Transgenders are Dangerously being Targeted!


Why are Transgender dangerously being targeted? Could this be a repeat of Nazi Germany?

One this is Dr Durana Johnston from Illuminating Minds radio thank you so Much for Listening in on eliminating Minds radio It's really awesome to hear others many Folks telling us that hey keep going we Love your show it's really awesome Especially that we started talking about The Paranormal you know bringing in People folks that are Talking about paranormal experiences and Paranormal activities or things that They you know that they had to deal with And possibly having to keep it inside And not being able to express themselves Right So And with Illuminating Minds radio we Pretty much talk about many many things Not just the paranormal paranormal Sovereignty Controversial topics Um Pretty much what's going on in the world Current events alternative news and so Forth you know pretty much kind of like A coast to coast Dam in a way but at Least we're allowed to communicate about Secure creditor stuff and sovereignty Right Unfortunately a lot of these other uh Platforms you know Um they're very mainstream they're Bought and paid so they can't they can

Only talk about certain matters You know because uh They'll get in trouble with their job Right Here with Illuminating Minds radio we Like to push the limits we like to keep Going as far as we possibly can because We believe in Freedom we believed in Believe in being uncensored And uh you know the the Constitution We believe in that Freedom of speech and so forth so Tonight I'm going to be talking about Something very sensitive Um if you're hearing like a lot of stuff In the background the pan and all that That's my husband cooking He loves to cook by the way But um It's a very sensitive topic And it involves the transgender movement Okay And I'm just gonna put out Right now That I have many friends that are Homosexual that are gay bisexual uh Transgender and so forth very very Awesome people okay so I'm here to let You know that I am not biased in any way Against this group of people okay And If anything I do not believe that this Group of people should

Be treated in a very very horrific Negative way at all You know they are who they are and that Is it we need to respect that okay So My daughter Was really concerned You know my daughter's very very Intuitive very psychic girl And she was watching a thing on Tick Tock about a transgender boy but it was You know wanted to be a girl And he she was very cute very adorable Okay Um just a sweetheart And she was voicing her opinion on the Experience of that what is happening With the transgender movement Um that there was a governor I I wish I Would have gotten his name I totally Apologize for that I guess I was just Really really jumping the gun here but Um a governor in the United States And I will actually look for that right Now Um Let me see Governor against transgender Okay somebody in the political Arena Not a transgender hold on let me see let Me find that for you so I can find out Um Huh Greg Abbott Says he backs restrictions on Transgender College athletes

South Dakota governor signs a bill Prohibiting gender affirming treatment For transgender Mississippi Governor vows to sign limit On transgender care oh there's a lot Going on right now from what I'm seeing Here Um Utah bounds gender affirming care for Transgender youth Interesting Okay so There was a governor I need to get that Tick Tock video I told my daughter to Send it to me it was apps she said she Couldn't sleep at night she was crying So let me see what I can find here on Tick tock okay let's see She's crying this poor lady is uh Okay hold on she's really really crying Um I wish I could oh well anyway just I'll just keep moving forward here So he basically is stating this Governor Or Senator whoever of the state That They need to basically He he didn't he didn't say exterminate Transgenders okay he's basically said we Need to like basically Um they need to stop coming out being Themselves pretty much and we need to do Something about it okay And this poor lady this genderly uh she Was freaking out In tears

And she says oh my gosh it is happening It is happening And She said the same thing that happened in Nazi Germany So let me go ahead and read Um From here about the transgender Right Movement really quick so I can just give You a background here The transgender Rights Movement is a Movement to promote the legal status of Transgender people and to eliminate Discrimination and violence against Transgender people regarding housing Employment public accommodations Education Health Care a major goal of Transgender activism is to allow changes To identification documents to conform Well the person's current gender Identity without the need for sex Reassignment surgery or any medical Requirements which is known as gender Self-identification it is part of the Broader LGBT Rights Movement okay Um So What happened in Nazi Germany I'm going To read this piece for you And I'm going to read this piece and I'm Going to tell you What is happening here Before 1933 Germany was a center of LGBT

Community and culture was several Renowned organizations serving and Supporting trans and gender Non-conforming people Hitler's Nazi government however Brutally targeted the trans Community Deporting many trans people to Concentration camps and wiping out Vibrant Community structures as Transgender people are now increasingly Targets of discriminatory legislation And hate join the museum for a program Exploring these stories and experiences Prior to and during the Holocaust so He rounded all the gays the homosexuals The transgender people and he murdered Them okay So I wanted to mention Now like again I have nothing against it At all I I totally respect everybody's Way of living being it is perfectly fine As long as you're not causing harm to Other people you're not hurting little Kids hey do what you want to do you know What we love you I love you anyway I Don't care what you are okay But I'm gonna tell you I'm gonna tell you something I believe there is an agenda regarding The transgender movement for people to Come out and this and this actually my Daughter was the one that brought this Up she told me her ideas and she's 15 Years old

She's got transgender friends really Good friends that she really loves Dearly okay too And um We believe that the whole movement is Coming out how they're pushing it and And pushing on to little kids to force Them to move in to hurry up and say Hey You might be transgender and you're like Six years old and all this crap that That to me is ridiculous okay A Child There at a very young age does not know None of that they don't know none of That let them be freaking kids okay I Don't care if they're straight they're Homosexual they're transgender when They're they don't know any of that Until they're old enough to know that And when they're old enough to know that They're able to explore that Okay they're able to explore that but Not at six years old in ten you know Kids should be thinking about sex at all They should be enjoying life as children Okay so that that is where I stand Doesn't matter if you're straight gay or Transgender you know as a child you need To freaking just enjoy your freaking Life and be your be a child enjoy life Play video games go play whatever You know but It I just find it very weird How in a lot of these schools even in Mexico

And the United States and England that They are really pushing this agenda To get the kids forced into it to figure It out what they believe that they are Already okay And I'm like something is really off Here this is not adults this is not Adults that decide even if it may be Teenagers teenagers they're gonna feel That way okay teenagers is when they're Gonna know if they're gay or they're you Know if they're transgender obviously Um because of the hormones right Hormones start kicking in and stuff So I I find it to be very Freaking weird How they would push this onto children And my daughter mentioned she said mom You know what I think she thinks just Like her mom I swear she's just like me She goes mom I think that they are They're pushing they're creating this Not creating the movement I don't know If it's creating but really getting this Movement going okay pushing the movement Making it look cool making it look Mainstream so that way and people are Confused little kids are confused and You got the stupid parents that are Backing it up that are just I'm Sorry I saw a video of a little boy with Long hair and saying I am a transcript My name's Angie and I'm and just this

Freaking guy just pushing pushing it and I think he I don't know I I just I'm Like what the hell But anyway What is going what's going on is what we Think is they have Altera motives The echelon the cabal get these people So confused and get them out there and Let them be proud that they're Transgender that way all the transgender The real ones the real ones are gonna Come out And all the gays and whatever they're All going to come out of the come out of Hiding and the transgenders are coming Out and hiding I'm telling you right now I'm seeing it here in Mexico a lot now I Went to the mall and I'm yeah today I Saw a transgender lady I mean they're Really coming out there okay there's Nothing wrong with that though it's it's Fine it's fine but So they're coming out and I'm like okay Cool you're coming out being who you are We saw a lot in Thailand too A lot of People that were transgender in Thailand And I'm like what is up with this Movement okay I understand come out Don't hide yourself I think it's I think It's brilliant I think it's beautiful be Who you are Um But we're seeing an underlying agenda That is not good

And From what we're seeing with now I was Reading certain Governors uh Autumn what State or Governor State do you remember Okay I'm just asking her um We're seeing Utah we're seeing South Dakota Um other places that are Pretty much telling us you know telling The people that transgenders are not Allowed to do anything they want them to Hide I was actually reading some things Here and I'm like Wait a second what's going on there's a Transgender movement they want people to Respect them and that's great And now certain states are saying no we Don't want you living here if you're Transgender and we don't want this There's a lot of discrimination in other Words okay Something what is going on you know First they're coming out with a full Force and then all of a sudden now There's a backlash and say no you cannot And So we're thinking and and and anyway This lady on Tick Tock was crying her Head off Because she says oh my God They don't want us here And now these Governors are putting These laws out to do away with us to say No you better hide you better just go

Somewhere else basically basically go Back in the home and just you know hide Yourself basically okay uh I find that to be very preposterous Very Preposterous because regardless They're all human beings and they all Have a right to live And breathe and be I mean they're Freaking human beings So what this lady was saying sorry There's smoke coming in the house Um What the lady was saying is That she sees that something really Horrendous is gonna happen again and This is involving what Hitler put out Years ago Hitler exterminated A lot of transgender people Many Jews and many others okay Many gypsies Many gypsies many people and then he got So far to people that had brown hair Brown eyes I would have been one of them On the list and he's got brown hair Brown eyes like what the hell is going On So What I'm what we're thinking is that the Agenda is to put it out there get them To come out after I act all proud so They know exactly where they are and now They can come after them and I'm telling You if you are transgender right now I'm

Not here to bring any fear your way But please be careful please be careful Um and no I'm not transgender but I I Share something very similar which could Be You know I'm a witch I'm a magician I'm You know I I practice the left-hand path And everything so You know what there was a Witch Hunt Back Then There Were witch hunts and Many millions of women were murdered and They were not just witches they were Women they were murdered Millions of them if you were a freaking Woman you act like a woman you were Murdered if you spoke too much you spoke Out you had a little bit of red hair you Were murdered because they called you a Witch okay so I'm not much different From the transgender movement and the Trent and the the the homosexual Movement and you know there was a Movement for the pagans coming out of The closet you know the witch is coming Out of the falls hey I'm a witch I'm Proud right I'm pagan And that was great actually I missed I Missed that time it was freaking Beautiful But now I'm thinking Should we really go out there and say That we're Pagan anymore I mean you know Should we be very careful what we say Because what's going to happen is

They're going to start turning and all They got to do they gotta they they Control the people's minds right now Through social media and that's all they Have to do is say look the transgender People are evil the witches are evil and They're gonna come after you and they're Going to kill you and and that's and and Trust me If you don't believe that's going to Happen Think again the envax We got to come after them because They're dirty and they're stinky and we Gotta do something about it we need to Inoculate their asses right So If this starts with a transgender folks It's going to go to the homosexual folks And then eventually it's going to go to The witches and it's going to go to People that oppose What the echelons want So I'm right there with all of you you know We're all human beings and we all share Something a belief in Freedom I can actually say that we actually Share and we agree We share belief in being free as human Beings and as long as we don't hurt Other people and murder other people and Do horrendous acts like they do hello That's all we want is peace

So You know it it was a shock when I saw The tick tock because I'm like why is She crying you know there's a movement Out there that everybody Should be transgender or you know the Transgender movement is kicking ass and It's popular and all that well what's Going on with this poor lady And um After hearing her words and she's just Crying and I'm like oh my gosh And then I realized holy crap they are Turning the tables like that like Getting all the people on YouTube Having them speak out the truth Targeting the ones that are speakers And totally trying to discredit them and Ruin their lives and YouTube did the Same thing for me for years Had all these other trolls coming after Me Totally trying to discredit me because Of the I was saying which was true It wasn't it was really powerful Stuff to help free people as secure Creditors and all of that I got I was discredited and before you Know it my whole channel was taken down And I had over a hundred thousand Subscribers at the time So yes I'm still here I'm still living And I'm still kicking ass and I'm still Not working a nine to five job because I

Refuse to go that route in spite no Matter What happened so you know we need to be Strong Um and yeah we should speak our mind we Should be free but just be very careful Just like me if I was me I was Transgender I was in a particular Situation I would have to Kind of be careful if I'm living in a Country where it you're not invited okay And it is horrible because there is Discrimination happening in the United States and it's been happening in the United States So You know I really hope people will wake up and um People can fight this somehow some way And you know like I said one of the ways Become a secure creditor that's one of The ways because once you're pulled out Of the the chattel system you're no Longer seen as a debtor because they Don't see transgenderism folks they Don't see if you're gay or not they Don't see witches they just see a bunch Of slaves that's how they see and they Create the the issue they create the Movements or something For the slaves to do to be a part of so That way they're like okay look at all These stupid little slaves doing that Hahaha we're just gonna kill them no

We're gonna grab them you know it's the Truth And but when they see that you are on The private side you're a secure Creditor whether you're freaking Transgender gay it don't freaking matter They have to shut the f up they are Going to step down Because now you are a private Banker And you Have the power to do a lot of damage to Them you can sue you can lean you can do A lot of damage to their foreign Corporations because you become a Foreign agent like they are foreign Agents the government's a foreign agent The Um the banks are foreign agents you when You become a foreign agent you have that Title you're you that's it they cannot f With you or your children And that's the power of Being secure creditors Or leaving the freaking uh country or Wherever city that is against Unfortunately against these types of People Or group of people And go somewhere else you know move Somewhere else move to a country that Will invite you or move to a different Uh city or state or someplace that is More you know Um it's a lot

They're more welcoming right in that Regard but you know it to me when I hear About this Now you're transgender and you can't ask It to me it sounds like Rome I keep Hearing the Romans talking Roman Empire The Roman Catholic Church why are they Bad why are transgender bad why are gay Bad once against the Bible and it's Against God the god that freaking uh Murdered everyone and put a flood in the Whole planet to murder babies and Children and slaughter them to the god You worship really that God I mean wake the up folks really Take some cappuccino and espresso and Start drinking that quick because You need to wake the hell up this is Insane we're dealing with we are dealing With lives human lives And souls These are not animals or or horrible Animals and animals are beautiful but You know what I mean they're not beasts In any way they are freaking human Beings and they should be treated Like human beings or they should be Treated like Gods because they are all Royalty we are all royalty here Okay but I'm telling you right now it's Not going to get any better until we all Stand up And we take our power back here and the Way to take our power back is to

Understand and learn about the laws Learn about the statutes learn about the Trust learn about the Unum sanctum trust That the Roman Catholic Church created Back in the 13th century To claim ownership over all living Things on the planet I mean insane and sick psychotic people Okay And you know it's time and we have to be Accountable for ourselves we have to be Responsible for ourselves to do this we Cannot wait for a hero to fix this the More you wait for a hero you're going to End up in a freaking Camp because that's Where they're going to be taking you to A freaking camp Look what happened to Australia It was really brutal what happened in Australia getting people to Um You know it was absolutely horrendous Do you have kova do you have covet oh we Think you have covered why did you why'd You do why didn't you take the covet Test oh you should be take why are you Running away why didn't you tell me that You were taking the covet test just Treating them like freaking garbage And one lady said I'm sorry and she you Know she's a slave slave-minded poor Thing Too but you Guys are the white coats come and get

Her and they took her to a freaking Count Unreal Unreal and they're not done yet they're Not done yet guys It's gonna get worse and I keep warning And telling everybody for years I've Been doing this work as a secure Creditor for 13 years and I'm still Doing it and the only time that I have To stop is when the IRS is abolished if The IRS is abolished if they do they Throw this bill out within a year by January It's going to be very difficult for you To ever become a secure creditor but Those that become secure creditors Before they're going to be fine for the Rest of their lives but the ones that Miss out you're screwed blue and Tattooed there's nothing you can do About it you're gonna have to go live Out in the woods somewhere Seriously It's not bad it's not a bad idea But you'll be targeted And that's what they're going to be Doing Targeting people targeting the invacs Targeting this transgender targeting I Mean like I said it has nothing to do With the people the people are just People they're just making up For control that's all they're doing

Guys I'm gonna wrap this up I gotta eat dinner here but I just Figure I throw this out there for for You To really make some powerful decisions In your life And be very strong Because you know it doesn't matter Whether you're straight homosexual Transgender they're after you anyway Because you are a slave in the Plantation and they will not stop until More and more people start to wake up And do their homework and do their due Diligence and start to stand up And take their power back or and get Their trust set up and with that trust They can annihilate them easy they can Annihilate the courts Like a piece of freaking cake All right So much love and light and darkness to All of you Go to secured I'm Dr Joanna Johnston have a wonderful evening folks Take care

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