mean first I highly recommend That you read this book or find another Book that’s very similar to the Golden Dawn And kind of learn and understand it also The modern magic book Um is very good by Donald Michael Craig And that’s the book that I started off With okay let me see I’m going to go Ahead and send that to you Darren go Ahead and show everybody that’s the book I started out with was Modern Magic book But anyway let me um continue on because I don’t wanna Okay I just wanted to tell you my story Because really

You know it doesn’t matter how rich you Are how wealthy you are how poor you are It doesn’t really matter what matters is I mean that is not going to bring you Happiness It will bring you some happiness yes Because we all need money we need money To eat we need freedom of course But the internal happiness is inside of You it has to do with your heart and I Know that what makes me happy what makes Me shine is all about when I get into Connecting with magic doing magical work Ritual work And just connecting with the gods I mean You know they’re all aspects of Ourselves really that’s how I see the Gods the Angels the demons it doesn’t Matter we created all of them we are They are our thought forms okay but I Don’t want to get lost here but um Modern Magic book that’s the first book That I picked up when I was 17 years old Someone actually gave it to me And he was teaching me magic I actually I was about 15 16 at first and I had no idea I read it and I’m like Whoa this is like radio instruction so I Don’t understand it but you know what I Started learning and then it was like oh My God this is natural this is very Natural to me All right so Sometimes we get too caught up in the

External environment to wait to make a Decision by letting the external dictate Your decisions in life But it’s the other way around The universe does revolve around you Wherever you your focus goes energy Flows okay so as far as goal setting And now this is a topic we really wanted To talk about in goal setting You know you’ve heard about you know Abraham Hicks you heard about like all These other gurus you know they’re up There you know Bob Proctor that used to Be up there he’s freaking fascinating I Love him too and he passed away recently Uh Tony Robbins there’s all these Amazing gurus right they’re making Millions of dollars and you know they’re Doing what they do and they do what they Love to do But you got to understand where they Receive these teachings from was Underground information which came from The Hermetic schools the Mysteries the Mystery skulls this is how they learned About this stuff okay the seven hermetic Principles yes it’s like hermetic order Of the golden dot the hermetism so Abraham Hicks now I want to speak up About this because I have to get this Off my chest guys I do like Abraham Hicks a lot I follow Them for years they really helped me out And you know listen to the Rampage of

Appreciation you know Law of Attraction They talk about Law of Attraction and Esther Hicks she’s the one that um Channels Abraham Hicks and she’s Wonderful at what she does But there’s an issue with that And as a magician I’ve I’ve always known There was something off about that okay Many of the people even me included for Some time got a little too co-dependent On her or them because we always wanted To look at videos to see you know Um because if we felt sad or we felt mad Or whatever or we had to listen to to Raise our vibration and do listen to the Rampage of appreciation or the Rampage Of money and all that And what it does to the people it the Viewers it makes them co-dependent Rather than independent you understand When you are a magician you are the only One in the world you are the one that Controls your world Okay And you know this you know this a lot of Us meditate whether you meditate or not Even if he took a cat nap okay a cat nap Is in between the worlds you can kind of Hear that’s meditation too Um we naturally go into it a lot of Times You start to realize and you start to Know you are The center of your own world that

Everything outside of you these Projections outside are actually inside Of your mind it is not out here at all Quantum physics is proving this Okay so when you know that you are the Magician of your own world you know what You need to do You don’t care what happens outside of Yourself or what others think or what Your Authority thinks or all the Programming going outside of yourself You are the magician so it is your Responsibility to turn this The macrocosm around And you are to bring the macrocosm and The microcosm into balance That is your job Those of you who hear the call that no Deep inside that you are here for more It isn’t about being rich it’s not about Being you know a just a celebrity and a Star that’s that that is all for the ego Okay there’s nothing wrong with the ego Though but there has to be a balance in Between And by doing that yes you can have a lot Of money yes you can be a star but you Cannot allow the ego to take over your Spirit because when it does then then Things get a little dark then the Darkness is taking over and the light is This way there has to be a balance Between the dark and the light together You cannot and there’s a lot of I hear a

Lot you gotta leave the Matrix and leave And Escape you cannot escape the matrix Folks you will never escape the matrix Because you created it you are all God Gods or the god-like And we do have a Creator or creators or Whatever this Essence is and through my Quantum healing experience uh just Recently I went into Um I went in And it was through my death experience What happened when I left my body I was I just went in and I was I was I Was just it was like I was a cloud I was Oneness There was no separation I didn’t see God On the other side I didn’t see angels With Harps I didn’t see nothing it was Just me floating my awareness floating And I’m happy and peaceful you are we Are one mind It was one Unity mind that’s all it was But it was safe it was Secure you didn’t Have to be anything you didn’t have to Try to be or prove anything you just are That’s exactly how you are when you Meditate you or or your present and you Listen to your breath and you move into Quietness you just are here in this Reality you can be you can be just the Way you wish to be present moment Always and it’s the same when you leave This earth it’s the same you go back and You’re like okay that was that was cool

But I like to you know recharge my Battery before I come back down to play It is a game guys it is a play and many Of you may not see it that way but you Have to understand You know when you push against the Darkness the darkness is going to push Back against you and kick you all over The place okay that is called resistance Whatever you resist will persist you and That’s one of the laws of the universe If you go towards the light and you go a Little too far into the light guess what The light’s going to smack you as well You have to have a balance this is what We’re here for you need contrast you Need the dark one of the yes Polarity yes oh Thank you for bringing that up Polarization oh and that’s another big One okay that’s another one this is why I try to teach my students in the secure Creditor work don’t be so polarized Don’t be so and and we see this with the Liberals and the in the you know the the Right wing and the left wing everything Is one-sided and you know they’re out For war or it’s all just peace and love And I mean it as a magician we are Philosophers we step back and we’re like Hey let’s contemplate this let’s let’s Ask some questions what’s going on we Start to see life in a very neutral way Because we try to balance everything out

Rather than being polarized so when People ask me oh what do you think of Trump what do you think of Biden I said Oh they’re great actors they’re really Great for for this for this reality that We created They’re doing a freaking good job They’re just teaching you to be a Magician that’s all they’re doing They’re teaching you to take your power Back and be the badass that you truly Are Right exactly And really nobody can enforce anything Upon you without your consent anyway so That shows that you have the power oh Yeah you’re any external forces because They can’t Tamp I need cop mess with Free will that is also another principle Exactly and I wanted to get back on the Abraham Hicks part so That veers you away from your own power Because when you start to learn how to Utilize the elements air Earth fire Water spirit You understand the symbology behind Astrology the symbology behind the Hebrew alphabets which is one of the Oldest languages in the world one of the Oldest I’m not saying they are the Oldest Aramaic is very old and then we Got who knows alien language or whatever Is what Darren says on the Emerald

Tablet the green Emerald Tablet so you Know it’s very ancient languages and a Hebrew language has a lot of power oh my Gosh you just imagine you just focus on The letters one of the letters before You go to sleep and you will go into Trance or a channeling or an astral Projection or you’ll also travel into That specific realm each letter is a World and it’s connected to the sephiro Of the kabbalistic Cross and I need to Oh gosh I need to get a nice poster so I Can show you guys because you hear how Passionate I am when I get into magic I’m like I feel like a kid in a candy Store right now right so That’s the thing you know when you Listen to a lot of these gurus that are Like no listen to me every day listen to Me so I could take your power away right Instead of them trying to teach you how To do it on your own Um now yes Abraham hex they do teach you A lot about that your emotions listen to Your emotions I mean they’re really good But they need to there’s a lot more to It is what I’m trying to say The Secret The movie The Secret there’s a lot more Let me read let me go ahead and read This so goal setting okay Law of Attraction visualization all of this all Of this doesn’t work Without ritual work And creating powerful banishings to

Protect your space from self-sabotage And other entities it stops the Mind ego Chatter ritual gets the conscious mind Focused on the ritual while the Subconscious mind is impressed by the Symbols the feeling of confidence that The ritual worked Okay this is very important as a Magician You need to be like a magician to keep Your power to yourself rather than Becoming fragmented and dispersing your Energy out to the ethers By and and this is kind of an analogy Right honey you were talking about the Octopus How it’s got its tentacles in everybody You were talking about in a an awareness That there’s this octopus well in other Words We are we can become like the octopus we Tend to when we get so distracted you Know our energy is being pushed out into The ethers okay I want to get into this This this this this this this and you Become so fragmented you lose your you Lose your place and you’re no longer Centered again because you are no longer That magician in control of your own World utilizing the power of your will Okay so it’s like you know technical Stick to everything and you can’t move Anywhere Thank you I mean it’s so simple

But through many years of dabbling and Experimenting that’s what we like to Share this with you because you know What you guys got to get it come on you Are our brothers and sisters out there You know if you Vibe with this Information you are our brothers and Sisters out there you need to be like a Magician to keep your power to yourself Rather than becoming fragmented it’s Being centered and becoming certain and Confident with yourself that is that it Is you creating your world and only you Good bad and ugly what a relief it is to Know you are that freaking powerful guys What an awesome Feeling to know This is why taking 100 responsibility For your decisions is very crucial to Your evolution You’re not going to get anywhere when You when you complain and and blame Someone else or something else you will Not go anywhere in your life if you have Been doing that ask yourself how long Have you been doing this and where the Hell are you right now have you achieved Anything have you progressed have you Succeeded in anything are you still Stuck Telling the whole story over and over Again from the past right So Ritual work will help you now when I

Talk about ritual work okay it’s not Sacrificing a cat and dog and all this Stuff it’s a ritual it could be lighting A candle imagining white light around You every single morning just to protect Your energy field okay and you know Calling upon the Angels or whatever you Know I do that every morning I call upon The angels And you know whatever it is that you Want to create if it’s if it’s a goal That you want you know you could Journal It in you can write it in and then you Just imagine this light around you that That’s so that way you don’t Self-sabotage yourself this is for those Who are having a hard time maybe Meditating that is fine you use magical Acts instead you need ritual work Instead and this is what we’re going to Be showing our students in the October 22nd 23rd transformation program really It’s personal alchemy that we’re going To be teaching so but let me get into it Ritual work will help you because you Are better focused on your goal and have The confidence and a little fear because You know once you do the ritual it’s Going to work you know that little fear And I remember when I first started Doing original work years ago I had we Had a big fire acre ranch my parents Were like go for it make us a Talisman You know so for money because they were

Having a hard time so I went and made Him a Talisman but right when I started I was so nervous I was like it was like A nervous excitement like oh my God is What’s happening but you know what it Was freaking awesome I was one with the Universe I was one with the with the Dirt the moon the air nature it was Freaking awesome and things did turn Around my parents and my dad ended up Getting two loans from two different People uh in the thousands range so Pretty cool so you you know you always Want to make sure that you are protected When you write down something that you Want a goal setting you imagine you Visualize you know even if you want to Reprogram your mind and all that you Could do that with magic easily When you do goal sentence by writing Things down it’s magic that in itself Because It’s the same Principle as when you were At school You had to copy from the board or the Book into your book you already know all The time what that does that suppresses On the conscious That imprints it mm-hmm So it’s easier to remember Yes and that in itself is Magic Itself because it’s a gesture Of input like knowledge kind of thing That you’re putting in there yeah yeah

It is it’s all magic everything you do Every day is magic words you can just by Speaking you can hurt somebody Or you can make them feel wonderful just By a sentence You tell me that’s not spelling [Laughter] Spells And hello you bid your you you bid your Friend To go to low Health right Good morning yeah you’re coming out of The Dead while you’re backing up so You’re like out of mourning good morning Kind of thing you know that’s probably Why we’re constantly impressing upon the Subconscious mind good morning we’re Dead we’re dead entities we’re fictional Characters The English language definitely a lot of Word playing and a lot of um what’s it Called when they’re using specific words In certain ways where they can Basically put you on incantations yeah Stuff like that and I would learn English as well as legalese is that what You’re saying legalese in the court or Well not just legalese Um that that’s the court terminology That’s a different thing and that’s a Spell in itself by the way yeah of Course along with Latin haha And it’s all from Rome I actually heard

Of one of my students was saying that he Actually went into or if he had a friend That went to court and he spoke only Latin He wouldn’t speak English he spoke Latin And they let him go Well you know a lot of these and I’ll Tell you something guys A lot of the higher ups Authority it’s All in in the court system is based on Canon law anyway canon law comes from The Vatican So a lot of these higher ups I’m sure That why do you think the Judge dresses Up in a black row You know he’s he’s like the magician Right yeah and um And so they utilize this terminology and Latin was only used among the Aristocrats they didn’t want the Peasants really to learn Latin really Well I think will learn but not really Like really um It was only for like sermons church Services that they would use Latin but The aristocrats they were the ones that Understood Latin really understood Latin You’ve even got it on your money just What was it you know the dollar bills All that kind of stuff I haven’t seen a dollar bill in a long Time you see it just look at your dollar Bills and stuff like that nervous a Chlorum or something like that but um

But it’s all Latin based and um so he Walked into court and he just spoke Latin and they just didn’t know what to Do with them they let him go So you can learn Latin today learn Latin Today and you know but the aristocrats Are the ones that know Latin and Vatican The Vatican World they they talk Latin They speak Latin they’re always speaking It yeah and Hebrew as well So in the Golden Dawn we had to learn Hebrew we had to learn a little Hebrew Alphabetic Um the alphabet and everything because It’s extremely powerful but Latin is Actually A language in back backwards it’s all Backwards that language and it’s done Deliberately for spell casting Isn’t that interesting it really is when You really really start to learn about History You start to understand that right yeah Exactly knowledge is power and you can Tell we’ve been reading a lot of books Can you tell I’m a bookworm I’m I’m crazy about books Like exactly because yeah what what Really is there to do here apart from Learn How you’re getting screwed over and what To do about it And how you can enhance yourself It’s all to do with personal development

It’s all to do with them a spiritual Journey you’re on and it’s all to do With fairness how you’re going to handle Your affairs Exactly Um so I’m going to get back into the Whole banishing thing to protect Yourself so you know you start off with A good banishing ritual Or imagine you’re surrounded by white Light or dark darkness to protect you From parasitical entities that will Still your goals from you now this a lot Of the stuff is not taught with the Gurus the gurus that are Multi-millionaires and all that stuff a Lot of them they’re not really allowed To talk about it okay we’re going to go All the way because of our background in The ancient hermetic order And Rose secretion and all that we’re Going to be putting a lot of things Together to make more sense instead of Making it sound so commercialized like Oh you know you’re going to be rich or You’re going to you’re going to get Anything you want and whatever Um There are simple strategies that you Need to utilize and the elite do it all The time they do ritual work all the Time Solstice vernal equinox Um uh What does it uh help me out and I can’t

Think straight like like winter solstice Equinox I said it yeah Equinox Weather changes that the seasons the Most specific dates That have specific meanings as well so Yeah if you’re interested in that you Can all you can always look it up Google It yeah so anyway getting back to what I Was saying um It’s important to do these rituals Because you are protecting your mind You’re protecting your imagination You’re protecting your subconscious mind And your conscious mind When you’re doing ritual the ritual is Your conscious mind is is following the Ritual it’s following the colors it’s Following the symbols it’s following the Um the incense is following the music The conscious mind is getting too busy Right and that’s what you want the Conscious mind to do because it’s a Conscious mind in the ego that tells you Now it’s not really working it’s not Good enough now whatever you know that Conscious mind needs to be distracted So that way the magic that you put forth Into your ritual work is impressed upon The real magic happening which is the Subconscious mind which is the feminine Side of your mind receptive to the Universe exactly the receptive side of Your mind so you know while you’re Listening to Law of Attraction videos

And and Um gurus and all this stuff they forget The most important part and again is to Protect yourself creating a productive Shield around you whether you’re doing Good happy magic black white whatever Um and black magic I do want to mention Because I I one lady was asking me about Black Magic she was scared of it black Magic we do every day whether you like It or not black magic is you’re doing Something you’re calling something forth To you to manifest for you okay you’re Manifesting it for it for you like I Want to manifest a thousand dollars I Want to manifest a million dollars That’s black magic because you’re using Your will to bring things to you white Magic is just meditation working on Yourself healing doing inner work that’s White magic To others as well yes service to others That’s white magic evil magic is nasty Magic yeah that’s where people I’ve Noticed that’s where people get confused Yes the difference between evil magic And black magic yeah evil magic you know Like I said you know as a magician you Are you need to be fully equipped to do All of them okay and evil magic is only To protect yourself that’s all like if If someone was trying to come at you Hurt you threaten you I mean I had to Use some evil magic in the past and that

Person ended up under flame I mean we Have some stories for that in another Time but uh You know there’s nothing wrong with that Evil magic as long as the intention is In alignment it is all about protection Just like you know the Wolves they’ve Got to protect themselves to survive Same with us correct so as a magician a Real magician practices all shades of Magic gray magic is um talismans amulets Talismans are to obtain things to to Bring things to you amulets are to Ward Things away from you okay So Very interesting yeah actually it’s Funny about this because Even as it was a kid as a child I was always Intrigued and interested by Magic it all Obviously started off by watching the Stage shows on TV you know like uh David Copperfield and all those back in the Day yeah and then I thought well okay Where’s the real magic Because when I was watching things like Um Uh the Merle in the movie Okay that’s the real magic yeah okay Right so how do I how do we get into That kind of stuff so I was like looking Intrigued and God you’re from the the Motherland over yeah and obviously England there’s a lot of fairy tales

When fairies do exist we’ve seen them Um and there’s a lot of There’s still a lot of magic circles Stone circles out there yeah they’re Still using today oh yeah Yeah so they’re energy centers yeah and Obviously uh um as I grew up um Along come here comes Harry Potter and The Sorcerer’s Apprentice and stuff like That and we’re thinking It’s kind of exists so where is it so I Looked out more and Found it and started researching it and Trying it out and Yeah doing things like if you started Off with um Infusion Tinctures and oils and all this kind of Stuff to help heal people Um and stuff like that and then blah Blah blah I went through all that went Through my life and then Um No I’m an initiative Harry Potter The real how was the score yeah yeah That’s what that’s what it was I Couldn’t remember that so yeah I mean Definitely Um So let’s see here I’m trying to figure Out so um Also seeing others you know for a hero To say Okay okay so there’s the problem With the slave mentality

Is they wait for someone to save them You want to put that picture up there Hon They wait for someone to save them Okay Let me read here he’s got the picture A slave is Yeah there you go okay okay so a slave Is one who waits for someone to come and Free him Ezra pound So what does that mean Are you stuck in that mode guys are you Waiting for someone to save you are you Waiting for The spaceships to come for Donald Trump Or a king or queen or something They never shut up are you waiting for Nasara to save you are you waiting for The prosperity funds I’ve been hearing About that for 10 years now longer Actually longer than that 14 years Um none of it’s going to happen because If it was that easy you wouldn’t be here You chose to be here again another Distraction to keep you to follow that Fluffy white bunny rabbit down the road Okay so as magicians we don’t we can Tell we can really read people we’re Really good at reading people and we’re Really good at calling the kettle block And calling on BS when we see it yeah Also we don’t see hardship as what it is We see hardships as challenges yes there Are challenges because with the storm in

Order for you to evolve at all you have To be hit with some things to kick you Kick you on your ass you know you have To be a risk taker Risk Takers and you Know this is what I was even telling to My secure creditor students This type of work with a transformation Magical work that we’re going to be Teaching October 22nd 23rd is going to Be very beneficial for you because again You have the conception the idea that oh Paperwork’s going to help me that’s all I need no it’s not true I did I I know because I’m a magician I Did Magic along with my freaking Paperwork to make stuff happen it wasn’t Just the paperwork it’s the energy Inside the paperwork and I’ll tell you Jaguar one of my mentors at the time he Was a full-on magician and he put Infuse The the documents with energy that when He sent it out to somebody the courts or The judge or whoever they would feel it They could just fill it and he sent me a Letter one time and I felt it I put my Hands on it and I could feel it all the Way up and down my spine England and the Paper total heat up and down my spine I Go wow what the hell is that you know he Knew how to work his magic Mound he knew Very well so when you know your magic You you know that being a secure Creditor and doing dealing with Documents of legal stuff that is all

Part of it but it’s only a tool But being a magician isn’t really a tool It’s not something that you do it’s Something that you truly are Okay yeah it’s not just that I mean we Actually show you techniques Um that actually blow your mind Uh just like this up and come coming Webinar the one we’re doing in October The transformation one There’s techniques in that specific Webinar Um It’s Magic in itself But obviously I tell you I’m thousands of miles away Where you are While you’re doing this these exercises Nobody’s around you And you see that you did it yourself Yeah and you’re gonna be like what Exactly you start to see it you are the Creator of your own reality because it’s Transformation work it’s not something We lecture you on you know it’s not like Going to a lecture or feel good Um motivational talk no not at all no we Just we teach you we give you techniques We explain the techniques we tell you When to do them Um certain things as well so that it Comes into your daily routines And I wanted to bring up about the new Thought Neville goddard’s work okay I

Love it 100 I think what he’s got was What he had was amazing where did he get The information from you want to know Something interesting when I I actually Read in one of his books the person that Wrote on his introduction or forward was By Israel regardi do you know who Israel Gregory is He was taught By Aleister Crowley who was a part of The The Hermit the original hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn back in 1888 in Or I think around that 1880s in London England And he got banned he got suspended you Know he left and then he ended up coming To America and he met with Israel Gregory and Israel regardy was the Secretary he was also the writer he Helped him write and publish the books I Think it was just writing the books and Then they they found a publisher sorry And um So He was and then Israel Gregory ended up Going to the Stella matina Temple And he ended up and they were an Offshoot from the old Golden Dawn that Separated okay because the separation They weren’t they weren’t really Together for a very long time there was A lot of ego in the way and boom they Got separate okay separated and so the Offshoot one of the offshoot was uh

Stella Martina Temple And so he ended up going through the Grades very rapidly and um that was Pretty much it so he can continue on With his Golden Dawn uh learning because He learned a lot from Aleister Crowley But when Aleister Crowley ran out of Money he couldn’t pay him anymore he Couldn’t help him so he ended up saying Okay never mind I’ll just I’ll just go To the temple okay this other Temple so He did Now I find that to be very interesting Because it tells me again as a magician Since I was really young and new and Knew about the Golden Dawn and Israel Gregory and all that That’s where he got his information from A lot of his information came from Israel regardy because it they were Around they were there together around The same time period isn’t that funny So this new thought movement going on There’s an issue with a new thought Movement and like with Neville Goddard Um Abram Hicks you know a lot their their Uh new thought Napoleon Hill See if you’ve noticed there’s an issue With that there’s uh certain books like The one Bob Proctor used to read Before he passed away in February but um He had the original

Book which was not watered down all These are the books now are watered down Yeah they don’t tell you the full Spectrum are that everything that you Need to know to make things work yeah That’s the thing that’s why when you Think oh well law of attraction is not Working for me well yeah this is why This is why because you’re not really a Practicing magician you could be that’s What you’re here for things are missing So you’re trained and conditioned into Being scared about magic because I’ll Tell you if this Neville Goddard thing Was working so great Um We would all be extremely rich we would All be you know there’s a lot more to The story is what I’m saying they Watered down everything it’s all watered Down information that is allowed to The Peasants yep you see that’s why the Mystery schools are hidden because you Know it’s hidden to the to some of the Peasants that we’re not ready to be Initiates that’s why you saw this one Guy in a robe he was supposed to be an Initiate but he was a peasant following The White Rabbit so you want to be you Want to continue to be a peasant and Follow that White Rabbit are you ready To face your fears are you ready to face Your Shadow Self are you ready to face Yourself

It’s what’s it going to be victim or Victor Exactly and that’s that’s very very Important to know this because you know I get so many people oh nasaro’s coming Oh q a non’s going to help us and Whatever You didn’t come here to sit on your Hands to wait for someone else to do it For you to do your push-ups for you You’re the god you’re the goddess Exactly it has to be you you are the Neo You are the one that has to go forth Into the shadows and face them Correct yeah exactly speaking Neo just Like the Matrix I mean real for those Who don’t know yet that is an actual Documentary of how things work at the Moment and how things should be If you can get it Um it’s just understanding and reading Between the lines And basically that that’s It in a nutshell exactly they’re leak Truth out to you Letizia well that’s easier yeah and make It an entertainment book then There’s no plausible deniability because The internet says well we did tell you We didn’t show you yeah [Music] Play Yeah it’s out there That’s truth includes in all the movies

That’s the game they play so yeah this Is why I teach this work with the secure Creditor students to help my students Become more successful With this work and other areas of their Lives if you are wanting to become a Secure creditor or you already are and Phil you’re not getting ahead because You are self-sabi sabotaging yourself Then this Workshop is highly recommended And I tell you you know when I worked With Jaguar he was a magician and he Helped me to utilize the power of my Imagination to make things happen he Knew how to do that and I would still do My ritual work and everything and along With my paperwork and I try to bring That concept to a lot of my students Back in the day when I did have Sovereign Warriors but many people were Not awake to that they were too too far Into the paperwork and chasing after Gene Keating stuff and you know all this All this information chasing you know The White Rabbit down the rabbit hole And they go nowhere they have gotten Nowhere because a lot of this is is done In um Uh in vain it’s done in vain okay They’re not doing it because they’re Really in trouble they’re they’re okay Let’s go ahead and they get themselves Into a lot of trouble Um

Any work that you do it doesn’t matter What work you do okay you could be a Housewife you could be a doctor you Could be a lawyer you could be a Business person this will apply to you You could be a student you can be an Athlete it will apply to you and it will Totally change your life around To be more independent you don’t want to Be relying on these gurus all the time You want to go to a workshop that’s Going to help you give you the tools to Rely on yourself because you are the Magician and you are supposed to have This information but it’s only for the Small few that is that are willing to go That extra mile so this is what sets us Different apart from others that are Teaching transformation work yeah I Would say the actual word we’re looking For is commitment yes you’re committed Yes to changing your life yeah We’re here for you We have answers we have techniques we Have ways I mean We have turned several hundreds of People Into wealthy people yeah they’re giving Their Joy at their best they can right Now yeah Oh yeah very very true and um if you do Want wealth okay if that is what your Goal is you can have it you can have Anything you want

But you have to be in alignment with Your heart you can’t just go chasing After money kind of like what I did with The crypto World crypto’s great but I Was losing my heart and going after the Bunure of it too so you know hey I I’m Just as guilty too we all jump in there And then because of that it creates Disease dis ease disease illness yeah Sickness because you’re off center point Correct so let’s check out the website Uh Raven Machado Temple To show everyone And um It keeps changing for some reason I Don’t know so if anybody knows anything About all people yeah Okay To the right size and all that stuff Before but no one changes again so Enslave your mind okay so I’m gonna go Ahead and um I’m gonna go there myself So I can see Uh okay Okay all right Enslave your mind Don’t be afraid to live your dreams now I like that what I put there Don’t be afraid to live your dreams how Many of you are afraid to live your Dreams how many of you out there are Scared to death to live your dreams So it’s an online event via zoom on October 22nd and 23rd 10 a.m to 4 pm

Eastern Standard Time and yes you’re Going to have breaks you’re gonna have Many breaks we now have 10 seats left to Sign up by October 15th the deadline so What I’m going to go through is First of all are you stuck Afraid to take the next step do you fear Failure Afraid of what others think of you Feeling no matter what you do nothing Seems to work tired of living in a Hamster wheel are you in a dead-end job Living a sabotaged life Do you want to improve our The Law of Attraction isn’t working for you and You’ve done everything you can and You’re like how do I do this Do you want to improve your self-esteem And confidence now to be a magician you Have to have very high self-esteem and a Lot of us magicians can be a little Egotistical sometimes we gotta we gotta Watch that we gotta watch that we fall a Little too high into our high horses and We got we kind of forget sometimes but Um just again there’s got to be a Balance so in order to be that magician You have to have self-confidence and uh Self-esteem the right mindset also the Right mindset of course and knowledge Knowledge gives you the confidence right So increase your wealth increase your Money increase your salary whatever it Is or increase and put yourself in a

Higher position moving up the the Corporate ladder allow lucrative Opportunities to come into your life Even meet your soul mate possibly Release the pass that has held you back Are you ready to make a huge impact on Your life be the best version of Yourself so this is all what we do we Teach this it’s very very powerful And I highly recommend you go ahead you Should you should bring a partner it’s Best that you do bring a partner because A partner online with you in your room Or in your house okay not oh here’s my Partner he’s just showing up on a Different video yeah they got to be in The same room as you because they’re Going to be doing these exercises for You to shift it’s to shift your mind out Of slave mode into the into the hero or Magician mode you start to perceive life Differently Yeah I was just going to say that Yeah I took the words right on your Mouth right yeah exactly To get the full effect obviously um That’s what we do when we do it in Person uh we obviously um Mean rooms in hotels and stuff yeah and When we do the in-person things Um everybody there just Oh that’s the full effect of everything Because that that they’re taking part in All the exercises they’re doing the

Learning they’re enhancing themselves You know so This is why I was in Um from from this kind of uh Workshop A partner is definitely going to be Needed yeah to help you through certain Things and once you’re done once you’re Done with the workshop you’re going to Be changed you’re going to be completely Like different And you’re going to end up utilizing our Tools and you’re going to start right Away you’re going to want to start right Away because you’re so damn freaking Excited about it so that’s this is what We do this is our passion this is what We really love to do is to help people To understand that they didn’t come here To this planet to this plane of Existence to waste their time And and be a victim and be brutally Treated and all of that we have to we Have to help you to realize that it is You doing a lot of this on your own by Yourself because you’re not being given The proper tools to to to create a Better world in your life you’re not Given the proper tools to protect Yourself to if you’re going to connect With an entity of some sort you need the Proper tools for that you know if you Want to create anything visualize Anything or whatever you need the proper Tools for all of that

And the way to how you’re able to um Handle certain situations you know like You know rejecting or being rejected how You feel about being rejected you know If you’re trying to do something or look For a higher job or whatever but Rejection seems to get in the way we Help you with the with that as well I Mean there’s just so many things you Just got to read all through them and I Have a video that that tells you Everything what to do so that was my Button there my silver button Years ago and we traveled all over the World right yeah before the covet hit Yeah we still do yeah well we travel Around Mexico but before that before the The covet hit I mean we were traveling All over the world uh big time but now It’s all lifting in the web yeah getting Ready to go again so yeah that’s the Only slave of your main one that’s uh The up and coming um We’re calling this one the Elegance of Excellence Workshop because It is elegant And it is excellent so you can be a Better version of yourself exactly You’ve done it again are you reading I’m Sorry I’m sorry it’s like just as it Comes in here it’s out of her lips That’s Magic But yeah that one’s in October the 22nd And 23rd but like uh druzy says 15th is

The cutoff date the deadline so Today is the fifth so yeah 10 days 10 More days guys so get on it you know you Want to come to our party come on down We’re going to have a lot of fun and um Yeah it’s going to be online for now Yeah and you get to download everything Yeah if you if you go to Raven Moonshadowtemple.com events uh The syllabus is in there it’ll explain Um what you’re going to learn And All the information that you’re going to Need in there is just on that page so Yes definitely well we’ll put a link in Somewhere Um so you can follow with that all right Guys so much love and light oh before You go oh and we got that one oh oh Secure creditor yeah um those of you who Want to become a secured creditor you Want to be bulletproof right Um we are going to have another event Silver Bullet trust and Ambassador Live Program on zoom in November 2022 this Year and we’re only taking 10 students It will start November 4th to December 3rd it will be online on zoom and you Get to download everything and we will Be I’ll be going through all the Information with you you will have your Packages done for you and everything as Well as your private trust and secure Creditor package and this is for people

That you know if you have um if you have A lean uh lawsuit high taxes Um you know child support or you know Major issues lean judgments Very very heavy stuff heavy debt Situations this is what you want to Check out and be a part of because I Tell you it has worked for me it has Worked for hundreds of my students They’ve had a lot of successes and again At the same time I will say this it is Not 100 guaranteed why because it all Has to do with the person it all has to Do with the mindset not everyone will Succeed if you come at it as a as a Slave you’re not going to get anywhere Trust me that’s why the mindset is so Damn important totally and utterly University There’s our flyer that’s the flyer if You’ve seen it out there already But For this one definitely go to Securecredit.com packages No there’s a packages packages which is Packages but the link says programs yeah So if you go to secure.com and then Click on programs it takes you to that Or if you’re typing it in the URL Securecredit.com packages definitely and I’ll take it for November’s where yeah Yeah exciting I love the holidays I Can’t wait so much love and light guys Have a wonderful week

Take care and looking forward to seeing You in one of our programs bye-bye

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