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”Corporate Turnaround” means a lot of things to a lot of people. President Aaron Todrin explains how, when unsupportable debt is a factor, debt-elimination is the first step, laying the necessary foundation of a successful turnaround.

Whether or not debt needs to be addressed, corporate turnaround always involves identifying and correcting core operational flaws and inefficiencies which have inhibited growth potential or exposed the business to the risks of emerging competition, disruption or change.

Second Wind makes management consulting and turnaround services accessible to businesses of all sizes, by staking our success in our clients’ success–not in hourly fees, which are prohibitive to most companies.

Business Empowerment and Strategic Turnaround (BEST) means doing what’s best for your business.

Our services ensure you will navigate aggressive yet sustainable growth, implement disciplined cash flow fundamentals, and engage in best management practices while enrolling both employees and customers in your vision and corporate story.

From advanced analytics, change management and capital formation, to operations and sustainability, utilizing our BEST turnaround solutions will immediately allow you to redirect your business trajectory from stagnation to profitability–generating value, wealth and jobs across the entire spectrum of economic activity.

Second Wind can help you with:

Accelerator Services for Start-Ups or Re-Starts
Advanced Analytics
Branding & Transformation
Business Brokerage Services
Capital Formation
Change Management
Customer Strategy
Financial Analysis & Profit Modeling
Foundations Design & Implementation
Mergers & Acquisitions Services
Organizations & Operations Optimization
Sales & Marketing
Strategic Reinvention
Sustainability & Transformation

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– If unsupportable debt is
part of a client’s equation, Then debt elimination is our first step In a successful turnaround. Many consultancies offer
turnaround services, But only Second Wind can
eliminate unsupportable debt, Divorcing it from the value
of business operations. – To achieve this end, Second Wind adapted and
perfected the application Of reorganizational
principles once reserved For Fortune 100 level corporations. Through reorganization, We eliminate debt while
preserving the value Of the ongoing concern in
a way no other option can. Our approach saves businesses, jobs, And economic activity that
would otherwise be destroyed. – Second Wind’s application Of reorganizational
fundamentals offers owners, And secure creditors alike, A better result and a
more ethical solution To unsupportable debt. The principle is simple. When we preserve business
value rather than allowing it To be destroyed through
forced liquidation, All parties benefit.

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