Last Live Ambassador Class

Sign up May 20th

Hey everyone welcome the ultimate Ambassador secure crutter and Silver Bullet trust is coming up program June 9th to July 8th to protect your assets And your children and we're going to Teach you this is Way Beyond just secure Creditor work it is Ambassador Diplomat And to become a foreign agent you become Like the same agents as the people that Are ruling and running the show we show You how to take your your status back as A diplomat this goes Way Beyond secure Creditor and and be part of the no Detain are added to the no detained list And having your own Silver Bullet Foreign trust where you can operate your Business tax free tax exempt protect Your family protect your your assets Your houses your cars from seizures from Lawsuits from bogus credit claims and be Able to discharge debt certain types of Debt you know court cases liens levies Judgments all of that this is why you do This okay this is not just about being a Secured creditor this is beyond that and I teach my students to become Ambassadors true ambassadors American Indigenous on the land and if you're Foreign from the United States that's Even fine too You learn how to get operate your own Foreign trust that's all you need you Don't need to be a secure creditor so The deadline to sign up is May 20th if

You want to learn more go to secured and I'm also offering Private consultation just click on the Private coaching I'm also offering that If you have any questions and you want To know more about our program I am Offering that until before my class Starts I can't do any private consult Consulting past that time okay so for Those of you that are serious you have Child support after you got a bunch of Creditors after you you got a lawsuit After you and you have a business that You're like hey the you know the IRS is Stripping me dry is sucking me dry I Need to protect my LLC I need to protect My church I need to protect my S Corp or Businesses this is the program you want To sign up for folks and this is going To be my last program my last live class This year if you've noticed things are Happening right now where now they're Talking about cash is going to be done Away with by June 1st okay things are Getting really really serious and I've Been putting this out there over and Over again you know and many people are Not taking this Urgency serious Things are happening cbdc's coming the FED now is coming I mean heck what are You doing you're still sitting on your Butts right if you're serious you better

Jump on this opportunity because it's Going to be the last opportunity this is The last program I'm doing this year Because we're moving on to Transformation work and all the students I've already signed up all the students My older students I mean we're still Going to continue to train you but we're Not going to be taking any more new People this year that's it done