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Hey everyone how are you doing this is Joanna how are you guys yeah we are out And about and we are traveling today Very exciting and it’s nice because the Weather looks so cloudy i love it i love It when it’s cloudy you know what that Means The sun’s not in your way it’s not so Super hot like it’s been so The weather’s cooling down a lot September it’s absolutely gorgeous Weather but i wanted to tell you Something interesting The white house put something out just Recently and wanted to share this with You about crypto Just in White house digital assets pose Meaningful risks while a u.s central Bank digital currency cbdc has the Potential to offer significant benefits Well of course they’re going to say Something like that right and yes it is True i mean i i do agree To an extent that yes it will be A lot safer because it will be regulated And anyone who tries to do anything Funky you know they can get into a lot Of trouble but the only issue with that Is you don’t it strips you away from Your freedom okay because with crypto i Mean you can actually use the crypto you Can actually Buy

Buy at a certain price you can trade and Make a lot of money make a killing right And it’s not regulated depending on Where you’re at But the cdc it’s it’s um however you say It They are very This is the beginning as i mentioned to Everybody out there That They are going to create their own Digital currency this has been in the Works for some time but they had to Start with a coveted pandemic right the Kobe pandemic had to start for a reason They get they had to get a lot of people Jabbed up You know And now they’re They are ready to be hooked up to their Digital system And with that there’s no freedom that’s Like an orwellian nightmare for for a Lot of people So this is why it’s so important to Become a secured creditor to protect Yourself From from a lot of the stuff that’s Coming and this is you know like i said I mean this is this has happened before Many years ago back in the 30s when they Did away with um Gold and silver at the time In exchange for federal reserve notes

Which are the fiat notes that you hold In your hands they are iou notes which Pretty much They are ilu notes and They’re not really backed up by anything Not backed up by gold or by silver okay It’s only backed up by labor Labor of the human being So you can never really get ahead right Well Think about it it’s going to be worse With this digital currency stuff Happening so As i mentioned get prepared for things Happening but i do wanted to mention Quickly i wanted to put that out there Luna Luna classic is kicking butt guys um you Know first of all you know we had a huge Pump that went all the way up to triple Three six okay uh triple three zero Sorry triple three zero six And um and then all of a sudden it just Came it started falling down it started Consolidating then there was a news About do kwan who was the The founder of Luna classic That he that there was an arrest warrant For him But he’s in singapore right now and the Arrest warrant is from korea so right Away it brought the price way down and Then now we’re seeing that the price is

Going back up again thanks to The announcements from binance which is One of the most Uh popular Crypto exchanges in the world right now They are going to be burning luna Classic On chain right now and i believe they’re Doing it just to see how it goes On chain for deposits and withdrawals And then from there possibly they may Move on to the off chain but a lot of Other exchanges are already doing it They’re already Volunteering and burning luna classic Tokens as well so It’s very very freaking exciting i’m Happy about it And yeah so good things are happening so If i were you i would you know well According to digital I’m sorry digital that do your own due Diligence Check it out and see how you know what You think Um when you should be investing but we Saw some wells pumping up the the price Uh last night so like what i said Whenever you see the wells pumping it That’s when you jump in when you see the The well selling that’s when you jump Out right so i just wanted to mention That guys anyway I wanted to give you an update about the

Securecreditor.com [Music] That yes we’re still offering the Packages we’re also taking payment plans For that for the secure creditor Packages and for the trust package as Well so you can go to securecreditor.com For that information and yes we’re Moving forward with our transformation Workshop that’s coming up in october And that you can find that in Ravenmanshadowtemple.com forward slash Events alrighty so i just wanted to give You that update really fast and uh Things seem to be moving forward i’m Really happy about that take care guys

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