This is how they will take your houses!!!

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Planning to take your house by saying You have to improve your house and pay For it there's some law that's going on Right now it can cost a hundred grand or More if you don't you will be forced to Sell it if you are renting the landlord Will be forced to do these repairs and Raise the rent per month or not be able To rent it out at all and would be Forced to sell it sounds like your Situation there is no better time than Now to put your home in a foreign trust To prevent seizure of your property go To secured and it's Happening folks my girlfriend is renting A house in Ohio and they're starting This they're starting off saying that She they have to Repair the roof and and everybody in the City has to do this and it has to come Out of their pocket and so forth and Many of these Runners on what this Runner is doing he ended up telling my Girlfriend to leave and saying I'm so Sorry I have to let you go I have to go To court and all this so this is Happening right now it's happening in Europe happening in the United States Canada and eventually to a country near You or in your your neighborhood so if I Were you get ready get prepared you're Going to start feeling the effects and I Tell you straight up guys I've been Warning you about this

Become a secure creditor put your assets In a foreign trust and protect your Stuff now

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