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Hey everyone how are you doing this is Joanna I’m just hanging out here at this Beautiful Argentinian place here in Cancun it’s absolutely delightful very Very classy Place very high class Loving it so I wanted to talk about Something very exciting because a lot of People are asking me now they’re asking Me that they want to be trained in Becoming secured creditors which is Exciting it’s been a while because many Of my other students have been wanting Just the trust information right so that Is really exciting news Um you can go to secured sorry not the D you know Secured and click on class And it will take you to the classes There all right but um yes it’s for the Beginners for those that are not secure Creditors yet and I highly recommend That and I’ll be training you it’s going To be like a two-day workshop okay Online Workshop where I get to walk you Through the documents step by step to Becoming a secured creditor and then I’ll be teaching you some other goodies And that is just some things like uh the Discharges a couple discharges that I do That that has been really really helpful For me and I was able to conquer child Support okay so this is just the

Beginning stage and showing you how to Get your 98 Ein because that is serious You need that foreign trust EIN number And having it done correctly to get the Ss4 and everything okay for this Particular class so if you’re interested In signing up it’s going to be December 8th 7 PM Eastern Standard Time and it’s Going to be just go to and click on classes Just go on a little mini on the side There’s little lines and then click and Then you’ll find classes right there Looking forward to seeing you it’s very Affordable I’m sure you’re going to love It and we’ll go from there much love and Light take care and why being a secure Creditor is so important obviously you Are no longer operating as a detour debt Or slave of the plantation you are now Operating on the private side and with a Diplomatic status Basically letting them know that hey I’m No longer a slave I can discharge debt I Could utilize my credit as the Beneficiary that we truly are we are Meant to be beneficiaries of our trust Okay and I will be going into that a Little more so so much love and light Take care guys

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