The Article 9 Short Sale – 2

In today’s market, automation is threatening traditional transaction models. Forward-looking business intermediaries, therefore, must embrace the change and pursue more complex transactions.

Intermediaries either discard distressed situations altogether or deal with inefficient and costly attempts at global resolution of subordinate debt.

Through simplified and frictionless reorganizations centered around highly-controlled short sales, we divorce top-line business value from underlying debt.

This creates successful exits for owners, returns maximum benefit to creditors, and delivers pristine, previously untransactable enterprises back to you.

An alliance with Second Wind lets you turn bad deals into great situations. The preservation of business value opens you up to a whole new field of strategic buy side representation, brokerage or M&A activity.

At the same time, you’ll gain brand authority for being the industry professional who accomplishes what others can’t.

Leverage Second Wind’s transactional expertise to add value to your model:

– Creating Pristine, Debt-Free Enterprises
– Leveraged Buyouts
– Scaling Paths to Closing
– Strategic Buy Side Alliances

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– The Article Nine Short Sale Is part of the Uniform Commercial Code, Which is adapted all
across the United States, And regulates the flow
of goods and services Between businesses. The UCC is a form of lien on
any type of business property. And what the Article Nine Short Sale does, Is it allows the first-position creditor To liquidate its collateral Without having to go through the expensive And timely litigation process That would otherwise be required, By simply sending a notice
to subordinate creditors, Notifying them tha they
are selling the assets That are their collateral,
in a private sale. It gives subordinate
creditors a period of time In which to respond, And if they would like to, Pay off the first-position creditor So that they can take over first position. Short of that happening, which seldom does In the distressed space,
the assets transfer Free and clear at the end of
the 10-day noticing period, Over to whoever the purchaser is, Under the Article Nine transaction.

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