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Hey everyone this is Dr Joanna Johnston And this is early morning I'm just Waking up really Like my bed head but anyway I wanted to Talk about Bitcoin okay There's a lot of stuff going on Um You know people are like oh Bitcoin Crypto is going to trap you it's just to Trap the people You need to check out this video Underneath guys about Guatemala People in Guatemala and in these Freaking poor countries really poor Countries they're not getting paid Hardly anything and when they use their Visa cards the merchants when they use Their Visa cards they're getting they're Getting fined up to like eight to ten Percent per transaction guys So finally there's a guy there Um he's promoting Bitcoin Lake I think It's Lake attitla and He's getting people to wake up to Bitcoin and to transact with Bitcoin and That whole place that whole area in Bitcoin Lake in Guatemala people are Transacting with Bitcoin and hardly Paying any fees they don't they're no Longer using cash they're no longer Using visas none of that crop they're Bypassing anything to do with the banks And the government and they are freaking Transacting with Bitcoin Bitcoin nobody

Owns Bitcoin the government doesn't own Bitcoin CIA doesn't own Bitcoin and I Have to say I mean many of us for a long Time have thought about it like who the Hell owns Bitcoin is The Safaris is this A trap but it is not a freaking truck Guys look at your Banks look at your Governments right now You know pretty soon they're going to Take all your money and they're going And I know because I I have a student of Mine whose brother has about three Hundred thousand dollars in his bank Account and he cannot pull money out They will not they said oh because we're Going to be changing over to cbdc it's Total freaking guys You know this is your country doing this To you I mean I know last time I heard Is robbers people that rob your your Bank accounts they go to jail for years Why aren't the FED of these freaking Banks going to prison right So really folks you have something right In front of your face that you can live In the new economy and you can live a Very very wealthy life I also I'm gonna Plug in the video from Carl the moon He's my favorite he's my favorite crypto Trader that kid He's as young as one of my kids okay He's a billionaire three years ago he Was working at a freaking grocery store And his mind his vision was to be a

Freaking millionaire one day right and Uh he got into crypto trading and the Kid is a freaking billionaire living in Dubai tax-free Living on crypto do you think he gives Any a about the banks out there the Cbdc and all this oh my God they're Going to freeze your money oh my god Look what the government's doing to you And they're taxing you and they're Stealing money from you do you think he Gives two flying F's what's going on in The world right now he really you know I Mean he cares about the world but do you Think he gives a the guy look at How he lives his life he lives You live so freaking luxuriously going Shopping in beautiful freaking expensive Malls I mean sure Granite yes it ain't All about the material world but you Know I'm all more about culture and all That stuff that's why I live next to the Yucatan pyramids right But why not I mean we should be abundant We should be living an abundant life we Shouldn't have to be scraping and Scrapping and struggling and living in Poverty to to live for the freaking rich We should be rich and we should all be Wealthy and this is what Bitcoin gives Back to the people and that's why the President bukeli naive bouquelli decided To use Bitcoin as legal tender and using The volcano to mine Bitcoins it's a no

Freaking brainer And of course I hear from other people Oh you know it's it's uh infested with CIA and bitcoin's just a test run and All this other but look at them The people that and complain and Moan about Bitcoin being a trap are are Freaking broke asses that are broke They're complaining about their lives They're they're bitching and moaning Okay And you know and here I am you know I've Been teaching about the secured creditor Thing for many years To protect yourself sure to operate on The private side but also invest in Bitcoin you know and that's another Thing I see a lot of these sovereigns That all they care about is just waiting To tap into their birth certificate Bond Okay and and putting more emphasis in in The credit in the credit in uh in the United States you know oh I want to tap Into my TDA account I want to tap into My money and on the birth certificate It's like you know what if you're so Sick and tired of the of the Establishment okay And you have but yeah you have the sense Of entitlement oh the birth certificate Is mine and I should you know do you Think the people in Guatemala give a They're they're creating a new economy

They're using Bitcoin they're saying Fu Government to hell with you guys we're Moving in our own Direction whether you Like it or not and Bitcoin cannot be Freaking banned that's the mindset you Guys need to have right now okay I mean you're chasing after the white Rabbit For nothing and yet you're frying you're Boiling in a freaking pot You're boiling a freaking pot like a Frog and pretty soon China and Russia is Going to be bombing the out of your Country did you know that while you're Trying to grab your your freak follow The White Rabbit down I mean come on Get on the Bitcoin wagon start freaking Investing in Bitcoin and ethereum and Other you know other cryptos but you Know a lot of them could be very risky But Bitcoin has held its reputation for Over 10 years now you know not being so Risky yes it goes up and down but you Know a lot of these other countries like You know um El Salvador Because bitcoin's legal tender goes up And down but they don't realize it Doesn't it doesn't phase them because They're not they're not comparing it to The dollar okay or comparing it to other Currencies they're just riding the wave As they go along and then and then Whatever whatever is on sale it's it's In alignment with what Bitcoin is that

Day I mean it's freaking awesome I mean Look at these freaking countries these Poor countries I mean before you know it United States is going to be a third World country folks I mean Saudi Arabia Just pulled out of using the dollar as a Reserve currency they're pulling out and They're going to be jumping on the Yuan Okay the China Yuan I mean I I don't Agree to that sure whatever I mean it's Whatever they want to do Personally they need to be jumping on The Bitcoin wagon really because there's No control no control over the people That's my my take on on bitcoin I've Been investing in Bitcoin since 2016. You know I had one Bitcoin And that Bitcoin went from 900 to 6 000 We took a trip to freaking Egypt we took A trip to Hong Kong we were out tripping Around for two months in Europe and we Were already doing that before Bitcoin Went went crazy and then I decided you Know after the winter in 2020 21 I Started investing back into Bitcoin and I'm really grateful I did because I've Been investing in a lot of other coins Our our lives are very well off compared To most you know I well especially Because the work I do and then also the Investments that I've been making Instead of putting it into to cash Putting it into to Dollars that's just Gonna be worth nothing pretty soon in

The next couple weeks you know so you Have an opportunity you got Bitcoin ATMs All over the United States folks you Know you're asking oh how do I invest in Bitcoin what site do I go on you don't Have to go on a site you just go check Out Google it and find your Bitcoin ATM Around the corner start investing in Bitcoin you have that opportunity Community right now and then just keep Watching your Bitcoin go up I mean Eventually it'll go up and down up and Down we're moving into the bull market From this year to next year you're going To be in the bull market And that thing's going to fly really High you're going to make a lot of money You're not going to make on your Your stupid dollars Awesome it's a good idea they freeze Your accounts maybe it's a good idea Maybe you'll finally wake the up to What's really happening around you Instead of relying on on the government You see I mean it's time to wake up and It's time to move the hell out of the United States so I think get the hell Out of there go to other countries that Are actually you know they have a Movement going on Dubai is a really Awesome country if you can afford it Guatemala now is becoming an awesome Country El Salvador I mean in Mexico to Me Mexico is one of the best countries

In the world they're the only country in The world that never asked for PCR tests To come and visit Mexico compared to all The other countries so that's why I'm Sticking here in Mexico and I'm Mexican-American as well thanks to my Father okay so I just wanted to put that Out there for you guys I mean you're Living in fear you're listening to all The broke asses to tell you not to Invest in Bitcoin but look at where They're at are you going to listen to Somebody who's barely making it in life They're working a nine-to-five freaking Job you know a barely freaking making it They're going to tell tell you not to Invest in Bitcoin are you freaking Serious you know and listen to the People that are making happen in Life listen to the people that have big Freaking houses like us that live in the Freaking Yucatan in the Caribbean that Are making that they're they're out Living outside the box that's who you Need to listen to not people that are Broke asses Gold and silver guys only gold and Silver well who the hell gave gold value In the first place it was the freaking Romans So you're going to follow what the Romans do come on They seized your gold Don't do you not remember that HDR 192 Back in the 1930s They seized everyone's

Gold and silver and told them to that They would find them thousands of Dollars if they don't give up their gold Of silver the gold and silver is Registered with a freaking government Guys Bitcoin is not registered with anybody And you can move millions of dollars of Bitcoin borderless it's ass it's tax Free it's the only asset class that's Tax free you can move borderless and it Cannot be seized as long as it's not on These stupid exchanges keep your Freaking Bitcoins off the exchanges and Put them on a treasure wallet okay a Cold storage wallet off the internet off The computer and put it in an EMF bag EMF bag if anything happens electricity The Sun starts to explode or whatever Put it in an EMF bag I got my treasure Wallet in an EMF bag and I got my Bitcoins in the EMF bag I only got some Coins on the exchange but I don't have a Shitload and if you are to keep it on an Exchange the best places to do to put it In is um like by bit Bybit.com buy bit and all the big time Traders are using a buy bit And there is no kyc and Exodus Exodus Has no kyc Um I really love accident Exodus It's an anonymous wallet so I mean you Just have to be very smart with it and a Lot of people are complaining oh my God

I left my my money on Celsius and block Fine they took my money and they froze And it all has to do with um you know Buying into the of uh you know That that they'll keep your coins and You and they'll give you credit and I Mean sure I I was with nexo nexo is a Great company still by the way I never Never had an issue with nexo they never Kept my money for me or never and They're actually been very very good but Still you know it's still very sketchy It's just best to have your own coins You know if it's not your keys it's not Your coins you know what I mean start to Start to do some real serious research And those of you who want to become Secure creditors you want to protect Yourself your assets and all that stuff If you haven't figured out to just get The frick out of the country yet if you Haven't figured it out already you want To be a secure you want to try to fight The good fight and whatever the hell you Got to do Um that's why I'm asking for Bitcoin Because it is a new freaking economy What's the point of carrying uh Carrying cbdc money well you can't carry That because they they won't allow you To and that's where the United States is Going to be moving towards cbdc money Guys you have more freedom with Bitcoin Than you ever was cbdc or the

Yuan okay So I asked for Bitcoin Um I mean sure we still ask for Fiat for Our services is fine but we prefer Bitcoin because it is an asset class We're no longer wanting to invest in the United States we don't want to invest in The banking system we don't want nothing To do with it what's the freaking point Of that why bother why bother the more You keep focusing on that and hoping and Praying I mean what the hell it's the Wrong direction to be going guys and the Sovereigns I'll tell you they they don't Even know what the hell is going on Those people most of the Sovereign People oh my gosh you know what I mean They want to keep fighting and saying I Want my birth I want my money for my Birth certificate and all those cries Like come on guys get out of the Prehistoric movement and get on with the The the new technology the brand new Movement of Consciousness and Technology Of real stuff going on right now get Away from the dinosaur uh banking system Because that's why the banking systems Are collapsing people figured it out People stopped using their money and They started investing in Bitcoin and Said to hell with you all we're done We're done that's why they're falling Apart but they want you to freak out so Bad they want you to believe that they

Have all the control and they don't guys They don't look what happened look what Has happened around you with the whole Covet thing people dying and falling Apart and they're being and they're Being in and being enforced to take a Kool-Aid drink you know what I mean Being forced to do that and you better Do this or you can't go to work and you Can I mean you know what enough is Enough folks Let It Go and tell them to Go themselves and get on the Bitcoin wagon all right I'm Dr Joanna Johnston check out secured creditor.com Become a secure creditor and be a Freaking crypto Trader take care bye

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