Own Nothing Be Happy


Own nothing and be happy is their slogan for all middle class folks to be stripped of their assets. Time to wake up folks this is how they are going to take your houses

One grand Rising this is Dr Jenna Johnston And today we're going to be talking About owning nothing and being happy Now this just came out recently you know I I just heard about this recently And really it's been going on forever You know like I said in 1871 they we Have been under a martial law since then Okay We've been under a martial law since Then Since 1871 so really technically we Never owned anything to begin with If anything the elites have owned Everything okay because it's all in The all caps name So what is happening right now a lot of Things are happening With homeowners And I was listening to this guy on YouTube on YouTube and also before I I Heard him a friend of mine was already Telling me what the heck was going on so I will start with that Um my girlfriend she was renting a house In Ohio And all of a sudden the landlord ended Up getting a letter in the mail Foreign A letter in the mail See if you can hear me let's see testing One two three I hope you guys can hear Me

Let's see can you guys hear me please I Hope so Please tell me yes okay good Um so what happened was he she ended up That the landlord got something in the Mail saying that they had to improve Their house And if they don't they're gonna lean it Up And this is not just his house or the Landlord's house it was everybody in the City They all had to remove or replace the Roofs To make it look nicer You know what I mean To make it look good enough for Greenpeace I believe it's like a new law Going that that's happening right now so What happened they called him in the Court he's fighting it with a lawyer and He had to let my girlfriend go and say Hey you know what you can't stay here Anymore I'm not allowed to have anybody Here I mean this is his house it's own It's paid off everything And they're still telling him what to do And how to do it in his own house now if It was your own house Why the hell would they be telling you What to do and how to do it my husband Wants to say something Yeah it's all to do with this energy thing with the uh the globe

Because they're telling you to uh bring Your energy systems up to standards I Think it's b-class or something where You have to have installation And you have to have solar panels and Things like this and And It's like in Europe that costs like a Hundred thousand Euros That's a lot of money for most people So This is where they're coming from it's Not just to make your house look pretty It's to bring it up to energy standard And this technology does cost a lot of Money So it's like when the first time the uh The energy saving bulbs came out which Of course they have mercury in them Uh just in case you didn't know that So really I would go to the LED ones Which is what they're into now uh so You'll have to change all your balls for LED bulbs all your systems that run the House Um And just solar panel stuff And obviously the converters the Batteries And it's it's all to do for control it's To control you It's them telling you what to do the Elites Are they going to take your house

It's like if you can't do this you're Going to have to sell your house but It's not to someone else It's going to be to them Because obviously nobody will be able to Afford to buy your house Because of them being in the same kind Of thing so What is it that you do It's it's all control so basically what We have to do is Take back say no we don't want this Stop it Stand up grow up here If you want the World to Change you Change it don't wait for the Messiah you Are the Messiah You are the change you're the one in Control so do something about it let's Do this together there's more of us than There is of them Well said hun well said that was my Husband Darren uh so yeah that's what's Really going on right now they are Trying to threaten people into saying if You don't do this we're gonna take your House it's because they've already owned Your house they it it's there so you Know you need to tell them is like hey It's in it's your house it's in an all Caps name it was never in my name so Therefore it is your responsibility Really So there's ways around it I mean I can

Say hey just put it put it on put a UCC One lean on it and it does work I used To see when lean does work because they Cannot sell it they can't do it they Can't do nothing yes they could try to Get you out of the house But they cannot sell it they can't do because it's on a UCC lien but the Best way for both party for everybody to Win To have a win-win situation where you're Not being thrown out of your house is to Put it in a foreign trust as I mentioned To many people What does it do is it takes it out of The jurisdiction and let me tell you There was a mayor I believe it was in he Was in Michigan And he had his house in a foreign Trust And they told him you cannot run for Mayor I think it was mayor Senator or Something like that you cannot run for Mayor of the city because it doesn't Show that you have a residence in the City And the reason why is because he has his House in a foreign Trust Okay In some powerful documents stating that It is in a foreign Trust That's why so he had to take it out of The foreign trust to so let to let it be Shown that yes he is a residence in that Particular City so he can run for mayor

Isn't that interesting so the same thing Applies When you have your house in a foreign Trust it is out of their jurisdiction so They cannot tell you what to do and how To do it And you know really according to the US Constitution they're not supposed to do Nothing they're not supposed to tell you What to do on your own property And I was talking to one of my my spook Friends On one of my shows years ago and he says You know if if I wanted to f a sheep I Mean he said he wouldn't do that but if I wanted to f a sheep on my own property I would have the right to do that He says it's gross but you know he's Just putting his point out there Whatever you do if as long as it's not Causing any uh harm to anybody really or Injury And then you could do whatever the hell You want on your own property so what is The point of buying a house if it's not Yours to begin with it never was yours See they make you believe they just want You to be caretakers you are just using The property you're just a caretaker You're just uh You're your renters basically And I'll tell you it's cheaper to rent Than it is to freaking buy a house That's not even yours it's Common Sense

Unless if you're gonna buy a house then Why don't you just use it to make money Out of like a Airbnb or rent it out or Something you know turn it into an asset But don't ever turn it into a liability Yeah Yeah a lot of wealthy wealthy people Even uh Warren Buffett he lives in a House that's half a million dollars just Like five hundred thousand dollar home a Very modest looking home and he's got Properties all over the place that is he Just rents them out You know like hotels Airbnb whatever the Hell that's that's that's where his Money comes from his money making comes From very very smart Doesn't put everything all in a house And expects it and then you gotta put Money in maintenance and it's a it's a right But anyway That's what's going on in Europe right Now they're getting everybody To change their houses to be fit to be Green but at the same time what they Don't want to give you a loan they don't Want to give you a grant I mean maybe They do I don't know you might have to Look into that But I would think that would be actually Better if they can say hey you know what Don't worry we can hook you up we we can Give you a grant or a loan for for some

Of you that are really needing it but The whole point is they don't care about You the whole point is they want you They want to get rid of the middle class That's the point okay let's just get to The point folks let's not sugar coated They want to get rid of the middle class And when they get rid of the middle Class it'll only be poor and enrich That's it now what makes the middle Class you might ask what makes the Middle classes really people that are Pretending to be rich but they're not Okay And I say it because here in Mexico the Middle class didn't start till 2008. Before that it was only rich and poor in Mexico And my mother used to tell me The people that are wealthy in Mexico They're actually really rich They're not want to be rich people you Know living on credit cards and all that Crap that that's not rich like the United States And then after 2008 that craziness Happened with the economy then they Incorporated curb or like Social Security numbers where all the Mexicans Had to have that and now all of a sudden Here comes the credit system and many Mexicans can own cars right because Before only the rich could own cars here In Mexico so it wasn't that long ago

So the middle class just came Into being here in this country whereas In the United States I don't know Exactly when it happened but you know my Parents were upper middle class you know Whatever but they were again it's a it's A fake economy really it's based on a Fake economy so they're going to do away With a middle class because They just want to make life hard you Know they just only want the rich or the Poor or whatever and they just want Total Control and chaos and then Eventually they're implementing this uh What do you call it cbdc uh digital coin Which is happening right now everything Is happening now so you know I'm not Here to complain about everything I'm Not here to you know get you all scared And oh and you know like I'm not One of those doom and gloomers you know I'm more like hey this is what's going On Now what do you want to do about it There's other choices there's many Choices one of the choices I've already mentioned is getting a Foreign trust become a secure creditor Learn this information and go ahead and Teach others a lot of my students are Doing that right now and my next class Is going to be on March 31st you can Sign up anytime and uh you know get Started with the video online classes

And then you can go ahead and enroll in The next class automatically okay you'll Automatically be enrolled you don't have To pay extra again The other option is you know move out of The country live out of the country Because it seems like it's happening to The rich countries like Europe England Uh America UK you know all these places That are rich wealthy countries are Going to do that I don't really see it Happening here in Mexico I really don't Because there's it's like let's go to The pub one of the pueblas you know one Of the poor Pueblos and you're going to Tell them to change the Riff they'll Tell you to go f yourself right The whole Pueblo will tell you to f Yourself so you have a lot of freedom Here in Mexico I'm not to say that it Will never happen it could possibly Happen in the Richer cities like in Mexico City I know that they're already Starting this whole Crop where only certain people can drive Cars and they're going to have to De-register them for other people Because it's so freaking packed and you Know it's not a very healthy environment In Mexico City because of the pollution But they're going to use that as an Excuse to say hey only some certain People are allowed to drive cars and Many cannot drive their cars anymore

And I believe they're doing that in the Name of Greenpeace but I I believe They're doing that in La now they're Starting to do that with the big cities Now I can understand to some point that Yeah you know hey you know have some Because the the smog it's hurting people But you know they don't give a when They throw Chemtrails on your face Either right it doesn't really matter But it's all to do with control because What happens you take the cars away you Take the house away and you get Everybody okay you can only use the Train you can only use the public Transportation just like they did in Nazi Germany and what happened with that Only certain people were able to board The train and certain people could not Board the train right So that is pretty much what's going on Uh and it is it is an absolute shame What's happening but we all have to wake Up To the reality I mean do you do we want It to be Nazi Germany all over again You understand So anyway we got a caller here do you Want to call in big guy cos You're in Uh are you in I'm just making sure it Gives some people opportunities if you Guys want to call in Hi big cuss you there

Yeah it was good Wonderful wonderful Yeah thank you so much so how are you Doing How are you doing yeah I'm fine I'm fine Um what's going on So anyway so so what's going on with you What's your situation are you going Through something similar I'm going to Try a little man like a lot of Going through And I really want to talk about it you Know I'm saying because Basically yeah I'm a kind of a rapper You know I'm saying so it's kind of Being yeah it's kind of been difficult With different kind of darks coming true You know what I'm saying so As of some days ago you know my ads Called me she stays in Colorado so she Was like um She said my name said Um cops I was like oh yeah she was like I want you to go off the you know I'm saying I want you to go I flip up I Was like I've never done that before She said yeah I want you to go Africa You know I'm saying stop that you Know no more American songs I want you Too Yeah That's heavy hardcore there you go yeah Like them every because I I don't know What to do I've programmed my brain my

Mindsets on um American style I can't Just I've watched a lot of tutorials how I've Gone on lessons on how to do afro music Pop yeah where are you from Originally I'm from Nigeria oh beautiful oh my gosh I've been wanting to go to Nigeria It's a beautiful country I had a friend There a bubble out that that lives out There very nice guy very sweet Sweetheart people man Different energy Kind of crazy so it she called me like She was like man I give you just two Days you know do that send it to me I want to see how and I was like I could Make a thousand beats without I could Make a thousand bit of Afro pop but You see the kind of our football music You want and yeah you had enough Inspiration for once I can't just it's Something I didn't grow up with I I grew Up listening to Tupac listening too easy Me too yeah so um Houston uh I look up To all these every day of my life You know Snoop Dogg and other people Like that so I'm used to their music I'm Used to that stuff and trying to come Back to afro pop like my traditional Kind of music stuff it's it's different I bet it would sound really awesome I Love to hear it next time you come up I Think it would be very awesome a mixture

Of African and you know just kind of a I think like like and it's cool to say That and I'm so sorry I have to mute now Because I gotta carry on with the show Here but thank you so much for calling In guys bye-bye You're welcome you But anyway Yeah so A lot of people are wanting to go back To their old traditions which is really Interesting this is what I was hearing From the guy okay a good guy on YouTube He's from uh Norway and he was saying The same thing he said this is what's Going on with people's houses they're Going to try to take your house if it Doesn't if it's not up to par or up to Standards what are they going to do They're going to find you or they're Going to just take your house you know That that's pretty much what they're Gonna do so he he was saying that a lot Of people are just getting really fed up Right now And they're even going to their old Traditions it's really cool that big guy Called in earlier people are wanting to Go back to their Traditions they're Wanting to learn of their ancestors They're getting sick and tired of the Roman Catholic Church you know what I Mean they're like there ain't no answers With that there's too much hypocrisy and

Since the Roman Catholic Church came Into being there was nothing but murder In the name of Jesus even though Jesus Had nothing to do with us I can't blame Him it was the Roman Catholic Church it Was all to do with with power and Control over other people so we all we All have to go back to our ancestry our Origins because they were of the earth Even the Vikings even the the Celtics And the Africans and and the Egyptians Everybody you know it doesn't matter Where you're from we have ancestral Heritage that was all about Nature Mother Nature plants herbs we had To rely on nature we weren't relying on The government So that's pretty much what's going on And they want to move into AI technology Now To make life a lot easier for you right But you know what There's a lot of fear of this whole AI Thing taking over but you know one thing I can tell you all AI cannot control Not for long because when there's solar Flares there's blackouts it will destroy Everything so they have to take that Into consideration too that's like like Whenever I order Kindle books many times I'll order that and if I like the Kindle Book enough I will just buy the paper Pack because I want to have my book in

My hand you know in case something like That does happen I like to have cash on My in my hands too not have Digital cash or I can you know just go Run for my card and they can just Totally freeze your account or for who Knows what right and with the cbdc Coming in with this fed coin or digital Currency coin The FED coin and the britcoin they're Going to put more control over the People and they're going to tell you how Much money you're allowed to have in Your account how much money you're Allowed to spend in your account and if You talk bad against the government or Bad against whoever the elite then guess What they have control of your they can Stop your account and that's what's Happening in the banks many people Cannot go into their bank account Without showing their debit card they Have to swipe their debit card at the Lobby or to get into the lobby in order To get into the lobby what and they got To swipe it so it can turn green so they Can go into the lobby what happens if They swipe it They swipe your card and it turns red You're not able to get in then what do You do But the ones that go in guess what They're being met with a video teller Not a real human being not a real bank

Teller anymore it's via video so Anything that happens and you're like where's my money what the hell Happened they could just turn off their Video and then you know and then they Tell you to call they oh go call the the Number here and then they'll get you to Run around calling these numbers and you Will not get an answer So that is what's going on right now Guys they know that the truth is they Know they are in the wrong they know They're I hate to say it but They're and they know it because People are waking up there's a million Secure creditors in in the country right Now in the United States which is Freaking awesome Um a million of them right now and I I Can't speak for all the other countries But people that just goes to show that People are waking the up they're Saying you know what this is We're gonna we're gonna put a lien on Our car and put a lien on our freaking Hot we're gonna put a lean in and take Control and you can do that you have Every right to do that So you know again with a trust a foreign Trust that is the best way to go for Houses you know any houses that you have Assets anything that you have even Crypto gold whatever you put that sucker In a trust in a foreign trust because

You're showing them that you don't own It just like the Rockefeller said own Nothing control everything own nothing Control everything there they've been Doing it And they're very rich and wealthy they Could so-called own it but they knew the Power of that because they knew that They don't really own it Okay So you know you let the trust own it Because the trust is a foreign entity And so therefore you've created the Foreign entity just like they've created Foreign entities these are foreign Agents running the country So you got In these foreign agents have houses that Are put in trust and they're put in Foreign trusts Because they are foreign and and the United States Corporation used to be the Virginia Company which was created by The crown in Europe in England And they created the the corporation That was recited in the United States From England So all these other corporations the you Know you got your Banks you got your um Your court houses you know all these Government Banks or government buildings And all these fictional companies are Actually owned by the crown So what does that mean it is all foreign

There are foreign agents so I teach my Students to become secured creditors and Foreign agents because that is the only Way you can operate in this in that Country it is no longer how it used to Be But we wouldn't know a different any Difference because 1871 we've been under Martial law since then Meaning all properties have been leaned On because of Abraham Lincoln he was he Was assassinated and he was trying to Bring the gold back uh or the greenbacks Uh the green back Treasury notes to the people where the People had treasury notes it which was Dealing directly with the treasury there Were no banks back then We didn't need the banks but then after That the banks came on in and said oh You can use us huh all this crap just Just to take advantage of people so this Is what's going on people are finally Seeing what is happening and they're This is going to be the beginning of a Huge Revolution guys a huge Um Civil War You know but there's a lot of people That are not awake they don't know They're like oh I still want to go buy a House and I still want to get a mortgage Mortgage means Duff death pledge that's What you're doing it's a death pledge If you see the house as the ultimate

Goal then you're lost because the very Rich don't see that the very rich don't See their houses being the ultimate goal They see it as an asset make money off Of so you can go ahead and get another Place and you know at least you got Something buy a bunch of houses that's Going to make you some money And then you can get your other house You know you don't get a house right off The bat you go and you and you buy uh You know a house to live in off the bat You buy houses to turn it into rental Um Rental properties And then with that money that comes in Then you can use it to build another House for yourself But everyone's doing it back ass Backwards and they're putting all their Time and energy into a house and I'll Tell you those houses when they get old That's a lot of money that's a lot of Repairs going into these houses you see What I mean So I mean even though we were watching a Thing um I think it was in Malaga in Spain how these houses are freaking rich Houses I'm talking like several bedrooms And they are renting it out As a hotel And then they come in and the the people That own it they just go they go there For a couple weeks to stay in right to

Stay there but they leave and then they Just use it as a rental property isn't That smart because if not they would Have to pay high taxes living in the House So it there's ways around it and you Have to be very very smart You got to turn it into a money maker And then If they tell you hey you're gonna have To do this to your house and that okay Well you got the money to do it You see what I mean but they're Targeting the middle class and the Middle class don't know they don't know They're very uneducated middle class or Up very uneducated they they believe Let's just get a house and that's it But the rich or the wealthier wealthy Entrepreneurs they think differently They say hey get the house and just turn It into a money maker you know what I Mean Um so that is just the mentality of the Of the middle class they believe in Security they believe that once they buy A house it is theirs forever as long as You you are a good sheep and you keep Making payments every month and God Forbid if you ever have a lawsuit Against you or if you have to pay these Horrendous tax fees you know whatever And if you don't they can take your House too I mean it's not even your

House right So if you really want to be prepared and Really protect that house the the Smartest way as I mentioned is put it in A trust don't you ever say that you own It you don't ever want to own the house Because they own you They have a lien on your butts through Your trust that they created On your on for for you they created a Trust but they own that trust you don't You're you're not even the beneficiary Of that trust isn't that funny You're not even a really a beneficiary Of that trust So I teach my students to create their Own trust so they can be the Beneficiaries of their own Trust You know and then they have to have Trustees it's best to do that or else It's not a trust Okay I mean it depends on certain ways Of doing it but it's really important That you understand how to construct a Trust And then you will be protected your cars Will be protected all of that okay That's where we're at right now guys So anyway I'm gonna go ahead and wrap This up Um so wonderful to see many of you here Showing up in the chat room here Um so just know that on March 31st if You are ready to take your power back

And become a secure creditor before it Is too late and trust me it's almost Already too late if you don't jump on Board as soon as possible because They're closing doors uh and making it Harder for you to get the trust EIN Numbers they really are my students will Tell you all about it IRS is making it Difficult and they're really testing you They're testing and challenging you if You really know your stuff So March 31st is the beginning of class The deadlines on March 15th Or sooner because I'm only taking 10 Students You can sign up for just the Ambassador Secure creditor Or you can do both the secure creditor And the trust and uh it's all together You can find all that information out by Going to secured creditor.com Click on live class at the top and it Will take you there to learn more about The syllabus and everything so yes guys It is time and in the the most awesome Thing is the work we're doing is very Very important it's very important to Millions and billions of people it Really is it is so freaking important And it's something that no one really Was educated in in school but yet we we Take our kids to their public freaking Uh charter school and they're not Educated in finances they're not

Educated on how to really secure what You own They just educate you to be a freaking Slave that's why my kids don't go to Public school they learn everything Online and then I enroll my kids in Classes like you know dance gymnastics Whatever but they don't go to freaking Chattel school to be a slave never it's The worst thing you could ever do to Your child your children But I will be talking about that in the Next show I'll be talking about kids Homeschooling unschooling which is very Very important if you can do that but The most important thing is you have to Learn to Take control of your mind change your Mindset from a slave to a entrepreneur That's the way that that's what's going To protect you okay you have to change Your mind from being a slave working a Nine to five nine to ten job and send Your kids to channel school and then Start taking back your mind Let go get rid of the Mind Control go Through therapy of some sort you know Hypnotherapy or whatever to change that Mindset into becoming God-like really because we are living Gods we really are But that is a whole other topic guys you Got to change that or else they are Going to own you look at China that's

All I have to say look at China you Think they own anything no they don't All right guys take care go to secured Creditor.com and I will see you another Time Bye-bye

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