The IRS is closing its doors!
Yes that’s right! The IRS is closing its doors making it harder to get your foreign trust ein number! I explain in this video!

So the IRS is getting very strict now in Giving out the foreign trust EIN number And it's because they don't want you to Have it that's the whole point because Once you have this number you have the Freedom to discharge certain debt not Everything but discharge certain debt And get out of a lot of lawsuits To be able to protect yourself because It's pulling you out of their system as A diplomat okay and as a secured Creditor So what is going on is even though we Send out the ss4 to get this 98 number They're asking you for your social Security number Now why would they be asking you that if You are foreign and the 98 is only Issued to foreigners or those that live In foreign countries why would they even Ask that so the way around it we found Out is to transmit your social security Number into an estate number and then go Ahead and apply for the 98 in case they Ask you for the social then you could Just freely give it because you've Already taken control of it as an Executrix as a woman or executor so I Just wanted to let you know that we do Have ways around it but for the longest Time they never asked for your social or Any of that and they're just testing you They're testing you so just want to let You know that and the power of having

That foreign trust is to protect your Home protect your assets protect your Family protect your bank accounts Because cbdc is coming to your Neighborhood guys we're going to be Getting a Fed coin there's a britcoin in The UK and that means more control total Control so if you want to learn more go To secured creditor dot com take care And come to the live classes coming up In March 31st deadline to sign up is March 15th

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