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Hi everyone welcome this is Dr Duran Johnston and I have my painting above me From Egypt straight from Egypt very Happy so I have some great news I want To share with you Um those those of you who are my Students Are really are going to be really Excited about this um those of you who Are like new or you're wanting to jump On board now we can offer a lot more for You not only to protect your assets Which we do with the Silver Bullet trust And changing your status and becoming Tax exempt and moving into diplomatic Immunity status and discharging certain Debt okay I'm not saying everything I'm Not saying your utility bill and your Your rental rental house and all of that I'm talking about things that are very Very important like child support Serious judgments things that you didn't Really move into a contract with and You're like hey what the hell's going on Leans levees lawsuits and so forth the The Silver Bullet trust can help you to Protect your assets but I'm also working With somebody Who is helping my students right now Getting credit using their 98 EIN number That's right once they've had their Their foreign trust established You know after becoming a secure Creditor and getting the foreign trust

Established and getting their 98s now They're able to move on to the next Level and I send them over to this new Contact which I'm very excited about you Can actually listen to the interview That I have with um with him I had I Think it was a few weeks ago I he was Amazing amazing interview how he Explains exactly what he's doing and he Says as a secure creditor when you have Your 98 trust you have the right to tax These other agencies because they do the Same thing and when that whenever they Come after you they create corporations To tax you and to charge you well with Your foreign trust you can do exactly That back at them really awesome I'm Planning on getting them back online or On on our call so he can be more Specific about it but I just wanted to Mention that great news you know he is Doing something great for my students And they're very happy they're getting Their credit line they're getting their Foreign corporations set up and getting Their credit cards and all that on the Private side okay not the public side on The private side so I'm just grateful to Have him on my team I mean I had to Filter out seriously filter out a lot of Shenanigans sharks that were full of Crap they made some you know crazy Claims and never fell through with their Claims and obviously they weren't living

The lifestyle either so now we have Someone that is doing it doing just that Okay so I'm very excited about it and Again if you go to secured Or Go to the live class to check out the Next uh the syllabus for June's class Because that's coming up okay for June's Class and I just wanted to mention I Mean just for a little amount ninety Seven dollars that is just it I mean Actually it is a real joke really I Should be charging a lot more money a Grand just to get your 98 and everything Because not this is not just for anybody But for the for the 97 course be Bulletproof as a secure creditor course You get the e-course the e-book and you Also learn how to fill in the ss4 to get Your 98 and get that crap out of the way I mean that's the mega thing that you Need that is the key to discharging Certain debt that is the key to protect Your family's Legacy from these other Sharks right because you become a Foreign agent just like them they are Foreign agents they're doing their thing And you can be a foreign agent like the IRS right pretty freaking exciting stuff So it's good to get started Um and just get your foot wet you fill In the ss4 you get your security Agreement you feel you uh file your UCC One

And that's for the first package to be Sent out to Puerto Rico okay and then Shortly after once he got the 98 and you Got that set up then you're going to be Ready for the next class you can go in For the the live ultimate and Bowser Secure creditor part only Or you could do both you know the Ultimate Ambassador secure creditor and The trust okay so for this June I will Take up to 20 people I already have 18 People in class right now and they're Freaking excited and happy about it so June I will take up to 20 people because I don't know the next class will Probably be late late fall but we want To do it as soon as possible so you can At least get that 98 number out of the Way and then at least you got that Safety net that safety net so you can You can get your trust set up and um Connect with a get your your credit line Open and everything so yeah great things Are happening folks and I'm very very Very excited about that yeah Yeah all right guys go to secured or much Love and light and uh if you are Interested in signing up the deadline For June the deadline is going to be May 20th so I give you plenty of time and Sign up for the for that uh that be Bulletproof as a secure creditor because That's that course will have the 98 in

It but the book If you were to get it And Amazon's not going to have those Instructions okay I just added that into The 97 course for you all so you can get On it get on it all right take care Everybody

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