Rapid Fire Questions with Michael Hall

Get to know the host of Monday’s Equis Connects, Michael Hall!

Tune in Monday at 10 AM ET and hear from Michael and his special guest!

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Freddy's I'm gonna be What's the best part about working in Insurance Oh man uh the flexibility of it what's Something on your bucket list To go to a African safari what's your Favorite ice cream flavor Anything with uh like salted caramel What's your go-to karaoke song oh I hate Karaoke but if I if I'm gonna be forced To do it and this will probably be Something that shocks people I would say Uh Eminem or jelly roll I'm Zero My kids would probably say too If you could live anywhere in the world Where would it be somewhere where the Beach Works Forum all year long What what didn't you eat for a million Dollars There's not much I wouldn't eat for a Million bucks As long as it doesn't kill me Three to four

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