The 5 Wins – Create Incentives for all Parties – 2

In today’s market, automation is threatening traditional transaction models. Forward-looking business intermediaries, therefore, must embrace the change and pursue more complex transactions.

Intermediaries either discard distressed situations altogether or deal with inefficient and costly attempts at global resolution of subordinate debt.

Through simplified and frictionless reorganizations centered around highly-controlled short sales, we divorce top-line business value from underlying debt.

This creates successful exits for owners, returns maximum benefit to creditors, and delivers pristine, previously untransactable enterprises back to you.

An alliance with Second Wind lets you turn bad deals into great situations. The preservation of business value opens you up to a whole new field of strategic buy side representation, brokerage or M&A activity.

At the same time, you’ll gain brand authority for being the industry professional who accomplishes what others can’t.

Leverage Second Wind’s transactional expertise to add value to your model:

– Creating Pristine, Debt-Free Enterprises
– Leveraged Buyouts
– Scaling Paths to Closing
– Strategic Buy Side Alliances

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– For M&A specialists, business brokers, Or intermediaries of any kind. The objective is to close deals. The way you close the most deals, In the most efficient way possible, Is by creating an incentive, a win For all five parties involved. How do you do that? The answer is by using Article 9 To complete strategic short sales That preserves the business operation And eliminates subordinated creditors. So who are the five winners? Winner number one, the seller. The seller wins because
they get a path out From unsupportable debt, and they get To watch their business that they created, Be preserved through the transaction. Winner number two, the buyer. Buyers purchasing a
going concern business, At forced liquidation valuation Through the Article 9 transaction. Winner number three, the bank. The first position secured creditor. They get to maximize
the return on the value Of these assets, and
they avoid the expensive And time-consuming process of liquidation. Winner number four, it’s the business. The business went from
on bankruptcies door, Spiraling out of control,
towards insolvency, And just like that, it is
preserved in a pristine, Debt-free entity. Last but not least, the fifth
winner is the intermediary. The M&A specialist, the business broker.

They are the ones that benefit Because they completed a transaction That they would never
otherwise be able to complete. At Second Wind consultants, We are transactional specialists. We have conducted thousands of
these Article 9 transactions Over the past 10 years. If you’re an M&A specialist,
an intermediary of any sort, And you’re faced with a
deal that has too much debt, That you would otherwise walk away from, Send that deal to us
and we will return back To you a pristine, debt-free entity That is saleable once again. Allow us to put those
five wins to work for you.

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