What is Spiritual Alchemy? How it can transform your life

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Why are you feeling stuck? Feel as though you cant get ahead in life? Do you feel powerless to change your life for the better? What if I told you that there is a powerful way to liberate yourself from the constant trappings of the ego. I include a powerful meditation to connect with your soul centered self to feel peaceful complete. This is how we feel when we meditate. I explain what Spiritual Alchemy is, how to liberate our souls from the egocentric self to be better versions of ourselves. This is the work we are doing in October 22nd and 23rd

The best radio station in the world in The world is right here right now Everyone it’s Dr Ralph drama Johnston And I decided to start a little early I Know it’s 9 45 uh Central Standard Time Here I was supposed to start at 10 30. On a Saturday October 1st But you know Um I just couldn’t wait I just couldn’t Wait any longer I wanted to talk about Something very important and this is Involving the transformation work that We’re going to be doing on October 22nd And 23rd so I’m going to get into it Of the the foundation and the basis of What it is that we’re doing And it is about spiritual Alchemy okay And I’m going to read this article which Really explains it beautifully About spiritual Alchemy So bear with me here okay spiritual Alchemy seven mystical stages By Mateo September 29 2022. For centuries Alchemy has become Synonymous with gaining wealth and Immortality But this perception of alchemy is Largely misguided it stems from the Confusing the metaphors of original Alchemy with reality Alchemy as a result became a Pseudoscience of transforming lead into Gold

These days Alchemy is thought of as Something quaint even a little occult a Relic of the Dark Ages But there’s tremendous wisdom to be Found within this obscure archaic Philosophy Contrary to popular belief Alchemy is Not about transmuting base Metals into Gold instead it’s the secret of Science Of Illumination inner Liberation and Awakening to your true nature So what is spiritual Alchemy Whether you understand Alchemy as a Science or as a type of spiritual Psychology Alchemy is ultimately concerned with Transformation and change While physical Alchemy is concerned with Altering and transforming the properties Within matter Spiritual Alchemy is concerned with Freeing your spiritual self Which is obscured Within You by the Unrefined parts of your ego your fears Your personal beliefs your self-loathing When it comes to physical Alchemy versus Spiritual Alchemy spiritual Alchemy is Vastly more multifaceted Perhaps the most fascinating aspect of Spiritual Alchemy is its objective to Free you from your core wounds Core beliefs Soul loss and other Self-destructive personality structures In order for you to live freely and

Joyfully Existing in pure being spiritual Oneness Or soul-centered awareness is the Ultimate state of transformation The gold of spiritual Alchemy This is a process that attempts to Restructure your personality and the Various levels of attachment avoidance An identification that you possess These days we can think famous 20th Century psychiatrist CG Jung for the Deepening interest in alchemy in fact Much of this theory is heavily steeped In the rich symbolism of alchemy Creating a colorful and sophisticated Road map by which we can learn to get Ourselves out of our own way Stop being our own enemies and allow our Fullest potential to unfold Jung symbolism and the science of Transformation As mentioned above renowned Swiss Psychiatrist Carl Jung is commonly Recognized as the main Advocate and Promoter of alchemy He pointed out that he would notice many Of the symbols found in alchemy texts Mysteriously showing up in the dreams of His patients most of whom had no prior Knowledge of alchemy Jung also concluded that Alchemy was a Superb way of expressing the universal Symbols of life And was therefore a highly effective

Tool for psychological insight Alchemy was performed for me the great And invaluable service of providing Material in which my experience could Find sufficient room and thereby made it Possible for me to describe the Invituation process at least in its Essential aspects Three powerful alchemical symbols Materia Prima the Philosopher’s Stone And gold are the three most powerful and Commonly known symbols relating to Alchemy Materia Prima or first matter is an Alchemic symbol that reflects the notion That all the universe originated from A Primitive formless base The idea of Materia Prima can be traced Back to Aristotle who understood that There’s a force that holds all other Forms in existence together but is Itself invisible These days we refer to it as spirit Materia Prima as the invisible womb or Unseen force is a field of pure Potential that can only come into Existence when it is embodied within a Form In Alchemy The materium Prima or Primal material is That which is left over after we have Reduced matter into purist essence This process is a powerful psychological Symbol because it describes the internal

Experience of arriving at a core Realization or in other words becoming Aware of the root cause of a belief or Trauma within us By working with a Materia Prima or Prima Of our inner selves we can go on a Journey to find the Philosopher’s Stone Spiritual liberation Which transforms any of our base Qualities selfishness arrogance vanity Into gold Kindness tolerance humility We’ll explore these symbols more in the Next section Why learn about spiritual Alchemy What’s the point of learning about Spiritual Alchemy you might be wondering My answer is that in life we all need Maps that can help us Orient to our Environment In terms of the inner landscape and the Journey of Spiritual Awakening Alchemy Is one of the oldest practices of Metaphors out there As such we can use the various stages And symbols of alchemy to better Understand where we are And where we’re going on a path that can Otherwise feel quite disorienting and Confusing The seven stages of spiritual Alchemy The Latin Expressions Is derived from Solvay meaning to break Down and separate while coagula

Describes the process of bringing Elements back together coagulating into A new higher form Interestingly solve it quagla is a Brilliant psychological metaphor by Pursuing gold or listening to our Intuitive hired calling we break down Limiting Parts within us that are in the Way of our transformation Hence the Philosopher’s Stone into a Free and whole being coagulation This journey of death rebirth and Transformation has often been summarized Into the four levels of alchemy One negrito or blackening symbolic of The death of old ways of being Two Albedo or whitening symbolic of the Process of rebirth and soul Consciousness Citronitus or yellowing symbolic of the Development of spirit consciousness Rubidoux or retinine symbolic of Attaining of spiritual liberation Calcination Calcination is the process of heating And decomposing raw matter or in other Words breaking down parts of ourselves That are in the way of our own happiness Often we’d rather be right or fulfill an Idea of perfection than be truly happy So we continue neglecting the Exploration of ourselves Calcination represents a stage in our Lives where we begin breaking down our

Egos and the self-doubt stubbornness Self-sabotaging Behavior pride and Arrogance that they possess putting them Aside so we can find out what’s Underneath Disillusion Once we’ve broken down all of our Personality characteristics that were in The way of our Evolution we’re left with A process of dissolution which is the Beginning of feeling less identification With our illusionary sense of self Once you’re free from our the strong Grip of the egocentric self we can take One step back and truly observe our Positive and negative qualities In this stage your inability to take Responsibility for our own faults are Repressed traumas and other inner Tensions rise to the surface causing us To become aware of how our Behavior Might be affecting others Often the stage of transformation is Brought about by sudden illnesses Mental Health crisis or misfortunes in our Lives that cause us to closely pay Attention to what we’re doing shocking Us out of our avoidance patterns such as Work workaholism addictions to certain Relationships drugs and unhealthy habits Which is pretty much what I’ve been Going through myself Lots of getting hit and smacked all over The place by illness

Um yeah it’s a big wake-up call Separation separation is a stage where We make our thoughts and emotions more Defined by practicing introspection Self-awareness and self-analysis a Simple example of this process is Understanding the difference between our Anger and our grief or the conflicting Desire to isolate ourselves But also connect with other people The process of Separation involves truly Becoming aware of our authentic feelings Towards others and ourselves In this stage we choose to experience Our anger frustration or disappointment Towards another or ourselves rather than Reverting back to the old habit of Dutifully trying to forgive and forget Because it is the right or comfortable Thing to do or on the other hand to React and hold a grudge Separation is closely entwined with Shadow work in that we must allow all Feelings and thoughts within us to Surface side by side and become aware of Our dark side This practice helps us to isolate Particular elements of our character to Honestly see and assess them then to Eventually consciously Embrace and Transform them Conjunction After the purification and clarification Of the first three stages we must

Integrate and combine the remaining Elements within us through the process Of conjunction While in the previous step we learned to Distinguish all of the feelings and Thoughts within us conjunction provides The Inner Space the simmering that is Required for us to truly and honestly Accept all the parts of our authentic Self When we experience a stage of spiritual Alchemy many of our long-forgotten or Suppressed and conscious thoughts and Feelings bubble up to the surface and Into the light of conscious awareness In this stage journaling introspection Solitude and meditation are particularly Useful practices to facilitate movement Towards the next stage which is Fermentation Fermentation is the beginning of our Process of rebirth this stage can be Compared to the death of a grape which Then becomes the birth of wine while the First four stages involved working with Aspects of our old personality in the Stage of fermentation we begin to Experience moments of our more refined Self Fermentation occurs in two parts Petrification and spiritization Putrification is a decomposition of our Former selves the process of inner death By which the old elements of our

Consciousness and unconscious minds are Allowed to rot and decompose some call The stage The Dark Night of the Soul as It can be followed by Troublesome mental States such as depression On the other hand spiritization is a Stage in which we begin to look at the World in a new light with the right Guidance and with a solid inner work Spiritization involves letting go of all The aspects of ourselves in our lives That don’t serve or contribute to our Spiritual transformation this is when we Taste moments of great inner peace and Stillness Distillation Once we begin our spiritization we must Find a way to continue to integrate all Of these spiritual realizations into our Lives in order to allow them to become Permanent distillation is a level of Further purification One example of distillation is finding Ways to live from a daily place of inner Peace even in the most mundane Circumstances with enough repeated Practice of constantly dying and being Reborn in the present moment without Entering again into the habits Identifications and cycles of the mind We experience a strong and profound Inner transformation in the East this is What’s referred to as self-realization Or spiritual enlightenment

Search in practices such as mindfulness Meditation yoga and self-inquiry are Useful in the stage of facilitate Movement towards the next stage Coagulation similar to the blood’s Ability to form clots and stop bleeding Coagulation is a moment when we’ve Broken open the head or in other words We have become free from the mind and Our Consciousness or Soul unites with The Materia Prima the spirit It’s at this point that we found the Eclipsor of life also known in alchemy As the Philosopher’s Stone this Non-to-elastic meeting Point between two opposites the Spiritual self and the human self ego And soul inner and outer worlds Represents the culmination of the Spiritual journey the holy moment of the Spiritual Freedom or enlightenment So alchemy’s at greatest achievement is To mirror the inner relationship between Mind and matter ego and soul self and World it embodies and points to the Union of opposites the Transcendence of Division and the Oneness of all beings I hope this article has helped to Explain this mysterious topic more in Depth provide you with an alchemical Roadmap to understand your spiritual Progress and eliminate your Understanding So I decided to read this article

Because it’s really interesting let me Tell you something very funny that Happened I decided to read this article On personal Alchemy so that way My listeners could have a better better Understanding of the of the Transformation work that we’re going to Be doing on October 22nd and 23rd And It really sang to me and the funny thing Was the moment I started posting it Um the you know the podcast to follow me On this podcast Uh picture pops right up out of nowhere I kid you not Um right on my Facebook feed And I’m gonna go ahead and read it Because I thought it was really crazy it Was just so uncanny how it all worked Out And it says She’s an alchemist she turns pain into Magic I kid you not so that is what I’m trying To tell you guys it is fascinating This work and What’s very important that’s why a lot Of people they move into learning about The occult science Spirituality and even Magic Uh such as the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn they’re very heavy into Personal Alchemy and transformation by Utilizing the power of symbols

Such as uh Hebrew alphabets because the Hebrew alphabet has very powerful Meaning behind it very magical meaning Behind it That has been used for for centuries And certain symbols like astrological Symbols planetary symbols sigils colors Um a lot of these symbolic Things that we they we would utilize in The temple To trigger And activate the subconscious mind And by utilizing magic to do so to Create an alchemical change within our Minds and in our bodies So with the transformation work which is Called the Elegance of Excellence okay Now this is not about You know the The commercialism about being just Wealthy and being a millionaire and all Of that okay the Elegance of Excellence Is all about being the Excellence of Yourself the better version of yourself The moment you’re able to it’s like Polishing a diamond okay the diamond is Is hidden in a rock and The Rock inside And outside is the ego And in order to be that Better version of yourself one has to Polish that diamond until you see the Beautiful multi-faceted faucets of this Diamond sparkling and Shining to the World

That is your inner self that is your Soul that is your Divine being Of who you truly are To shine and follow that follow that Beingness Which it which relieves you of having to Try to conform into something or be Something or try to gain approval by Somebody You start to realize that none of that Matters Because once you’re able to polish that Diamond And the diamond is you your soul your Heart Nothing can you become Unstoppable Nothing can stop you So will this work it’s very powerful Work And no we’re not going to be doing Magical rituals Nothing like that but we will be doing Very powerful exercises to trigger to Trigger your your um Your perception to shift your perception In a way where you start to see the World in a different way and Your subconscious mind is activated And by using these really powerful Exercises now a lot of this information That we’re going to be sharing is from Jack Canfield with success principles But it’s not just only through him It’s from our from the metaphysical

Teachers Ancient knowledge ancient wisdom this is Where they get this information from This is not something they made up you Know this is something that came from The Magicians the Alchemists To teach to teach them to transform Themselves By releasing guilt releasing negativity Releasing depression releasing Negative self-talk and sabotage and Addictions and bad habits in order to go After your goals And there’s certain strategies of doing It That is absolutely mind-blowing and You’re going to actually see the effects Very quickly When applied So let me go ahead also and I want to Read About magic And because that’s what magic really is It is alchemy Magic is a spiritual science it is a Specialized system of discipline which Has a spiritual rather than material Goal This is a personal science that is based Upon the fundamental knowledge of the True human being which Lies Beneath the Illusion of the outer secular human Ceremonial magic incorporates a process Of memorization and ritual which results

In the direct stimulation of the will And the exaltation of the imagination The final objective of all this is Purification of the lower personality Which is the ego and the realization of An elevated State of Consciousness Wherein The Magician’s ego enters into a Union with his or her own higher self And ultimately with a divine Every action idea and utterance in any Ceremony is designed to bring about the Final conclusion Each and every detail of the ritual Itself including banishings Circumulations Circumambulations evocations and Invocations serves to remind the Operator of the single goal Every impression by means of a hermetic And kabbalistic system of associated Ideas is made the beginning of a Sequence of related thoughts which Culminate in the ultimate aim of the Ceremony When emblem after emblem has in has Infiltrated the mind which are the Symbols okay symbols a color you the Words maybe the music or the incense or The sense has infiltrated the mind of The magician which is the consciousness Of the magician And the ritual act has stimulated his or Her emotions to a fever pitch then the Absolute moment of spiritual ecstasy is

Attained a clear and open channel is Created between the mind and the Soul Concluding in an increased concentration Of magical abilities and the exaltation Of true and divine nature of the Magician To accomplish these lofty goals and Tradition of the Golden Dawn Memorization of certain materials known Collectively as knowledge lectures is Very important the Hermetic art is a True science and would-be magicians must Commit the rudimentary knowledge of the System to memory just as if he were a Student entering a school of medicine or Engineering Physicians and Engineers require years Of training to achieve their career Goals this training naturally includes Much memorization of materials that are Important to the specific trade Training and study are no less Imperative for the magician who seeks to Journey between the astral Realms and Explore the inner workings of the human Mind Magic is real it is not something that Should be toyed with by dabblers who Know next to nothing about the subject But assume that it would be fun to make Something happen Surgeons who practice medicine without a License often end up in jail superficial Occultists who occasionally managed to

Open psychic doors without knowing what To do next sometimes end up in Mental Hospitals This is what makes The Golden Dawn curriculum as I Mentioned because I was part of the Golden Dawn for many years Which is a magical order Golden Dawn’s curriculum of study so Important is so important to any student Of Western magical tradition Memorization of a large amount of Information is required this material is Fundamental to building a solid Foundation of knowledge that will Steadily become second nature to the Magician enabling him and her to Perceive more clearly the astral Influences that permeate the physical World influences which the average Person cannot perceive the conscious Commitment to learn the symbolic magical Alphabet of the unconscious mind results In the cultivation of psychic reflexes Which Aid the magician and make all Ceremonial work flow more smoothly but More importantly Than this the memorization of magical Data changes the very structure of the Psyche which is gradually infiltrated by Holy symbols that speak on a Subconscious level to the Divine being In each of us the mind of the magician Is steadily purified by this process as

Increasing percentage of mundane Thoughts are some planted are Transformed by spiritual thoughts So what I was reading to is about magic And the power of magic When you utilize ritual work You get the conscious mind so busy Why it because the conscious mind is the Monkey mind okay that is that’s the ego And you have to get that ego monkey mind Busy focusing on something else getting Excited about something else because It’s easily distracted okay while the Subconscious mind is able to suck in all The magic all the symbols all the Intentions of what it is that you’re Trying to create in your reality Which is a form of goal setting okay It’s a form of goal setting so this is Alchemy In its purest form Being able to transmute Your beliefs your habits Into something higher Something more connected to your true Self your higher self And so with this work that we’re going To be doing in October 22nd and 23rd it Is so powerful It and this is basically the Introduction we we call it the Introduction to magic I mean we don’t You know we don’t come out and say oh This is Magic you know what I mean not

To everybody because it does tend to Freak people out they don’t understand What magic is they think oh it’s just a Cultic it’s evil it’s you know but you Don’t realize that many of you don’t Realize that you practice magic every Single day you just don’t know it and You do it on autopilot First of all you watch TV And you go into hypnosis right away and You move into Alpha okay and then when You do that your subconscious mind Starts to become more receptive to all Of the symbols all of the words all of All of the things that are coming out of The media coming out of the the TV Screen or coming out of even YouTube Certain Um YouTube shows okay that that deals With prop with major mind manipulation And when that happens it totally Scrambles your mind And you start to think from that Perspective you start to become that Perspective because according to the Science of getting rich by Wallace D Wattles whatever you focus on your mind Becomes your mind becomes that because Truly you are consciousness Your Consciousness when you leave this Body and I will tell you my experience That just happened yesterday actually Um I went through a Quantum healing Hypnosis experience another one I’ve

Gone through several I’m also Quantum Healing hypnotherapist myself but I go To a really awesome lady who who does it For me and What we do is we go through the past Lives okay we go through past lives we Explain about our past lives and then After that we move into the deaf Aspect we move into the deaf stage And each time I moved into the dust into The death stage it became easier and Easier for me compared to all the other Times I went under And I feel it’s because I’ve been Meditating a lot I’ve been going into a Lot of doing a lot of meditative work Inner work And it also affected my experience with Quantum healing hypnosis so what Happened in the death experience she was Asking me okay what do you see on the Other side do you see anybody is anybody Talking to you are there any beings out There talking to you and I said no I said I’m consciousness I just am And and it felt so amazing and what I Could feel the most amazing feeling It was just I I was just Me Or I was all I was one with everything And it was the feeling of Oneness and Feeling like you’re a cloud you have no Body you are just consciousness

And he felt so free So liberated Just to be Just to be in the moment in the present Moment That is what you are You are Consciousness but when we come Into this 3D Matrix reality okay we get Lost we get lost and we forget Very easily and we move into the ego And with the ego the ego deals with a Lot of fear it deals with domination it Deals with you know low self-esteem or Maybe a little too high self-esteem it Does a lot lots of fear negativity and You become this lower self a lower self And with that you’re not able to Manifest the things that you want you Want to because you’re no longer in the Beingness you’re no longer in the center In the the moment in the present moment Of of being yourself And I want to talk about also with magic It’s not about in the law of attraction Excuse me It’s not about attracting Attraction They say oh you have to you know attract Something or manifest something into Your world It’s really not attraction and Manifestation because when you talk in That way you are coming into a situ you Are putting yourself in a position where

You you are the ego trying hard to bring Something to you What if I told you that it’s not the ego It’s not attraction either it’s just the Moment you are in the present moment of Being in the state of beingness You rise into that frequency of the Thing or that parallel reality to the World a reality of you having exactly The thing that you want it’s just Automatic You have to just be it’s just beingness It’s easier than we think And Law of Attraction doesn’t tell you This they think they say oh just yeah Move yourself in a feeling say an Imagination and and you need to attract That and you need to try to draw it Towards you and and there’s no trying Involved there really is no trying when You when you be when you are in the Moment of beingness and that’s why Meditation is so important Utilizing meditation By closing your eyes And moving into that filling State and Let me let me just do a little exercise With you guys right now actually just Close your eyes close your eyes And I want you to imagine That you’re in a beautiful place you’re Surrounded in a beautiful garden You’re in peace Fill it touch it taste of smell it

You’re surrounded by flowers you can Smell it you can hear the birds chirping You feel the wind against your face And you feel so at peace so alive but at Peace You don’t have to do anything Just be Just be And you look into the sky and you see Cloud a big fluffy cloud in the sky Any draw that fluffy Cloud down towards You And it comes down into your feet This big fluffy cloud Now go into this big fluffy cloud and Wrap the cloud around you Like a blanket Just feel good and comfy in this fluffy Cloud And allow this fluffy Cloud to take you Up and up and up and higher and higher Into the sky And feel You’re floating and drifting Drifting and floating Floating and drifting And just feel the essence of being one With a cloud And let go Let go of being your body Let go of being your identity or your Ego or your name That no longer matters we’re letting go Of all of that

And you are one With consciousness You are consciousness And you feel So centered So good Letting go of all things That no longer serve you Letting go Of trying to be right Or trying to make money or make a living Are trying to prove yourself You no longer have to abide by these Roles of the ego Because you just are You are the one You are consciousness You are The Great I Am and you are Oneness You need every time you come back to This feeling state of Oneness Just know That this is your home And you are safe and you are secure You feel warm you feel light Your vibration is rising and Rising Because you feel lighter and lighter and Lifted and happy in one with all things How are you feeling now How’s it experience To be consciousness What a wonderful feeling And now I’m going to be bringing you Back down

And then down further down Back into the garden Where you came from You are now going to Step out of the fluffy cloud As the cloud has gone down to the floor Of the ground And you move remove yourself from the Cloud And you lay down on the ground to ground You let Mother Earth ground you know I’m Gonna Fill one with Mother Earth You are back in your body now And just open your eyes slowly Pay attention to your breath and Breathing To bring you out of that Feeling Of being just consciousness And that is the feeling that is who you Are that is your true essence There is no name There was no body It was just Your essence Who You Are Letting go of the things That have nothing to do with your soul And this is personal transformation this Is personal Alchemy in its finest once You’re able to step in that state of Mind And train yourself to move into that Peaceful space You’re going to find that things will

Come to you naturally and easily Because you are Shining You are shining your diamond self You don’t have to live up to anyone’s Rules or regulations or anything you Know any Anything any Anything that’s outside of you you don’t Have to live up to anything Because you just are but again we got Lost From school And and it started in school maybe from Our parents And we got lost and we lost in a world Of the external environment We got so busy with the external that we Forgot this peace within us this Beautiful space Of Liberation and freedom I hope you enjoyed this session So much love and light and if you’d like To check out our Workshop please go to Ravenmoon shadowtemple.com Forward slash events Raven and shadowtemple.com I’ll be Putting the link inside in the Description and this will be uploaded Onto YouTube and our YouTube channel is Illuminating Minds radio Just look it up illuminating Minds radio You will find us there and I will end I Will upload this video for you all So much love and light and may you live

A peaceful happy abundant existence and I look forward to seeing you At this Workshop coming up and 22nd and 23rd it will be all online six hours Each

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