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Druanna´s Wealth Protection is all about protecting your Wealth, Assets from seizures from Tyranny, ugly exes, Lawsuits, High Taxes, Lien, Levy, Bullet proof Private Trusts, international, american, foreign, global, elite.

Wealth Protection is all about protecting your Wealth, Assets from seizures from Tyranny, ugly exes, Lawsuits, High Taxes, Lien, Levy, Bullet proof Private Trusts, international, american, foreign, global, elite.

Welcome everyone this is gods of amenti The top of the pyramid are the Rothschilds the Vatican and the British Crown rule The British crown ruled the world There are two operant crowns in England One being queen of Queen Elizabeth II Although extremely wealthy the queen Functions largely in a ceremonial Capacity and serves to deflect attention Away from the other Crown who issues her Marching orders through their control of The English Parliament This other Crown is comprised of a Committee of 12 Banks headed by the bank Of England House of Rothschild they Ruled the world from the 677 677-acre independent sovereign state Known as the city of London are simply The city The city is not a part of England just As Washington DC is not a part of the United States The city is referred to as the Wealthiest square mile on Earth and is Presided over by a lord mayor who is Appointed annually When the queen wishes to conduct Business within the city she is met by The Lord mayor at Temple Templar bar Where she requests permission to enter The private sovereign state She then proceeds into the city walking Several Paces behind the mayor her

Entourage may not be clothed in anything Other than service uniforms in the 19th Century 90 percent of the world’s trade Was carried by British ships controlled By the crown the other 10 percent of Ships had to pay commissions to the Crown simply for the privilege of using The world’s oceans The crown reaped billions in profits While operating under the protection of The British Armed Forces This was not British Commerce or British Wealth but the Crown’s Commerce and the Crown’s wealth As of 1850 author Frederick Morton Estimated the Rothschild Fortune to be In excess of 10 billion dollars today The combined wealth of the banking Dynasties is estimated at around 500 Trillion dollars Today the bonded in debtness of the World is held by the crown the Aforementioned Temple Bar is a juristic Arm of the crown and holds an exclusive Monopoly on global legal fraud through Their Bar Association franchises the Temple bar is comprised of four Inns of Court They are the middle Temple inner Temple Lincoln’s Inn and graze Inn the entry Point to these closed secret societies Is only to be found when one is called To their bar The bar attorneys in the United States

Owe their allegiance and pledge their Oaths to the crown all bar associations Throughout the world are signatories and Franchises to the international Bar Association located at the ends of court Of the crown Temple the inner Temple Holds the legal system franchised by License that bleeds Canada and Great Britain white while the middle Temple Has license to steal from America To have the Declaration of Independence Recognized internationally middle Templar Templar King George III agreed in the Treaty of Paris of 1783 to establish the Legal Crown entity of the Incorporated United States referred to internally as The crown Temple States or the colonies States spelled with a capital letter s Denotes a legal entity of the crown At least five Templar bar attorneys Under solemn oath to the crown signed The American Declaration of Independence This means that both parties were agents Of the crown There is no lawful effect when a party Signs as both the first and second Parties Declaration was simply an internal memo Circulating among private members of the Crown most Americans believe that they Own their own land but they have merely Purchased real estate by contract upon Fulfillment of the contract control of

The land is transferred by warranty deed The warranty deed is only a color of Title Color of title is a semblance of Appearance of title but not title and Fact or in law the warranty deed cannot Stand against the land patent The crown was granted land patents in North America by the king of England Colonials rebelled at the usurious crown Taxes and thus the Declaration of Independence was created to pacify the Populace Another ruse used to Hoodwink natural Persons is by enfranchisement those Cards in your wallet bearing your name Spelled in all capital letters means That you have been enfranchised and have The status of a crown A juristic personality has been created And you have entered into multivariate Agreements that place you in an equity Relationship with a crown These invisible contracts including Birth certificates citizenship records Employment agreements drivers licenses And bank accounts It is perhaps helpful to note here that Contracts do not do not now nor have They ever had to be stated in writing in Order to be enforceable by American Judges if it is written down it is Merely a written statement of the Contract

Tax protesters and the coming dropped Resistors trying to renounce the parts Of these contracts that they now Disagree with will not profit by Resorting to tort law fairness arguments As justification Judges will reject these lines of Defense as they have no bearing on Contract law jurisprudence tarte law Governs grievances where no contract law Is in effect These private agreements contracts that Bind us will always overrule the broad General Clauses of the Constitution and Bill of Rights the Constitution being Essentially a renamed enactment of English common law the Bill of Rights is Viewed by the crown as a bill of Benefits conferred on us by them in Anticipation of reciprocity taxes Protesters and resistors will also lose Their cases by boasting of citizenship Status Citizenship is another Equity agreement That we have with the crown and this is A very juristic contract that federal Judges will use to incarcerate them in The words of former Supreme Court Justice Felix Frankfurter Equity is Brutal but we are merely enforcing Agreements the balance of title 42 Section 1981 of the Civil Rights Code States citizens shall be subject to like Punishment pains penalties taxes

Licenses and exactions of every kind What we view as citizenship the crown Views as a juristic enrichment Instrumentality it also should be born In mind that even cursory circulation or Commercial use of Federal Reserve notes Affects an attachment of liability for The payment of the Crown’s debt to the Fed this is measured by your taxable Income And to facilitate future assets Stripping the end of the 14th Amendment Includes a state of debt hypothecation Of the United States where an All-enfranchised persons that’s you and Me can be held personally liable for the Crown’s debt The crown views are participation in These contracts of commercial Equity as Being voluntary and that any gain Accrued is taxable as the gain wouldn’t Have been possible we’re in not for the Crown They view the system of Interstate Banks As their own property any profit or gain Experienced by anyone with a bank Account or Loan mortgage or credit card Carries with it as an operation of law The Identical same full force and effect As if a crown had created the gain bank Accounts fall outside the umbrella of Fourth amendment protection because a Commercial contract is in effect and the Bill of Rights cannot be held to

Interfere with the execution of Commercial contracts the crown also Views bank account records as their own Private property pursuant to the bank Contract that each of us sign that none Of us ever read The rare individual who actually reads The bank contract will find that they Agreed to be bound by title 26 and under Section 7202 agreed not to disseminate Any fraudulent tax advice this written Contract with the crown also Acknowledges that banknotes are taxable Instruments of Commerce when we Initially opened a bank account another Juristic personality was created It is this personality income and assets That IRS agents are excising back to the Crown through taxation A lot of Inc is being spilled currently Over Social Security possession of a Social security number is known in the Crown’s lacks as conclusive evidence of Our having accepted Federal commercial Benefits this is another example of an Equity relationship with a crown Presenting one’s social security number To an employer seals our status as Taxpayers and gives rise to liability For reciprocal quote quid pro quo Payment of taxes to the crown There’s a social security number we are Accepting future retirement endowment Benefits Social Security is a strange

Animal if you die your spouse gets Nothing but rather what would have gone To you is divided for feed it among Other premium payers who haven’t died Already Or died yet Control freaks the Rothschilds have been In control of the world for a very very Long time their tentacles reaching into Many aspects of our daily lives as is Documented in the following Power Point Timeline presentation however before we Jump to the timeline it it let’s read This invaluable introduction which will Help us to clearly understand who the Rothschilds are as opposed to who they Claim to be But the crown views failure to Reciprocate in any of these Equity Attachments as an act of defilement and Proceed against us with all due Prejudice for a person to escape the Tentacles of the crown octopus a Thorough a thorough going study of American jurisprudence is required one Would have to be deemed a stranger to The public trust four feet all Enfranchisement benefits and close all Bank accounts among other things Citizenship would have to be made null And four feet and the status of Denison Enacted if there are are Denison if There are any person’s extent who have Passed through this fire I would

Certainly appreciate hearing from them The United States of America is a Corporation ruled by the British crown And the Vatican and the corporations Actually do come from the Netherlands by The way folks the Netherlands and Amsterdam The USA is and always has been a huge Corporation ruled from abroad its Initial name was a Virginia Company and It is owned by the British crown and the Vatican who received their yearly share Of the profits the U.S presidents are Appointed CEOs they are not elected by Us folks wake up And their allegiances to the board of Directors not to this American citizens We are seen as employees of the company And voting is designed as a destruction Meant to offer us the illusion that we Have a say in all of this In 1606 King James set up the Virginia Company which was granted Royal Authority to begin settlements in the Province of Virginia named after Elizabeth the first who had been Popularly called the Virgin Queen the Union Jack first flew on American soil At Jamestown and Virginia as a permanent Fixture in the spring of 1607. the early Members of the Virginia Company were Aristocrats who supported the Church of England and the royalist cause they Included Lord Southampton the Earl of

Pembroke the Earl of Montgomery and the Earl of Salisbury the Earl of Northampton and Sir Francis Bacon As Chancellor of England bacon was able To persuade the king to issue the Charters which enabled the new colonies To proliferate in the New World The Virginia Company members who Actually settled in America included Several members of the bacon family and Friends of his who were initiates of the Rosy cross The occult conspiracy secret societies Her influence and Power in the world History Michael Howard occult conspiracy Quoted by Michael sarian I used to Follow him a lot he’s very very good With a lot of the stuff Michael sarian Anyway I followed him a lot And I have a background in the rosy Cross and a Golden Dawn being a part of That I know I know a good amount of that Information but not the inner inner Working stuff which is very very much Only the high UPS no and we’re talking About the freemasonrys and the Masons Had a lot have a lot of control of the Whole Um the whole country or Corporation of America And other corporations around the world I understand from contacts in America That it is through organizations like The London Metal Exchange that profits

From the Virginia Company United States Of America are channeled back to London David Ike the biggest secret The House of Burgesses was formed in Jamestown in 1619. it was the first Representative legislative body in the American colonies The house passed measures designed to Help the company prosper But a serious Indian Uprising in Jamestown in 1622 caused the adventurers To lose what little interest they had Left In 1623 King James decided that the Company was being managed poorly he took Over the association in 1624 and Dissolved the company World Bank World Book Encyclopedia as shareholders were Londoners and it was distinguished from The Plymouth Company which was chartered At the same time and composed largely of Men from Plymouth In 1619 the company established Continental America’s first true Legislature the general assembly which Was organized by come merrily it Consisted of the governor and his Council named by the company in England And the House of Burgesses made up of Two Burgesses from each of the four Boroughs and seven plantations the Court Ruled against the Virginia Company which Was then dissolved with the result that Virginia was transformed into a royal

Colony just can’t get away from these Buggers can we This means that all the rights which Apply to the owners of Virginia Company To gold to the gold silver minerals and Duties mined and paid in America still Apply to the British families who own The United States of America and the Lands of the United States of America Those same percentages have been paid Since Independence and are still being Paid by the American people via their Federal officials who are in fact Officials of the Virginia Company yes Including the president But here’s yet another twist who owns The asset apparently owned by the Virginia Company answer the Vatican David Ike the biggest secret After the original 13 again American Colonies won their independence and an Independent country was formed after 1783. The Virginia Company simply changed its Name to the United States of America you See there are two usas or rather a USA All in caps in a U.S and then big a the United States of America with a lower KCU and S are the lands of the various States these lands as we have seen are Sim are still owned by the British crown As the head of the old Virginia Company Although there is something to add about This in a moment than there is the

United States of America capital u and S Which is the 68 square miles of land West of the Potomac River on which is Built the federal capital Washington DC And the District of Columbia it also Includes the U.S Protectorates of Guam and Puerto Rico The United States of America is not a Country it is a corporation owned by the Same Brotherhood reptilian Bloodlines Who own the Virginia Company because the USA is a is the Virginia Company In 1604 a group of leading politicians Businessmen Merchants manufacturers and Bankers met in Greenwich then in the English County of Kent and formed a Corporation called the Virginia Company In anticipation of the imminent influx Of white Europeans mostly British at First into the North American continent And as you can see this is a this is Foreign these are all foreign companies Right from Britain Mostly British are first into the North American continent its main stockholder Was The Reptilian King James the first And the original charter for the company Was completed by April 10 1606. This and later updates to the Charter Established the following the Virginia Company comprised of two branches the London company and the Plymouth or New England company the pilgrims of American Historical myth were in fact members of

The second Virginia Company branch Called the New England company The pilgrim Society is still a major Elite grouping within the Illuminati The Virginia Company owned most of the Land of what we now call the USA and any Lands up to 900 miles offshore this Included Bermuda and most of what is now Now known as the Caribbean islands The Virginia Company the British crown And the bloodline families had rights to 50 percent yes 50 percent of the ore of All gold and silver mined on its lands Plus percentages of other minerals and Raw materials and five percent of all Profits from other Ventures these rights The charters detailed were to be passed On to all hearers of the owners of the Virginia Company and therefore continue To apply forever The controlling members of the Virginia Company who were to enjoy these rights Became known as the treasurer and Company of Adventures and Planters of The city of London these are the owners Of this Virginia Company that was Created by foreigners that dominated the United States so think about it foreign Companies have power don’t they After the first 21 years from the Formation of the Virginia Company all Duties and posts and exercises paid on Trading activities in the colonies how To be paid directly to the British crown

Through the crown treasurer The lances of Virginia Company were Granted to the colonies under a deed of Trust on lease and therefore they could Not claim ownership of the land the Monarch through his Council for the Colonies insisted that members of the Colonies impose a Christian religion on All the people including the Native Americans maritime law the criminal Courts on the lands of the Virginia Company were to be operated under Admiralty law the law of the Sea and the Civil courts under common law the law of The land now get this all of the above Still applies today David Ike England Canada Australia and many other Countries are LED politically by Prime Ministers to the queen in fact she is The official head of 123 commonwealth Countries America Russia and other Countries however have a president and Vice president usually corporations have Presidents and vice presidents what does This mean the U.S president’s rule from The White House the Russian presidents Also rule from the White House the Jesuits a large force behind the Illuminati have their own white house as Well England is ruled from Whitehall The United States government is being Ruled from the White House the Government of England is being ruled From what is called Whitehall and

Whitehall like our White House is a Symbol of power because the hall is like The Masonic Hall The Lodge Hall the Union hall and a good book to read folks Is Matrix of power secrets of world Control by Jordan Maxwell very Illuminating For those who think America controls the Roost it would do well to consider that The Queen of England is still the Official head of Commonwealth 123 Countries and the official monarch of Australia and Canada along with the United States add to that the fact that All Bush senior got for his own terms as President of USA is a mere Knighthood of The British Empire The original 13 colonies were actually Called companies Military units are also called companies We sing patriotic songs like the Star-Spangled Banner but a banner is a Corporate advertisement not a flag You surrender with a white flag no Colors when you get mad you show your True colors if you just want Independence in a bloody Revolution with Britain would you choose the same three Colors for your new US flag Why does every heart ring true for the Red white and blue what about the gold French flag used by the military hung at All courts Schools and Government Buildings it all has to do with the

British Maritime admiralty law of flags Joe Biden is the current CEO of the U.S Corporation and the gold French flags in The background stand for ruled from Abroad This is also known as British Maritime Military law and this is why the American flag always has a gold Fringe When displayed in the course of the United States you find the same in Government buildings and federally Funded schools the gold Fringe is a Legal symbol indicating that the court Is sitting under British maritime law And the Uniform Commercial Code military And Merchant law not common or Constitutional law under the admiralty Law of flags the flag displayed gives Notice of the law under which the ship In this case the court is regulated Anyone entering that ship or cart Accepts by doing so that they are Submitting to the law indicated by that Flag Judges refuse to replace the flag with One without a fringe when asked by Defendants who know the score because That changes a lot under which the court Is sitting If you appear in a court with a gold French flag your constitutional rights Are suspended and you’re being tried Under British Maritime military Merchant Law

International Maritime admiralty law the Law of the high seas began in Samaria Was perfected in Rome and continues to This day Jordan Maxwell has explained That the way we trade Commerce today is Modeled after the Mason’s Templar Knights one thousand-year-old system Notice how regardless of whether you Send a product by air water or land you Ship it the ship pulls into its birth And ties to the dock the captain has to Provide the Port Authorities with a Certified certificate of manifest Declaring the products he has brought Through a legal loophole the Royals have Created U.S citizens are considered Property of the queen under British Maritime law since we are born of our Mother’s water from her birth canal we Are therefore a maritime product a shift Commodity our mothers were delivering a Product under maritime law and that’s Why we are born in a delivery room That’s why the doc signs your birth Certificate your birth your certificate Of manifest you’re kept in the Maternity Ward why a why award no other Hospital Areas are called Wards prisons have wars And Wardens The United States Corporation came about Just after the Civil War the act of 1871 Was passed by Congress creating a Separate form of government for D.C Essentially turning it into a

Corporation it was decided that Employees would be called citizens So When you say in court or on paper that You are a citizen of the United States Even The Sovereign citizen folks we Don’t ever use the word sovereign Citizen that is an oxymoron citizen Represents slave that’s what it means in Roman or Latin that’s what citizenship Means folks So when you say in court or on paper That you are a citizen of the United States you are not a free American but An employee of U.S Incorporated When you get a fine a ticket a bill or Get sued you must sign in all capital Letters when you die or Masonic Tombstone by law will have all capital Letters to show their employee has died The Entity that is your name in all caps Is your Maritime admiralty product code Upper and lower case legally represents You your body I care not what puppet is placed upon The throne of England to rule the Empire On which the Sun never sets the man who Controls Britain’s money supply controls The British Empire and I control the British money supply Nathan Rothschild The Uniform Commercial Code was approved By the American Bar Association which is A franchise a subordinate branch of the British legal system and its hierarchy Based in London’s Temple Bar named after

The Illuminati Knights Templar secret Society the power that controls America Is based in Britain and Europe because That is where the power is located that Owns the United States Corporation by The way if you think it is strange that A court on dry land could be Administered under maritime law look at U.S code Title 18 B7 It says that admiralty jurisdiction is Applicable in the following locations The high seas any American ship any Lands reserved are acquired for the use Of the United States and under the Exclusive or concurrent jurisdiction Thereof or any place purchase or Otherwise acquired by the United States By consent of the legislature of the State in other words Mainland America All this is founded on Roman law because The Illuminati have been playing the Same game throughout the centuries Wherever they have gone the major Politicians know that this is how things Are and so do the government Administrators judges lawyers and Insider journalists this is inside a Masonic temple and in a hermetic order Golden Dawn Temple is very very similar Those who realize what is happening and Ask the court for the name of the true Creditor or recipients of the fines Imposed by the legal system are always Refuse this information by the judge the

True creditors in such cases and the Ultimate recipient of the fines are the Bankers to which the corporation country Is bankrupt Lawyers or barristers have to take the Bar association bar exam just as Alcoholics go to the bar sugar junkies Eat candy bars and gamblers hope to get Three bars on the slot machine these all Derive from the templar’s turn of the 13th century Temple Bar in England This relies what is happening okay no Kidding originally the Temple Bar was Literally just a bar or chain between Two posts next to the temple long courts This soon became a huge Stone Gate and There were eventually eight of these Gates built so the elites could restrict Control trade within the city of London They were taken down during 19th century But then each Stone was numbered and Kept in storage until 2004 when they Just rebuilt the Temple Bar in London The United States Corporation was Created behind the screen of a federal Government when after the manufactured Victory in the American war of Independence the British colonies Exchanged overt dictatorship from London With the far more effective covert Dictatorship that has been in place ever Since So the Trinity of globalist control okay The Vatican controls the religion

The city of London controls the finance And in the city of London they got every Single Bank from all over the world There Washington DC is military All three are separate states completely Independent of the respective countries So United States is military they’re all Military lands that’s why they’re always Going out to war In effect the Virginia Company the Corporation headed by the British crown That controlled the former colonies Simply changed its name to the United States and other related pseudonyms These include the US USA United States Of America Washington DC District of Columbia federal government and feds the United States Corporation is based in The District of Columbia and the current President of the corporation is a man Called George W bush he is not the President of the people or the country As they are led to believe that’s just a Smoke screen this means that bush Launched a war on terrorism on behalf of A private Corporation to further the Goals of that Corporation It had nothing to do with America or Americans because these are very Different legal entities it is the United States corporation that owns the United States military and everything Else that comes under the term Federal

This includes the Federal Reserve the Central Bank of the United States which Is in reality a private bank owned by Controlling stockholders and controllers Of the US corporation that are not even American this is a bank from which the United States Corporation borrows money David Ike The greater British Empire map There you go bowling blue If you notice the shocking truth about Your birth certificate if you notice on The bottom of your birth certificate it Says Department of Commerce it is a Property of the Department of Commerce Because you are nothing more than a Piece of commercial material that’s why If you’re out of work you don’t go to The unemployment office you go to the Office of Human Resources because you’re Just a human resource Jordan Maxwell The judge sits on the bench for the bank Banks are on both sides of a river a River bank directs the flow of the Current sea Get it the currency the cash flow The current C is deposited from bank to Bank down the river We’re just consumers to advertise to Just human resources to be used up like Batteries and they are the social Engineers molding us useless eaters into Wage slavery I hope you enjoyed this presentation

This is Dr Durana Wells my husband Darren walls with gods of amenti keepers Of wisdom and ancient secret knowledge Thank you very much Have a wonderful evening or day

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