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Hi Welcome everyone this is Illuminating Minds radio this is Dr rev Dorena Johnston How are you doing this Grand Rising yay And I have great news I feel better yay I’m so happy Oh because yesterday and my podcast Um I was talking about how you know I Was going through vertigo for about two Months it was absolutely horrible off And on and it wasn’t just the B12 issue That I had the B12 deficiency I actually Saw the doctor yesterday and he said it Was your also my ear infection I had a Really bad ear infection which requires Antibiotics so after that one shot of Antibiotic today I felt like so much Better So it feels good to come around finally My gosh But I wanted to bring the reason I’m Bringing that up too Is an idea for you guys you know there’s Something I feel that the Universe brought is Having me bring this up to everybody Because we all go through the storms in Life okay we all go through major storms And you know things that let’s say a Major crisis or a Health crisis you know And I think what it is is the fact that The universe is kind of sane and what I Mean by the universe that is your

Universe that’s you your higher you okay Or it could be something outside of you If you believe that or God got us Whatever Is trying to tell you That you know what maybe you’re taking Everything for granted you know you’re Taking your health for granted Um maybe you’re not doing what you Should be doing you’re not on the path That you should be doing you’re not Putting much time energy into into your Passions you know what I mean so Therefore many times we’ll end up with Like a major crisis in our lives And which will actually get us back on The path whenever it’s like a storm what Happens there is a sunshine at the end Of it right at the end of the tunnel or The rainbow there’s sunshine So what I’m it makes you see clearly and That’s the beautiful thing about it so What I’m seeing Um the fact that I’ve been going through Such a challenge I mean such a major Challenge actually Since June really June was a me was the Beginning of a horrible bronchitis and Just a lot of health problems Um it’s helping me to realize a lot of Things that I didn’t realize before Um as far as following my passion Following my joy and doing the things That I really love to do and what I love

To do is doing radio shows I love radio Shows I love doing readings I love to Teach and I love to help those Um to to help others become better Manifesters in their lives and Pretty much teach the way teach the way Of magic you know magic of the mind and Everything like that that has always Been my my dream my desire and it’s just Interesting that when I was really Feeling sick and with vertigo I just had All these Amazing Ideas coming out of me Like oh my God if if I didn’t have Vertigo right now I could be doing this Right now you know if I didn’t if I Didn’t have vertigo I could be doing That right now oh my God I could be Doing this and this and this and it kind Of reminds me I mean some of you who are Traitors stock Traders crypto Traders You know I always see the reality Outside of us okay and whatever happens Outside is actually happening inside of Us right So it’s like kind of like the Bitcoin You know what’s going on with Bitcoin Right now you know how it’s coiling like A snake and it’s just building up all This pressure and momentum like it can Go up or it could go down and it hasn’t Really done much I mean it’s pumped a Little bit but it hasn’t really you know You see some nice green candles that’s Pumping up up to 20 little past 20 000

But it’s not really making that major Pump like boom like shooting like a Volcano upwards right well that’s kind Of like how I feel and I’m sure a lot of You are feeling that way because you Know I I figure that you’re all In alignment with my situation you know Anywhere in the world whether it’s your Health whether it’s a situation with Your work environment your relationship There’s a lot of built pressure okay Built in pressure within us and it’s Like ah I just can’t take this anymore I Have to do this I have to and it’s so Much resistance so much that you’re any Moment you could just blow up you could Blow up to the negative side you know Where you just start to flip and you get Mad and you have all this rage I mean There’s nothing wrong with that it’s Actually a very good thing if you’re Like alone in your room and you have This Mega rage you just gotta let it out Right or You’re feeling like oh my gosh you know I know what I need to do in a positive Way then it’s a different different Thing that’s kind of what I see with Bitcoin same thing you know it could Break to the downside and it can go way Down some people are talking ten Thousand dollars you know twelve Thousand dollars bitcoin’s gonna go to Um and then all of a sudden after that

Then it’s gonna go way the heck up right And it’s it’s everything that happens Outside of us is actually inside of us You know we are the creators of our Reality is what I’m trying to mention to You so a lot of times that when we go Through these Um challenges in our lives There is a reason why And you know you’ve ever experienced Sickness for a long time you know having A tummy ache for a long time or just the Flu for a long time and all of a sudden You’re feeling so much better and you’re Like oh my gosh I feel so good now I can Get on with my life but I can do things That I never thought I could do or I Never even thought about like you become It’s like you become very creative During that time in your mind because Your body is trying to possibly catch up With the frequency of what it is that You truly want in your life you know Like I want this so bad I want this so Bad and your body is going is trying to Catch up with that higher frequency Because it’s carrying on so much garbage Of negative programming negative habits Negative way of doing things you know That is in contrast to to what your Higher purpose is in your life so it’s Like you’ve been dragging around so much Crap in your body and your body shows That through disease disease

And you know how how you’re feeling And that’s why you have to move yourself Into a nice happy filling State because When you’re in a Happy Feeling state Then You know you start to move into a higher Vibration you start to just feel good And and the high vibration is just Feeling good it’s just feeling wonderful You’re feeling Wonderful You Feel Like Anything is Possible you can make Anything happen when you’re in that Higher vibrational frequency state So that’s why we end up having dis-ease Illness because that illness is a is a It’s a contrast in your life And it’s a resistance it’s a mega Resistance because there’s something in Your mind you really really want but Your beliefs are preventing you from Getting it it’s saying no you can’t get That but you know in your higher self Your higher mind that you can get it you Can acquire that but your body is going Through a mega resistance through the Belief systems and all all of the the Bad habits the behaviors everything that Was acquired from you know childhood on Okay so even it’s like you’re trying to Change everything you’re trying to Change your perception when everyone has Told you oh no no no no you know you Need to you need to grasp to reality That’s that’s impossible you know come

On go back to work work your nine to Five job whatever but inside of you in Your heart your heart speaks your heart Knows your heart is your higher self Your intuition Who you truly are as the being that you Truly are which is your god self who you Are okay your spirit your spirit self Knows what it wants but again the belief Systems from the ego is saying oh it’s Impossible you can’t do it you’re a Human being no way that’s only for other People not you right so because of these Um challenges that we go through in life It causes illnesses it causes disease And so that’s why we go through so much Resistance and again you know I always Attribute to the way I speak also with With trading trading crypto trading you Know like when a when Bitcoin wants to Go past the 20 000 mark it keeps hitting The resistance Point constantly resists At 20 19 000 and then it falls down and it keeps Going back to hitting the resistance Point before it can go up and that’s What’s going on within us we are trying So hard to get to our goals And following through with our goals and It we’re resisting ourselves we’re Resisting to get to shoot for for the Stars correct and so therefore whenever We get hit with resistance it’s like a Belief system it’s breaking the belief

System down and saying hey you know what You don’t you gotta want this bad enough To get to this plane you know do you Really want this bad enough do you Really believe in yourself do you Believe in you know that you can achieve This And so there’s there’s a lot of a lot of Things going on that And we start to see that in our outer World you know everything where whether You’re driving down the road and you’re Dealing with traffic and then you’re Constantly fighting and yelling and Bitching or whatever or road rage you Start to see that around you the more That you’re resisting within you you Start to see that outside of you as well So what you can do the beautiful thing About it what you can do there’s there’s Exercises that can really help you to Keep to get you a lot closer to what it Is that you want in your life And it’s the power of imagination the Power of imagination That is your god-consciousness self your Imagination according to Neville Goddard Is consciousness okay it’s God It’s who you truly are The more you imagine and the more you Put yourself into that feeling State you Can achieve anything that you want And but you have to be consistent it Can’t be like a one day thing and then

All of a sudden you put it off for Another week it has to be every single Day And I’m gonna tell you I’m going to Share with you a couple techniques that I learned as well that I actually tried That is going to blow your mind but you Won’t know until you try it And the best time to do it is before you Go to bed at night why because your Subconscious mind is more susceptible It’s more susceptible and that’s when Your conscious mind starts to wind down A bit you know it’s the ego starts to Wind down so when you do these exercises Before you go to bed at night the Subconscious mind takes a hold of that Essence the affirmations the energy The Filling State everything and it puts it Inside you know into and locks it up Into that reality so that way you know When the days go by it’s reprogramming Your mind completely it’s for Programming your conscious mind and Everything So and it’s a lot quicker a lot faster So one of the things that I have done That has been extremely powerful there Was one that I learned This is all Neville Goddard stuff And it was a woman who was talking about How you know she just kept telling Herself over and over again over and Over again

Isn’t it wonderful that something Amazing is happening in my life or Something wonderful or marvelous or Whatever is happening in my life And I was listening to this you know and And I thought to myself you know what I’m gonna try this out you know I’m Gonna try this out myself So I did the same thing I just kept Saying that over and over again until I Went to sleep Isn’t it wonderful that something Amazing or marvelous is happening to me Right now And when you’re saying that you start to It helps you it triggers the feeling State that’s really the most important Part of the whole of the affirmation you Have to trigger that filling Essence Within you So there’s certain ways of doing it Where the filling just starts to you Know move in and you’re engulfed with This amazing feeling of like oh my gosh Having it already and it’s ways to trick Your mind it’s a ways to trick you your Subconscious mind and everything into Believing you have it already so I did This I did this for about a week I kid She not And I did it every night And all of a sudden I invested in a crypto coin which is Called Luna classic someone came into my

Life a friend of ours and I said hey Let’s go have let’s have dinner together So we all went we all went out for Dinner And he’s like you know what you need to You need to invest in Luna classic you Really I mean they’re about to burn and Things are going to be really awesome And this is crypto this is a crypto World right like Bitcoin and I’m like Really Hmm I never really thought about that You know I did invest but Luna crashed And all that stuff and you know kind of Lost faith in that but you know if you Say so I’ll just give it a try why not And I kid you not So I put 300 bucks and that gave me I Think three million uh Luna classics And then I started seeing how big the CR The community I started really Investigating the community and I’m like Oh my God the community is just kicking Butt they’re really loving Luna they’re Very strong so I’m like you know I’m Gonna invest a little more I’m gonna go Ahead and throw down you know a few Grand or a couple grounds something like That And it was right in that moment it went Up so high that I made thousands of Dollars I won’t tell you exactly how Much but I made a really damn good penny Okay I was like holy you know I was

Like are you serious right now I Couldn’t believe it and then Um my other investment is called a Magikroft I invested like last year that Went way up and I made thousands of of Dollars there and I waited and it shrunk So bad that you know my thousands it was Like eight grand at the time went down To 200 bucks was horrible and finally it Went way up again and I took that money Out and I said oh my God I said I made a Good damn penny in September I was I was Doing pretty damn well August September After seeing that every freaking night I Kid you not I was watching um Elmer Locker so I’m Going to give him credit because thanks To him uh Elmer Locker Jr I’ve been Watching him a lot he’s got a lot of Amazing manifestation videos by the way You should check him out Elmer Locker Junior and he’s so positive okay so Positive and I actually did it and it really freaking Worked I kid you not guys it’s the Feeling and what happens is it’s Sometimes we have a hard time just Sitting there and imagining things okay Now we used to be Masters at that when We were kids you know remember at school You know the teacher would be like okay You know teaching us like the most Boring topic ever and all of a sudden Our mind just floats off into like

Imaginary fantasy world I mean we were so freaking good at it Right That we would get lost in that Imagination that’s what I’m talking About that imagination you would just Get lost in another world and then all Of a sudden before you know it you know The bell rings and oh it’s time for Lunch you know what I mean well that is The faculty that we have that is the Power that you and I all of us have at Our disposal guys it’s imagination but a Lot of times we don’t have the time or We have so many distractions you know Preventing us from from Really taking the time within ourself to Have that imagination no because we got Technology all the time we got our IPhones or you know your Android phone You got TV you got this always vying for Your attention that you don’t have time To imagine when imagination is the key To living a successful life it really is Guys it really is So That is one technique that I would Highly recommend in doing tonight please Try it out and tell me what you think You know there’s many ways of doing it You know um even Abraham Hicks there’s One teaching like wouldn’t it be nice if I had that Wouldn’t it be nice if I had five

Hundred thousand dollars wouldn’t it be Nice instead of saying Yeah it would be nice if I had a five Hundred thousand dollars you see the the Vibration you see we listen to my voice Yeah it would be nice if I had five Hundred thousand dollars like how how my Voice is right it sounds very Dowdy like Yeah it would be nice but you know you Know what I mean but if I said wouldn’t It be nice if I had five hundred Thousand dollars wouldn’t that be nice Doesn’t that just kind of sound lifty Like you felt like you’re lifting like Like oh my God it would be nice wouldn’t It and what would you do with it oh my God I would do this I would do that I Would do this and then you just start Going on a tangent about it right start Thinking about all the things that you Could do with that five hundred thousand Dollars Right So I highly recommend you that tonight Please try that tonight just say you Know wouldn’t it be wonderful isn’t it Wonderful that something amazing is Happening me to me happening to me right Now Isn’t it wonderful And just keep saying that over and over Again you don’t know what the hell’s Happening to you right now that’s the Beautiful part about it you don’t know

What’s happening to you right now that Is the Magnificent mystery behind it by Saying it over and over again I mean you Could probably just say it three times Or you could just repeat it in your head Until you go to bed but the whole Essence like I said the essence you’re Going for isn’t the words it’s the Feeling It’s a feeling State because you feel Good it’s like oh my God You feel that something wonderful is Going to happen to you any moment right Now like oh my gosh and the thing is You’re creating this for yourself And when you create this for yourself Get freaking ready and prepared because Something marvelous or amazing will Happen to you As soon as you believe it and that is The thing the more that you produce that Feeling state that imagination your Subconscious mind is the one that’s Going to drink it up it has to be Impressed we call it impressed upon the Subconscious mind or seduced this you Have to seduce the subconscious mind So I would really start reading Neville Goddard’s work he’s got amazing books Actually let me pull that up right now Let me I mean I tell you when you start reading His books you’re going to be like oh my God

I just feel so good with this book I Don’t know why but it feels great you Know Um it is called at your command that’s a Very good one he’s got he’s got one That’s just he’s got so so many books Really so let me see I’m trying to get All of it okay it’s called the complete Reader Neville Goddard Neville Goddard N-e-v-i-l-l-e Goddard g-o-d-d-a-r-d A great American Mystic the complete Reader and it has all the books in this One book is called at your command Awaken imagination and the search Feeling is the secret and it is guys Freedom for All Out of This World prayer The art of believing Seed time and harvest The law and the promise The power of awareness your faith is Your fortune I love that one that book Was a good Your faith is your fortune it isn’t like Your tarot cards are your fortune or What the psychic says is your fortune no It’s your faith however much you believe That it’s going to happen it’s going to Happen Imagining creates reality that’s what This whole book is is based upon so I Would get my fingers on that whether It’s on Kindle on or you know You can have it sent to you I mean I

Have both I got Kindle I have physical Books I have to have them both okay So that is the power that you have you Are freaking amazing I just want to let You know that and remind you you know I Came out of a horrible experience for Two months Vertigo Vertigo problems due To a bad earache bad ear virus And you know during that time it was Like I was kind of going through the Crossroads in my life Because I was doing this type of work I Was doing a different type of work which Is helping people free people Um using secure creditor work you know Helping them to eliminate debt helping Them with judgments and things and Lawsuits which was good it was very good It was very powerful work to help people But I wanted to do a lot more I wanted to give more than just Paperwork paperwork is just one thing And it is very very powerful but I Wanted to give more in a way where People need to understand that they are Better than just they they are more Powerful than paperwork alone it is the The creation of your imagination what is It that you want to achieve Um you know just being in the moment Being present and really going after Your goals the power of goal setting has Always been I’m always so passionate About it because it’s helped me in my

Life when I finally use my secure Creditor package let’s say to defeat Child support that was great I had I had Um recognition I had victory that was Fun but it was like okay now what do I Do okay I I finally I finally achieved What I needed to do but what do I really Want to do now And what it was was because it was Always the fear of them taking my Passport from me saying hey you know What if you don’t pay child support you Know we’re going to take your passport And that to me was like oh my gosh I Need that passport because I want to Travel the world I want to travel to Other places I don’t ever want to be Prevented from traveling to other Countries So what I did once that once I was Finalized I mean I traveled all over the World I traveled to many many parts of The world and I had so much fun doing it Okay and that was really what I wanted To do now If maybe if I would have just focused on That alone Without having to fight against you know Child support and lawsuits and whatever Maybe just maybe I would still allow That to happen in my life of course Because we are the creators of our own Reality but the thing is our ego mind Lives with limitation

You know and with a limited mindset it’s Like no you can’t really go travel there Because you got child support on you and You cannot make you gotta have your past Partner and all that you know what I Mean so of course that brings us down to Earth I guess and makes us you know Focus on the tangible stuff and that’s Why secure creditor work was really Really helpful To to become a secure creditor which is Becoming like a diplomat which you’re Like a sovereign and a lot of these Rules these new laws are no longer it Can no longer touch you because you are On the private side and if you’re Interested in that just go to it’s not secured is to Learn about that if you’re into that Okay but I wanted to give more of myself Every week with a radio show because This is my heart I love doing this work And I love to help people to realize That the only thing that’s stopping them In their life is themselves Is there beliefs is there sabotaging Themselves that they cannot do They cannot be all they can be And that is not true That is the ego telling you that that You are not good enough we when we were Told this for many many years all our Lives that we’re not good enough we are

Only good enough to do this and this and This okay well I’m here to tell you that Is not true through my experience Traveling the world living in other Countries you know that to me was more Exciting than just having like a Rolls-Royce or a mansion you know Because I lived in big houses with my Parents my parents were real estate Agents I’ve seen it all my mother had BMWs okay had a list of them my dad I Mean they were very very well off But that wasn’t that I saw my mother Wasn’t happy She had all the houses she had all the Cars she wasn’t happy so to me I wasn’t Happy either I was like yeah so what It’s a house it’s a freaking car so what Me it was like to me my happiness was I Want to go travel the world because That’s something we never did we only Went to Mexico and that was it I wanted To travel the world I wanted to see the World I wanted to see Italy I wanted to See Egypt I wanted to do the things that My parents could not do you see what I Mean and I did it I made it happen And that to me was a sign of wealth that To me was a sign of my achievements and And going after my goals so if I can do It here okay and You know when I was told many times oh You can’t do it not you have to live Within your means and all this other

believe me I made it happen Anyway and I had proof of it and I and I Got the silver button from YouTube had Over a hundred thousand subscribers I You know I had a lot of subscribers Before YouTube Tore that channel down okay because I Was speaking my truth a little too much Let’s put it that way So now here I am on on the on Spotify or Podbean I’m able to speak more But I still have to be very careful what I say So really my focus is mainly on Helping others to get what it is that They want in their life out of life and Actually to prove it to themselves that You can do it so tonight do that go Tonight before you go to bed say it over And over again if you feel like writing It down do so that will help as well Because whenever you write something Down through my experience whenever you Write something down saying I am so Happy now that I have this you know I am So happy now that I have this or I’m so Certain and happy now that I have this You know and I feel so freaking amazing And you just move into that imagination And you know how would you feel if you Have all of these things how would you Feel if you had five hundred thousand Dollars how would you feel if he had

Fifty thousand dollars how would you Feel if he had the car of your dreams How would you feel it’s always about That feeling that Essence that you have Which is that range that frequency range That no other species in this reality Has but the human race so I know so far Okay according to Um gosh what is his name I forgot his name but he was uh contacty For the andromedans Um goodness but he mentioned something Like that like we as a human race are The only ones that have such a range of Emotions that is the most powerful thing That we have where the other species Let’s say reptilians the Grays or Whatever if you want to go down that Rabbit hole they don’t they don’t have Emotions like we do and our emotions It’s like different colors it’s a Spectrum of emotions that we can utilize It’s like musical notes we can utilize To our advantage if we are given the Choice given that chance we can do it we Can do so much there’s so much that we Can do within ourselves within our Imagination and doing inner work within That we can actually make anything that We want happen in our lives And just realize that setbacks illnesses And here I am speaking from experience You know setbacks illnesses crisis all Of that stuff is actually the best thing

You could ever have in your life why Because it sets you on a different path Because when you are going through the Crisis it’s a wake-up call it’s a Judgment call it’s like wake the freak Up and follow your heart already Because you’re on the wrong path you’re Following someone else’s dream Or you’re you’re you know being too much Of you’re doing things that maybe being A people pleaser a boss pleaser you’re Not following your heart so therefore What happens you’re creating disease dis Ease dis ease within yourself you’re Creating diseases within yourself Because you are not following what You’re here to do you’re not following Your heart And a lot of times in like and me too Same thing you know I’ve gone through The same problem just like oh my God you Know I have to do this type of work Because it’s going to help people but at The same time it is not my heart You know I’ve been doing this paperwork Secure credit thing for so many years You know the passion kind of came and Went but I know it works it’s powerful But I I always feel guilty and I’m Thinking well God you know people what If it’s like when I see other people That want this type of um work for them For the for their help you know for Let’s say lawsuits

Um debt elimination Judgments the IRS whatever I see I see Me from the past You know that really needed a chance Because back then I didn’t have that Chance when I was going through a Situation with my ex-husband who you Know I went through a really bad divorce And included my other two children my Oldest two kids who he took for me okay So You know I I didn’t have a bunch of Money back then I could not afford a Lawyer I couldn’t do any of that so to Me it was like a crying out like I Needed help I needed help if I can only Receive this an information that would Help me at the moment in that time and I’ll tell you if I would have known About being a secured creditor then I Would have been so freaking powerful I Would have kicked his ass all over the Place in the state of North Carolina Okay but I didn’t have that information Then So when I see other people reaching out To me and they’re saying I really need Your help they fill in the questionnaire And they’re and I’m like wow this sounds So much like me how I was back then you Know so I feel sad and guilty if I don’t Offer that that’s the thing it’s like You know it’s times I don’t want to Offer because I’m too I’m too I want to

Be busy with my heart my heart to help Others to realize that they are they are More powerful than even paperwork itself That they can imagine themselves Themselves out of a situation And they can imagine themselves in a Situation if they want You know it’s like let’s evolve beyond That let’s go beyond all of that you see So that was my friction that was my Friction that I was going through for The past couple months it’s like do I Really want to continue on that path you Know because the the some of the people That want the packages they don’t have Good intentions they’re coming from a Place of victim mindset and they’re not Working on themselves they don’t believe That they are powerful they don’t Believe that they are God themselves so It’s very difficult to work with people That don’t don’t know that they are the let’s say that okay they don’t know They’re the they think that they Are less than and they live in a Poverty-stricken mindset and me as the Magician magician-minded person back Then I I was always a magician I always Use magic so I never believed that I was Less than I always knew I was more but I Just didn’t know how the hell to get it That information to help me in my life Right So but because of that I was going

Through a Crossroads and therefore Here Comes this disease which was this Problem with my ear ear infection that Created vertigo for the past two months It was like crap what do I do so then I Finally realized you know what I’m going To keep doing radio shows because I love It I don’t get paid for it but it Doesn’t matter you know crypto pays me I Am a crypto investor I don’t know if you Guys know this I’m a crypto investor and A crypto Trader I make damn good money With crypto Okay so Which allows me to do these radio shows Which allows me to do this which allows Me to get on YouTube and tonight I’m Actually going to be doing a reading Um I actually put it out I’m going to be Doing some intuitive readings tarot Readings all that fun stuff for for you Tonight so I get basically because I’m Making good money as a crypto investor And all that I can actually focus on my Dream And it’s simple isn’t it it’s funny it’s So simple it’s radio shows every week To inspire people to make them feel good And fuzzy to know that they are freaking God okay and to do videos On my new channel which is going to be It’s called raven Moon Shadow Oracle if You want to check it out Raven Moonshadow Oracle and today later on I’m Going to be doing a tarot reading on

This new channel on YouTube so I’m Really really creative right now I’m Like in a very creative mindset now that I’m getting over my illness my sickness I got a couple more days left but it’s Fine I am just blowing up right now I am Just like that coiled snake like Bitcoin Ready to just you know burst up like Like a volcano and that’s exactly what’s Going on with Humanity right now People are cleaning up like little Snakes they are ready to erupt but what Which way are you ready to erupt you’re Ready to erupt the downward way where You just want to get mad and pissed and Feel like a victim and just keep Recreating that negativity in Life or do You want to erupt like a volcano upwards And say hey look at me I Am The Great I Am I am the I am everything that I Am right And um It’s very very very exciting to know That we are so much more than we realize We are okay so I hope you you found this Episode to be very inspiring do this Tonight guys write it down if you have To and I’ll say it again isn’t it Wonderful that something amazing is Happening to me right now Isn’t it wonderful that’s something Amazing has happened to me right now and You just write that down on a piece of Paper before you go to bed and you look

At it and you say it over and over and Over again and and not just say it like A robot or or read it like a robot I Want you to feel it How would you feel if something amazing Happened to you right now how would you Feel right now guys if something Magnificent someone just knocked on your Freaking door and you open the door and Something amazing just happens to you Happens to you you’re like how would you Feel Put yourself in that feeling State Imagine the amazing feeling you would Have the excitement it’s like Christmas Day Something amazing and magical is Happening to you right now and I use it A lot with my crypto Trading And um I’m working on the next one because I I Made thousands of dollars just by saying This over and over again for like a week And you know like I said earlier in the Episode in this podcast I was given an Opportunity to make opportunity to make Thousands of dollars With my crypto Investments when I didn’t Even realize I was just too focused on Freaking Bitcoin the whole time I was Like Bitcoin ain’t doing come on You know but someone comes around and Says hey you need to invest on Luna hey You need to invest in magiccraft hey you

Need to I’m like well I’m gonna I’m Gonna try it out and you know what sure I made a shitload of money I made Thousands of dollars And after saying this over and over Again again Isn’t it wonderful that’s something Amazing is happening to me right now but You say it at night before you go to bed So the subconscious mind can soak it up Like a sponge and you keep doing that And you wake up feeling freaking amazing You go throughout your day don’t even Worry don’t even bother because your Subconscious mind is being Um everything is being impressed upon That subconscious mind it’s sucking it Up like a juice and before you know it Within a week something amazing is going To happen to you it could take a week it Could take a month it depends on you Um On how you’re impressing upon the Subconscious mind by utilizing the Feeling State you know it’s all about Feeling it’s not just about Visualization visualization is one thing But it doesn’t do anything it’s the Feeling that takes you there it’s the Feeling that takes you to that extra Mile So please give that a try much love and Light and I’m going to leave you with a Reading just on a collective level

Um I’m sure a lot of you are wanting That let me see let me go ahead and Shuffle the cards I’m Gonna Leave You With a reading for today Or for the rest of this week Okay What Does everyone need to know what do my Listeners need to know Right now What do my listeners need to know right Now To my listeners need to know right now Wow You got the dragon emergence that is a Powerful card oh my gosh how beautiful Oh my God I got the fly and it’s dis Ease oh my gosh this is so amazing so I Got the dragon emergence card and the Fly which is disease oh my gosh Please listen up folks you’re gonna love This okay so The Dragon See let me put my glasses back on here The dragging means this is for you guys Pay close attention Just because I exist in the darkest Depths of your imagination that doesn’t Mean I am not real it is my magical DNA That is wrapped in your ancestry as a Goddess Tiamat will testify from out of The primordial Waters we Dragons Were Burst and sent to the four corners of The earth Wilson might be intimidated by

Our reputation of Destruction in Mayhem I will lend you the courage strength the Courage strength and ability to come out Of yourself and face the toughest Situations as a master of the elements I Choose fire to feel your inner flame of Passion and enable you to stand in your True light as you seize your purpose With full might vitality and vigor now Is the time to break through barriers And come out of hiding to reveal Yourself as the alchemical Fire Within Is ignited allow me to purposefully Direct my sacred Flames to burn through My any illusion of fear and negativity Change is a foot Facts and new information are coming to Light surprising Revelations make you Rethink your approach authenticity is Key right now opportunities await as old Patterns end make a decision own up and Confess be the best version of yourself Wow what a powerful card that is the Dragon so that’s exactly what we’re Doing we are here to burn down illusions Of fear and negativity these are just Ugly old projections and the in the Mindset of just saying you know what This is old garbage why do I keep Carrying this around you are the Freaking Dragon guys you are a dragon be The dragon that you were here to be and And seize the opportunity to be the best Version of yourself and this is exactly

What I’m teaching is alchemy Alchemy of emotions learn to transmute This negative crap into positive energy Which is going to bring better things Into your life the next card is the fly Which is dis ease I was just talking About that So crazy right My presence usually Sparks discomfort Revulsion and disgust you try to swap me Away as I remind you of dirty things Rotten food Decay and even death most See me as a spreader of disease and an Instigator of ill health Um well it’s true that if you leave now See things lying around and I land on Them I have no choice but to carry some Of that with me however far from being The cause of your disease I am an Indicator that something is physically Wrong you may not be keeping yourself or Your environment as you should in Mass We flies make it very clear that Problems are afoot something has spoiled Is in the distress or has already passed I appear to you now metaphorically to Say you need to get your emotional and Spiritual houses in order give them a Spring clean and remove the rut stop Festering on things you cannot change And focus on what is good for you Good good food exercise meditation Positive mind and a willingness to let Go of what no longer serves you let go

Of the crap guys who gives a crap about What happens out there with what President or those people out there or Anything in the media or even on YouTube Any complaining bitching whining and Moaning let it go because you are Creating your own rocks you’re creating Your own hell within yourself and Therefore it creates disease you are at This ease you are not at ease with Yourself anymore because you Choose to focus on the things that Bother you that piss you off that gets You mad instead of your goals your goals Are are put being put on the shelf and The dragon fire is coming out to say hey It is time to get the hell get moving Time to start focusing on that flame That passion that you have So another uh input says avoid gossip And speculation in spite eat more fresh Food try for aging get to the root of a Problem and sort it out seek medical Advice if and well either homeopathic or Allopathic so whatever is causing Disease within your life it’s because You are not being true to who you truly Are you’re not following your higher Purpose in your life you’re not Following your life’s purpose your Passion your mission but the mission Isn’t like a mission where you have to Sacrifice yourself that’s baloney a Mission is something that you’re doing

Something good for the world but at the Same time you are following your passion At the same time so it all comes It Works hand in hand together So that is the reading that I have for You guys that is a very important Reading you are the Dragon come out and Emer if and move into emergence be the Power that you truly are and I hope you Enjoyed this podcast also please check Out forward Slash events we’re going to have a Workshop with this type of work if You’re enjoying this already Imagine the work that you’re going to be Doing at the workshop in October 22nd 23rd we’re gonna move you into Transformation work it’s alchemical work Alchemical of the Mind Alchemy of the Mind to create the magic To to bring magic into your life that is Exactly what we’re doing and um but with Every little bite-sized morsel that I Give you with a podcast this is going to Help you along your way anyway this is Going to help you manifest the things That you want manifest your dreams hey Manifest the workshop to come and join Us hubby lovely too you know try that Tonight Isn’t it wonderful that something Amazing and magnificent is happening to Me right now oh my gosh you could do Magicians come on fellow magicians kick

Ass get yourself into gear and stop Whining get on with your dreams and Follow your goals much love and light And if you want an intuitive reading With me as well Joanna go To and book a reading And I’ll be so freaking happy to read You with my tarot cards intuition Clairvoyant abilities and also I’m also Doing Quantum healing hypnosis but we Also call it Beyond Quantum healing Hypnosis which I can do it online and All that information is there for you on so much love and light You guys

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