Secured Creditor Private Trust Live class March 31st! Asset Protection

I’ll be Teaching You how to become a Secured Creditor with a private bullet proof trust! I’ll also be adding a class in powerful magick to ensure more success! It’s not fluffy stuff either!

Hey guys how are you doing it's Dr Tarana Johnston and uh I'm here in my New house Very very excited about our new move Away from the Caribbean side because the Caribbean side has just been a little Chaotic Crazy wild but we decided to move Further in into the Yucatan Peninsula Where it's a lot more quieter or Tranquil and there's a lot more for the Kids and us to do so but check it out This is our new health And we got a huge pull in the backyard We got a bunch of kitties running around Crazy We got about 10 cats actually See I'm a cat lady But um absolutely beautiful place I Really love it It's the same price that we've been Paying On the Caribbean side but you get a lot More a lot more it's a four bedroom House With an office space and another Another room outside which is going to Going to be our magical room And this is something we've been wanting For a very long time And I'm telling you working with my Goods This house was very very fast it was so Freaking quick I didn't even have to try

Like I started looking up houses I I Communicated with my realtor that hooked Us up with us in the same place that we Were living in before And he found this house he had other Houses the moment I saw a picture of This house I said this is it this is it I don't want to look at anymore and it Was the right house so yeah we really Love it here in Mexico Mexico is Wonderful in the Yucatan side the Weather's a lot better now but you know In the summertime it tends to get Extremely excruciatingly hot Absolutely too hot that we have to go to The mountains for a few weeks or so but Um I just wanted to tell you guys what's Going on Um I'm in the middle of doing my class Which is the ambassador secure creditor And Trust class And the next one that's coming up is Going to be on March 31st March 31st And all the information is on secured now the domain is secured it's secure Um Secure which is present tense or secured Past tense so we got both domains so you Can always check that out and we're Working with a really good class A lot More than what I thought a lot more Folks than what I thought a lot more Students

Um but you know like I said I like to Keep my group small And you know teaching people how to Become Secure creditors on the private side how To protect themselves against tyranny Wrongful bogus lawsuits and crazy Creditors that want to come after you so That's pretty much it and we also teach Debt elimination for certain types of Debt and you know just how to establish Yourself how to be to protect yourself There's a lot of things going on right Now especially if you're hearing about The banks you know Bank of America And other Banks where you can't even go In unless you have a card you got to Show your your debit card in order to go In and then when you go in you only Communicate with a video Um bank teller on video a bank teller on Video that's it there's no live people In the banks and my notary friend told Me she reported she says oh my gosh she Says I can't even walk into the banks Anymore like things have changed a lot So that's why I I've been emphasizing And been pushing for For those who are interested in becoming Secure creditors and want to get their Trust set up this is the time to do it Because yes there is a limit a time Limit because if you're not able to go Into the banks

To open up your your trust checking Account that's going to be an issue but Maybe not maybe they're going to Allow you to do it online which I think Is better you know you just want to do It online you'll have to walk in but I Really don't know I can't guarantee Anything you know because things are Changing so rapidly with everything Going on in the United States Here in Mexico that hasn't even happened Yet If you're a foreigner and you want to Get a trust set up because I've had Questions from other foreigners if they Could be secure creditors and if they Can get their trust set up If you're a foreigner to the United States it's best just to get your trust Set up the secured creditor I mean yes It could be helpful but as far as Discharging debt and all that that is Basically mainly for the Americans okay I cannot guarantee anything as far as Foreigners trying to discharge their Debt the only thing that I say is you Know get your trust set up to protect Your assets And protect yourself from creditors if They if you've been wronged by them and You can use the trust to protect you Now some Countries are very different from from The United States as far as recording

You know recording your documents And Canada they don't really have a Recorder or County Recorder they would Probably have to go to Justice of the Peace or they would just simply get a Notary sign which is a witness signature And that's pretty much it however way That your trust is to be recognized in The public that's what we call recording Okay so whatever countries that you're In You would Also make it public the trust public I Mean yes really it's supposed to be Private no one's supposed to see it but When it comes to protecting yourself Against lawsuits you have to put it out There somehow you have to put it out There somehow so that would be my input So the next program is going to be in March 31st you don't have to wait until The life class begins if you decide to Sign up like anytime you will Automatically be enrolled in the next Live class so you can get started right Away you can start accessing the video Training My data programmer guy is on standby he Does the documents for you he fills it In for you he processes it like within Five to seven business days sometimes Seven to ten business days that's the Latest or longest and I would add you into the VIP group

Where you can ask questions you can even Ask me questions it's perfectly fine Even until the life class starts so a Lot of students are doing that I've Noticed I had students that signed up in Like late December before January Started and they already got started on Their documents they were really fast They're like hey I can't wait but they Also automatically got enrolled in the Next live class so that's what I'm doing Now because those for those of you that Are just like I can't wait too long I Want to get stuff done now I totally Understand and understand okay So check out secured For more information and like I said the Foreign trust is the power it's the Power to protect everything your assets Your children especially What's going around the pike right now Um for the Americans it's very very Important to become a secured creditor And have your trust set up you have to Have your trust set up even if you've Transmitted your social into an estate Number you have to have your trust set Up because if you were to ever be Challenged they're going to ask you Where's your trust at right they need That they need that information for you To protect yourself So there's so many so many wonderful Things I'm just so grateful that I'm

Teaching my students this I've been Doing this for for gosh 13 years the Secure creditor part but I started Teaching the trust information since 2020 or 2021 when the whole pandemic Craziness hit right oh my goodness oh my Goodness and to me when combined with Powerful magic too those of you who are Magical you're going to be really you're Going to really want to sign up for the Live class because I'm going to be Teaching a little bit of magic too a Little bit of powerful magic with Powerful entities but you can completely Opt out we'll have a little class Involving that To teach you that if you are adult if You're being dealt with some serious Um adverse adversity What guides or Spirits or entities to Call upon to protect you okay because You know I kind of you know I held back For a long time I never really mentioned Much that along with my secure creditor Process I utilize the power of Um magic as well to get things done and Get things done in a very very rapid Pace So if those of you who are into magic You're going to want to sign up for the For the March Um and those of you who have already Signed up for December January like well Hell why didn't you bring in the magic

Part well don't worry because you guys Can get that for free because I'm going To upload it into the class I'm so nice Right because I want you all to be Successful successful as possible We have the power of the mind we have The power of suggestion and when you Combine that with working with specific Entities are you kidding me you're going To be perfectly fine Um you're going to be extremely Unstoppable so and this is exactly what The cabal don't want you to know they Don't want you to do that because they Do it all the time that's why they are Able to have all the power that they Have over the 99 of the People by Utilizing the power of magic okay And you can learn that too along with Becoming a secure creditor because to me When you become a secure creditor you Are a sovereign Warrior you have to know How to not only utilize the power of 2D Dimensional documents you also have to Utilize the power of your mind too that Is when you become a full when you come Into your full self And that is extremely powerful So much love and light everybody Go to secured and check out Live classes I also have online classes That you can sign up right away if you Are a beginner the best thing is to Start off with the um

The it's the secured creditor Um and it's for 97 you can start off That way just to learn to learn the Beginning on how to put your first Package together and all of that so we Have a lot we have a lot of information The forensic debt investigator is not a Secure creditor but a lot of secure Creditors like to utilize the forensic Debt investigator but it is not secured Creditor work just wanted to let you Know okay much love and light have a Nice day take care bye-bye

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