Part-Time or Full-Time Agent | Equis Financial

Who said you have to jump in with both feet first? At Equis Financial, we believe there is nothing wrong with just dipping your toe in to test the waters.

Attend one of our in-person trainings to see if Equis Financial is the right fit for you! Find out where we are headed next at

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I was hungry and all I knew is that I Did not want to work at a job any longer I didn't want a boss I didn't want Someone to tell me what to do when to Take time off if I could spend time with Family when I could go on vacation I was Ready for my freedom and I just didn't Know how I had tried a lot of different Things and a lot of different things Didn't work because I didn't have the Funding I didn't have the time and I Didn't have the education but when I Found life insurance or rather when life Insurance found me I was very fortunate To end up on the team where I'm at but It hit all those boxes it checked Everything off for me and all I knew is That I had to go to work and so that's What I did and it's about six months Later I turned in my notice and I left My job and I went full time

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