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Druanna´s Wealth Protection is all about protecting your Wealth, Assets from seizures from Tyranny, ugly exes, Lawsuits, High Taxes, Lien, Levy, Bullet proof Private Trusts, international, american, foreign, global, elite.

Druanna´s Wealth Protection is all about protecting your Wealth, Assets from seizures from Tyranny, ugly exes, Lawsuits, High Taxes, Lien, Levy, Bullet proof Private Trusts, international, american, foreign, global, elite.

Alrighty so we are here to talk about The history about how we got here what Is the whole purpose of this what is a Birth certificate And I’m sure many of you are asking the Same question since you started this This webinar Um It was the first question that I asked Myself actually you know what the heck Is a birth certificate what is it what Is it good for what was the purpose of That Um and you will be shocked out to find Out what it really is and what it really Means and how it Um coincides with the the boat And the vessel It’s going to blow your mind literally Alrighty so I’m just going to go ahead And get started here So origins of birth certificates all Right so what is a birth To come into or dock at a wharf such as When a ship comes into a dock it arrives So consequently when a ship pulls into a Port it pulls in and stops That is called a birth B-e-r-t-h because the ship has now Arrived so because of it because it is On the laws of the high seas it is Governed by the UCC commercial law So when the ship pulls into its birth Okay

The captain What the captain does is he presents a Certificate of manifest to the part Authorities a certificate of manifest is A document listing a ship’s contents Cargo and crew and passengers So whatever the ship brings in a birth The captain has to present a certificate Of manifest showing the identity and Value of the items on the ship very Similar to the birth certificate isn’t That funny hmm wonder why When we are born we came out of our Mother’s water therefore they must have A birth certificate a certificate of Manifest the people are considered a Corporation owned item a human resource This goes back to the Germans Nazi Concept that every human coming out of The mother’s water must be birthed Therefore the people have to have a Certificate of manifest to see who the Soul is and how much they’re going to Make for the government in the New World Order this is definitely this is quoted By Jordan Maxwell if you haven’t heard About him you should definitely check His work out when I got started on this Journey learning about the birth Certificate and the bond and and us and Our names becoming a corporation I Checked out a lot of his videos and it Was very very interesting it was Mind-blowing but I mean if he came to

This webinar you probably have already Seen it Because I cannot just allow anybody in The webinar that has no idea what the Heck we’re talking about but I’m sure You you totally comprehend this alrighty So this is the certificate of manifest Which is the The is your uh birth certificate And it looks just like a birth Certificate doesn’t it isn’t that Strange huh Okay All right All right so The US went bankrupt in 1933 and all new Money has to be borrowed into existence All states started issuing serial Numbers numbers certified Warehouse Receipts for births and marriages in Order to pledge the people as collateral Against these loans a municipal bonds Taken out with a federal reserve banks Okay this full faith credit of the American people now we say American but Really it’s it’s the whole world it Wasn’t just the American people it was Everybody on this planet this whole Planet is a prison planet by the way it Is a farm we call it the farm or the Plantation The full faith credit of the American People is said to be that which back the Nation’s debt means the American

People’s ability to labor and pay back The debt in order to catalog its Laborers the government needed an Efficient methodical system of tracking Its property to that end humans are Looked upon as human resources hint Human Resource Center The people are a resource to the Government their birth certificates are Security on a New York’s Stock Exchange Which is why if you look at all the BCS Or birth certificates in America it will Say at the bottom printed on security Paper do not accept if not on full color Security paper At this at in this bottom you will Always have a series of numbers which Are the red numbers printed on the birth Certificate in which Um which are numbers are a security Stock on this New York Stock Exchange Now some of the birth certificates I’m Going to tell you don’t have the red Numbers at the bottom okay or at the top But really if you don’t have that the Best thing to do is try to get another Birth certificate or contact somebody Who can get your q-sip numbers now we Actually have somebody that we’re in Contact with that can get you the q-sip Numbers to your birth certificate Bond Your passport Bond and your driver’s License And um I’m going to talk to to Chief Zee

About this and make sure that it’s okay For you guys to contact him but this is Another way to find out exactly how much Money your birth certificate is worth Which is extremely powerful That’s something that you would need to Know and you will get your q-sup numbers For that So okay so Um Let’s see in which okay The red number is printed on the birth Certificate in which are the numbers are A security Stock Exchange number on the World Stock Exchange in which the American people are worth money to the International Bank that bought the Government in the 1930s Government assignment of a dollar value To the heads of citizens in America Began on July 14 1862 when President Lincoln Um Afford six percent interest bearing Bonds are offered I’m sorry offered six Percent interest bearing bonds to States Who freed their slaves on a per head Basis the government knows that they can Only extract so much money out of the Economy their idea is to bankrupt Private owners of all assets in this Country That’s the real scheme and motive by Encouraging Congress to spend money it

Doesn’t already have Congress has to Turn around and lean on American labor And American private property for Collateral See they do that by fraudulent Conversion of birth certificates Doctors who are franchises of the state Are obliged to sign a birth certificate And forward them to the Secretary of State They make certified copies and forward The birth certificate to the Department Of Commerce in Washington D.C the Department does the same thing they make Certified copies and forward them onto The international monetary Fund in Brussels Belgium Now this is the center for the Hub of The banking Syndicate and they are of Course loaning these huge sums to Various governments around the world Including the Congress of the United States Congress needs something for collateral Which is our birth certificates they get Treated as certificates in equity with Much and with mature which matures on The 18th birthday of the person whose Name appears on the birth certificate The bank keeps track of these and uses The numbers that any particular nation Has available as collateral on the International debt as performance units On the international debt

The more of those you have the more Money you can borrow it’s like it’s like This the more collateral I have the more Money I can borrow from Banks and the More I can secure So the government is securing their International debt by leaning on the Persons and property of their citizens They’re doing this on a massive scale And it’s technically technically Fraudulent conversion of the birth Certificate because they never told you About it they never told you they were Obtaining a lien on your person and Starting a third party debt that you’re Responsible for you had no choice in the Matter making it an unconscionable Contract Think of it very simply as walking into A department store and saying to the Salesman I really like that refrigerator Over there I want to buy it ship it to My home tomorrow and send the bill to Say Kenneth so the next day the fridge Ends up in your garage and the bill ends Up in Kenneth Mill Kenneth opens his mail and says what’s This one fridge for eight hundred Dollars what is this I didn’t buy this I’m not a party to this transaction I Didn’t even know about it why are they Billing me there must be a mistake here This is what’s going on now the Department store is the Federal Reserve

They are supplying frns right well Kenneth is the American people and I’m The one who went in in there and bought The refrigerator in the first place I Represent Congress and I’m saying don’t Send the bill to me send it to the American people and you can lean on Their property by the way you can use The police we’ll enforce it for you will Extract the money this is a fraud Obama Or Trump is keeping from the American People The fraud is that Congress bankrupted The U.S treasury and turned all their Gold over to the Federal Reserve Federal Reserve Banks which are not federal Government agencies The Federal Reserve is a municipal Corporation created by an act of Congress but it’s still a corporation And they have all the gold but there Wasn’t enough to discharge the debt that Had accumulated up to 1933. they had to Go bankrupt to discharge the rest of the Debt Therefore using standard Federal Reserve Bankruptcy rules for this but the Creditors are in charge they tell Congress go ahead continue spending more Money that you don’t have because we Know we’ll take it from the people Like the current economic situation the Government uses Obama to push ideas Concepts of stimulus checks as a way for

Slowing down inflation creating jobs and Giving the American people more money to Spend this will only devalue the dollar And the banks will close up because you Can because how can you spend in a Recession to boost economy by the Banks Closing up it will it will for the American people into one way Electronic spending money system that Will be Monitored and administrator administered Sorry by the government forcing the People into compliance with the N New World Order In 1921 the federal Shepherd Towner Maternity Act created the birth Registration or what we know as the Birth certificate known as the maternity Act and was sold to the people as a law That would reduce maternal and infant Mortality protect the health of mothers Infants and for other purposes provide For the establishment of a federal Bureau designed to cooperate with state Agencies in the overseen of its Operations expenditures What it really did was create a federal Birth registry which exists today Creating Federal children this Government under the doctrine of parents Now legislates for American children as If they own if they owned by the federal That they’re owned by the federal Government through the public enrollment

Process and continuing license Requirements for most aspects of daily Life These children grow up to be adults Indoctrinated into process of asking for Permission From government imposing as God to do All those things necessary to carry out Daily activities that exist and what is Called the free country marriage death Birth official records past seven years Social Security numbers has been Mandated by the federal government to be Issued at Birth David Ike you need to check him out He is an awesome speaker and he talks About this first to create the problem And then they want to see a reaction From the people and then here comes the Solution you should check him out There’s a good book to read it’s Children of The Matrix It will literally blow your mind as well In 1933 bankruptcy was declared by President Roosevelt the governors of Then of the then 48 states pledged the Full faith credit clause of constitution U.S article 4 section 1 requires that Foreign judgment be given such faith and Credit as it had by law or usage of State origin That foreign statues are to have force And effect to which they are entitled in Home state and that judgment or record

Shall have the same Faith credit Conclusive effect and obliga obligatory Force in other states as it has by law Or use in the state from Once taken The state claims an interest in every Child within its jurisdiction The state will if it deems it necessary Nullify your parental rights which They’re doing right now and appoint a Guardian or trustee over your children This is when when you enroll your Children in public school that’s exactly What’s going on by the way you don’t Know this they don’t tell you this but If they If you enroll your children in public School isn’t it funny that they are very Nosy they want to know everything about The parent they’ll have the social Workers coming in and they want to know You know if if you’re qualified to be a Parent that’s pretty much it but it also Gives them the the acquiescence and the The power over your children and to take Your children from you if need be when Enrolled in a public school but I’m sure They they’ve never told you this Um there’s other Alternatives by the way You could enroll your kids and Homeschool and there’s another Alternative school that you can check Out homeschool if you are a parent it’s Called time for learning time number Four okay time for and you

Can actually homeschool your children And it is based in the United States and It’s online it’s very very very helpful The subject of every birth is the child Child is a valuable asset which if Properly trained can contribute valuably Valuable assets provided by its labor Child needs a good education for a good Job you see that’s what a school is for To make your child go to school because They’re going to work a job and we we Call jobs just over broke Because that’s exactly what it is you’re Just over broke as on a job The child itself when born is the asset Of the trust established by the birth Certificate and the social security Number or registration of the trust Allowing for the assets of the trust to Be truck thus making whomever gets a Birth certificate and by the state Everyone with a birth certificate is Considered assets of the bankruptcy of The USA which makes them Designed by this government as human Resources We are defined as human resources and Owned by the government they want us Tagged tracked net with national IDs and Federal jurisdiction to legislate for The several states do not exist they Can’t order you to have an ID or health Card so far through our ignorance they Come up with formats to tax the people

The birth certificate proves you are a National property of the International Banks it becomes a theft of the child’s True identity as a free child of the Goddess or God To a servant of the state By requiring a license the state is Claiming to have complete control and Ownership over your Liberty and property So when you register something that’s What’s going on when you register your Car or you register your child That is you are giving ownership over to The state so just know every time you Hear a word registration you are giving Ownership over to them okay And all cap letters is confirmed by Is a government franchise and servant to The state a fictitious Corporation for Profit Uniform Commercial Code Article 1 Agreement and contract article 349 now Some of us may not have we’ll have birth Certificates but not all of them have to Be all capital all cap letters okay if You have a birth certificate period that Is enough because it was registered with The state or the the state of your Country regardless this is a world event That has taken place this did not just Happen to the American people because The foreign banks are Um They’re benefiting off of this energy

From everybody laboring and being taxed Heavily and you’re going to find out More about what tax truly is in tax Is is just voluntary They have no right to tax you when you Go to the debt validation session learn How to do a forensic investigation You’re going to learn a lot about this And what taxes are and how to Investigate a corporation properly so For now this is the beginning of the Course and dealing with a history of What the birth certificate is and what You are seen as by the states and by the Vatican you are seen as chattel you are Seen as property

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