Private Equity Alliance – Acquire Enterprise Value at Asset Cost

When the subordinate debt schedule can be eliminated from the underlying value of business operations, transactions are streamlined because incentives are created for all parties.

President Aaron Todrin explains how a no-cost alliance with Second Wind can streamline acquisition postures in the distressed space by eliminating subordinate debt prior to or through acquisition. Short sales, ABCs and 363 sales are no longer required.

Leveraging the strategic Article 9 short sale liquidates business assets into a new purchasing entity, preserving the continuity and full ongoing concern value of a target acquisition.

Sellers are incentivized with a path to a successful exit, where one did not previously exist. This is because the purchaser can enter at the attractive cost of liquidated asset valuation and thus strategically allocate value back to the seller in order to reconcile personal guarantees. The first position creditor recovers their appraised value on the collateral quickly, without the need for auction.

For the PEG professional, deals can be assessed without regard to the debt schedule, because the strategic Article 9 reorganization eliminates the need for complex short sales, subordinate creditor consents, or Chapter 11 / 363 sales.

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A strategic alliance with second wind Consultants creates unparalleled Opportunities for private equity Investors and there’s absolutely no cost To you in the next few minutes I’m going To demonstrate how you can capitalize on Acquisitions and add-ons at the Attractive cost of liquidated asset Valuation I’m also going to show you how You can scale your opportunities Incentivize sellers and increase your ROI by reevaluating situations you would Otherwise walk away from because of Excessive debt on the balance sheet over The past 10 years Second wind has conducted thousands of Transactional reorganizations in the Distressed space by result we are able To extract and preserve business value Without bankruptcy complex short sales Or 363 s a second wind Alliance will Remove debt in distress from the value Of business operations and deliver Pristine debt-free transact able Enterprises in just 45 to 60 days second Winds unique expertise leverages article 9 of the Uniform Commercial Code article 9 allows the first position secured Creditor to transact on a borrower’s Asset base in a private sale in order to Recover maximum value on their Collateral without the mess of formal Liquidation under article 9 all Subordinate liens and obligations are

Removed through the sale of business Assets in a single streamlined Transaction second wind satisfies the First position creditors asset valuation Through a controlled short sale of Business assets into a pristine Debt-free purchasing entity most Importantly when assets are Strategically liquidated into a new Purchasing entity the full enterprise Value along with full continuity of Operations are allowed to pass through To the new entity unhindered as the Purchaser of business assets in this Transaction the private equity investor Acquires enterprise value at liquidated Asset costs better still this Streamlined transaction is complete in Just 45 to 60 days with the second wind Alliance you will not only capitalize on Acquisitions and add-ons that liquidated Asset costs but you will scale new Opportunities by evaluating them based On value alone without regard to debt or Distress distress is no longer a Bottleneck instead it’s your source of Opportunity a private equity Is what second wind delivers six wins For your investment model win number one You will enter at the cost of the Liquidated asset valuation which will Always be more attractive than any Discount on the note win number two a Second wind Alliance will scale your

Successful LOI deal flow by Incentivizing sellers with a path to a Successful exit when they would Otherwise be left facing a string of Personal guarantees in bankruptcy and Therefore a little incentive to close How the Delta between liquidated asset Costs and your own enterprise valuation Gives you room to allocate performance Based incentives back to your target Seller so you get more LOI s returned When number three because your upfront Costs are far lower and the balance of Seller compensation is performance-based Your portfolio will benefit from reduced Exposure to those acquisitions that fail When your upfront costs are based on Asset valuation your investment enjoys Full coverage with little risk of under Securitisation win number four when your Strategy involves chapter 11 and a 363 Sale you know how little control you Have over the process its lengthy costly And comes with risk of being outbid After months of work now you can achieve The same positive result in weeks with Full control through our strategic Application of the article 9 short sale Win number 5 time is money When your acquisition posture is Strengthened through the elimination of Subordinate dead you deploy your capital More quickly and more efficiently which Greatly accelerates your capital

Deployment cycle and by result increases Your ROI win number 6 leverage when your Acquisition is debt-free prior to your Transaction the entire asset base is Available for you to scale your Leveraged buyout model an alliance with Second wind comes at no cost to you our Fees are absorbed by the value-add Created for your seller so lower your Cost of entry minimize exposure to Failed acquisitions create exit Incentives for sellers increase your Portfolio ROI do what others in your Space can’t ask us how You

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