I will be announcing the next Ambassador Secured Creditor Silver Bullet Program on November! Those of you who have been waiting for awhile or sitting on the sidelines now is your chance to protect yourself your family and assets from the injustice happening around you. I will explain more in-depth the benefits of being a secured creditor and having a private foreign trust

This is all about protecting your Wealth, Assets from seizures from Tyranny, ugly exes, Lawsuits, High Taxes, Lien, Levy, Bullet proof Private Trusts, international, american, foreign, global, elite.

The best radio station in the world in The world is right here right now good Morning everyone ground Rising this is Dr Rob drana Johnston And today We’re going to talk about the secured Creditor ambassador program and the Silver Bullet trust program that’s Coming up on November Yeah yeah yeah yeah and I know some of You are thinking you know oh here we go Again Yeah it’s because of the request of so Many people that really really you know They really prefer to do the live Version than just um Then just sign up for the course I’ve Noticed that because they want to be Able to get feedback you know during the Live session I mean live session is the Best route to take especially if you Want this type of training And what the secured creditor ambassador Program is I mean you actually get an Opportunity To take just a secure creditor Ambassador program And you only attend the classes that are For that and also we it’s around the Same time the same month it’s going to Be the Silver Bullet trust program as Well And what it is is to protect yourself Protect yourself from tyranny from all

The crap that’s coming so I’m going to Be reading really quick a A news Very interesting news that just came up From a friend of mine And uh I’m definitely going to read that Because you’re gonna it’s time for you Guys to wake up you know I’ve been Warning people for for years and years And years And many people just want to sit on the Sideline many want to just make excuses Of why they can’t Participate and you know take their Power back And I’ll tell you what’s going on right Now this is going to blow your mind Or maybe it won’t depends on who you are If you’re if you’re a sheep then you’ll Know what I’m talking about Okay Excuse me Federal Reserve announces social credit System exercise to ensure Banks comply With climate models climate Finance is Almost identical to that of the Chinese Communist parties social credit score System Uh the dossier the Federal Reserve has Taken a major step in the direction of Facilitating an ESG environmental social And governance compliant monetary Network that effectively acts as a Parallel system to that of the Chinese

Communist party’s Infamous social credit Scoring system The FED said in a statement Thursday six Of the nation’s largest banks will Participate in a pilot climate scenario Analysts exercise design to enhance the Ability Of Supervisors and firms to measure and Manage climate-related Financial risks Scenario analysis in which the Resilience of financial institutions is Assessed under different hypothetical Climate scenarios in an emerging tool to Assess climate-related Financial risks And there will be no capital or Supervisory implications from the pilot In other words the FED is working with The big Banks to monitor their ability To comply with the ruling classes Preferred Enviro status technocratic Tyranny the unaccountable people And the uncountable people behind the American money printer claim that this Exercise is exploratory in nature and Does not have Capital consequences the Statement adds that the scenario Analysis can assist firms and Supervisors in the understanding how Climate-related Financial risks May Manifest and differ from historical Experience What exactly does this mean the FED is Clearly leaning into the climate hoax Narrative or the pseudo-scientific idea

That humans are catastrophically Impacting the climate which is Guys it is BS okay Um The climate is is acting in a way that It’s supposed to act anyway because Whether humans are on this planet or not It doesn’t freaking matter So that is a total lie and it all has to Do with the Sun the heat of the sun the Sun is getting a lot hotter and it’s Affecting the changes Um and the weather and everything has Nothing to do with human beings but they Of course they always want to make human Beings the Sinners you know what I mean Um and make them feel ashamed of Themselves I mean this is the people the Same people that created the whole Christianity Doctrine to make people Feel bad and ashamed of themselves okay So it’s the humans fault and it’s But not because they somehow care about The environment the climate narrative is The chief rhetoric facilitator for the ESG movement ESG acts as a treasure horse for the Continuing centralization of the American Financial system ESG Finance Popularized by hyper political Asset Management Biomass like Block rock Black Rock sorry And Vanguard acts to prevent Outsiders

From challenging the regime connected Insiders on Wall Street and in Washington under the guise of acting to Manifest a healthier planet In other words pro-esg institutions are Committed to attacking free market Principles by means of deception Preferring the CCP style stakeholder Capital capitalism that allows for a Small group of technocratic Elites to Make broad determinations about Society Unsurprisingly the Legacy Media has thus Far cheered the fed’s plans with the New York Times reporting that it often Lagged behind its Global peers when it Comes to talking about and coming up With a plan for policing risks related To climate change which is an excuse of Course The ESG green transition frequently Popularized by powerful World Governments and the Davos Elite has Served as the main vehicle for this Movement Akin to the Chinese social credit score Which is used to coerce businesses and By extension individuals into specific Actions ESG rules Force individuals and Businesses in America to deploy Capital Through The Gatekeepers of the system The Federal Reserve statement continues By considering a range of possible Future climate Pathways and Associated Economic and financial development

Scenario analysis can assist firms and Supervisors in understanding how Climate-related Financial risks May Manifest and defer from the historical Experience the banks involved in this Pilot program are the Bank of America Citigroup Goldman Sachs JP Morgan Chase Morgan Stanley and Wells Fargo of course It’s just scenario until it’s not the FED pilot program is set to launch early 2023. So what do you guys think of that What do you guys think of that while you Guys are scratching your balls Trying to figure out You know with being a bulletproof is Good or not and not really knowing what To do and how to do it this is what’s Happening and I’m gonna tell you right Now it’s happening right now because I Mean it it makes look what’s been going On this past two years We have been run under China for for Quite some time Anybody who censors anybody who censors Your speech okay on whether it’s on YouTube wherever in other platforms is Against the Constitution it’s Constitutional rights And this is this has nothing to do Like with America or the American dream The true America this is based under China all this stuff coming out Censorship the whole uh the plague the

Pandemic all of this stuff is all coming Out And China’s about ready to take over Take over all your your your your Um Take all I mean over all your your Tissues tissues okay not say asses but They’re there to take they’re gonna take Over they’re taking over right now if You guys don’t see it you know the Writing’s on the wall guys it’s right in Front of your faces So what are you gonna do now It’s it’s going to turn it into a Socialist credit system because of uh China and then they’re creating a Digital currency for you guys and those Of you who have taken the the you know What I mean the um the potion if you Know what I’m talking about You know you’re all tagged you’re all Tagged and um it’s going to be very Difficult to leave the system now Because you have it inside of your body And no matter where you go they can find You no matter where you go So this is happening right now and this Is why I keep telling people and I’ve Been telling people for so many years That the private side it’s very Important to to get on the private side With powerful knowledge or else you’re Going to end up like the people in Inquisition

The Inquisition happened Yeah thousands of years ago but you know What it’s going to happen again because History tends to repeat itself but People are getting too Um sidetracked they think you know They’re watching too much QA non they Think that they’re going to be saved Um and just to let you know that A slave the only people that need to be Saved by it by a hero is a Slave Slaves wait around for Heroes to save Them that’s what slaves do They wait for whatever the coming is the Coming of Christ you know they’re Waiting for the coming of the aliens They’re waiting for the coming of Whatever Q Anon or or I’m you know Trump They’re waiting to be saved that this is A slave mentality And it’s not going to happen And it’s funny because years ago I used To think the same way I’m not so I’m not Knocking you all down I used to think The same way I uh I was being mentored by one of my Mentors uh Jaguar at the time And I remember telling them oh you know What the Nassar is coming the aliens are Coming it’s gonna be fine who gives a about everything else I used to Tell because I used to get really mad And frustrated with the paperwork you Know because I’m not I really didn’t

Like paperwork I don’t like paperwork to Tell you the truth it was like oh this Legal beagle I’m just so not into This stuff I just want to get back into My magic And I want to meditate and you know do My tarot reading that that was me okay That was me for a long time but my Higher self had guided me to become to Learn about becoming a secure creditor For a reason and it was to defeat child Support because what they did was very Satanic Very satanic and I’m sure I’ve told you All this before in the past You know my ex-husband my first ex took My two away my two children away from me And his family was part of the Freemasonry and again I’m not against The Freemasonry because You know I have been a member of the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn for Many many many many years and there and It was founded by Freemasonry okay and The rosicrucians and most of my brothers And sisters were are the brothers were Freemasons and we were you know they’re Freaking awesome people it has nothing To do with them okay I’m talking about The higher ones the ones that run the Show okay Some of them I’m not going to say all of Them because I’m not painting everyone Like with one brush like David Ike does

Okay because he he goes a little too far Sometimes And sometimes I even question him you Know Um but anyway not to say anything bad About Freemasonry I mean I love I love What they do and I love them they’re They’re amazing people it was just the Fact that my ex He had a lot of power at the time Because his family had Freemasonry Background And He was able to get all the connection he Needed okay get the lawyer get everybody And if it wasn’t for the connection he Wouldn’t have he wouldn’t have stand Stood a chance So but anyway with a situation it was it Was so bad Took my kids all that And I had to learn this knowledge I had To arm myself with knowledge to defeat His ass do you understand that this is a Serious serious crime You know first you take my kids and then You want child support for me but but When we were married you didn’t want me To work but it was all control it was All control so I can remember his name For good that’s what he wrote in the Letters to my second ex’s uh my second Ex’s mother who worked for child support He wanted to make sure that I remembered

His name that was the whole reason this Is a control freak okay So I had to arm myself with knowledge to Defeat the bastard And I did I did the Freemasonry everything it Didn’t matter if he had connections to Whoever I defeated him and the child Support So why it’s so important to become a Secure creditor is to arm yourself with Freaking knowledge now this information Is not guaranteed for everyone because It works for some and it worked and it Doesn’t work for some and it depends on The individual it depends on how far They’re willing to go if they have any Balls between their legs if they have a Will and they Have the power to say hey wait a second I I need to Stand My Ground I’m not Putting up with this you know what I mean it depends on the individual Just like anything just like any course You know if you get them let’s say that You take a course for law of attraction Is that guaranteed let’s say that you Take a course for you know hypnosis Reprogramming is that guaranteed Let’s say you take a course to be an a An entrepreneur is that guaranteed no It’s not all guaranteed because it Depends on the individual are they

Willing to take the initiative to go for It or not do they believe in themselves Do they believe that what they’re doing Is is right Or are they going to cower in the corner It all depends on the individual so I Cannot give you a full-on guarantee okay Nothing is guaranteed in life but I’ll Tell you I didn’t have a guarantee when I became a secure creditor I didn’t know That it would work for me to defeat Child support I had no idea did I give a no I didn’t because I believed in Myself and I believed in the work and I And I knew that the laws were wrong I Knew they were based on statutes and I Did my homework I did my freaking Homework I had the balls of still and I Did it anyway and I’m a woman Okay I I am a woman So when I hear other men cowering oh my God does this work I don’t know to me You’re you don’t have a you don’t sorry You don’t have a chance in hell to Defeat anybody okay but I defeated them In a way where it was uh in a Non-outiversarial way it wasn’t like you Know fighting and putting a sign out and Saying oh the hell with you I’m gonna Get after no I did it in a way where They agreed To my presentments to everything Uh the work the presentment that Presentments I sent to the IRS

Along with my trust I was able to handle It okay in a very friendly manner But on the other side of the emotion my Emotions weren’t friendly though my Emotions were not friendly I was very Pissed and I was very scared at the same Time but I knew it was either now or Never Or you know I will never be successful So I had to do it And I did it and I made it happen so That that’s the thing when I hear people Cowering in front of me I don’t know if This works And this person went to jail and I go Yeah they went to jail because of the Way that they were they were um handling Things they were adversarial they were Fighting they’re driving around with Sovereign plates on their freaking car I Mean come on that’s that’s not my group We always work alongside we work with We work with the people You know we work with the IRS we worked With the child support or whoever that We have to work with in a friendly Manner And you know it that’s what happened With me this so this is my why and this Is my own testimonial whether you Believe it or not I don’t really care All I know is it helped me and it Protected me all these years because if I didn’t become a secure creditor if I

Didn’t arm myself the way I was supposed To I would have been in a lot of deep Crap a lot of deep crap but I knew child Support was not a joke child support is Not you know a utility bills a parking Ticket Um You know rent You know what I mean we’re talking about Something serious where they can throw Your ass in prison for a very long time If you do not pay And so my ex-husband put me in that Predicament when he didn’t need it he Did it deliberately so I can remember His name So You know I was given the information by My higher self my higher self to say hey This is how you’re going to defeat these People You know and Throughout the years since 2010 I’ve Helped a lot of people a lot of people And then many people that were not Helped because a lot of them were Complainers and bitchers and and Whiners They They didn’t have the balls to carry on This work at all or they did it in a Very adversarial way So that’s why there is no guarantee you Know if you’re gonna be in be in that

Category You cannot be it there is no guarantee In life And that’s why I tell people If you want to change your mindset if You want to change the way you see life If you want to be a better version of Yourself if you want success in your Life it doesn’t matter what it has to Begin with you It always has to begin with you and this Is why it’s important To get involved with personal Development work Any type of personal development work is Going to help you greatly okay So I did everything I did the secure Creditor work Personal development Meditation I did everything I could Think of Because I realized That blaming Other people and being a victim was not Working for me Blaming for years and years and bitching And moaning and whining many people good Friends of mine would be sick and tired Of even talking to me you know I was There I was there before they got sick And tired of talking to me because That’s all I ever did was call him and And talk about the crap and Injustice And how they did this to me and they did

That to me Until I finally realized well wait a Second Who’s going to change who’s going to be The one to make this change change this Around here Me No one else I can’t wait for Q Anon Trump you know the the you know Jesus Um the spaceships to help me I have to Freaking do something right now because It’s the present moment that counts it’s Right here right now okay so I got good News for you all In November I’m going to be doing the Ambassador secure creditor program live With the Silver Bullet program Silver Bullet trust program So those of you who want to sign up you Can either sign up for the secure Creditor only Or you can sign up for both it’s going To be in November all the way to early December so I decided to go ahead and do It because I do have a lot of people That are still interested and they’re They’re like oh my gosh please I wasn’t Able to join last year but I have you Know I’m ready to join this year Whatever you have to do do it and I’m Going to tell you straight up when you Get your packages done you have to get That 98 EIN number and it has to be done Correctly it’s a foreign tax exempt

Trust number it has to be done correctly If it’s done incorrectly where it shows That you have to file a 1041 it is was Done incorrectly okay You know my 98s don’t have that my 98’s My husband we don’t have anything that Tells us to file a 1041 so I’m just Letting you know if you if you do have That then it’s not going to be correct And and you’re not having the 100 Protection that you need you need to Change it you need to change it around So That takes time your packages do not Take time it I mean it’s like five to Seven days you get your packages done by By our staff okay you get it done pretty Young fast and the trust is done within That time I mean that’s quick we do Everything professionally we don’t we Don’t you know we don’t have you just Pay us and then you don’t get it like Six months later you know what I mean I’ve heard about stories like that a lot Of these people that are taking Advantage of other other folks saying Yeah pay me the for the trust or pay me For the secure creditor work and they Don’t even have a track record a good Track record or they don’t even not even A track record And people are paying them and then they Don’t receive nothing for six months or Never receive anything okay I’ve been

Around for I’ve been doing this since 2010 you’re always going to receive Something always Because we always do our service and we Take pride in our services and the work That we do So this is my why other people may come To this because they’re really in debt Like such as taxes you know they’re They’re in trouble with the IRS the IRS Is now armed and dangerous so get Prepared and ready for that right And you know people are having a lot of Issues maybe they Max their credit card Out a little too much or they took out a Loan and they’re not able to pay it and They’re hundreds of thousand dollars in Debt and they need help And the best thing that I would say is Work with the company first do what you Can do first you know with a lawyer with The companies to work with them You know pay them a little bit pay them Back a little And let them know I can only pay this Much even if it’s five dollars they Can’t do anything to you okay anything At all To help And then you know if you want to handle It on your own And then if it gets worse if there’s no Solution then this is the best solution But I’ll tell you whether you’re in debt

Or not You’re going to be seen as a debtor Anyway you are seen as a debtor anyway Because when this social credit system Comes out Chinese social credit system Comes out A lot of you are screwed screwed glued And tattooed okay That’s it Covered was a warning Covid was a warning for you you had two Years to prepare and figure it out To really for those of you that were Really late to the party you were Freaking two years late Figuring and figure it out you had you Had time to prepare and now you’re Sitting on the sidelines still Some of you And I’m gonna tell you right now it only Takes somebody who is a risk taker who Has the balls to do it Who’s not You know who’s not The type of person that is docile That is like you know what whatever Whatever happens happens oh well if they Brand my ass they brand my ass and if I Go into a camp it’s fine it’s all right They take my guns it’s okay Okay And you know for those people maybe it’s Not meant for them to be a secure Creditor of course not you know I mean

They should they should continue on they Should get on with it right So I’m I’m happy to say that I’m able to Get back on the horse with this Um I went through a major struggle with My health I do apologize for that Um because I wasn’t going to do it Anymore and uh you know I went through a Major struggle with my health but thank God I found a really good doctor to help Me out And I’ll be healed and I’m grateful for That and that’s what kind of made me Feel a little discouraged to do another Workshop for a while because we couldn’t Figure out what the problem was So if I sound a little cranky in the Past I apologize it had to do a lot with My illness My illness and uh didn’t know where it Was coming from what was happening and Uh found out it was a uterus issue that Created my anemia yesterday just found That out Which created the vertigo can you Imagine you know it’s like we’re trying To find out what the hell the problem is And here I am I found it out found out So I’m going to be going through surgery Very soon but I’m making sure I go Through surgery before I do this program With you guys because I want to be Healthy I want to be ready for you all And ready to train you

So that way you guys could be powerful Warriors but peaceful Warriors not Warriors that’s just gonna you know Cause havoc and trouble and problems and Tell the IRS oh you owe me money this is Mine and you know no this is to protect You guys protect your family protect Your house protect your business Um and you know there’s a lot of people Out there that are in a lot of trouble Because of this covet like they took out A loan they took out hundreds of Thousands of dollars of the loans Thinking that oh things are going to be Fine and uh they owe They owe money And their business owes money And their businesses are going to be Leaned Because they’re not able to pay the loan So what do you do during that time when A lawyer writes you and says hey you Need to pay up you need to pay money you Need to pay this money or else I’m going To lien your property I’m going to lean Your business I’m going to take everything you own From you Well you got two choices either work With them And say hey I’ll just pay a little Minimal as much as I can and put up with A put up with that Or you could take the other initiative

Become a secure creditor write the loan Off and say okay there you go Have a nice day All they needed was your signature and Connected to your 98 credit your credit Line and it wipes everything away Very powerful stuff just like what I had To do with child support it wiped Everything away with a clean slate Simple But the problem is people have a Yeah they have a conception what is it Conditions Or preconditions I believe that’s the Word You know they’re trying to make Decisions and they got the ego Chattering left and right like oh no no No maybe maybe now you can wait another Time or maybe it’s going to be okay Life’s gonna be better now Sarah’s gonna You know come and and save your life and You know And you know I’ll tell you right now I Didn’t have time for that when I Was dealing with child support I didn’t Have time to even think like that it was Like the moment I would even think like That boom smack in the face You know And there was a lot of stuff going on With Tim Turner I remembered him I Remember 10 years ago guys 10 years ago I heard the same song and

Dance nasara’s coming we’re going to get Our prosperity funds you know from Sheldon Idol and the in the the syrians Okay and Tim Turner put everyone on uh Notice he was the secure creditor at the Time she don’t know him he put everyone On notice the governor the Washington DC He put everyone on notice and we thought We were going to be free back 10 years Ago Because of a hero named Tim Turner was Going to do it for us And then the oppt remember that Oppt they were supposed to Um Defend us they were supposed and this is What I heard it was so funny when I said Are you guys ready to become bulletproof And become a secure creditor you know What they would tell me some of the People well lppt is helping us out so I Don’t have to worry Nassar is helping me out so I don’t have To worry the aliens are coming Jesus is Coming I don’t have to worry guess what I’m sure those same people ended up Taking that potion too Just this past two years right So There is a saying it’s really Interesting In the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn I am a part of been a part of for many Many years I’ve even created my own

Created my own Temple okay just recently You want to follow the White Rabbit down The rabbit hole you are being distracted That is the ego That is The the archon programming but how funny In The Matrix that’s one thing that they They did deliberately was to To um what’s that word deceive you okay You know in the movie The Matrix where You had to follow the White Rabbit down The the hole and you’re gonna find all Of your answers It’s I’m telling you right now The White Rabbit down the hole will only Serve a purpose and the purpose is he Will only show you the things you do not Want He will take you to all these places He’ll take you through all the circus All the circus especially the people That go for the 1099s and they think That they’re going to pull money out of A hat and millions of dollars from the IRS or whatever right Most people ended up in prison so they Followed the White Rabbit down the hole And I remember Jaguar telling me are you Ready to go down the rabbit hole and go Yeah that was his little game with me And I went down the rabbit hole and I’ll Tell you whatever he taught me he it Didn’t work

The only thing was maybe the deadly Weapon letter the security agreement you Know things that he taught me in that Route but it wasn’t until someone else Helped me With the appropriate package that I Needed and the appropriate strategy that I needed to do To defeat child support and you know What I didn’t have to go looking that Was the funny part the moment I stopped Looking for it the moment it came to me It just came to me You see this is what the ego does the Ego gets you to search and search and Search and search through this person That person that you’re searching Forever okay Until you find a good teacher that says Look go inside of yourself Go inside of yourself take a few minutes Out do some Journey work with them Meditate whatever because the answers Are inside you just ask and it will be Given to you it will be given to you Through you know maybe um the media I Don’t know the media YouTube email a Sign outside it doesn’t matter But you will know it’s not has nothing To do with the white rabbit the White Rabbit is there to distract you folks Okay now we know this in the Golden Dawn As a magician I’ve been a magician for For many many years since I was freaking

17 years old we are very aware and we Know stuff we know stuff we’ve been There done that And the whole point of joining becoming Um aware okay becoming aware or more Than human that was our motto more than Human to connect with your higher self Your guardian angel you would have to go Through path a path that would go Through the um the cifros of the Kabbalistic cross the Tree of Life okay And each Sephora was a world that Connected you to each plane to move and Up the the latter the degree of Consciousness So that way your lower self which is Your ego can join your higher self which Is the the super conscious mind But it would take many years to get There so I started my journey at 17 and I’ve gone through several degrees to get There Several life experiences more so Before I really went through the degrees And I became more aware of what was Really happening around me and learning From the the order they really helped me Out to see what was going on because They knew what was going on because many Of the founders were Freemasons they Knew Because many of the Freemasons are not Asleep they are awake they know what the Frick’s going on and they decided to opt

Out of that to go inside the orders to To for enlightenment purposes to know What’s going on what the truth is okay Seekers of Truth Same thing with the Golden Dawn same Thing Seekers of Truth You see so With that background in this knowledge I Wasn’t so gullible I’ve always been Aware and awake and when I started Seeing things that were happening Where people were just you know going After Materialism Following that White Rabbit down the Rabbit hole They ended up getting their asses handed To them Badly and I knew I knew I said no you Know I’ll be doing the readings you know I’ll do my divination my geomancy Everything and I would know I would say Oh not a good idea I connect with my higher self my Spirit Guides not a good idea But you guys can go ahead and play you Guys can go you know what I mean I don’t Have time to argue with people that are Ignorant So This is why this path To be a secure creditor is only open to A few only A perfect match to those that are ready

Just like the Golden Dawn it’s only open To a few people it’s not open to Everyone because not everyone is going To get it they’ll get it they only want It for material reasons or they think oh I’m going to find gold at the end of the Rainbow And maybe a lot of them don’t even have Any problems or issues but the ones that Do I mean I’m willing to help those People because I’ve been there before I Know what it’s like and I know how to Get out of many of these issues many of These situations that are serious I’m Not talking about you know stupid things I’m talking about serious stuff stuff That I had to go through myself So if you’re one of those folks that are Like hey I’m ready to make a change Because like I said China’s social Credit system is starting in 2023 guys Check out the article And it tells you right there Let me go ahead and um let’s see if I Can I’ll copy paste and I’ll put it in here For you guys to read some of you that Missed it maybe Um here you go There is the link for you guys read it At your own leisure I’m telling you right now You read that article And it’s giving you a warning it’s

Putting you all on notice what’s going To happen in 2023 The Chinese social credit system is Going to be instilled they got you Prepared for two years With the covid And You know And the censorship now the censorship Was a big clue the censorship alone was A big clue Saying what you can say what you can’t Say everything on American platforms That is that was that was a sign that Was a warning Now here comes another warning this is China credit system and this is why they Made the the Episodes that um show squid squid games You saw that show I’m sure you’ve seen It they made it very popular last year Well that was a warning Because they’re simply telling you in Your face what they’re going to be doing If you don’t wake up if you don’t opt Out And now we got the IRS that’s armed and Dangerous which I thought was kind of a Joke I said what they’re armed and Dangerous now with the guns with Ammunition I mean don’t you need ammunition if You’re going to go to war against Crime Like serious crime like psychotic people

That are out there chopping other people Up you would think okay yeah you know Arm yourself but come on people that Don’t pay their taxes you gotta arm Yourself against those people really Interesting it makes you think why do You think London is falling down London’s bridge is falling down queen Left she died And You saw the pound go down It’s happening folks it’s happening But you have to be prepared and ready Because like I said years ago 10 years Ago I was just like that I was a Wishful Thinker oh but we’re going to be saved It’s going to be fine and jaguar told me You know what he said he goes it will Never change It hasn’t changed in thousands of years So this has been going on for thousands Of years and we’re all still waiting for It to stop we’re all still waiting for Ascension we’re also waiting for the 5D Earth to come and all of a sudden we’re We’re having these symptoms and and We’re waiting for the the three days of Darkness and all this I’m sorry I can’t handle any more of that crap Seriously Can you imagine if I sat on my hands That long I’d probably be in prison Right now with child support Think about it right

All right guys I gotta wrap this up much Love and light check out that article About the federal social credit system The Federal Reserve Chinese social Credit system which is going to start Next month And the ambassador program begins in November go to not Secured creditor secure creditor in Present forward slash packages And you will find all the information There guys looking forward to seeing you The deadline to sign up is November 1st And also we have the transformation Program that’s coming up on October 22nd 23rd and we only have a couple seats Left so let us know you go to read

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