Part 1: 3 Concepts Critical To Winning with Money – Mental Foundation

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This video discusses how important a healthy mindset is to properly managing money. Without the proper mindset, people often have many stops, starts, long pauses or just give up on the journey to controlling their money and building wealth. Be sure to check out parts 2 and 3 of the series.

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You don’t want to miss part one of a Three-part series discussing the three Concepts that are necessary If you want to win with money and build [Music] Wealth [Music] Hi everyone i’m kenny simon welcome to The achieve financial coaching channel Where we believe in breaking the chains Of debt And discussing all things related to Personal finance In this video we will be discussing the First of three concepts that are Critical to improving our financial Ability And building wealth be sure to check out The other two videos in this series To get a full understanding of all three Concepts i’ll be sure to drop a link to Those videos So you can check those out as well Please like this video And subscribe to the channel ability is Defined as the possession of the means Or skill to do something I’ve learned from experience that Without the concepts we will discuss In this series of three videos you will Never take control of your finances Get out of debt build or sustain wealth Your money behavior will never change Your ability will not improve

And as a result your financial situation Will never change for the better At least not in a consistent way your Success will be hit or miss until you Internalize these three things They are so critical i often call them The three pillars of wealth building Today we will be discussing the first Concept and some of the underlying Elements That make up that concept The first concept mental foundation is The mindset required to take control of Your finances This is like the foundation to building A house without the right mentality Your financial foundation will be shaky At best and more than likely not sustain The financial future you are trying to Build By far this is the most critical concept To improving your financial ability And building wealth there are few Elements within the mental foundation That i like to call Out to help you understand this concept A bit more the first one is your mindset Hear me on this without the right Mindset you will never control your Money Or achieve any goal you set about money Or anything else Your mindset determines your thoughts Behaviors

And actions it determines the steps you Are willing to take To win next is your personal why Your why is your purpose for pursuing Financial freedom What is the deep seated reason for Taking control of your money Do you want to leave a legacy be able to Help your family pursue dreams Establish financial freedom so you don’t Depend on someone else for a paycheck When it gets tough your why reminds you How important this journey is and Motivates you to continue pushing Forward The next element under the mental Foundation is a personal money Philosophy What is money to you why do you want it How do you use it Do you have money or does money have you Think about your relationship with money And come up with the philosophy that Works for you my personal philosophy is That Money doesn’t bring happiness but not Having it can bring frustration Pain and a lot of drama money allows me To buy back my time and spend time doing The things i’m passionate about While i save and invest money is not to Be hoarded but Shared to help others and support good Causes

That’s my philosophy your money Philosophy will ultimately govern how You think about money And make financial decisions the last Element of a good mental foundation is Delayed gratification We do not like this one right here Delayed gratification we make all types Of excuses to buy that thing we want Right now No matter what it is even if we can’t Afford it the excuses sound like this I work hard i deserve it or i’m grown It’s my money i can spend it how i like The truth is Sacrifice and patience are critical Requirements to having the right mental Foundation That leads to wealth the ability to walk Away from a warrant Not a need but a warrant pays dividends Later That’s it for this video and our first Concept mental foundation Be sure to check out the other two Videos to round out your understanding Of how to win with money And build wealth i really hope you all Walk away from this video understanding The importance of your mentality and Taking control of your money Your mental foundation is the most Critical aspect To building wealth this didn’t come from

A book i read or something i’ve heard But from my personal experience And building my own financial illiteracy And learning how to handle money the Right way That will do it for this one please like The video Subscribe to the channel and follow me On facebook I’d like you to remember something you Can achieve much greater things than Where you are today if you are willing To put in the work Conceive it believe it and achieve it I’ll see you next time

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