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So the reason why the Silver Bullet Trust is so powerful compared to any Other Trust is because You think about it Let me tell you It not only protects your assets and the Things you own but it changes your Status from debt or to Diplomat you Transmute the social security number Which is killing it we call it killing The number because as the executor or Executrix you take control of it okay And you can take control of your EIN Numbers your LLC numbers churches Whatever corporations that you have and It will turn it into a foreign Corporation because this is a foreign Trust And if you have any and make some tax Exempt completely And you can also cancel out debt Lawsuits child support very hairy Charges against the government franchise Name okay that's the power of this Silver Bullet trust it's not like any Other trust it's not like a 508 domestic Trust any domestic trust has no power But you can always add your domestic Trust into this Um this foreign Silver Bullet trust okay This is why this is so powerful but it's Only for if you are an American it's Only for the secure creditors you have To be a secure creditor if you're an

American if you are a foreign foreign to The United States then it applies to you As well okay this applies but you can Still become a secure creditor so Becoming a secure creditor and having The Silver Bullet trust together you'll Be able to have that it's it's the best Thing that you could ever have to Protect yourself your family uh your Finances your your bank accounts all of Your assets just wanted to let you know So go to I will see You on the next webinar on December 28th Don't mind the maid behind me Um so December 28 7 P.M Eastern Standard Time secure creditor secured And join the mailing list and I will put It out there Win our next Zoom class is going to be I'll have all the details ready for you Guys

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