Wealthy vs Poor Mindset (and Behavior)

If we are honest with ourselves, we all have things we are very positive about and things we have low energy about; sometimes we just ignore those things, even when they are important. In this video we explore a few of the characteristics and behaviors of people who have a wealthy mindset versus those who have a poor mindset. Challenge yourself today – do some self-reflecting and improve your mindset in areas where you struggle.

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When’s the last time you reflected on Your mentality about money and life Let’s talk about it today [Music] What’s up everyone thank you for Stopping by the achieve financial Coaching channel where we believe in Breaking the chains of debt and talking About all things that are related to Personal finance my name is kenny simon I am your personal finance coach and Today i want to quickly get into this Video but i want to talk a little bit About your mentality and your mindset we Hear this word a lot you know in Corporate settings and then just walking Around every day you hear people talking About your mindset about one thing or Another and i don’t know if we really Reflect on it and think about how Powerful our mindsets are so today i Want to get into a video about your Mindset in terms of whether or not you Have a wealth sort of mindset or Mentality or you have a poor or poverty Mindset or set of behaviors so let’s Talk about that today subscribe to the Channel click that like button drop a Comment and share this video with some Friends let’s get started so today let’s Talk a little bit about mindset and kind Of compare a handful of things Just to give you as i like to say some Food for thought couple of definitions i

Want to just start with to level set First and by the way these are my own Personal definitions A wealthy mindset let’s start there or Wealthy mentality This is a mindset and behaviors that Make people believe that the glass is Half full they’re kind of optimists Right people with this mindset are Always looking for healthy ways emphasis On healthy healthy ways to improve their Situation whether it’s a money Relationships career or health Okay next definition is sort of a poor Mentality or poverty mentality again my Personal definition this is a mindset And behaviors that makes a person Believe they will never have enough Money life is always harder for them Than it is for others they will never Get ahead and they also believe that They only live once so they spend Lavishly and foolishly um they have lots Of haters right at least in their heads And that their behavior or their Opinions are always correct i could have Expanded on this definition but Basically it’s a very toxic definition It’s kind of inciduous it just kind of Happens over time and you may not even Notice it and by the way even quote Unquote rich people can have a poor or a Poverty mentality and even people that Don’t have a lot of financial means can

Have a wealthy mentality so let’s get Into this quick comparison okay right Out of the gate you all know i think Money is important but i will tell you Wealthy people with a wealthy mentality Know that money isn’t everything it is Not everything but people with a poor Sort of money mentality or poor Mentality think that money for some Reason solves all problems emphasis on All okay so if you have a wealthy Mentality you always think that you can Make more money there’s just this Attitude of i can always make more money There’s always more money to be made People with a poor mindset always think It’s hard to make money or money is in Very limited supply right again people Who have a wealthy and sort of healthy Mentality about this know that there is An infinite amount of money and there is Always more money to be made sort of That abundance versus scarce scarcity Mindset okay Also people with a wealthy mentality Make their money work for them so they Invest in things that add to their Wealth right people with the poor money Mentality they think that you must trade Your time for money right so they spend Their time trying to earn The poor money mentality people need to Realize that if you are trading time for Dollars you will never get ahead you

Have to invest in things that go up in Value while you are sleeping people with A wealthy money mentality or wealthy Mentality overall they spend a small Percentage of their money and their Wealth on material things so even when They have expensive items like cars or Clothes or big houses it’s still a small Percentages or small percentage relative To what they own and what they have Poor people or people with a poor Mentality on the other hand spend a lot Of their income on things that go down In value they wear their wealth right They drive their wealth Expensive cars shoes clothes and they Look rich on the outside but they’re Really broke and quite frankly it eats Up most if not all of their income doing These things okay next people with a Wealthy mindset believe problems or Challenges are a way of life and they They aren’t overly stressed by having to Solve these issues on a regular basis They just know that this is a part of Life and you’re going to have to deal With something every day or at least Almost every day people with sort of This poor mindset they are overwhelmed By the challenges even like normal daily Challenges and they always look to be Bailed out in one way or another listen The truth is no one owes you anything People have their own situations to deal

With and they can’t continually support Another another person another adult Right and so what you need to do is you Need to get out of this mindset that Where you’re always overwhelmed by the Challenges and quite frankly you should Expect a challenge On some level because that’s just kind Of how life is people with a wealthy Mindset continue to learn from people From books and from situations um and And they just learn in a variety of ways Because they believe you can never have All of the answers in life so they have This sort of open mentality that allows Them to just process information and Learn from other people’s situations to Make themselves and the people that they Care about in their circle better People with the poor mentality they Really think that they know it all i Think they have all the answers and they Can’t be told anything and so they have This sort of closed mindset and they’re Not open to feedback they’re not open to Constructive criticism or any of those Types of things and those people really Have a poor mentality and and they Really either don’t get ahead or they They really stunt their own growth and Progress in life And last Uh the wealthy mentality people surround Themselves with people who can uplift

Them challenge them and make them better Right those are the kind of people they Have sort of in their you know sort of Like their mastermind groups that i like To call it people with a poor mindset Surround themselves with people who are Agreeable sort of these yes men and yes Women someone who is also miserable and Will always agree with their decisions No matter how jacked up they are so Listen if you don’t have a friend who Questions some of your ideas and Decisions you are missing out on a Learning opportunity and a chance to Grow and be better so how can you Improve your mindset so if you lean more Towards the poverty mentality how can You sort of you know index back more Towards sort of this great wealth Mentality that really helps you so i Have about five things i want to share With you really quickly first of all you Need some goals i don’t care if these Goals are financial personal or related To your health if you are just wandering Through life with no focus on anything Life will absolutely beat you All the way down set small goals set big Goals short-term goals and long-term Goals but you need something to sort of Focus you and give you something to sort Of aim for and drive towards next thing Is be patient and have some discipline Good things take time to come to

Fruition so be realistic about that it’s Not going to happen overnight and be Okay with the fact that it will take Some time to reach these goals be Patient and have them discipline if you Fall off the wagon just get back on it It happens Next thing is believe that failure is an Opportunity to learn i read somewhere That your achievements are results of What you learned when you failed and i Truly believe that you are literally Standing on top of all of your failures Anytime you reach a goal and you are Successful The next thing is listen Choose to be positive You know a healthy attitude and Mentality carries us a long way and it’s Actually better for your health there Are studies that show this so whether You want to believe it or not it’s a Choice you make every day it’s not what Happens to us it’s about how we handle It so make the choice to choose to be Positive and the last thing is Realize that you will have to work on Something every day we spend a lot of Time not doing anything that is Productive so surely we can take a Little bit of time to work on some Things that are going to help us get Better so you should be working on Something related to your life your

Wealth or your health every day so That’s it i don’t have very much more to Add in my closing Other than what i shared in those slides That we just went through listen life Throws a lot at us so i invite you to Reflect on your mindset about how you Handle all things in life not just your Money and the things we talk about on This particular channel but what’s your Mindset about a lot of things so i know I personally have a very open and Wealth-oriented mindset when it comes to A lot of things but then there are some Things in my life where i have a very Poor poverty-like mindset and i’ve been Working on those things that’s what Encouraged me to actually do this video Because i know some of you probably have The same thing you’re very open and you Know wealth oriented in terms of your Mindset when it comes to Certain things and then with other Things you’re just very pessimistic About those things so i invite you to Try and slowly Find ways to have a very healthy and Wealth oriented mindset about all things Remember this you can achieve much Greater things than where you are today If you’re willing to put into work Conceive it believe it then achieve it I’ll see you on the next video subscribe To the channel

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