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Jared Nugent, one of our Senior Consultants here at Second Wind, explains how we help those who have gotten in too deep with unsupportable business debt.

Second Wind Consultants offers solutions to businesses of all sizes that were previously available only to the largest corporations.

Whether your company is struggling beneath unsupportable debt or managing the challenges and risk of rapid growth, we offer consulting partnerships that create a path to success—without hourly fees.

When it comes to dealing with unsupportable debt, our RISE program provides a better way out, with no bankruptcy or new debt.

With RISE, we Reorganize your business, Insulate your operating accounts and clients, and Strategically Eliminate the vast majority of your debt. Reorganization is far more rational and ethical than bankruptcy, offering the optimal path to preserving the enterprise and the jobs dependent upon it, while setting the stage for corporate turnaround.

When a business is in trouble, we know that most owners are faced with bad advice. That’s because attorneys are trained in one solution: bankruptcy.

Avoiding the legal arena, and instead operating within the scope of business fundamentals understood by all parties, we preserve the underlying value of a business that bankruptcy would otherwise destroy.

Reorganization offers a win/win for all parties involved, including successful exits for owners and even maximum recovery for secured creditors.

Second Wind has saved thousands of businesses from the destruction of bankruptcy over the past ten years.

This is what we do for clients every day:

—Business Seller Financing and Renegotiation
—Conventional Loan Workouts
—Defaulted Mortgage Debt Resolution
—Franchise Agreement Renegotiations
—IRS 941 Payroll taxes and State Tax Liability
—Landlord Debt
—Merchant Cash Advance (MCA) Resolution
—Property and Equipment Lease Debt
—SBA Loan Workouts and Offer In Compromise (”OIC”) settlements
—Vendor Debt Resolution

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[Music] When I think about what I accomplished For my clients and I think about my own Family and I have two kids and a wife And a mortgage this is so much more than A problem of debt this is really helping Families and saving families one Business at a time and that means a lot To me because of my own family I’ve Helped hundreds of clients and our Process is 100% successful as far as What to expect when you start working With me the first 30 days are going to Be a little bit rocky what happens in Those first 30 days depending on the Type of creditor you have you can really Start to experience an uptick in Collection activity now I’m gonna help You with that and once we get through That first 30 days I will stand between You and everything else this process is Very personal and the reason is we are About to do a deep dive on your Financials but you can’t hold anything Back because I can’t help you avoid Liabilities if you conceal something From me the rise process is the most Honorable and ethical way to deal with The predicament that you’re in right now Creditors are likely going to try to Attack your character not just go after The fact that this is simply business Debt and if you think about it if the Bank had the opportunity they would take

Your home they are by no means your Friend I need you 100% committed to the Idea that you are acting in your best Interest your family’s best interest Your employees best interest and Everybody that you care about one thing I do know from all the clients that I’ve Had is if you had the courage to open up A business you have the courage to make It through this process I think it’s Important for you to understand the Culture at second wind We are a very close-knit group of Consultants support staff strategist we Are dedicated to our clients everyone at Second wind has chosen to be here we are Committed to our mission and our purpose And I am there for the people who Entrusted me this is a long process and We’re gonna work together for a long Time and I will get you through to the End and there is going to be a day when I call you on the phone and they say It’s done We’re there what you hired me to do has Been accomplished you got your life back The journey that you and I are about to Engage on starts right now My name is jarred Nugent I’m gonna be Your consultant going forward [Music]

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