Things sports taught me about money & building wealth

If you played sports, or followed them closely, you know there are many things sports can teach you about life, working towards a goal, relationships, having a plan, the importance of teamwork and alignment, hard work, discipline, and the list goes on. But did you know sports can teach you about wealth creation and saving? It’s ironic, given how many professional athletes go broke, but it’s true – money lessons can be gleamed from the things you learn while participating in sports. This video discusses a few things sports taught me about my approach to money and wealth.

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See that guy on the picture behind me That’s a young me i didn’t know it at The time because i was a teenager But that sport was teaching me a lot About life and a lot about how i would Invest my money later in life I want to talk to you about that today [Music] What’s up everyone thank you for Stopping by the achieve financial Coaching channel where we believe in Breaking the chains of debt And talking about all things related to Personal finance my name is kenny simon I am your personal finance coach And today i want to talk about sports a Little bit Um actually specifically i want to talk About the things That sports taught me about trying to Save money and building wealth so there Are some things that sports In general teach us about life um you Know from discipline you name it to Trying hard or continuing to push Forward But today i have about eight or nine Things i want to bring up and talk about How How those things correlate to your Journey In terms of building wealth and trying To save money for your future Please like this video subscribe to the

Channel and drop a comment Now let’s get started so let’s get into This today the thing sports taught me About money and building wealth The first thing that sports taught me Is to know the rules for their rules to To just about anything you engage in how You engage when you can engage What’s appropriate etc and it is Definitely worth your time to learn And know the rules uh the second thing Is to have a game plan so once you know The rules And you’ve studied a little bit about Your quote-unquote competitors Then you need to set up a game plan Don’t just go flying blindly in there Without a plan Some people’s plan is a budget i know That’s a part of my plan That’s a piece of my plan right also the Third thing is It takes practice so this is not going To come to you Overnight it’s not going to necessarily Be the easiest thing to do And so uh sports taught me that you know When you’re working on anything in life Including money and building wealth it Takes practice to get some things right It takes you putting in some effort and Some work And then once you do all of that the Fourth thing that i learned is

You need to learn some of the tools of The trade and the techniques Depending on what you’re doing as it Relates to money and building wealth There are some different little things You can do and try Based on your preferences as well right Certain tools you may like That your friend doesn’t like so you Need to learn some of the tools and Techniques and again with all the Information available on the internet These days There is no excuse for not finding um Something that sort of works with your Way of thinking in terms of building Money Building wealth and growing your money And then this one i like a lot play your Position We see a lot of talking heads um Influencers celebrities that all want to Talk about the six ways that they got Rich or My seven step process or something like That listen you need to know your style Your preferences what you have in terms Of what you can invest in something And you need to stay in your lane you Need to play your position you need to Do something that works for your Very unique situation it’s fine to read Books And listen to people like me talk about

Money in general Um or how you build wealth or how you Establish a real estate empire But you need to make sure you are Applying that through a filter That is something that you based on your Abilities and your desires can achieve Okay the next thing i would say is to Get a coach I don’t care how experienced you are in Anything There is always someone who has probably A little bit more experience A little bit different um approach to to Doing some things and so you want Someone that can kind of be a mentor or A coach and kind of Give you advice even if it’s someone you Don’t know personally you may follow a Youtube channel or a blogger Or um someone who just doles out good Advice but get you a coach Because you cannot figure this thing out On their own And contrary to what a lot of people Think um You are not self-made no one is you may Have You know had some sleepless nights and Done a lot of hard work But you are not self-made someone helped You along whether it was them talking to You you reading a book You hearing something they did or you

Watching them fail at something But get you a coach next thing right Along the lines with Getting a coach is to get an Accountability partner so sports taught Me that You know the team is important you all Have unique skill sets Um you all are trying to achieve the Same thing And having an accountability partner to Keep you honest to be side by side with You walking with you In this thing is very important they can Push you they can encourage you And it’s slightly different from a coach This is more like a peer Right or spouse or a partner or someone Like that Um who’s just coming at you just trying To motivate you or give you a different Way to look at and think about some of These things And then another thing this is very Important because We hate to lose well you can’t win them All You are going to try some things and It’s not going to work And if you’re someone who says oh i Tried investing once And you know i lost all of my money Right So if you quit everything that you tried

Once how many things would you quit in Life so Failure is just an opportunity to learn From that And then get better from that i’ve had a Lot of missteps when it comes to money And building wealth and quite frankly Doing a lot of things with my life and So You need to understand that failure is a Very necessary part of the process And it’s going to happen to you and then Last but not least You may not like this but there will be People who are cheering For you and against you believe it or Not Even people that you have helped along The way you’ve never done a harmful Thing to someone They’re going to be some people that Hope this just does not work out for you So you need to get your mind right and Not really care about what those people Think You need to handle your business based On your goals but there will be some People who will be encouraging And and very happy genuinely happy for You and there will be some people who Just can’t wait to see If the latest thing that you’re doing is Not going to work So that’s it there were nine things we

Just discussed That are things that i personally Learned in sports that taught me about How to save money How to think about investing in money And how to continue this Lifelong journey basically because the Journey really never ends you never get To the point to where you You say okay now i think i’m going to Stop you’re always striving to get Better you’re always striving to live a Better life You’re always striving to have more to Leave for your family not more in a Selfish way but you want to leave for Your family you want to help others These are the reasons i know that i Personally want to build wealth and Leave a legacy So the things that i learned in sports These nine things we talked about have a Direct correlation to me In terms of how i think about investing For my future And building wealth even if you didn’t Play a sport i think you can relate to Most of these things And so i hope you got something out of The video today that will motivate you To continue your journey and not to get Discouraged remember you can achieve Much greater things than where you are Today if you’re willing to put into work

Conceive it believe it and then achieve It we’ll see you next time If you like today’s video please Subscribe to the channel Like the video drop a comment and share It with some friends You never know who may need to hear this Message i’ll see you on the next video

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