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Hi everyone this is Dr Rob drenna Johnston and Grand Rising everyone Grand Rising how are you doing I’m doing pretty good I’m kicking butt I’m loving life all over again so I Wanted to answer a question Um I actually have somebody who wrote me Okay So the question is This individual is really interested in Having a silver bullet trust and yes by The way I’m continuing I’m going to keep going To sell silver bullet trust an Ambassador program only for those that Qualify and I’m not talking about you Know people that are in it for the wrong Reasons because there’s a there’s just Too many people that are in it for the Right reason that are like you know what I really need help because I came I came Into this path a long time ago For the right intention due to the fact That I was tired of being treated like Garbage okay Um and I defeated child support and I Will say it over and over again I Defeated child support with the help of The IRS the IRS backed me up they became My friend and that’s the end end of it So This is a question that she has I use a company called turo to sublease My car to prospective Runners for a

Small profit and turo is telling me I Need to fill out the tax information to Get a W-9 and it’s asking me questions Like if I’m a U.S citizen which I plan To remove myself as also are these Structures I with these structures I Will no longer be able to participate in As a silver bullet trust Um I’m working currently submitting for a New passport as a state National so my Question Um and I get this question all the time Especially with people that are wanting To open up a bank account in a different You know country and they’re being and They’re you know they they see the U.S Pass part and they’re being shown the W-9 that’s the same thing happened to me In Thailand Okay and the thing is when You become a secure creditor The full-on secure credit I’m not Talking how fast secure creditor where The full-on where you basically you know You not only do your UCC one and Um and then send your package to Puerto Rico okay it’s a lot more than that you Actually transmute or they say kill your Social killing your social security Number is basically you are just Transmuting it into an estate number you Are taking full control of it because They no longer have control over it you Have control over it as the executive

Tricks as a woman executor as a man and Therefore you have transmuted the social You’ve taken control of it using your The trust number and the trust number is A foreign trust number that is issued From the IRS And then you put the IRS on notice you Just let them know by filling a form one Of their forms and you send it back to Them and you let them know hello Um I this is this is um all these Companies my LLC my Corporation my you Know whatever Um even my sole proprietor is all Controlled by my Silver Bullet trust Okay my foreign trust number and Silver Bullet trust so pretty much it’s it’s Controlled and therefore I cannot be Taxed I’m tax exempt and so forth okay So I’ve had my companies open for almost Three years now I’m completely fine I’m I don’t know I don’t file for taxes I Don’t need to because I am on the Private side and I’ve actually put them On notice and everything in a friendly Manner and if anything like I said Stated with the the child support the IRS is on my side okay and it’s better That they are on your side on the Private side Than being a U.S citizen or U.S person Where you’re where you’re seen as a Employee of the U.S corporation which is No longer in the United States of

America where I am operating on the Private side where I am part of the United States of American Republic okay So pretty much we don’t have to pay any Taxes at all we’re seen as American Nationals American indigenous and so Forth So with her situation you know she still Wants to be able to participate with Turo okay Um and but they’re giving her a W-9 and All that stuff and they want her they Want to see if she’s the U.S citizen and Yada so in her case if she becomes a Secure creditor and she gets her Silver Bullet trust set up for her she can Easily you know fill in the W9 with a Social security number or she could use Her estate number which when she Transmutes the social it turns into an Estate number so she can use that number And I’ve been using that same number Myself for stripe PayPal when I was when I did use PayPal I stopped using them But stripe and other Platforms to be able to receive money Okay receive money with for my business I don’t I didn’t use my social but Really it doesn’t matter because when You kill the social It shows on there that you have total Control of the social security number it Doesn’t matter whether you put and it Doesn’t matter whether you put on the

Application like she was stating here a U.S citizen Um And or U.S national American National it Doesn’t matter because the number tells You everything the moment the social Security number comes up it shows that It’s been transmitted into an estate Number so it doesn’t matter whether you Put U.S citizen American National it Doesn’t matter at all And so same thing applies and she can Easily say okay yeah you know if they Say okay we’ll mark you as citizen she Could do that after she transmitted her Social and has have taken control with The Silver Bullet trust she can do that And with a W-9 instead of using her Social she could use her estate number But it really doesn’t matter again use Your social it goes back to the estate Number anyway it shows that you have Control and this is the bitching thing About being on the private side and you Can hear my voice getting excited Because Through my experience it’s freaking Awesome I don’t have to worry I no Longer have to worry along with all the Other chattel people okay the channel Unfortunately they don’t know any better We just call them chattels but because They don’t know any better Um

But I’m grateful I’ve been blessed to Know this information where I don’t have To worry about having to pay any taxes At all I don’t have to go to Puerto Rico To live there so I could be tax exempt I Don’t have to do any of that I don’t Have to renounce my American citizenship House part and I have my passport I have My passport I have my border my little ID where it’s like a it’s to cross the Border with I mean I went all out right And even online Even online at U.S U.S person U.S Citizen and all that because I had to do Mine online because I’m in Mexico I’m Way the heck in Mexico and I was trying To go to an embassy here in Cancun but They didn’t have um the embassies were Not open so I had to do everything Online so it didn’t matter whether I put U.S person American National whatever so I just put U.S purse it doesn’t matter Because again they see the social and It’s completely controlled by Me by my Trust actually so I received my passport Just fine and I received my border Crossing um card just fine as well so As I said you know people they may not Some people may not be ready because They don’t know they’re afraid that they Watch the news and they’re like oh my God I mean now you’ve heard right the IRS is armed ending and dangerous now Now they are armed did you know that

Did you know that guys they are armed And dangerous So that means that they can come to your Neighborhood knock down your door and Say hey give me your taxes man pay me Pay me your taxes if you don’t pay I’m Gonna shoot you or I’m gonna throw you In jail or whatever Um pretty freaking interesting for the US persons right now you know I know I’m Happy I’m not a U.S person think the Gods for that think the gods for the Knowledge that I have and living a Channel free life you know people just Don’t realize it people don’t realize it And I’m one of the unvaxxed so I’m Pretty um pretty awesome I’m a champion I’m a hero on this on This plane of Realm of existence right So you know it’s interesting when you Know this information you know that you Don’t have to obey every order that Comes your way you don’t have to obey Anything really not unless of course it There’s no harm to you there’s no harm To them but I’ll tell you you know I’ve Talked to people that are just so scared Of the IRS they are terrified of the IRS And I’m just like if I only if you only Knew if he only knew if I was able to Teach you you know the ways of the the Secure crudder living on the private Side and not having to worry about a lot Of things that you believe you know to

Be true it’s just it’s just freaking Awesome to have this Freedom really So anyway I just wanted to mention that To answer your questions so if you are Let’s say you are an American and you Are living in another country you want To open up a bank account somewhere else And you know you don’t have you don’t Want to have to worry about oh my gosh I Have to keep reporting because I’m an American citizen I’m a U.S person and All this stuff you know but I got to Fill in this W-9 you don’t have to You don’t have to um Put your social on the W9 I mean you Could If you are so a secure creditor or you Can put your estate number okay and then We we throw the W8 at them we give them A w-8-b-e-n with the the the the foreign Trust number okay to show them hello you Know what I I’m you know I have a trust Out there so right away they can see That when you when you put in that Number that’s a you’re completely safe You are completely removed from the Channel list and you don’t have to worry And you can make money in peace freely Do whatever the hell you want to do you Could trade you could do your trades in Peace you don’t even have to worry it is Freaking awesome but the thing is the Psyche of most American people they get So scared that they believe they have to

Report everything and well you know if You are if you claim that you are a US Person then yeah you have to report Everything because you’re claiming that You are a a chattel you are an employee Of the United States Corporation you are Not claiming that you are an American You are an American National or an American indigenous at all you are Simply you are you are it’s like you are Signing up for the military okay it like It’s completely voluntary so they’re Giving you that option and maybe on the Applications that might have you know American National I would put American National all the way but there’s a lot More to do a lot more to it you would Sign or you would click on American National and then you would become a Secure creditor you would transmit that Social security number and you’re Totally set you’re set you don’t ever Have to worry about any of this crap About Um the IRS coming after you hunt you Down you know knocking down your door And all this garbage because you’ve Actually let them know you filled out Their form you let them know that you Know all the information that you are no You are no longer a federal employee you Are an American National or American Indigenous and you do not have to abide By their by by the rules for the US

Person okay in person by the way in the Black slaw dictionary 7th edition means That you are a corporation So I wanted to Put that out there for you all and and Those of you that are like oh you know I You know you’re kind of wrestling with The idea of having a silver bullet trust And all this and it the Silver Bullet Trust is a foreign trust by the way guys It’s a foreign International trust you Are seen as a foreigner the moment you You basically I mean you’re already seen As a foreigner to the federal employee The United States Corporation you’re Already seen as a foreigner it doesn’t Matter But you’re seen as an employee for them Okay when you remove yourself from that Status you are now you are seen as a Foreigner but you’re seen as a Respectable foreigner like okay this Person’s on the private side this Individual you know is Immune diplomatic immunity immune to our Rules and regulations and our statutes Because they the United States Corporation only abides by statutes they No longer really abide by laws real laws Um it’s all statutes which is all Fictional okay there’s a lot a lot to Learn about that I mean if you want to Learn more about that type of stuff About becoming a secure creditor and you

Know the philosophy behind it check out David Robinson’s books just go to and just type in Dave Robinson or David Robinson and he has a Bunch of books that talks about the Philosophy of becoming a secure creditor And all of that it was also student of Mine too very very nice nice guy So um but yeah you know it’s good to Learn the philosophy behind it but also You know really know the truth and know What you can do and like I said I’ve Been doing those type of work since 2010 A pretty long time a pretty long time And um I’m very grateful I came across this I Came across this information for a Reason guys it wasn’t because I was Trying to pull money out of a hat it was Because I had some serious situations uh Lawsuit against me that I needed to Rectify and I finally did and I’m very Freaking grateful I did so those of you Who are interested in becoming a secure Creditor we’re now offering again the Package at a very low discount a low Price I mean Um a discounted price you can go to the Website and find out Forward slash packages I’ll have the Link down below and I have two options For the trust you can do the Do-it-yourself Trust Where you just fill it in yourself and

You get the you you receive the video Training along with the VIP Um in the in our telegram groups and Also the the trust done for you and you Also get to have Um I think one hour or two hour Communication with me I have to go check The website again it’s early in the Morning still drinking my coffee I’m Still trying to wake up but I just Wanted to bring that up to you it’s very Powerful stuff And it’s not baloney And I know because I live it every day I Live it every day life is great I have My two passports Mexican and American And I can go wherever the hell I want I Don’t have to worry about any tax Problems or any of that issue you know And what happened to all the other uh Supposed secure creditor gurus where They didn’t understand this one little Piece they didn’t have this little piece That I’m sharing with with my students And that is transmitting your social Into an estate number and how to notify The IRS correctly and in doing so where You don’t have to worry you can open up Your own Corporation LLC churches it Doesn’t matter and it’s controlled by The the foreign trust number tax exempt Number you are selling you’re selling Smoothly guys so I just wanted to let

You all know that okay much love and Light take care this is Dr rev Dorena Johnston Take care bye-bye

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