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Druanna´s Wealth Protection is all about protecting your Wealth, Assets from seizures from Tyranny, ugly exes, Lawsuits, High Taxes, Lien, Levy, Bullet proof Private Trusts, international, american, foreign, global, elite.

Hi welcome everyone this is Dr Joanna Johnston how are you so good to see you Here So I’m very excited to share with you Some very important information on Becoming a secured creditor which is Being bulletproof folks have you ever Had issues challenges where You you need protection from judgments Liens levies tax issues lawsuits and I’ll tell you a story I will tell you a Major story that happened to me years Ago you see many years ago I was married To to a cheating ex-husband okay and he Sneakingly took my kids from me by Sending me out on the plane over to my Families in the all the on the other Side of the country okay he was from the East Coast I was from the west coast and By doing that he had other plans so he Thought okay I’m going to send her off To her family and then I’m going to have An affair with her friend so they ended Up having an affair and then they ended Up kicking me out of the whole picture And by doing that they he had all the Hookup that he had he had a lot of Family that that knew a lot of people Especially they were Freemasons new very High degree Freemasons and they were in Cahoots with the courts they knew Everybody they had lawyers in the family They had it made so me fighting against Him I didn’t stand and a chance

Especially being in another state and if I would have known at the time that he Had this planned with my two children And that he did this to take my kids for Me and have have the affair if I would Have known this I would have never left But even back then with having no Knowledge at all how in the heck was I Supposed to stand against him how in the Heck was I supposed to win he had too Much hookup he had like a mafiosi hookup Where You know things happen for a reason Obviously And I didn’t know any anything about law And it wasn’t until years later when I Ran into some amazing people in my life That actually taught me on how to Exercise as a private side how to become A secured creditor Which I wasn’t even sure about I didn’t Know anything about this work And once I started learning about it and I became very popular on YouTube he got Really jealous my ex-husband and decided You know what I’m going to go after you For child support you know that wasn’t Enough that I took your kids from you You know and I ended up moving on I got Married remarried and had two more kids And you know he got really upset and so I Defeated child support it took me a few Years but with this knowledge and being

A secure creditor I was able to defeat Child support that’s right it’s because Of the knowledge that I had I stood my Ground and I let them know that hey I am A secure creditor and not only that I am An American indigenous on the land I am Not A U.S citizen or a U.S person which is a Federal employee of the corporate United States of America no no no no no I was Exercising my rights as an American Indigenous who was born on the land Before the laws ever came before the Colonizers ever came and plus I am Native American as well and Mexican so And it doesn’t really matter as long as You’re born on the land you can exercise Those rights and so by doing that and With the appropriate paperwork that I Used I was able to defeat child support I was able to get my passports twice Renewed and never looked back since and Very very excited and since then I’ve Been training my students for 13 years To become secure Cutters and diplomats For so many years hundreds and thousands Of students I was also on YouTube with a Hundred and twenty five thousand Subscribers I also had the silver button You know and then I spoke my truth a Little too much and then I got taken Down on YouTube so anyway here I am Again so what I’m here to offer you is An offer you can’t refuse to learn

Exactly what I’m talking about becoming Bulletproof And being able to protect your assets Your family companies bank accounts from Tyranny especially what’s going on right Now you need all the knowledge and Education that you need to defeat the Tyranny and the foreign agents that is Running the country right now And this goes for all over the world not Just the United States folks all over The world I’ll see you on the other side Take care

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