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Kevin Chan, one of our Senior Consultants here at Second Wind, explains how we help those who have gotten in too deep with unsupportable business debt.

Second Wind Consultants offers solutions to businesses of all sizes that were previously available only to the largest corporations.

Whether your company is struggling beneath unsupportable debt or managing the challenges and risk of rapid growth, we offer consulting partnerships that create a path to success—without hourly fees.

When it comes to dealing with unsupportable debt, our RISE program provides a better way out, with no bankruptcy or new debt.

With RISE, we Reorganize your business, Insulate your operating accounts and clients, and Strategically Eliminate the vast majority of your debt. Reorganization is far more rational and ethical than bankruptcy, offering the optimal path to preserving the enterprise and the jobs dependent upon it, while setting the stage for corporate turnaround.

When a business is in trouble, we know that most owners are faced with bad advice. That’s because attorneys are trained in one solution: bankruptcy.

Avoiding the legal arena, and instead operating within the scope of business fundamentals understood by all parties, we preserve the underlying value of a business that bankruptcy would otherwise destroy.

Reorganization offers a win/win for all parties involved, including successful exits for owners and even maximum recovery for secured creditors.

Second Wind has saved thousands of businesses from the destruction of bankruptcy over the past ten years.

This is what we do for clients every day:

—Business Seller Financing and Renegotiation
—Conventional Loan Workouts
—Defaulted Mortgage Debt Resolution
—Franchise Agreement Renegotiations
—IRS 941 Payroll taxes and State Tax Liability
—Landlord Debt
—Merchant Cash Advance (MCA) Resolution
—Property and Equipment Lease Debt
—SBA Loan Workouts and Offer In Compromise (”OIC”) settlements
—Vendor Debt Resolution

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I understand that this is very confusing Time for you and I’m here to tell you That we have been through this thousands Of times before the program that I’m Going to put you through it’s called Rice stands for reorganization Insulation and strategic elimination of Your business debt what I need from you Is full commitment and understanding That the rise program is the best option For you quite honestly the only option For you for the well-being of your Business you personally and your family We’re going to present to your creditors The only path of resolution and that Path is in your best interest be work And results that I experience are Profound and they affect people’s lives I never forget that this is not just About money owed it’s about families and People’s lives that are saved being There to support them and being able to Direct them is why I do this work my Name is Kevin chan I’m committed to save Your business [Music]

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