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Everyone so we have an upcoming live Class coming up in December 8th 9th 10th And the 11th 7 PM Eastern Standard Time And let me go in depth with let me go Into in deeper here okay so it’s a Silver bullet foreign trust and secured Creditor Ambassador live class And the deadline is December 1st or Until seats are filled and now we’re Only taking five people okay five Students five others have already signed Up we only have five more left Um it’s all they’re all live classes and It will be recorded on Zoom okay so if You cannot make a day or two or whatever It will be recorded anyway but I highly Suggest that you do arrive so that way You can get the appropriate feedback any Questions that you have and live setting Is just always better okay So We are now offering the international Irrevocable trust at this time the only People who qualify for the Silver Bullet Trust program are those who wish to Protect their assets their houses their Cars things that they own from seizures Lawsuits high taxes lean lovey from Adverse parties this trust is Bulletproof so these are the people that Are you know they have they have a lot Of things you know they’re Well off they may have businesses they May have properties they may have assets

And including themselves and their Family they want to protect them okay And we protect them with the Silver Bullet trust and this Bullet Silver Bullet trust is foreign and it gives you A lot more protection As opposed to a domestic trust now for Those of you who just want a domestic Trust a living trust and all of that you Know you this is that’s for those that Operate on the public side okay that Actually claim that they are U.S persons And you know and they pay their taxes And everything and that is perfectly Fine however we don’t do that here Because we are on the private side we Only wish to serve those who are secured Creditors And or foreigners okay because Foreigners can have this trust if you Are a secure creditor you have just Moved yourself into foreign status as Well as a foreign agent okay only secure Creditors would understand this but if You are a U.S person you’re like oh I Want this I don’t want to have to pay Taxes no no as a US person you have to Pay taxes okay and if you haven’t and And unless you’ve changed your status to Secure creditor then that’s a whole Other that’s a whole other ball game We have to do everything appropriately And right here okay So that’s exactly what it is it’s a tax

Exempt Trust where you can actually put all Your stuff and it’s protected by let’s Say you know you created your foreign Trust in another country you don’t have To go to another country to do it all You need is the the mailing address okay The Milling address the fax number and Phone number all have to be A foreign foreign to the United States And I get a lot of foreigners from Poland England Australia Canada people From all over the world that have their Foreign trust set up and they come to us For the appropriate and right reasons Because they have things that they wish To protect okay Um but I’m going to get into exactly More of what this foreign trust can do For you and I will let you know that This foreign trust right now on the Market is going for 10 to 15 grand Because it’s worth that It will save you hundreds of thousands Of dollars in taxes hundreds of Thousands of dollars in taxes and if you Think this amount is is expensive three Grand that we’re offering is is Expensive then you need to do your Homework or go to a lawyer and go Somewhere else because you do not you Know do not qualify for this this Powerful work you don’t even know the Value of this powerful work okay

Um and we get people that are just You know they got the IRS after them They got hundreds of thousands of Dollars that they owe and with this Knowledge if if this could Help ease Easier situation And having to pay uh all like hundreds Of thousands of dollars in lawsuits Let’s say taxes credit card debt all of That if I can save you from that with This package I’m sure it would be Completely worth three grand to or it Would be worth even more to you okay This is not a joke this is a really Powerful type of work that we do and we Take this work very seriously So Anyway moving forward here Um also included in this program we are Going to be showing you how to access Your TDA account which is your treasury Direct account if you’re an American a Canadians can do this too Canadians can Use the treasury direct account which I Just found out because I have a Canadian Student and I did some research he Contacted them and he said yep it’s very Easy all he has to do is do a couple Things and he can go access his treasury Direct accounts really freaking awesome And what we use the treasury direct Account it’s another form of trust okay You know we show you how to create your

Own foreign trust which is very Important because you with this gives You the the the tax exempt number or the Foreign trust number to help to Transmute your social security number Into the estate number which is going to Bring you out of the jurisdiction of the Slave that is to complete your secure Creditor package so yes I get a lot of Folks I have I’m a secured creditor or I’m a secured party creditor and I just Want to mention first for the record There’s no such thing as a secured party Creditor hello it’s either you are a Secured creditor or you are a secure Party secure party too the document that You create with the the security Agreement and so forth there is no Secure party creditor and anybody who Speaks that way you were not taught the Right way I just wanted to let you know And it’s okay I you know for the first Before I ever had my mentors teach me Anything that was the first thing I used To say I’m a secure party creditor until One of when my mentors actually Corrected me and said no no you’re Either a secured creditor or you’re a Secured party no no no And I thought that was really Interesting So you could tell I was I was definitely Taught by the by the right people So anyway

Um And once you’re able to do that you Become a real secured creditor with the Foreign trust number and the foreign Trust documents then you’re ready to Move on to the treasury direct account Which is another form of a trust because You are accessing the account from the Treasury And you are going to learn how to Securitize your debt securitize the Promissory notes that you get to create For the debt and turn it into from debt To credit which is going to be credited Into your treasury direct accounts okay I will not teach this to somebody who is Not a secured creditor and I know and I Cannot take your word for anybody who Comes to me says I’m a secure creditor Already I want to learn this you know I want to make sure that you are safe You are you are doing this I mean Anybody can open up a TD account just to Let you know anybody can do that okay You can go to the treasury direct you Can freaking open up your own account But knowing how to utilize it On the private side Is a completely different matter And that is something that I will only Show those that are secured creditors Now I do mention That I’m going to be teaching on the 8th

The 9th the 10th and 11th and we are Pretty much known my husband and I and You know we are gods of amenti by the Way we are that’s our company gods of Amenti Um we are known To under promise and over deliver We’re known for that many of my students Are just like oh my God we only have a Week we only have a few days and then I Turn that into a whole month a whole Month of training so basically we’ll be Meeting on the 8th 9th 10th and 11th Only for those that have you know signed Up for the Silver Bullet foreign trust And secure creditor ambassador program They get all the four days and we meet Once once a day on the weekend like say A Saturday we’ll meet okay one day a Week Also for four for four weeks just to Make sure that you guys got your Packages done and everything On the 11th you know first okay eighth Ninth the ones that that just signed up For the secure creditor the secure Creditor is going to be the eighth ninth And 10th okay but you will not be able To go on to the 11th because that’s what I’m going to be teaching people about The trust the foreign trust and how to Access your TDA account now I will not Show you the securitization part for Those that that did purchase a silver

Bullet for entrust and all that until The end of the month because I want to Make sure everybody has their packages Set They’re it’s completed they’re doing Everything correctly before I really get Into the goodies stuff okay I want to Make sure that you’re committed just as I am committed to you So Um Anyway let me move forward here and then I’ll explain more to you I just get a Little too excited I do Jump Ahead a lot But Okay so we’ll be doing the live classes In mid-December as I mentioned those who Sign up now will be automatically Enrolled in our next class so if you are Already signing up for the Silver Bullet Trust you know I just enroll you in into The the live class automatically Now the payment plan you know I get some Some folks that are like no I want a Payment plan you know for three months And okay that’s perfectly fine but You’re not going to be able to sign up For art class okay not unless it’s a Two-month you know 1500 up front this Month and then 1500 front up front Before you start your class or I will Just let you into like the first two Days and that’s it you know because like I said I need committed people

That’s gonna you know They pay up front and then boom you get The class you get my attention you get My my whole commitment to you So But anyway yes we do choose payment we Do have payment plans you know for People who are like hey I really you Know I can I can only pay like you know 1 000 a month or I can pay only you know 1500 for two months that’s perfectly Fine That’s perfectly fine that that’s not a Problem I just wanted to put that out There that we do take payment plans Um and this price just letting you know Three grand is really nothing that’s Really nothing to me because of the work That we put in it’s a lot of information That’s going to save you hundreds of Thousands of dollars okay so if you were Able to get in to December’s training You’re going to get it for this price But after that the trust is going to go Back up and it’s going to go back to 4 800 which is my hoppy medium okay should Go up to 10 grand but realistically 4 800 included I mean that that’s a Beautiful number for us because it is a Lot of work and and the value is just Priceless really it’s priceless So Again this is for serious students only You will need your birth certificate

Social if you are an American driver’s License or national ID Passport is optional that’s perfectly Fine if you are a foreigner that’s Perfectly fine you know you just we just Need um you just need your birth Certificate your national insurance Information or like a social And you’ll be connecting with one of our Staff He’s a data programmer he feels he fills Everything in well he helps you fill in The form yourself and then he processes Your documents we do everything Professionally we don’t you know we Don’t do things manually okay everything Is professionally done you know we have A system in place So and you know I’ve been doing this Work since 2010. Okay so on December 8th 7 PM Eastern Standard Time the introduction is first Secure creditor package to Puerto Rico We go into that the first package is Going to be sent to Puerto Rico I show You exactly what to do how to break it Down you will have your packages done For you on the 8th with um The data programmer he’s already going To have your package set for you so we Could just go over it you don’t have to Worry about filling it out or any of That stuff you know which can be a pain In the butt I totally get it you just

Get into the work And for those who have signed up for the Ambassador secure credit class only You’ll be invited into this class so who Those who have enrolled in both the Secure creditor Silver Bullet trust will Go through all the classes okay Um December 9th 7 PM Eastern Standard Time the foreign tax exempt number we go Into that on how to get this number Um How to get it correctly how to get it Done correctly Because there’s a lot of people out There that have gotten this number and They’ve done it incorrectly and it’s Really not a good thing Because you have to be foreign you have To have a foreign address you have to You know you have to do things right This is very important piece of becoming A diplomat you will learn how to fill in The ss4 correctly how to transmit your Social to the estate number which brings You into the the private side and I use My estate number a lot you know uh the Number that I transmute I use it a lot Like if I want to open up a stripe Account PayPal account whatever I mean I Don’t use PayPal anymore but stripe you Know other accounts to to conduct my Business they completely accept it it’s Really freaking awesome they accept it Over the social because my social it’s

Already transmuted anyway even if I do Use a social it doesn’t matter Um it’s that’s how powerful this work is I had a guy who was like oh my gosh I Need to open up a bank account I think He was using wire it used to be trans Transferwise or something like that And he went ahead and used as a state Number not a problem you know Uh December 10th 7 PM we go into the 8832 form to control your Social Security Ein and all that other good Stuff and this is very powerful because Once you transmit your social you got Your 98 Now the next phase is to basically let The IRS know with their own form 8832 And we let them know hey we are no Longer you know we’re putting you on Notice that we are not 14th Amendment Citizens we are tax exempt and so forth Okay and we’re just letting them know That we are on the private side now And we show you how to use utilize a Stamp to control the stamp I mean to Sorry control the document that you use When we’re going to show you how to use A specific stamp in your name with this New number that you’re going to be Getting from the IRS and you’re going to Use it’s an emboss stamp you put it on The document you send it out to the IRS You let them know and you will receive Some Joy pretty much cert uh you’ll get

A green card receipt back if you send a Certified mail or registered mail it Doesn’t really matter I mean register Mail is is more powerful it’s powerful Than certified but as long as you’re Sending them something and saying hey You know sign it Stamp It Whatever to Confirm that you have it and you’ve Received it But um this is all done after you’ve Already Sent your package out to Puerto Rico but I will show you the class I will bring Into the class and show you what what it Is that we do Um and then we get into how to discharge Debt very easy way to do it Very simplified way the way I’ve done it For child support just to remove the Debt not securitize it but just remove It okay December 11th 7 PM we go into the Foreign trust NTD account access and Again this is only for my Silver Bullet Trust students and I will go over the Trust I will go over everything about What you can do how powerful the trust Is and how you can protect yourself and So forth and also how to access the Treasury direct account okay Um but as far as the securitization part That’s not going to be till the end of The month of December because I want to Make sure that first you are a secure

Creditor you are sending your package Out you show me that you’re actually on It and then at the end of the month okay We’re going to go into the Securitization part okay like I said I Want committed students now those of you That just want the secure creditor Program it you know For the live at 7 50 and you will only Have access to eight nine and ten and Yes we will still come together on the Week you know once a week for four for Four weeks To make sure that you’ve got your Package and all that things all that Stuff sorted out okay but you will not Have entrance into the Silver Bullet Trust day and so forth or TDA account Stuff okay so I just want to make sure Like I said you have to be a secure Creditor and there’s more information For you over here And uh all the secure creditors you get Access into the forensic debt Investigation course just letting you Know and you have VIP group you are once You’re a student you are a student for Life as long as you follow the rules you Respect the school you respect me Um you respect my students you will stay In for a very very long time okay So Just wanted to point that out for those Of you

I’m very happy I’m very happy for those Who just signed up I’m grateful because I got some amazing wonderful loving Students I cannot wait to be working With you Um and those of you who do decide oh my God I miss this this opportunity don’t Worry we are going to have another one Um sometime in February but the price is Not going to be the same just letting You know that because it is very very Powerful work you know like I said it’s Gonna It’s Gonna Save You hundreds of Thousands of dollars and I don’t have to Go into it anymore you go to any Attorney to put your trust together even A domestic trust is going to cost you Thousands of dollars so please this is More powerful than a domestic trust it Is not easily pierced at all okay So Um just go to secure and Packages uh what I highly suggest Anybody who’s interested You know December 1st is a deadline Please go to the questionnaire Um I might extend it till the 5th of December okay just for the rest whoever Wants to sign up but please go to the Questionnaire And fill it in because we need to know More about you okay I’d like to know

More about you who I’m working with just Like you need to know about us we need To work know about you too You know we want to like I said only Worked with serious students serious Students who have done their homework in The past they have some experience with This work they’re not complete newbies If you are a complete newbie that is Perfectly fine what I highly suggest is Just start going into the bulletproof Ebook and e-course just get on that Learn as much as you can until you are Completely uh ready you understand the Value of this work then you can sign up For our other classes okay this is not Something you just jump into this is This is something for those that are the Dedicated students that have been Studying for years or really really Researching really understanding and Knowing that there is something off here There’s something completely off and They find this to be the alternative to Handling debt situations lawsuits and so Forth because really to be on the Private side is the only way to get out Of the plantation other people might Find it their own way that’s perfect Fine But from my experience in my research You know we should be private already All of us should be private already but That was pretty much taken from us many

Many years ago as I explained in the Presentation So I hope you enjoyed this presentation Um if you caught this video a little bit Too late don’t worry like I said we’re Gonna have another one probably February Or March all right take care everybody Bye-bye

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