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Very important and this is basically the History of how we started now mind you I Did add a few things or extremely Important extremely vital thanks to a Wonderful student of mine I like to Thank Don Mark Um he actually came at perfect timing And I’m like you know what I’m gonna add Some more stuff to this History part Because you know he really helped me to Uh he really helped to make things more Make sense of some of the stuff that I’m Actually addressing a lot of the things That I do address is very a lot to do With a lot of terminology that I do use And it tends to be very like whoa what’s That forensic accounting hi I don’t know What you’re talking about but he really Addresses it in real layman’s terms and It really makes a lot of sense okay it Really does why the government is acting The way it is why we are acting the way We are I mean it is so freaky but in a Beautiful way Okay the first of all I just want to say Really quick this is nothing this these Teachings are not to Target the US Government at all okay when you start to Learn about the non-adversarial status You’re going to find out that the US Government is actually going to be our Best friends because they are and they Do operate in the in the Republic side They operate on the private side

I want you guys to know that so this is Not about throwing bombs at the US Government something happened that we Were not taught okay and this is why They’ve done what they’ve done and it All has to do with Abraham Lincoln why He did what he had to do because he saw Some crooked stuff going on in the past With the with the bankers okay that he Had to do something to protect all of us Okay now it’s up to We the People to Stand our ground and gain back that Republic and gain and revert all of our Interests back to the United States Government not the United States Corporation which is a federal reserve And I will explain this all to you So please this is not to Target the United States of America it is our Country we were born there if you were a Naturalizer so be it You know they are going through a major War as well with these banksters by the Way okay so just wanted to let you know Now that you’re at peace with it and now Once you understand this you will have The full backup of the United States Government and international law as well Okay So Sovereign Gods presents Prison debt Planet this presentation is For educational purposes only The American governance and how it all Started

Okay I like to go ahead and do full Screen here let me go back both systems Concurrently exist today however the Corporate system has been gaining Predominance in the last 70 years I’d Like to say 75 years many sovereigns we The people have contracted with a Corporate system via birth certificate Bond unknowingly unintentionally and or Without full disclosure given Once you learn the difference you may Have to make a decision for yourself Your family and posterity That decision may require changes in how You conduct yourself You will have to undo what has been done To make your Sovereign status known this Is not taught in the corporate Government’s public school system Because you are not to know The elite of the One World Government Corporate system want and need to have To have power and control over the Population masses they call us human Resources Okay So original the original United States Started as a constitutional republic Having its beginning with a colonial Resistance against England’s tyrannical Government The Declaration of Independence in 1776 In Articles of Confederation in 1778 and The constitution in 1787.

Verse the corporate United States The corporation started when a Legislature was established with all the Apparatus of a distinct government Created Incorporated Gettysburg address In 1864 an incorporation of District of Columbia created in a 13-mile radius in Washington DC By Presidential legislative act of February 21st 1871 under the emergency War Powers Act and the Reconstruction Acts then reorganized June 11 in 1878 16 Stat 419 chapter 62. In this you can definitely look up For more information On that so what happened let’s let’s get Started here with the Civil War okay There was a civil war that started I’m sure you’ve all heard about the Civil War right and thinking it was About the slaves and freeing the slave The slaves from the south this is what Really happened Is going to blow your mind The USA was a nation and had a Government at one time and it promised Safe Harbor innocent passage right to Life and Liberty and pursuit of Happiness and protection The government went bankrupt And when it did it was split between the North and the South as a continuous of Colonies 13 and they had the government Of the United States Constitution that

Governed those 13 colonies so now you See When it had the colonies of 13 the United States of constitution was very Evident and of course you were able to Use that okay but there was an issue There When the South broke away from the north That actually fractured the estate which Brought on the bankruptcy The government was lost because the Constitution governed all 13 colonies as Signatories as an agreement for all of Us to do this together as a whole There was no more government and no more President So while this is happening to make Everything appear that it was okay Lincoln had to use his executive power As commander-in-chief status to issue Executive orders as a commander-in-chief Of the military and then he wrote up the Labor code to govern the United States Colonies at that time Under military occupation Because we had no government so they had To Institute martial law as an as an Occupy Nation where the military is a Provisional government The USA created the use effect under the Military occupation to protect that Status for us all But what we have to do now is revert our Interest okay we’ll get into that later

On in the course but it’s very Interesting information here this is a Very missing piece and this is why we do Everything on adversarially and why we Return the birth certificate and deposit It Back to the U.S treasury we deposit that And say here take the interest back We’re here to help the U.S treasury We’re here to help the United States of America the real United States of America the Republic So what happened was when Abraham Lincoln Okay He got shot Right before he got shot he went ahead And did this To make sure that um everything was Under martial law all right military law Or martial law Because he started seeing a lot of bad Things happening with all the banksters They were taking the money out of the Treasury and pocketing it and they were Keeping it for themselves which is not Much different what they’re doing today Okay he started seeing this happening so Therefore there is a war going on Between the bankers and the government Of the United States of America So let’s go back here So but what we have to do now is revert Our interest

Which is one is our birth certificate And everything back to the United States Of America so the use of fresh Relationship goes into effect to where They claim ownership which means not Only do they claim ownership in an Interest and whatever it is now they Have a liability attached to it as well So that the debts can be discharged so We we can be protected so that we can Get the promises they made to Us Safe Harbor innocent passage life liberty and Pursuit of happiness and protection Etc Instead of us being responsible Protecting ourselves from Invaders have No government at this time and still Under military occupation they still Have to protect us now once we revert Our interest back to them we have the Use of fruct they have the thing the Government needs to be the naked owner And we have the use of so they’re making Us a naked owner and I’ll get into that In a minute Very interesting here Let us have a comp or benefit no worries The United States is a trust where they Have already bought and paid for our Interests we have to revert our Ownership interest to them they leaned On it already you get the house they pay It you get the credit card they pay the Bill so it’s really funny when you hear Oh if if you don’t do this or that we’re

Going to put a lien on all your assets We’re going to put a lien on your house And put a lien on your car and it’s like They’ve already done that already Elaine has already been done due to the Fact that Abraham Lincoln has already Declared the um The martial law Okay and I’ll get into the terminology Of what use the front relationship is This is what has happened so if you hear A lot of things going on with like Alex Jones like oh martial law we’re going to Be under Marshall it’s already happened We are under martial law right now Already this is why it’s so important to Put pull yourself out of this uh out of War status and move into the Non-adversarial status because you’re Not at War and therefore by doing that You’ll be protected by international law Okay So Does this affect all of us the so-called Incorporated government is an imposter Posing and or and it’s not really the Government I have to go back on that I Would have to say the banksters it’s not Really the government okay this is what I had in the last slide I’m just trying To correct everything here and they’re Posing and masquerading as the original Constitutional government and they’re Not

Okay How does this affect all of us by Creating a United States of America Incorporated they’re able to incorporate All of us via birth certificate Bond Into the newly created imposter Governance B system They’re able to take your original Constitutional rights and turn them into Privileges via Uniform Commercial Code AKA UCC which in fact turns all of us Into debt slaves it’s like second-class Citizens They’re able to override your local State Bill of Rights by imposing their UCC codes and statues which is in total Conflict with our original Constitution And again going back to that little Piece a small piece a very important Piece The colonies they broke apart it went Bankrupt so therefore there was a Fragment okay it was fractured so Therefore the Constitution no longer Applies because there’s no government And there is no president Okay so let’s get that through our heads Right now We are under a state of emergency we’re Under martial law So this is something that I had to throw Here in the slides some extra stuff and Thanks again for my awesome student who Actually threw this out me and said hey

There’s a little piece that you want to Share with with your students okay Awesome just uh putting everything Together beautifully but you know again This is what confirms why this package That we’re doing is so damn powerful [Applause] Okay the founding fathers gold or silver Coins can only be the only money to be Made in America Government Inception of monetary debt Enslavement via birth certificate bonds Money debt is created by a Federal Reserve AKA fed a private Corporation Okay now we’re going to get back into What I was just stating again why we’re Going all the way back not to 1933. We’re going all the way back to 1861. March 27 1861 the end of the American Age or the Republic the shadow Government is born March 27 1861 Congress was adjourned Signed die Literally without day Lincoln could not Legally reconvene Congress When the southern states walked out of Congress on March 27 1861 the quorum to Conduct business under the Constitution Was lost like I said What happened the colonies broke apart The only votes that Congress could Lawfully take under parliamentary law Were those to set the time to reconvene Take a vote to get a quorum and vote to

Adjourn and set a date time and place to Reconvene at a later time but instead Congress abandoned the House and Senate Without setting a date to reconvene Under the Parliamentary law of Congress When this happened Congress became Dai Dia sorry Sina Dia okay I have to Pronounce it right literally without day And thus when Congress adjourns Cena Dia It ceased to exist as a lawful Deliberative body and the only lawful Constitutional power that could declare War was no longer lawful or in session Hmm Under the Parliamentary law of Congress When this happened Congress became Cena Dia literally without day and thus when Congress adjourned the scene idea it Ceased to exist as a lawful deliberative Body and the only lawful constitutional Power that could declare war was no Longer the South okay I’ve already read That part the southern states by virtue Of their secession from the union also Ceased to exist Sina Dia and some state Legislatures in the northern Bloc also Adjourn Cena Dia and thus all the states Which were parties to creating the Constitution ceased to exist So therefore it did not exist anymore Because the president got executed so President Lincoln you’ve heard about him Abraham Lincoln was executed the first Executive order written by any president

On April 15 1861 executive order one and You can see this uh if you want to look That up Lincoln And the nation has been ruled by the President under executive order ever Since so therefore he was never able to Close that okay he was never able to end The executive order so therefore because They they shot him And what happened was he was trying to Put everything in her martial law so That way he he’d be like okay guys this Is what’s going on with the banksters we Got to get rid of them we got to protect Our citizens right now so therefore we Have to lean up everything we got to Lean up all of our property everything To protect our citizens okay Um because these banksters are trying to Do something very wrong so therefore it Was an emergency okay and he didn’t do Anything bad he did something very Lovingly for us to protect us all Because he knew what was happening there Was war on our soil okay So you kind of get a different picture Don’t you Okay So when Congress eventually did Reconvene it was reconvened under the Military authority of the Commander-in-chief and not by Rules of

Order for parliamentary bodies or by Constitutional law placing the American People under martial role ever since That National Emergency declared by President Lincoln the constitution for The United States of America temporarily Ceased to be the law of the land and the President Congress and the courts Unlawfully presume that they were free To remake the nation in their own image Whereas lawfully no constitutional Provisions were in place which afforded Power to any of the actions which were Taken which presumed to place the nation Under the new form of control President Lincoln knew that he had no Authority to issue any executive order And thus he commissioned general orders Number 100 April 24 1863 as a special Field code to govern his actions under Martial law and which Justified the Seizure of power which extended the laws Of the District of Columbia and which Fictionally implemented the provisions Of Article 1 Section 8 Clauses 17-18 of The Constitution beyond the boundaries Of Washington DC wow and into the Several States General orders number 100 also called Libre instructions and the Libre code You want to look that up extended the Laws of war and international law onto American soil and the United States Government became the presumed conqueror

Of the people and the land [Applause] Marshall role was Kept Secret and has Never ended the nation has been ruled Under martial law by the commander of Chief of that military the president Under his assumed executive powers and According to his executive orders Constitutional law under the original Constitution is enforced only as a Matter of keeping the public peace under The provisions of general orders number 100 under martial rule under martial law Title is a mere fiction That’s what’s going on Title is a mere fiction under martial Law now since all property belongs to The military except for that property Which the commander-in-chief May and his Benevolence exempt from Taxation and Seizure and upon which he allows the Enemy to reside President Lincoln was assassinated Before he could complete plans for Re-establishing constitutional Government in the southern states and End the martial law By executive order and the 14th article And amendment to the Constitution Created a new citizenship status for the New expanded jurisdiction new laws for The District of Columbia were Established and passed by Congress in 1871 supplanting those established

February 27 1801 and May 3rd 1802 the District of Columbia was reincorporated In 1872 in all states in the union Reformed as franchisees of the federal Corporation so that a new Union of the United States could be created The key to when the States became Federal franchisees is related to the Date when such States enacted The Fill Code in law The field code was a codification of the Common law that was adopted first by New York and then by California in 1872 and Shortly afterwards the labor code was Used to bring the United States into the 1874 Brussels conference and into the Hague Convention of 1899 and 1907. Now let’s talk a little bit about the Geneva conventions okay you’re going to Find this out on your UCC one when we Start getting into that What is the UCC one I’ll get into that And the next the next webinar or the Next section of the webinar but you’re Going to find out a lot of information With Geneva conventions in The Hague and What they’re there for and how they can Totally protect us can really protect us Right now because we are under again Martial law now And have been for the past 75 years The Geneva conventions are rules that Apply in times of armed conflict and Seek to protect people who are not or

Are no longer taking part in hostilities These include the sick and wounded of Armed forces on the field wounded sick And Shipwrecked members of armed forces At Sea prisoners of war and civilians The first convention dealt with the Treatment of wounded and sick armed Forces in the field the second Convention dealt with the sick wounded And Shipwrecked members of the Armed Forces at Sea the third convention dealt With the treatment of prisoners of War During the times of conflict the Conflict in Vietnam greatly contributed To the revision of the Geneva Convention The fourth convention dealt with the Treatment of civilians in their Protection during wartime The Geneva conventions comprises four Treaties and three additional protocols That establish the standards of International law for the humanitarian Treatment of War The singular term Geneva Convention Usually denotes the agreements of 1949 Negotiated in the aftermath of the Second world war 1939-45 which updated the terms of the First three treaties 1864 1906 and 1929 And added a fourth treaty the Geneva Conventions extensively defined the Basic wartime rights of prisoners civil And Military established protections for The wounded and established protections

For the civilians in and around a war Zone the treaties of 1949 were ratified In whole or With reservations by 196 countries Moreover the Geneva Convention also Defines the rights and protections Afforded to non-combatants yet because The Geneva conventions are about people In war Like us right now The Articles do not address Warfare Proper the use of weapons of war which Is the subject of the Hague conventions The first Hague conference 1899 second Hate conference 1907 and the biochemical Warfare Geneva protocol Um protocol for the preposition of the Use in war and poisonous gases and so Forth okay Not to be confused with Geneva protocol Or convention relating to the statues of Refugees original documents single Pages As PDF 1864. the Geneva Convention Comprised four treaties and three Additional protocols that established The standards of international law for The humanitarian treatment of war the Singular term Geneva Convention usually Denotes the agreements of 1949. okay I’ve already read that part All right now the Libra code let’s get Down to that what is the Libra code Exactly and this is what Abraham Lincoln Uh

Pretty much instructed here we’ve been Under military rule for at least 75 Years or more since hjr 192 was Implemented and they removed honest Money which was reduced to Mere military Scrip Federal Reserve notes Libre code Hjr192 Senate dock 43. Labor code general orders number 100 by Abraham Lincoln April 24th 1863 section 2 article 31 a Victorious Army appropriates all public Money seizes all public movable property Until further Direction by its Government and sequesters for its own Benefit or that of its government all Revenues of real property belonging to The Hostile government or Nation the Title to such ruled property remains in Advance during military occupant Occupation and and until the conquest is Made complete So therefore they’ve seized all the Money They seized all the gold and They’ve seized all of our property so Again you guys Now you understand and there’s just so Much more to this there really is so Much more information to this we’re all Their property right now okay they put a Patent on us Because we are land a land patent on us They couldn’t do a land patent on the Land itself they can only do it to us

Because we are the only ones that are Movable from land And by that they have patent our Signatures and we’ll go into this Further We so you’re starting to understand the Bigger the bigger um picture here Okay this goes far beyond 1933 and and This kind of gives you a reason why so We’ve been under this military role if You’ve ever seen okay the movie Red Dawn Watch that movie it’s very very similar I mean they didn’t come at you like very Hardcore like oh War we’re gonna shoot You on your soil whatever and well they Did Civil War but they didn’t tell you a Lot of things that was going on they Didn’t tell you that you got your your Country back uh it was it was taken over By You know the foreigners the bankers Senate document 43 Senate resolution Number 62. April 17 1933 the ultimate ownership of All property is in the state individual So-called ownership is only by virtue of Government law amounting to Mere user And use mess and use must be in Accordance with law and support it to The necessities of the state The final move is taking place right now In the ultimate crash of the dollar Within weeks or months Would be considered the conquest is

Complete the recapture of America by the Global banking Elite and then America Goes up for sale to the highest bidder Now this or simply turned over to those Holding US Treasury bonds now When we talk about the U.S dollar okay Again those are Federal Reserve notes There’s nothing backing it up and there Is no value to it at all it is pure debt That is all the only assets that we have Is from the U.S treasury which is our Bonds that is the only assets that you Wish to deal with and I tell you later On in this uh sec in the next sections When you discharge your debt or the So-called debt what you can do about it By using the treasury the US Treasury Okay we’re gonna go into the use of Fruct what is the use of front In the beginning They seized title to The name and therefore they have given You that name to use in their system Where you will always maintain complete Indemnity from it that the state has Basically took on full liability for Anything one does in that name you are Just using it they gave you a Certificate of it so obviously they Authorize you to use it in anything you Do in that name the state receives all Benefits from it therefore the state has All liability for it the problem is Everyone is going in believing they are That name or believing that is their

Name the straw man name capital name and By making claim to that name the state Is just stepping back and saying great Thanks for volunteering you want the Liability we’ll let you have it okay The liability stays with the one who Benefits so anything that you purchase Anything that you buy in that name is in Property of the state because they’re The beneficiary they get to have all the Major items you buy registered to the State and they securitize off of the Titles and deeds you open a bank account In the name and sign all those checks in The name and the state gets to Securitize off all that paper [Applause] Okay This is what’s going on here with the Use of frock this is so you can Understand The agencies that the United States Employ that are actually subcontractors Of the corporation That is actually causing the harm okay It’s the agencies like the child support Uh the courts all these agencies the the Police everything they’re not even the Police they’re not even the courts they Are just simply administrators okay They’re the ones causing the harm Because they are acting as middlemen When they’re really supposed to be Helping us out they’re supposed to be

Administrators And I’ll tell you why this is more Information again is very very Interesting When I when I got hit with this info it Was very hard for me to go to sleep for Two days it was just too much it was Just a baffling Um So what they’re doing is these Administrators who call themselves The The government or the or the off you Know the the judges and the courts and And the police and so forth they’re Interfering with the proper Administration of the government and Interfering with the bankruptcy The United States went International Back in the 1940s that means everything Is governed as international law Meaning the statues the codes they only Serve to put limitations on the Administration because all government Offices have been placed to suspend Animation and put in a trust because We’re still in a state of emergency Since the Civil War was never declared Over There was never a proclamation from Abraham Lincoln that the Civil War was Never over because he got shot in the Head and there was never a treaty of Peace between the North and the South so Technically the war is still going on

There was a civil war it was fought and Lincoln made his Emancipation Proclamation which had nothing to do With slavery just financial and economic Slavery as the banksters were taking out Money out for out of the treasury for Themselves they were pocketing up the Money and not putting it back into the Trust and issuing IOU notes with with Debt with debt back then see these this Is what happened they were issuing the IOU notes and they had no debt I mean They had no backup So Lincoln outlawed that calling it Economic slavery that is why he issued The Greenback which was treasury notes Backed up by real currency of gold and Silver and said hey no no no this is We’re not going to be doing this we need The real stuff the real deal here okay So the Federal Reserve notes that you Have are not money it is not money at All they are only IOU notes The federal site the Federal Reserve Side there is no value the treasury has Value The USA purchased an interest in Everything that we would ever do created A use effect relationship where our Interest and ownership of a thing goes Over to them because of this they have The obligation and responsibility to Maintain everything we were promised We were promised that and we’re never

Taught to access it okay so basically as American citizens the real I mean the Real American Nationals are citizens and Of the Republic The government owned would own Everything and therefore they would Maintain everything it’s like basically Stating that hey You know what um I’m gonna take care of This house the house is paid for come Stay in my house you can eat it you can Eat whatever in there you can eat Anything in the fridge you can watch as Much cable and use as much internet not A big deal I’ll take care of the payment I’ll take care of the bill okay and this Is a use of correct relationship you Become the naked owner okay And And they have the use of fruct but see What they’re doing there’s an issue here Okay there is a big issue here they are Saying oh yes you can have everything Here but yet you have to pay the bill And you have to pay this and you have to Pay for the maintenance and whatever Okay see they’re making us like the Naked owner in all reality they need to Become the naked owner and we’re Supposed to be the one with the use of Fraught So what they’re supposed to do is Definitely yes take care of everything Yes no worries we’re going to provide

You a house we’re going to take care of The bill not a problem we’re going to Give you the car not a problem it’s Registered with us United States Government obviously so therefore what The United States government’s supposed To maintain the um the maintenance on The car the gas everything they’re Supposed to be taking care of it instead Now what they have is us taking care of Everything now which is very wrong That’s not the way it’s supposed to be Okay again because we are under a state Of emergency or under martial law so We’re being treated as seriously now you Can understand we’re being treated as um Terrorists in our own country So It’s very very interesting so I mean you Can just go on and on here and I’m going To continue to read this hopefully you Guys are getting this Um okay So They made a promise they could never Keep which is this dark shadow Government And you know just like the promise to Pay the Federal Reserve notes the IOU Notes they made a promise and there was Nothing nothing to back it up so Basically we’re living in this fictional Reality through martial law through Wartime

So what we need to do here is we need to Stop claiming ownership over everything And revert our interest back to the United States so they can put it in a Trust for us so they can settle all the Claims that is what we’re doing with our Birth certificates okay because you know A lot of people you know a lot of other Gurus will say okay take the birth Certificate back for yourself and run Away with it you know basically and I Want to purchase this and I want to Purchase that but they’re not getting The whole the whole message they’re not Getting the missing pieces here of why What the birth certificate is all about This is an interest and once we’re able To revert our interest back to the United States government and helping the U.S treasury issue out their own Currency we will no longer need the Federal Reserve anymore The Federal Reserve will shrink We will no longer need that and it’s all Of us having to to finally step up to The plate and and we have been under This illusion for so so many years no One has ever told us anything And so that’s what we’re doing we’re Take we’re giving it back so that way The U.S treasury in the United States of America can become to come in power Again under the private side and Bringing it out into the public

Basically we’re letting them know you Know this this is what’s going on here You know we have been at War and we’re Coming out of War we’re all now Non-adverse this is what’s so important Here So anything that you say that you own oh I own this house and I own this car We have to stop with that that is an Illness and that is a sickness and Really in all reality you don’t own Anything you know this is Mother Gaia This is planet Gaia You don’t own that plant you don’t own Anything because we’re gonna leave we’re Gonna move on into a higher reality and And trans and you know transcend Somewhere else So there’s a sickness here that the Um what do you call the Rockefellers and Whoever the higher-ups and the elites Have made us to believe to make us be Greedy that we are that is my car and my House and my my We need to just let it go and be at Peace with it let it go give it back You know what you want the obligation You want you want all that take it off My hands I don’t need it and I’m not Here to to own anything Take your crop back to yourself really Okay So and by doing this they’ll be able to Settle all claims all the so-called debt

That we’re supposed to be that that’s Supposed to be ours we’re actually being Able to revert it all all the interest Back to settle all debt and we’re Excluding we’re getting rid of the Middle man And we’re going straight into the US Government to take care of it we’re Getting rid of these administrators who Are actually not acting in our best Interests and when this information Comes back to them you’ll see what’s Going to happen they’re going to be the Ones asking for their books Our signatures turn Okay and then we’re Going to talk about our signatures how Important our signatures are Our signatures turn a piece of paper Into a negotiable instrument because we Are financial institutions and Considered to be Estates and patented Under Lan patent because we come from The Earth We are financial institutions so if you Just even sign a piece of paper we have Just created credit we’ve created so Much money for them okay they patented An interest in us we are all Agricultural beings Commodities when you Buy a house you’re not buying a house You’re creating a loan against yourself You become the collateral the land Patent cannot go on the ground as it is Immovable

So therefore we are movable but we come From the ground so therefore they can Patent us You are considered in law international Law Haig treaty Liber code foreign Entities of the United States because we Are our own Estates on our debtor side That is considered to be a financial Institution so when you put your Signature on any piece of paper you’re Considered a bank So Very interesting they just take a piece Of paper and put it over your signature Right on that piece of paper on top of That signature your signature shows at The bottom that authorizes a transaction Has been made that we never see Then they place a lien against that and Then sell it as a security This is what they’re doing with child Support okay this is what they’re doing With the with the mortgages Security Instruments this is what they Do Okay so with child support because I’ve Had an issue with them in the past They have you sign something or create An application You know like someone who’s asking for Uh child support or whatever They have you sign something And with that signature they then create A slap a lien on it and then sell it as

The notes no longer with them it Counterfeits security as there is Nothing backing it up and they obtain it Through fraud So they put a lien against your Signature And they’re so anxious to put the Obligation on someone else so it Relieves them of the obligation because They don’t have the note as it’s been Already sold off Now I can go ahead and keep reading this but I’m just going to explain this to you so Basically okay when someone signs an Application to get child support The federal government is supposed to Give you the funds right then and there Okay from the federal government not From the other parent it is supposed to Come straight from the federal Government But they’re not doing this What they’re doing is they’re having you Create an application sign it with your Signature and then with the funds that’s Supposed to be there right away from the Federal government they pocket that Money and then right away they go ahead And they look for someone else to be Liable Okay to put an obligation on someone Else and and I don’t know if you’ve ever If you’ve ever been in the situation

Sometimes they can give a crap if you’re A parent or not because this has Happened to some of my family members Um you know they couldn’t they didn’t do A DNA test at all and so what they did They went ahead and and slapped a child Support on them without no DNA test Nothing and even then when they did Prove that they were not the father even Then they made it hell just to get rid Of it why because they are making that Other stranger obligation because they Want it they want Clean Hands they want It off of them off their backs okay This is what they’re doing and they’re Not letting us know about this can you Imagine So really it is very this is what they Have been doing they’ve been pocketing The money without helping out the US Government Okay so what they’re doing is they’re Having us pay for everything with Federal Reserve notes [Applause] So now you understand a little bit Hopefully you do I mean it can be very Complicating you’re probably trying to Figure out why in the heck is this going On I mean it really it baffled me too I Just couldn’t you know it’s just like Wow Really it’s just so much going on that We don’t know but we’re actually there

Is a remedy for this number one our Package and other ways that you can deal With this situation At actually having the US Treasury on Their butts asking them for their books Believe me Okay so anyway let’s go back Um once application is completed that’s It the funds are supposed to be Dispersed over to the individual who Needed it they’re not doing that and They are instead dragging it out Creating a use of [ __ ] relationship Meaning when the person applies they Sign their rights over to the state so Now the state has the right to move as Power of attorney which makes the person Signing the application incompetent like An infant who can’t handle their own Affairs and stick someone else with the Obligation to complete their accounts it Doesn’t matter who it is that is why you Find that some people who are the parent Or not are hit with the obligation had a Family member I just said that so the Bills they have you sign you do a Revisionary reversionary interest okay You take it over and sign it over to the United States Treasury which now has the Obligation under yusufrock to settle the Claim that’s it you sign everything over To the United States Treasury excluding The middleman who are the administration Or children who are acting out wrongly

When you keep this up guess who will go Down to check out their books the U.S Treasury this is why this is a very Important piece to all of this and why Our paperwork is very successful it’s How you handle it we are all protected By international law and the statutes no Longer replies the statute no longer Replies to us as we are no longer at War Once we move into non-adversarial status So once we do that we revert all of our Interests back to the United States Government say here take it you know you Want the obligation go for it I’m not Going to be an obligation I don’t own Anything it’s like it’s kind of a test If you think about it you know they Probably want to test everybody And those of us who go through those Tests and say look take it I don’t care You know I’m not going to be a greedy Bastard You know then they start to realize wow These people are actually you know Wanting to help the country rather than For themselves because this disease and Virus has been instilled into our Subconscious mind To to try to take everything and grab it For ourselves when that is not the case At all I mean once we’re educated Properly about this then we know what to Do about it and I tell you right now you Guys and I’m not kidding you

We’ve done this with just the UCC one With a non-adversarial language send it To the IRS with a copy of the bill And just and sent it to him that’s all We did we’d even have to discharge it or Anything we just said here this is who We are and we know what we know what’s Up and they freaking left us alone I Mean this is what happened with child Support they stopped harassing me and They realized holy crap you know Um You don’t even have to go through the Motions of trying to discharge this debt Or that debt and we’re going to explain To you exactly what’s going on later on In the sections of the webinar it really Will change your your life you know you You’ll start to see things in a whole Nother light But if you had a choice to either be Greedy a greedy bastard and be a part of The the bankrupt you know I mean the Bankers and take everything for yourself You know and don’t even give a crop to Help issue help issue the US currency at The U.S treasury or the treasury notes To help The whole You know to help everybody else from Starving I mean we got family starving Out there you know once we were able to Help them out You know you got to make a choice do you

Want to help your fellow man and your Fellow children or your fellow people or Do you want to take everything and say It’s all yours it’s all mine okay and This is the test and I believe it’s from God himself or herself or the higher Powers it’s basically to say hey You know what you know you come here This is a big test this is like a big Karmic experience for all of us we Actually chose to come down here so none Of us are victims we made the decision We signed a contract to come back to This planet To fulfill this To make it right And I again it’s just a test to see Who’s ready to ascend to the next level I mean that that’s what I feel anywhere That’s that’s actually just a theory Maybe but it’s just for us to ascend to The next level to move away from the the Bondage Of this belief that we have to be Um victims and we’re you know being Controlled by by this power that be and Whatever when all reality we are of the God Essence and once we’re able to give We give back to Source give back to the People and then we have a peaceful Existence so it’s either you want a Peaceful existence or you want to be a Greedy bastard okay that’s basically What it is

Very trippy stuff and what I would have You do I’m going to list uh something for you I Mean it might be a little off Track of what you’re being taught here Today But there’s a video that you should Watch it’s called the holographic Universe And you’ll understand better I mean You’ll have a whole week to do this To understand about your reality It’s going to blow your mind I mean you Think this is going to blow your mind I Mean I have to say it this is like an a Mirror effect the holographic Universe When you learn about it well this these Videos that I’m going to send you the Links please watch that this week watch It and it’s and then you’re going to Understand even more so that way you Don’t freak out and be like oh my God Why why is this happening you’ll have a Better understanding in scientific Terminology but more of a quantum Physics Science scientific terminology of why Things are happening why we came back About our Spirit guides that are Watching over us and all the things that Are going on right now that you’re going To realize that this this planet is a Game And it’s only to help you with your

Evolution So me on the other hand what I’ve Already made the decision is you know I’ve deposited my birth certificate with The US Treasury because I want to give To everybody else it’s not just for Myself I’m not here just for me okay What what’s the use of having your birth Certificate and being wealthy and Rich When you see a planet of Destruction and People dying and starving it doesn’t Make any sense this is not what you’re Here for okay this is not what you’re Here for this is not what I’m here for We’re here to help everybody else And that is why I’ve even offered this Course to be extremely low price Ridiculously low because how in the hell Are you ever going to know this stuff You know it has taken me about five Years to come come with all this Information And this is just a decision that you’re Going to have to make it’s a very Personal decision Okay so let me go ahead and move along Here So we’re going to go into the United States of America government went Bankrupt in 1933 okay it went actually Bankrupt Way Beyond that as I stated but I am going to bring this up again Because you know it is very popular About the HDR 192 and the accepted for

Value So bear with me here Okay it is an established fact that the United States federal government has Been dissolved by the Emergency Banking Act March 9th 1933. First Public Law 89 719 declared by President Roosevelt being bankrupt and Insolvent HDR 192 73rd Congress and Session June 5th 1933 okay this is what Was going on A joint resolution to suspend the gold Standard and abrogate the gold Clause Dissolve The Sovereign authority of the United States and the official Capacities of all United States Government offices officers and Departments and is further evidence that The United States federal government Exists today in name only The receivers of the United States Bankruptcy are the international Bankers Via the United Nations the World Bank And the international monetary fund all United States offices officials and Departments are now operating within a De facto statues in name only under the Emergency War Powers again this has been Going on much longer than 1933 but I Will address this Constitutional republic taken over by The staff all United States offices Officials and departments are now Operating within a de facto statutes in

Name only under the emergency war power So like I said fiction martial law we’re Operating under a fictional name basis Now because we are under martial law Thanks to what happened with Abraham Lincoln and it was only to protect us With a constitutional Republican form of Government now dissolve the receivers of The bankruptcy have adopted a new form Of government for the United States This new form of government is known as A democracy being an established Socialist Communist order under a new World order of governorship for America [Applause] The founding fathers gold or silver Coins can be the only money to be made In America this act was instituted and Established by transferring and or Placing the office of the Secretary of Treasury to that of the governor of the International monetary fund Public Law 94 564 page 8 section HR 13955 reads in part the U.S Secretary of Treasury receives no compensation for Representing the United States Gold and silver were such a powerful Many during the founding of the United States of America that the founding Fathers declared that only gold and Silver coins can be many in America so Let’s go back to the Constitution again What happened When the colonies broke apart when the

North and South broke apart when they Went bankrupt back then The Constitution was no longer void I Mean it was no longer valid sorry valid It is null and void now because there’s No government okay so this happened a Long time ago but really with our Founding fathers we were supposed to Only use gold and silver according to The Constitution So with us being under martial law It doesn’t really matter okay Um because what’s going on is basically The way it’s supposed to happen At this time So it’s just up to us to wake up they’re Waiting for us to wake up and I’m Talking about the government the US Government the United States uh treasury Everybody is waiting for us to wake the Hell up here okay Or the or the whatever you want to call It the star seeds and the palladians and The Galactic Federation of Light is Probably waiting for us to wake up too After 1933 since gold and silver coinage Were heavy and inconvenient for a lot of Transactions they were stored in Banks And a claim Checker note was issued as a Money substitute People traded their coupons as many or Currency currency is not money but a Money substitute redeemable currency Must promise to pay a dollar equivalent

In gold or silver money Federal Reserve Notes frns AKA dollars make no such Promises and are not money because it Has no value it’s nothing okay nothing At all Okay the difference due to bankruptcy a Federal Reserve Note is a debt Obligation of the federal United States Government Okay are the martial law Military government not money the Federal United States government and the U.S Congress were not and have never Been authorized by the constitution for The United States of America to issue Currency of any kind but only lawful Many gold and silver coin Okay so What happened was When this happened and the Federal Reserve came in They booted the U.S treasury out okay Where we think the U.S treasury is Established in D.C well they booted them Out and and brought in the IMF or the International monetary funds Department okay and the Federal Reserve Ended up in Uh Puerto Rico Puerto Rico and also I’ve also heard Even in other places as well I think the Philippines but the real U.S treasury is Really not in the united is not in DC at All okay but we’re led to believe that

That’s why we end up sending our packets Over to US Treasury and we’re actually Getting a lot of lot better Um response with that Compared to DC And a lot of people who have sent their Packages off to DC Uh they don’t ever get their green card Receipt back because you know they’re Like whoa they ever receive it or what Okay So it is essential that we comprehend The distinction between real money and Paper money substitute one cannot get Rich by accumulating many substitutes One can only get deeper into debt We the People no longer have any money okay so The treasury notes and the Greenback but Um Abraham Lincoln was trying to bring Back it had backup gold and silver Backup so we had our little treasury Notes and you might want to check it out On Google look it up treasury notes like The old days back in the 1800s or Whatever Um they’ll have pictures of real and I’ll say treasury notes it will not say Federal Reserve notes or anything like That I mean the real deal that was we Had money in our U.S treasury that was In our banks okay that was the lawful Way of having money Wow And now you understand most Americans

Have not been paid any money for a very Long time perhaps not in their entire Life Now do you comprehend why you feel broke Now do you understand why you are Bankrupt along with the rest of the Country Do central banks commit fraud the answer Is yes as sentient beings our signature Is a commodity to the banker scam due to The fact that they had an agreement After the Gold was taken the agreement Was to collaterize all United States Citizens as debt slaves HR 192 Resolution or hjr 192 resolution Agreement was all debts are paid [Applause] In exchange for the goal the people Accepted all debts are paid means the International cartel came up with Economic security offer AKA socialistic Security Act not a bad deal if it was Honored sustainable benefits at old age A place to reside Health Care all living Essentials method of transportation you Know everything that is actually Supposed to be paid for already because We are basically shareholders of the Corporation of the United States due to Our birth certificates okay you know When you have a corporation what happens If you’re part owner of a corporation Your part shareholder so therefore you Should be getting revenue from that

Yearly or monthly and we’re not getting Anything at all So this is definitely done uh behind our Backs of the birth certificates by the Way Um without full disclosure of the Contract or anything they just used it Oh to protect you to protect you protect You from what okay it’s always to Protect you Broken promises banks are acting on Behalf of you when making a so-called Loan instead of you receiving the actual Money to pay for a house what is Actually happening you are being scammed Of your own money every time you put Your signature in their fraudulent Paperwork so-called promissory notes Understand the process the most likely Question is why do they need your Signature Again it’s because you are land you come From the land therefore you are in a Financial institution You sign a signature boom you create Credit you create all that Credit and money and everything that They can actually take and pocket Because you are the walking real estate You are a walking house okay That they have patented so they patent Everything through our birth Certificates Can you imagine we are very very wealthy

People we’re very rich But they’re using us in a very not such A good way as agriculture Simple answer is you are the Creditor And the debtor you make the money every Time you sign a fraudulent contract with The international banksters and now you Know Understand the process creditor versus Detour Under the UCC you create the Money that’s right you are the banker Your signature is required and you can Also discharge it Verse deter under UCC you create the Debt that’s right you are the banker Your signature is required and you have The debt [Applause] Through your all capital name A run on the bank is created when Borrowers demand real gold or silver Instead of paper representation instead Of being outlawed the federal government Legalized it regulates the fictional Money scam okay or the Federal Reserve Or the bankers That’s basically what they’ve done They’ve and this is what Abraham Lincoln Had an issue with with the bankers they Basically came in and took all the money Out of the treasury notes and said oh no Problem we’re going to issue Iowa you Know it’s not a problem and then what They were taking was our resources they

Took everything okay So now you have a bigger big bigger Picture here So what have we learned that about Around 1933 President Roosevelt declared Bankruptcy of the United States Corporation That the international Bankers demand Are gold and silver and made it legal Also remove many notes that were backed By real gold standards set by the Founding fathers of the Republic The bankers demanded more monies and They created a resolution called hjr 192 In effect creating a private Central Bank we all know as the Federal Reserve Incorporated I’ll point out again one of The resolutions was to collaterize all Citizens via birth certificate bonds In exchange for doing this the hjr 192 States all citizens are to have free Transportation socialistic Security Prepaid utility socialistic Health Care Socialistic food rations see we’re Supposed to be protected by the Government of the United States of America we’re supposed to have Everything that is free everything was Supposed to be prepaid but something Happened there and we are under martial Law and a lot of times this is not even Being stated we were supposed to have This but the bankers came in and took Everything

So to make it difficult to make it look Like oh we’re the ones that we have to Pay and through our sweat and toil when That is not true at all Um we shouldn’t even have to pay for our Houses or or cars everything should be Prepaid right now okay So how does this work about the birth Certificate bonds to simplify John Doe Is born and Incorporated the bond Certificate goes to a process of being Collateralized for example a million Dollars then the bond is sold in the Privately held International B Central Banking system Then the bond is sold over and over Which in turn can be worth a lot of Money 1 million over 20-year period may be Worth 40 million dollars Now by Understanding this process you are Nothing but a human resource to the Bankers now the funny thing is I’ve Actually had a call and some someone Stated that he actually went to his Bondsman And they ended up finding out how much His birth certificate was worth and he Found out he was worth 75 billion Dollars and I’m like what have you done In your life what do you do are you a Stockbroker he’s like no I’m just a Manager of a Corp of just a manager of a Store

And he was worth 75 billion dollars After a bond is collateralized for a Million a million gets created out of Thin air and the Federal Reserve orders Are treasury to print out one million Federal Reserve notes if you notice a Dollar bill they have a number that is Actually a person you are holding in Your hand So really we are all collateralized Um let’s put it this way example let’s Say that uh you know uh I’m the Government I’m Obama or whatever and I’m Saying hey you know what or or okay Let’s put it in Easy terms here Hey you know what um I you know I go buy a fridge or I go buy A computer and then I tell the guy you Know what no worries I said yeah I want This computer just go ahead and build so And so Okay not a problem I want this computer And send it over and send it over to me Whatever and just bill so and so So instead of billing me I have them Bill so and so for that computer That’s exactly what’s going on right now When Obama says oh we’re going to take Out a seven billion dollar bailout we’re Gonna do all this and do all that Instead of it coming out of his pockets Coming out of our hard work and toil is What it’s coming out of so when he they Talk about a lot of money and a lot of

Debt notes and a lot of Federal Reserve Notes it’s it’s a lot of us in there Okay so basically uh In all reality we should the computer That we want should already be paid for Already be paid for because we’re worth That I mean that’s who we are we are God’s children we are children of the High of the Prime Creator and therefore You know like I said We have been patented By them they see us as valuable Commodities and I’ll tell you why and You’re probably asking yourself this Question who are these people who are Doing this to us what the hell why would They how can they even think of Something like that Well some of you might agree with me and Some of you might not Through my research as a hypnotherapist I’ve you know I’m also Dolores Cannon Hypnotherapist Um doing hypnotherapy To actually take you back to time when You were actually a soul okay Um I ended up finding out through my Experiences as well as many others That We Many many many years ago some people Believes thirteen thousand years ago we Have been taken over by another race

Of extraterrestrials Karen hudis uh she’s uh the the World Bank whistleblower if you’ve heard of Her look her up she’s actually talked About uh we’re being taken over by these Homeo pensus people with big cone heads And if you see in in the history books Or History Channels Um you’re going to see a lot of Artifacts involving these types of Skulls that their cones their heads look Like their skulls look like current like Uh cone shapes okay And she’s trying to say oh they’re just A second human being you know they’re Another type of race of humans that have Been around as long as we have that Could be possible Or it could be very possible that they Have come from somewhere else some call Them the Annunaki uh some of them call Them the Draconian reptilian race if You’ve ever heard of David Ike Um this would make a little more sense To you but if you don’t want to go that Route if you don’t want to go that far Out there I hate to tell you this but You’re going to have to do the research And find out because really you’re going To have to sometime in your life you’re Going to have to ask yourself this Question Who the hell’s doing this to us You know is it another human doing this To us why are we being treated as

Agriculture and I have to say if you’ve Ever seen the movie Predator You’ll see what I’m talking about old Movie You know when another species takes over A planet or another species we’re going To be treated as agriculture okay that’s What is happening to all of us you guys I mean that that’s kind of the theory Some people have facts about it but Through my experiences that is what’s Going on right now And it’s up to us to come out of that Sleep And realize that who we are where we Come from and you know when we came in Onto in this planet we forgot who we Were we had major uh we call Amnesia but There’s a reason for that it’s because We have to pick up the missing pieces we Have to find out who we are and what We’re here to do and I believe that I’m Doing a great job I’m following my Mission to open you guys opening you Guys up I might be just at the beginning Point Of your of your Evolution okay but I Believe that after this course you’re Going to start asking more questions and You’re going to end up finding out even More information but this is just Something to get you well on your way I had a guy who actually got me into This years ago

Who uh invented air cars that run on air Who opened me up to another world he Didn’t go as far in detail as this but He did state that no matter what you do In the United States or anywhere that You will never move up and he was a Millionaire you will never move up They’ll always tax you they’ll always Take your money they’ll always try to Own you because they believe they own You And uh he did the air cars he invented The air cars that run on air and what Happened was the manager just recently This year just got murdered because they Were about to release it out into the Public They don’t want this to happen they Don’t want free energy and it was based The air cars is free you don’t need oil Nothing So like I said I mean this this is Something within yourself you’re going To have to find out on your own and do Some more research check out David Ike Um check out Alex Collier Uh do some research here check out Patricia Corey check out my videos Because I go on and talking a lot about This this information okay Um Am I freaking you out you know you’re Probably just thinking oh you know these Banksters these banksters it goes way

Beyond that you guys this it goes beyond The banksters You know we’re being ran over by some Very uh high-end Advanced uh species and They are not human they are not of this World maybe they’re from somewhere else That’s why you see Chemtrails in the sky That’s why you see a lot of the stuff Going on because they know that a big Shift is about to happen with the sun And the Sun is getting very hot now Getting hotter because a big pull shift Is about to happen it is already Happening and with that we are going to Ascend we’re moving into a higher Frequency a higher vibration and they’re Trying to stop it because they don’t Know how to live without us they’re used To having us as their slaves and they Know that once we all move into a higher Vibration they have to go back into Their own planetary mode which they say Is Nibiru which is a cold ass dark Planet So that’s something you’re going to have To look up I mean it sounds far-fetched And I’m so sorry but if you’ve been a Follower of mine for a long time you Know that I’m I’m very open-minded to All this other stuff I might be a little Wacko but it’s the only way to make make Sense of this stuff I’m telling you Right now this is not human what’s being Done to us this is very inhuman

Okay So I just had a Share that with you Okay All right So okay you go to the bank and ask for a Loan the bank acts as a third party Between you and Federal Reserve to tap Into your million dollar birth Certificate Bond get the picture they’re Loaning you your own energy your own Money All right Federal Reserve okay Um that’s basically what’s going on here Every time you sign a signature or for a Loan and you’re waiting for that money That money’s coming from you it’s not Coming from anywhere else because it’s Coming straight out of your birth Certificate okay it’s not all they do is Type up digits and that’s it boom Wham You know and then they charge you with Interest on your own money they create The interest and we have to pay on that Which is ridiculous You’re the Creditor if it wasn’t for Your signature they would not even get The money and also it is sold the Signature sold to other foreign Investors for more money [Applause] Is this what you’re feeling now believe Me this is not the answer even though

You wanna uh my friend Roger did this Slide so cute but he did a great job on This and it you know very much into this Very awake and aware and oh yeah I tell You we started out on an adversarial Level and now we’re we have to operate In a very non-adversarial level Okay remember resolution hjr192 within That resolution our best friend was also Created the IRS our personal accountant For your bond This is where you the debt slave can Discharge alleged debt and the UCC Processes comes on board now the IRS can Be your best friend telling you you send That UCC one that we have and you send a Bill out to them and say Hey you know Except for Honor Deposit into the US Treasury here you go I’m uh you know Release Me From all this Obligation I’m you know I’m taking back I’m reverting all the interest they’re Going to be your best buddies because Guess what the IRS is going to do They’re going to contact all these Freaking agencies and get their crap Together They’re going to contact all these Agencies that are screwing around with The money and pocketing it for Themselves because they know they have To answer to the United States Government and the US Treasury where are They pocketing the money where are their

Books Isn’t that bitching or what Banker massive Collective hypnosis via UCC What is the UCC It is a code of statutes contracts a Product of private organizations Bankers That have hijacked the real Constitution And Bill of Rights the UCC uniform Commercial code is based on Merchant Maritime law is important because of the Prevalence of the commercial Transactions that extend beyond one State for example Goods may be Manufactured in state a warehouse and State B and sold from State C and Delivered in state d What is the UCC The Uniform Commercial Code deals with the following subjects Under consecutively numbered articles Sells of goods 2A leases leases of goods Three negotiable instruments and Promissory notes and drafts commercial Paper number four Bank deposits Banks And banking check collection processes Number four funds transfers transfers of Money between Banks number five letters Of credit transactions involving letters Of credit six book transfers and bulk Cells auctions and liquidations of asset 7 Warehouse receipts bills of lading and Other documents of title storage and Bellement of goods eight investment Securities Securities and financial

Assets nine and this is what we’re Really going to be focusing on mostly The assets UCC 9 Secure transactions transactions secured By security interests which is your Security agreement and the Uniform Commercial Code which we’ll get into That in the next section And most important liens now it’s very Advisable to go ahead and get yourself a Book on the Uniform Commercial Code it’s Very important that you do that I also Have the workbook for that online but Really there’s some really good books Out there that can actually explain it Even better if you really want to Understand what the uniform commercial Code is all about Under UCC you are a considered a vessel This is why Maritime laws apply under UCC you can be leaned this is in total Conflict with Declaration of Independence and alienable rights but See we’re no longer living by that we’re Under wartime martial law Under UCC by Contracting such as Applying for a license your original Inherent rights or intern Privileges and Benefits and they can lean you and then We’ve already been leaned to you guys We’ve already been lean so it’s Privilege and benefits instead of our Rights we’re supposed to have all these Rights but we don’t I mean we really do

But you know we just there’s a way about This what you can do to get your rights Back Okay so examples your right to travel Now turns into a privilege to drive Your right to free speech now turns into A privilege to protest Your right to hold property now turns Into an asset that can be seized your Right to hunt now turns into a privilege To fish and can be fined these are just A few examples of the usurping UCC Corporate statutes okay because they own It all they own it they own your title They own your car they own the Registration I mean you’re registering Everything to the state but there’s Something’s going on here and the Middleman and the children we like to Call it are taking advantage of the Situation Because they see you as under your Wartime you’re a criminal Under UCC all of us are considered an Asset a debt slave uses collateral all Of us are equity for debts to the United States Corporation Black magic UCC we are no longer a free Sovereign Nation governed by the people But by a privately owned Corporation Look it up go to done in Broad Street look That up and you will find out that the United States is a corporation you’re

Going to find out there’s California Incorporated Arkansas Incorporated all The states are Incorporated [Applause] Okay under UCC you create the money You’re the banker okay I’ve already Specified that now how to free yourself From the Beast system via UCC one filing By becoming a secure party creditor by Filing your UCC one as a non-adversarial Status and custom financing statement in Effect you have taken over the birth Certificate Bond Originally created by them and that you Are secure party UCC creditor now Handling your own Affairs means being a Non-adverse you are not at War and Willing to settle your account Bond via IRS by accepting it for discharge a Reverting all interests Taking over the private Banker Sovereign Status that creates the money and also Discharges it and cannot be lean anymore Okay so you’re taking you’re moving Yourself out of the wartime status too Okay and you are taking that back your Credit is your own it doesn’t belong to Anybody else Elaine on all kaffir reports which I Will talk about later on comprehensive Annual Financial reports and all its Officials working for us and can shut Them down if they break their own Corporate law AKA UCC

And I will definitely touch on that Later on here Secure party creditor cafers explained It has been reported that trillions of Collective dollars not shown in Government budget reports are shown Through government Cafe reports and They’re virtually never openly discussed By the syndicated news media both Democratic and Republican party members The house senate and organized public Education with and being that the kafir Is accounting document for every local Government and with it being effectively Blacked out for open mention over the Last 60 years that this fact of Intentional emission of coverage is the Biggest conspiracy that has ever taken Effect in the United States of America What is a kafir a comprehensive annual Financial report is government’s Complete accounting of net worth the Kafir was established as local Government’s complete accounting records Starting in 1946 through the efforts of A private group located out of Chicago By the name of government financial Offices officers associated gfoa And become mandatory by federal Requirement on all local governments in 1978 to complete if they did not all Ready do so From over 84 000 copper reports produced By local government each year in

Combination with Federal government’s Own investment Holdings shows a Conservative value of 60 trillion Dollars held by local and federal Government as of 1999 an example of the Holdings shown from just one government Kafir New York State 2005 retirement Fund kafir shows 133 billion dollars of Investment held Microsoft 45 million Shares thereof Government self-serving Fat Cats instead Of us receiving these tremendous amounts Every month you know we’re the Shareholders of the corporation so Therefore we should be getting a piece Of the pie we’re not getting anything Every month towards the populace we are Being cheated out of all rightful Benefits and benefiting them as a Secured creditor putting a lien on the Kafirs makes a lot of sense Secure party creditor and its benefits We are able to discharge all debts fines Liens and levies judgment summons orders Legal notices protect all your vehicles Charge child support payments credit Card LH debt utility bills secure loans Tax liens and traffic tickets and so Much more that has to do with debt By using the private process know you Have the power to put them under notice Of default and use their processes to Lien them and receive monies from their Bond if they break UCC creditor laws

Custom UCC now this is later on if you Are very interested in us doing the Package for you okay we can take this Off your hands and we can do this for You we can actually fill out the package And also send it out to the US Treasury In Puerto Rico the first package and Also the second package we can also send That out for you and the costs are here Um you also do the UC filing online we Do the UCC filing for you online okay But it would be for an extra fee because It’d be in accordance to the fee the State that you want to file in so if Washington state is twelve dollars we’re You’re only going to charge 12 for the UCC filing okay also offered along with The package is the e-course in Membership into your inner circle of Sovereign God students so Um you guys are already part of this Webinar you’re going to get a recording Of This of course you already have it Now and if you are interested in in Getting your package done you just come Talk to me and you can write me on Illuminating Minds at and we can definitely talk About this and I can help you get your Package together and it’s not usually For people that are just you know you Don’t have time to do it yourself we’re Going to help you do it okay but you do Have to get certain documents notarized

By yourself you have to get it notarized And some documents uh recorded Etc we can’t do that for you so with That being said we it would it would Cost us 65 to send it out to the US Treasury and if you want the second Package sent out that’s another 65. okay So yeah that’s if you don’t have the Time but really with this webinar you Should be able to do it by yourself and It definitely saves us a lot of time Because there are a lot of people who Want their packages done Okay B system implementation for Financial Rune and slavery See if we’ve ever covered that [Applause] Um So basically I mean we’re pretty much uh Done I’m pretty sure I covered Everything okay Fiat the term Fiat money Is used to mean any money declared by a Government to be legal tender Okay Um it is essential that we comprehend The distinction between real money and Paper money substitute Before 1933 paper money backed by gold And we’re aware of this so basically Where I’m just going to end this slide With a lot of this information I mean we Pretty much understand the situation That we have been under martial law And we have been oppressed

And there’s something that we can do About it we can take back our rights we Can take back our power and uh thank God For that and it’s just a matter of Waking up okay so hopefully you enjoyed This webinar section one and uh tomorrow We’ll be coming together and I’ll be Talking about the security agreement and The UCC one Um getting really into that and getting Into sending out your first package what You need to do what documents you need To have signed notarized Etc Breaking it down step by step to make it Easier for you to get your paperwork Done because I know you guys are so Anxious right now you’re like okay Enough with the history I already know What’s up let me get my paperwork done And that is exactly what I’m here to do So thank you so much for your patience And Um your attendance in this webinar at This webinar and hopefully you learned a Lot and I tell them and I tell you it is A lot of information but at least I cut Down through all of the BS to put Everything together in a bundle where You could just get to the point and say Okay I know what’s going on now now Let’s get something done let’s deal with A solution here okay Take care everybody and I will see you In the next slide


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