Overcome Challenges to Corporate Reorganization – 2

Leaders of complex organizations in an unsupportable debt position have questions about reorganization. Often times, issues involving boards of directors, by-laws, complex vendor chains or even goodwill might seem to be insurmountable.

Aaron Todrin, President of Second Wind Consultants explains that, while these are reasonable concerns, all of them can be addressed and overcome when the value of business preservation is correctly and thoughtfully communicated to all parties involved.

Second Wind Consultants offers solutions to businesses of all sizes that were previously available only to the largest corporations.

Whether your company is struggling beneath unsupportable debt or managing the challenges and risk of rapid growth, we offer consulting partnerships that create a path to success–without hourly fees.

When it comes to dealing with unsupportable debt, our RISE program provides a better way out, with no bankruptcy or new debt.

With RISE, we Reorganize your business, Insulate your operating accounts and clients, and Strategically Eliminate the vast majority of your debt. Reorganization is far more rational and ethical than bankruptcy, offering the optimal path to preserving the enterprise and the jobs dependent upon it while setting the stage for corporate turnaround.

When a business is in trouble, we know that most owners are faced with bad advice. That’s because attorneys are trained in one solution: Bankruptcy.

Avoiding the legal arena, and instead operating within the scope of business fundamentals understood by all parties, we preserve the underlying value of a business that bankruptcy would otherwise destroy.

Reorganization offers a win/win for all parties involved, including successful exits for owners and even maximum recovery for secured creditors.

Second Wind has saved 1000’s of businesses from the destruction of bankruptcy over the past ten years.

This is what we do for clients every day:

– Business Seller Financing and Renegotiation
– Conventional Loan Workouts
– Defaulted Mortgage Debt Resolution
– Franchise Agreement Renegotiations
– IRS 941 Payroll taxes and State Tax Liability
– Landlord Debt
– Merchant Cash Advance (MCA) Resolution
– Property and Equipment Lease Debt
– SBA Loan Workouts and Offer In Compromise (”OIC”) settlements
– Vendor Debt Resolution

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– Complex business operations
present some unique challenges When the corporation
or the company is faced With unsupportable debt. If you are a CEO or an individual In control of one of these options, And you’ve explored
reorganization as a path Out of unsupportable debt, No doubt you have
considered these barriers To going through a reorganization process. These concerns that you have include: An overbearing board of directors, Perhaps a tightly knit set of bylaws That would restrict or
completely eliminate The possibility of a reorganization. You might wonder how you’re
gonna deal with excessive Amounts of inventory when
considering a reorganization. How are you gonna preserve
the company’s reputation And good will…in the
face of it’s clientele? In the face of it’s vendor relationships? What are you gonna do
with all the employees? What are you gonna do
with the subsidiaries? The multiple vertical and
horizontal relationships That you have in the business structure? These are all things that are no doubt, Issues that must be addressed
in a business reorganization But none of them are insurmountable. The truth is, is that
what is insurmountable Is the amount of debt if you do nothing. If you’re faced with
unsupportable financial burdens And you do not make and adjustment, Then you’re either gonna
shut down the business Or be forced into bankruptcy. And as we know, bankruptcy
is incredibly risky With an incredibly low success rate.

I’m not gonna sit here and
say that complex organizations Don’t have issues that must be overcome, But it is the most ethical,
honorable, and efficient Thing to address those things head on. And that includes everything
that I mentioned before. Whether it’s a board of
directors that understands That the business must be
preserved first and foremost, That is the language we speak to them. Whether it is vendor
relationships who are faced With losing a client altogether, Or perhaps taking a loss but
preserving a relationship In the future that can succeed. That is honorable. When it comes to employees,
preserve those jobs. And every single one of
those can be preserved In a successful reorganization. As a CEO, you cannot shy
away from these barriers. You must face them head on. That is the only way to
preserve the business operation In which is your ultimate duty, Your ultimate obligation. It is the reason why you are the one That was chosen to lead this company. And through an article
nine reorganization, All of these things, Whether it’s the board of directors, The bylaws, The employees, The company structure, The inventory, The machinery, Every single one of those
things can and will be preserved Through the article nine
transaction if done correctly.

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