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Hi everyone how are you this is Joanna Just wanted to give you a quick um video Here Vlog here about my website we ended Up moving our website Over to Iceland server so we’re very Very excited about it the reason why it Was on Wix and Wix prevented me from Just doing a lot of things you know they According to them I went against Community guidelines or something you Know they’re starting to get really Tight so I decided you know what to hell With you no more so I decided to move it To Iceland is called orange hosting in Iceland And I’m very very happy about that and It feels so freaking good to be free Because freedom of speech is so Important So important and I moved a lot of my Videos onto YouTube which is one of my Favorite ones bit shoot and uh Rumble So no longer are we going to be censored For speaking our mind Speaking doing the work that we do to Help awaken people all over the world to Take their power back and to become Secured creditors and be free It’s very important that’s something we Used to have in the United States once Upon a time ago we used to have that Freedom of speech which was according to The in accordance with the Constitution But for some reason it no longer applies

So what do you do you just take it You deal with it and say okay I’ll just Deal with it no no no no no no Way Not this Warrior I will not put up with That [ __ ] anymore So we’re really happy about that And just a lot of freedom I just feel so So good about it to be able to do that And a lot of people are moving their Websites over to other servers that are Offshore away from the United States Corporation due to the fact that they’ve Been feeling too restricted and we have That choice at least we have the choice To move to another server or even own Our own servers to do what we will I Mean even Andrew Tate is doing it you Know he’s been discredited Uh you know he’s been banned on Facebook YouTube and all these other platforms And he has his own server and he’s still Kicking ass he don’t care You know we have to remember Back in the day before YouTube was Around Facebook was around you know life Went on life went on And those of us who had websites you Know we had other ways to promote ways To Um push the information out there and it Was always like blog posting Banner ads just putting all the Information out there we you know

YouTube and Facebook never existed Before So it’s a lot of people are doing going Back to that no longer having to Feel like they have to be silenced Anymore So I just wanted to let you know so if You go to our website secured it’s going to say that it’s No longer there it’s because it’s Migrating it just migrated today And it can take a few days before it Gets to our server And once it’s up it’d be great and I Also wanted to mention I ended up uh Including a crop load of written content On the website a lot of written content To educate the world about the benefits Of becoming a secure creditor why it’s So important more than ever before Nowadays more than ever before to become A secure creditor and being bulletproof And being able to protect your family Yourself your assets With the new status as a diplomat It’s very important this work that we do Is extremely important and we’re just Going to keep on in keeping on and we’re Not going to stop We’re not going to stop doesn’t matter How many how many times we’ve been shut About and it’s only on like I said on Certain platforms when my website’s not

Shadow bound which is great That’s good to know Um so anyway I’m just really happy about That and those of you who are dealing With the restrictions you know you don’t Have to put up with it There is a really cool software that you Can uh Create your website it’s called Rapidweaver check it out rapidweaver and You get to get a what is it it’s an Add-on And they have several types of themes And one of it one of the ones that I got Is called Foundry It’s really awesome and it’s drag and Drop drag text over drag you know your Images over really really really easy I mean it’s it looks even better much Better than my Wix site it looks more Organized Way better So And then going back to FTP I mean I Remember back in the day I’m a web Designer so you know I I learned how to Be a web developer many years ago and I Used Dreamweaver back in the day and Used FTP to upload my website so I’m Glad I still have that knowledge But it seems like a lot of these other Platforms you know such as Wix Weebly You know they want you to be really um Reliant dependent on their

Platforms you know and then all of a Sudden they decide oh we’re going to Control you and then you’re you know but If you have the knowledge of being a web Designer already you’re like f you to Hell with you I know how to work on Websites I don’t need your I don’t need Your [ __ ] so yeah I’m very very happy About that but anyway I will let you Know once the site is up and I wanted to Mention that I have a new book out it’s Called the forensic investigator on it’s on Kindle right now Go ahead and grab it the forensic Investigator or forensic debt Investigator sorry the forensic debt Investigator and I have two other books On there just look up Joanna Johnston or Dr Joanna Johnston and you’re going to Find my three books on Amazon Kindle a Couple books aren’t on paperback and Hard hardcover all right take care Everybody much love and light and I’ll See you around

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