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The best radio station in the world in The world is right here right now Good day everyone Grand rising and this Is Dr Rob drenna Johnston and I totally Apologize I was supposed to go on live But unfortunately the Internet connect Disconnected and connected I don’t know What the heck happened so I’m just going To move on in on the podcast here And we’re going to talk about the IRS Being armed and dangerous and we’re Going to talk about the 14th Amendment Citizen okay And I decided You know obviously there’s a lot of you Out there How many billions of you out there that Are not aware That do not know about the private side That do not know about becoming a secure Creditor how it’s going to going to Protect you and how it will make a Major Impact in your life If you change if you start becoming more Knowledgeable in this type of work And how are how else are you going to Know I mean how else are you going to know a Lot of the information is being censored Out there And especially with with YouTube And other other platforms like Facebook That’s what you have to be very very Careful in in um conveying this powerful

Message to you all so I’m doing it Through podbean and this will be Uploaded on YouTube as well So anyway the IRS is armed and dangerous Folks I’m going to start with that I’m Going to start with an article The Biden Administration has a lot of Nerve proposing to double the budget of The Internal Revenue Service and add 87 000 employees This plan is set to become law as part Of the soon to be enacted inflation Reduction act and it comes around the Same time as the outrageous FBI raid of Former president Donald Trump’s Morrow Lago compound in Palm Beach Florida The Biden Administration has converted The FBI and the justice department into The functionaries of the democratic Party’s character assassination campaign I think they will do the same with the Yankee Stadium full of new IRS Auditors They will be on Search and Destroy Missions Sean Ben Cardin Patronizingly dismisses any concerns About taxpayer abuses by saying if You’re not cheating on your taxes you Have nothing to worry about well you Guys have no idea Once I really educate you guys by the Way on the situation you don’t have to Pay taxes because really when you claim That you are an American National or

American indigenous you do not have to Pay Jack So let me go into I personally went Through a three-year dispute with the IRS which cost me tens of thousands of Dollars in attorney and tax account fees Until the IRS snoops did a whoops we’re Sorry we were wrong Have a nice day when you are under IRS Investigation and the agency places a Lien on your bank account you are guilty Until you prove yourself innocent Conservatives haven’t or shouldn’t have Forgotten the outrageous weaponization Of the tax collection agency during President Barack Obama’s administration Obama political appointee Lewis Lerner Targeted the T-Mart party and other Taxpayer groups with a conservative Orientation an accident by the way the Obama team never even apologized and Lewis Lerner ducked out on testifying Before Congress she never went to jail Now the folks at report That the IRS is armed with rural weapons Guns ammunition and military equipment Folks The Internal Revenue Service service With its 2159 special agents spent 21 Million dollars on guns ammunition and Military style equipment between fiscal Years of 2006 and 2019. the agency Stockpiled 4 500 guns and 5 million Rounds of ammunition how many of the new

87 000 employees will be armed and why Does a tax collection agency need guns Anyway The story gets more sorted as we dig Deeper The IRS employee union donates 99 of its Money to Democrats This scam to give the IRS tens of Billions of dollars will pipeline Millions of dollars into the coffers of Democratic candidates does anyone Believe that an agency that gives almost Every dollar from its Pac to one party Is an unbiased referee of our tax system I hope No One Believes this it is to get More money from Bill Gates or Warren Buffett or Mark Zuckerberg these Billionaires have their own armies of Tax accountants and lawyers they have The resources to defend themselves from Erroneous IRS tax Rollings the Republicans in the Senate offered an Amendment to this god-awful bill that Would have restricted new audits to Those making more than four hundred Thousand dollars every Democrat said no Way This is because the geese they they will Pluck are the defenseless small business Owners and people who make between 75 to 250 Grand of income 75 grand to 250 Grand of income per year my friend Dan Pila who is one of the experts on IRS Abuses has found that the agency is

Trying to discourage taxpayers from Hiring an attorney or going to court to Get their money back Once upon the very very powerful stuff Once Upon a Time literals cared about Government abuses of citizens civil Rights once upon a time there was an American civil liberties Union that Would have been marching in the streets Against more intense government scrutiny Of every financial transaction people Make Now they are mute because the modern ACLU and other such groups are Completely captured by big government Socialists if you have a conservative Voice in this country or you haven’t any Affiliation with a Republican party or Donate to Republican candidates that are Coming after you maybe soon what is Perhaps worse of all about those Vault Of many being turned over to 150 000 IRS Agents is that Democrats have voted down More money for police to stop rampant Crime they voted down more border patrol Agents to help keep out drug Runners and Criminals and coyotes that refused to Provide the funding for the Army so that Our armed forces can recruit the Soldiers and Personnel we need for our National security We could fund all of these things with a Fraction of the money top Democrats such As President Joe Biden Senate Majority

Leader Chuck Schirmer dny and house Speaker Nancy Pelosi wants to spend on Tax agents There are the most warped funding Priorities I’ve seen in 30 years the IRS May soon be knocking on your door and Yes they are here from the government But no they aren’t here to help you now This is an article That was written By editors notes support Town Hall’s Conservative okay who was it written by Because I always like to give them Credit Um Stephen Moore August 16th to 2022. so That was his article so I find it pretty Damn interesting And a lot of people you know they Believe like I said you believe that you Are this 14th Amendment citizen you Believe that you are a federal employee Of the government of the United States Corporation And because you believe that you will Definitely mark on the box anytime that You are a U.S citizen that you are you Know you are a 14th Amendment citizen That is That is uh working for Our on behalf of the IRS basically as a Federal employee basically so It’s very very interesting To note and I can tell you straight up Because I am a secured creditor I got my

Paperwork done years ago got my trust Set up everything Got my social security number transmuted Into an estate number and all the stuff Moved myself into Diplomat status I no Longer have to worry about the IRS Coming after me at all And many of you will will beg to defer And say oh my God that you’re a criminal And blah blah and I go yeah I’m such a Criminal I have such a felony but yeah I Have my American passport so obviously I Know what I’m doing Um compared to many of the other shills Or gurus or believe that they’re gurus No because I can travel internationally Many of these other gurus you’re Learning from in the secure creditor Sovereign route can’t even do that So I have the upper hand in a lot on a Lot of these other people that claim to Be secure creditor gurus and all this Stuff okay And also because they’re very adverse They’re adverse against the IRS and That’s not something that we teach we Don’t teach how to be adversarial Against the IRS if anything we have the IRS work with us and for us Only if you’re on the private side so I’m going to go ahead and educate you a Little more on this what is the 14th Amendment Citizen

Most Americans do not realize that the Organic constitution of the federal Government does not cover citizens its Purpose is to govern world trade and to Military Militarily protect the American Republic Moreover the organic constitution does Not Is not designed to confer rights to Americans it was designed to protect Their god-given natural rights to Guarantee the common law as a civil law Such law is based on the customs and Usages of a society the society is not Subordinate to the will of the state Legislatures the society is Self-governing through Traditions no Authoritarian law is used sorry under The organic constitution of 1787 each One is considered to be a national A national of his own own country his State he owes political allegiance to His country his State he is subject to His State’s laws Okay Enter The Organic and Constitution Of 1787 the federal government had Nothing to do with the State national The federal laws did not apply to such People Nevertheless all this has been changed After the Civil War a new system of Government was installed by the 14th Amendment the governments under this System are referred to as de facto

Governments below is the amendment which Created the new system of government That operates under private law end of Amendment 14. under the organic Constitution of 1787 all states also Properly term American republics our Separate Sovereign Nations and countries Unto themselves Organic means real original in full Uniformity with the ninth and tenth Amendments under the organic Constitution an American is a national Of one of the American state Republic’s Nations separate free independent state Nations as protected by the 10th Amendment of the Constitution The United States of America formed Under the 14th Amendment Constitution of 1868. Under the legal effects of the 14th Amendment Constitution one super nation State is fictionally formed by the Unified United States of America in Which the states are each deemed to be a Political subdivision of the United States or Washington D.C Federal areas Or states the American states are Quasi Countries of sorts because Washington DC Is acting as a state or national Government of citizens of the United States U.S are federal citizens dual Citizens One Federal Nation created by The 14th Amendment to the United States Constitution

Accomplishments of the 14th Amendment The 14th amendment by operation of law Takes Americans out of their native States at Birth where Americans are Presumed to be citizens and Nationals of The District of Columbia United States Federal citizens Yeah exactly moreover the 14th Amendment Installs a new governmental system under A new Constitution which deceptively Runs concurrent with the organic Constitution of 1787. Americans are Fictionally transported to Washington DC At Birth then fictionally transported Back to the state in which they live in The U.S political subdivision country as A resident alien This legal condition Further creates an unnatural citizenship Or nationality turning natural-born Americans into unnatural persons or Legal fictions A lot of Nations under the law of Nations based on principles of natural Law one is a national of the state in Which he is born his native country and Nation he owes allegiance to his State Nation country government under the law Of Nations a national is not a resident Of his State country he is simply a National when one lives in a resident in Which he is not a national member he is A resident or an alien or resident alien According accordingly he is an alien to Every other state Nation country

Government an alien owing political Allegiance to another country or Government foreign alien residents and Unnaturalized foreign resident of a Country also called non-citizen Under the law of Nations the term human Being means a man woman or children but The term person is a national of a Society or Nation as a national one is a Subject of the government of such Nation Accordingly any such person is bound to The laws of his Nation That’s probably why I kept saying you Know indigenous is a lot more powerful Than even saying National Always saying that you are in an Indigenous but anyway let me move Further further here and by the way I’m Reading from the book hardcore Redemption in law commercial Freedom and Release by David E Robinson so if you Guys want to check out his book go to and knock yourself out he was Also a student of mine and he has been Involved in this this secure credit Worked for many many many years a lot More longer than me that’s for sure so So anyway Under the law of Nations the term Nationality is the status of belonging To a particular Nation by origin birth Or naturalization origin native a nation Is a society of people Bound in unity Under a particular government by their

Mutual consent their term naturalization Is a legal process that changes one’s Nation or country from one nation or Country to another that grants Nationality to one of foreign birth Today nationality has little to do with Ethnic origin Under the law of Nations nationality can Be changed as a natural right legally Called expatriation the changing of One’s country and accordingly his Nationality and citizenship one’s native Country is referred to as this natural Domicile or domicile of origin and if or Yeah and if one has changed his country It is referred to as an acquired Domicile once domicile makes one a Permanent Natural Born inhabitant or Non-native inhabitant of a country Under the law of Nations citizenship Refers to having political rights one Political rights are protected under the Bill of Rights of the original Constitution of 1787. generally the term National and citizen go hand in hand Under the law of Nations the systematic And planned extermination of an entire National racial political or ethnic Group is called genocide a crime under The international law Okay The 14th Amendment is a political cabal The federal government of the United States was getting little support during

A short period of existence there were a Few people voting prior to the Civil War The 14th Amendment is the instrument That established support for the United States as an alternate political system The people would not have supported the Union over their nation states if it Were not for the force of the Civil War So they had to be tricked into Supporting the United States cabal Governments are instituted by the Consent of the Govern Had to be created for the United States To receive support the support of the Union could not be obtained unless the People were taken over by the federal Cabal because the American states were Sovereign autonomous States Unknown to most people the 14th Amendment is the artifice and device That deceived them into surrendering Their National sovereignty section 2 of The amendment is where the operation of Law is found that executes the act of Sedition against the sovereignty of the States this had all been sold as an act Of Rights in humanity however the main Objective was to get enough bodies or Persons to elect officials as Justification for the newly established Laws to have some legal force in effect Section 3 of the amendment installs the Insurgent governments and preserves the Organic Constitution section two of the

Amendment empowers it Section 1 of the Amendment naturalizes all Americans as Nationals of the United States at Birth The legal language in Section 1 actually Creates a dual citizenship on Americans Such Americans are the United States Citizens Federal Citizens U.S persons And citizens of the state in which they Reside this in turn negates the natural Rights of Americans unalienable rights Held under the law of Nations a society Is a nation under one government a Citizen National of the United States is A member person of that Federal Nation As and is considered to be a United States person or employee How the 14th Amendment works Section 2 of the amendment entices a Voting American to test To Simply throw off his political Allegiance to his rightful state Government this causes his breach of Allegiance to his government this is Sedition hence treason a betraying Treacherous breach of Allegiance his Allegiance is then given to the de facto Governmental system over his state or Country’s lawful government he is then Politically bound to the federal Government and he is now a resident of The state resedent and is no longer a National of his country 14th Amendment citizenship a United States citizen and National is

Considered to be a resident alien in Every state country in which he chooses To live he doesn’t have the natural Rights conferred by God that are Protected by the original constitution Of 1787. he has privileges instead Granted by the federal and state Governments at will not by God he is Subject to both federal and state de Facto statues and laws Due to the legal contrivance induced by The section 2 of the 14th Amendment all The states are in a war mode the civil Law common law custom and usage is Suspended for participants where all U.S Citizens are subordinate to de facto State legislatures and are treated as Enemies of the Republic in which they Reside such treatment is due to the Presumed breach of allegiance to their Lawful state governments under the law Of Nations The 14th Amendment creates a cabal whose Purpose is to pull all Americans into a Foreign jurisdiction the federal Zone to Impose upon them what they are Constitutionally protected Of what they are constitutionally Protected from The 14th amendment makes all Americans Who condone and participate in the System of Resident a thing an object of The state of the federal and state Governments Russ in civil law a thing an

Object and modern usage the term is Particularly applied to an object to Subject matter or Stat statutes Considered as a defendant in an action Blackslaught dictionary fourth edition The 14th Amendment scheme is Three-pronged it is a mechanism for Government control it enables the Federal government to implement an Income tax for the world banking Elite It allows both the de facto federal Government and the de facto state Governments to do business with Americans such as licensing traffic Fines Social Security Etc Simply put the 14th Amendment is a Subversive political cabal Usurping sovereignty of the American Nations via the ignorant consent of the People the remedy to the 14th Amendment Is commercial redemption in law Which is to become a secured creditor Legal fraud caused by the 14th Amendment Illegal Misrepresentation of a material fact Made willfully to deceive and act on by The opposite party to his damage The 14th Amendment to the U.S Constitution fundamentally negates the Ninth Amendment article in the Bill of Rights for Americans this has been noted In cases such as USV Crick shank Although the justices in cases such as Crookshank do not clearly come to come

Out and say it it is understood that the Nations of the several American Republics are in fact not politically Autonomous as they once were The 50 American nations still exists Under the 14th Amendment but this has Been kept a secret from Americans no Public notice has given been given to Americans that citizenship in the Corporate United States is voluntary nor That the 50 American republics do not Maintain lawful National governments as Under the original Federal Constitution Of 1787. the scheme has been Accomplished with Newspeak the clever Manipulation and changing of words The scheme is commercially based and Termed staticism the practice of Doctrine of giving a centralized Government control over economic Planning and policy statism is just Another name for communism Since the foregoing legal scam is Fundamentally an act of genocide Government officials have protected Themselves accordingly by Congressionally providing methods to Absorb absolve Federal citizenship you Can use such legal methods to emancipate Yourself from the fetal system the 14th Amendment created if you do not claim One of the 50 American republics as your Country and nation and you will continue To be oppressed by the elitist Nation

Created by the cabal Very very powerful on the 14th Amendment And that is exactly what we do as a Secured creditor we are bulletproof we Are not no longer subject to the 14th Amendment And that’s why we don’t have to pay any Taxes because we let the IRS know we let The IRS know by putting our packages Together with the UCC one the security Agreement a power of attorney general And many other documents involved Sending it to Puerto Rico And then after that we put them on Notice we put the vital statistics on Notice if you were born in the United States or if you were naturalizing the United States you would you would put DHS on notice letting them know about The change of your new status and then Shortly after then you would go ahead And you would transmute the social Security number into an estate number But before you do that you would have to Have the appropriate tax exempt number Which is an Fein number to do this And by doing that you are taking control Of all of these numbers the social Security number your let’s say LLC your EIN numbers if you have corporations you Have all this control through this Powerful foreign trust which we call the Silver Bullet trust but it is a foreign Trust that pulls you out of that

Jurisdiction as a 14th Amendment citizen Okay so that’s what I’ve been trying to Convey to many of you so you can have a Better understanding on what what this Is what this entails how they deceived You in the first place and what you can Do to get yourself out of it that’s why I don’t have to ever worry even though I’m Mexican-American I am dual citizen But I’m still an indigenous American on Both sides and Taxes I don’t have to do because my Trust takes care of that it’s a foreign Trust and it has Limitless credit also And the Limitless credit no matter what Taxes say that’s against the the Government franchise name the 98 could Or the Fein number can completely Eliminate it not a problem but in a good Way you know it gives them the credit Gives the IRS the credit and the IRS is Your friend and the IRS is on your side Whereas if you are a 14th Amendment Citizen claiming that then the IRS is Against you so therefore That would be something to worry about So why the hell would you want to be a Federal reserve a Federal Reserve I mean A federal employee Of the 14th Amendment jurisdiction And you know a person of course a person According to the Block’s Law Dictionary Is also a corporation so you are Actually a walking Corporation and they

Use your name to monetize off of as well So really you are a debtor slave on Their Plantation And many of the people have been Hood Linked obviously because they haven’t Educated themselves enough they haven’t Been paying attention they’ve been Paying attention to you know oh the Roaring Twenties oh you know all the fun Entertainment stuff oh football or Whatever and all the celebrities and What’s going on with the celebrities but They’re not really Doing their studies on what the true America was the true United States of America was what it was all about in the First place okay and um so this is why You know and I get some smart comments Every now and then oh do you pay your Taxes go I’m sorry stupid I’m not a U.S Citizen like you claim to be I’m not a Federal employee like you claim to be You know and and these people are Jealous because I can get away with it I Can get away with it and I’ve gotten Away with it for almost like what how Many years now over 10 years or more so I have no issues I’ve never had a Problem and it’s because I have Knowledge gnosis no lid to know to know Thyself this is a little word game for You to know thyself gnosis okay and I Hope you enjoyed this episode because It’s really going to get you to

Understand A whole new way of understanding who you Truly are and where where you stand in The situation and what you can do to get Out of being a 14th Amendment citizen Believing that you have to pay taxes That you have to work your butt off and Give them money and let me tell you the Federal Reserve Or the IRS government or the IRS sorry The IRS Internal Revenue Service was not Created until the F the Federal Reserve Notes were created The Federal Reserve notes that you hold In your hands are foreign notes they are Not American notes they have nothing to Do with the United States of America You’re holding on to foreign notes but Yet you call yourselves Americans and That you’re Patriots of the United States of America with the American flag This sounds very contradictory so if I Were you I would do some serious Research start reading up learning and Start off with David E Robinson he’s got A bunch of books on Amazon and I highly Recommend start reading a lot of things I like about what his work is I mean I Call him like the philosopher But there’s some things that I kind of Critique because like he’s a philosopher He’s good at what he does he’s good at Writing the history and the information But I also I I have the information I

Have the solution I really have the Solution whereas Winston trout never had The solution he was more of a Philosopher in the Redemption uh World Which was very really powerful because He was a Storyteller he told the story He he shared the philosophy of what it Was like to become a secure creditor and All that and about the United States of America and the Republic and so forth And but he didn’t have all the Information to actually set himself free Because what happened he ended up in Federal prison And the last time we had a conversation Him and I will through email he Mentioned I said well I highly Doubt that they’ll ever touch you you Know he goes well I’m trying to go Against I’m trying to push Um against the well he didn’t say Exactly in those words but basically he Was going to Create a case of some sort to go against The pedophilia of the federal court System And by doing that I knew that he was Playing a very dangerous game and it was Very adversarial You know and a lot of times these people They tend to move into the hero you know Like I’m going to be a hero for everyone And I’m going to make everyone free and

La la la you know and by doing that and Operating an adversarial way he really He got his throat cut basically okay and Ended up in federal prison So anybody else who says or tries to Compare me to Winston shroud please you Know you don’t know me very well I’ve Been in the YouTube world since 2008 and I travel back and forth I travel all Over the world I have two passports American Um Mexican and I do not have a felony Like many of these so-called gurus do I Don’t have a felony I have a very clean Record And I’ve been teaching this work for 14 Years for for quite a long time for many Years this type of work so you know and I realize it’s interesting many people In the in the magical communities the Occult communities like the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn and all all These communities they’re powerful Magicians right and they are but Many of them have no freaking idea about This knowledge And they all need to know this they need To arm themselves with this knowledge Because a lot of them they have no idea You know a lot of the even the Pagan Groups yes your rebellious against the Uh the Catholic religion and all the Christian religion sure but you know What when you arm yourself with truth

With real true information Of what happened to the United States of America in the first place you know You become more well-rounded you become More well-rounded and you’re able to arm Yourself even better when some when a Situation when a challenging situation Confronts you And I believe this is what I’m here to Do you know coming from a magical Background coming from the Order of the Golden Dawn and many of these occult Groups and Pagan groups or whatever that Talk about magic and using the power of Your mind which is extremely powerful And it is but that in conjunction with Being a secure creditor you become Bulletproof that’s just my opinion my Opinion once you’re able to To walk between the worlds you’re able To balance all aspects of yourself okay So I hope you enjoyed this episode much Love and light check out just look below the Video or the podcast the link is there And yes we still are offering the Ultimate ambassador program for very low Price until October 5th and the trust The Silver Bullet trust all the videos I Ended up putting them back on the on the Um the website because I realized that Some of the videos were missing because Vimeo

Um I ended up not continuing my Subscription with Vimeo For for a good reason And so a lot of my videos that were on That website were gone so I totally Apologize for that so I went ahead and I Put more videos up there so you can Educate yourself even more about this Knowledge this knowledge this very Underground hidden mystical knowledge Because it is very mystical to realize Who you are as a being a bean of Limitless potential Take care everyone and also check out Ravenmoon forward slash Events we’re going to have a live Webinar two-day webinar on helping you Helping many to change your mindset in a Magical way in a very powerful way and a Lot of the information that we learn is From the mystery schools and from other Multi-millionaires and this is the Reason why they’re very very successful In their lives because They they teach you how to think Differently than what the slaves have Been taught so if you’re sick and tired Of thinking like a slave okay And a lot of you are on the plantation Right now you’re thinking like a slave And you want to enslave yourself then Come to this program which is the Elegance of Excellence Workshop October 22nd and 23rd

Check it out forward slash Events have a good day

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