The cost of being lazy

We are all guilty of procrastinating and being lazy with something in our lives. In fact, I procrastinated making this video about being lazy (so this video is as much for me as it is for you). But in all seriousness….. procrastinating, being lazy, delaying something that you know needs to be done isn’t adding anything positive to your life. In fact, it may be costing you in real dollars (and time). Check out just a few of the many ways being lazy is costing you and make a decision today to start changing that – one step at a time.

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Are you netflix and chilling a little Too much procrastinating on some things You need to get done i’ll get that done Tomorrow i’ll get to that eventually you Might be slipping in the laziness check Out today’s video and find out how much That will cost you [Music] What’s up everyone thank you for Stopping by the achieve financial Coaching channel where we believe in Breaking the chains of debt and talking About all things related to personal Finance my name is kenny simon i am your Personal finance coach and today i want To talk about being lazy and so if you Are one of my friends or family members I am not talking specifically about any Individual or collection of individuals Talking about being lazy in general just Being slow to get done to get some Things done that you know you need to Take care of and you’ve just been Pushing it off kicking the can down the Road that could actually be costing you Um in terms of money financially it Could actually be costing you and so Today i just want to cover a few things And talk about a few ways in which that May be costing you please like the video Today drop a comment and please Subscribe to the channel let’s get Started i’d like to start this video With a couple of quotes around being

Lazy the first one is by dr t p chia People who are in the habit of enjoying The comfort of inaction often pay a high Price in the end and then this next one Is by the late great kobe bryant kobe Says i can’t relate to lazy people we Don’t speak the same language i don’t Understand you and i don’t want to Understand you The first cost of being lazy that we’ll Talk about is health care costs so being Lazy definitely impacts your health care Costs if you’re laying around and things Like that lazy people exercise less than Active ones they have higher instances Of illnesses and therefore they have Higher health care costs so that Includes medicine for long-term Illnesses that you May have like diabetes and high blood Pressure but overall if you’re a lazy Person you’re going to have higher Health care costs than someone who’s Active the next one is food you don’t Want to cook you buy a lot of food Outside of the house instead of buying Groceries and preparing meals listen Even cheap fast food adds up especially For a family couple of trips to zaxby’s And you’ll be surprised how much money You have spent and buying several cups Of starbucks each week is not helping Add it up and see how much you’ve spent The next thing being lazy will do is

Like lazy people will do is you don’t Shop around for better deals things that Are better for your budget it could be A better cable service um you know Better food in terms of the cost Better internet service that is Cheaper rather some cell phone usage Insurance mortgage terms all those Things you don’t use coupons you won’t Even mail in the rebates just won’t mail It in i bet if you did some of this Research you could find a couple hundred Bucks in savings today you just have to Dig around for it the next thing is You’re complacent and you’re just not Willing to learn and you make all sorts Of excuses for it all sorts of excuses You refuse to figure out a better way to Do things you’re just kind of complacent Where you are even if it’s really not Working for you and you’re a little bit Frustrated you just don’t want to move You’re paralyzed so you haven’t found The motivation yet to get up and learn About something that will help you Better physically financially and Sometimes even emotionally The next thing is you hoard I’m not saying you have a house that Looks like the people on the television Show but you have a bunch of stuff this Stuff could be making you money you have Stuff around your house that you don’t Even use it’s just taking up space and

You are not willing to part with it by Selling it think about selling some of That stuff and making you some money All right the next item is you don’t Think about maintenance this is a big One anyone will tell you like if you Pull up to my house in a car like They’re just some visual inspection that I do automatically right i look at your Tires and things like that so you don’t Even think about maintenance so you Aren’t willing to maintain things like Your house or your car you know you Don’t paint your house you know every Five or six years right and it’s been All through the elements you don’t think About you know rotating and balancing Your tires right you just buy new tires When you know the ones you have wear out So you know it really costs more to fix Something that is broken rather than Maintain it along the way and so most People just wait until something breaks Instead of proactively budgeting for and Maintaining those things regular Maintenance on your car for example can Prolong the life of your car and that Can save you thousands of dollars Next is you pay bills late and you do it Often so there are a couple of things That happens when you do this one you’re Paying the late fees so you’re paying More right which is crazy and then two You are ruining your credit so if you

Have to finance anything down the line You’re going to pay a higher interest Rate which means you’re making things More expensive for yourself Number eight this one’s a sneaky one Overlapping membership so if you’re Someone that likes to netflix and chill Because you’re lazy or you just like the Netflix and chill you may have several Memberships that serve the same purpose You got hulu disney plus netflix amazon Video and you got all these other video Streaming services and they the content Is really not that different between all Of them so you need to take a look at That and see where you can sort of cut Some of that cost and the same thing Goes for music streaming services right And even sometimes memberships and home Warranties i know people that have you Know memberships to multiple gyms and i Just think that’s nuts The other thing is You won’t do a budget you all know i am Serious about the budget i harp on Having a budget it’s so important it’s The cornerstone of building wealth but You’re not you’re just not willing to do A budget or even track your spending so You have no idea how much you spend and Some people actually have no idea how Much they really make when they start Adding up their income to do a budget And so you’ll go to the grocery store

Like for example with with without a List right or a targeted budget so you Overspend you don’t have a list you have No idea how much you’re spending you Don’t even know what you’re going to buy You end up buying way more than you Planned on doing and it happens to all Of us And so then You spend way more eating out than you Would imagine people that i have coached Are amazed at how much they spend eating Out when we start doing the detailed Budget and then at the end of the month You wonder where your money went right You’re flying by the seat of your Financial plan pants and your pants are On fire of course financially speaking All right Banking at the wrong spot is a big one Listen You know if you want to get a better Rate on your savings account even though The rates aren’t great they’re almost Zero look around are the fees too high At your current bank for your checking Account so you use the excuse to not Switch banks of oh man i already have Bill pay set up um i live close to the Bank you know what my direct deposit Already goes in there and so you just Won’t switch and so you’re overspending Listen i think with a credit union for 25 years that has never had a branch

Closer than 25 20 miles from me about 20 25 miles is probably the closest branch And it has worked out and guess what i Paid less than two dollars a month to Maintain several accounts and you can Save like that too And then the last one is this is really Important you wait to start investing in Your own retirement i know so many People that are in their 40s uh mid to Late 40s and they are just now getting Started because they were just too lazy To research their own employers plan What do i need to do To sign up how much are they matching And so they just never get around to it Life happens right and then they one day Realize they’re pretty close to Retirement right more career behind them And then in front of them and then they Want to start and it’s never too late to Start but by then you have missed years Of potential compound interest and Growth which would which could actually Jeopardize your lifestyle in retirement So there you have it i don’t know if you Were keeping count but that was about 11 Ways in which sort of being lazy or Procrastinating hurts you financially And i didn’t even talk about a couple of Very big ones one of those is the fact That some people are so lazy uh they Actually don’t want to work which Obviously impacts your income

And then if you think a little bit Deeper about this thing like we have Some people i know some people who have Not finished their education not because They weren’t capable um they just didn’t Want to go back didn’t feel like putting In the work didn’t want to just dig in Enough to go ahead and finish that and Now here we are you know at our age and Some of those folks still haven’t gotten A degree listen If you are procrastinating something Make up in your mind today that you are Going to go ahead and get that thing Done make a list you don’t have to Tackle the whole list at once but do one Thing a week one thing a day one thing Every other day but make a plan to stop Procrastinating and moving forward on These things because it actually may be Costing you money remember this you can Achieve much greater things than where You are today if you’re willing to put In the work conceive it believe it and Achieve it i’ll see you next time if you Enjoyed today’s video and you felt like It helped you please subscribe to the Channel like this video drop a comment And share it with a couple of friends I’ve created a lot of other videos that May help you along your financial Journey some of those may be helpful for You too check those out as well we’ll See you around the next time

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