Is Jesus Lucifer?

Jesus is Lucifer
Is Heaven a Trap?

In Roman folklore, Lucifer (“light-bringer” in Latin) was the name of the planet Venus, though it was often personified as a male figure bearing a torch. The Greek name for this planet was variously Phosphoros (also meaning “light-bringer”) or Heosphoros (meaning “dawn-bringer”).

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Hi everyone this is drewanna We are moving into Enlightenment folks This is the age of Aquarius and this is The age of enlightenment guys My husband and I were watching a video Last night that really woke us up and Was by the morgue if you've ever heard Of him And he was talking about That Jesus is Lucifer and I'm like what How the heck And he explained everything to a T With evidence backing him up Which includes not only the scriptures From the Hebrew Bible But also the scriptures from the banned Books Such as Gospel of Thomas Gospel of John many Books that were banned by the Roman Catholic Church are finally coming to Light And it explains exactly That Lucifer is also considered the Morning star and Jesus is considered the Morning Star That Lucifer is the son of light or son Of the Dawn and Jesus the son of the Light or the son of light It was really really fascinating And How Jesus is completely different From the god of the Old Testament

Because the god of the Old Testament was A jealous God an envious God you should Have no Gods but me and all that stuff And he actually went out having people Murdered especially the firstborn Sons Kids people animals were supposed to be Sacrificed in his name But with the New Testament another page Turned and Jesus Was considered the god of compassion Of love and forgiveness completely Different types of characters So I highly recommend checking him out I Have the link below it's going to change Your life change your mind Now my religion If I even say I have a religion would be Considered truth I've been a gnostic for many many years And I always like to see both sides of The equation okay and I've been a Practicing magician for many many years Since the age of 17. I communicate with Many many entities Um the archangels All types all types of angels And they have completely changed my life But I've always asked the question what The heck is going on why does this this World that we've been living in seems so Satanic or seems so dark right And he also explains in another video That the whole idea of Heaven is just a Trap

It's a complete trap to focus on having To do good works now So you can have your your reward later And according to his research By reading all these other scriptures Including the band Scriptures as well That the god that many people are Worshiping the Christians the Jews are Worshiping is actually not the true God He is a false god And I used to say he's an Anunnaki God Because it deals with human humanistic Egotistical qualities Okay so This is a time for you to start thinking Start really thinking for yourselves in Order for you to move out of slavery or Slavery mindset you must know the truth And the truth can be very hurtful for Some Who are not ready To move forward and that is why I put a Lot of emphasis and when I do teach my Students to become secured creditors To take back their sovereignty to really Delve into their spirituality To really know thyself for you are God We are all gods And it's very powerful stuff And the more that we really learn about This The Awakening will begin the Enlightenment will begin And that is why in the United States how Funny they put the Ten Commandments

Right there which is based on the Old Testament from the old God And If we live in a country in the United States That is You're free to practice any religion you Want why are all of the the concepts Political Concepts everything based upon Christianity and Judaism Why is that why aren't there other Monuments next to the Ten Commandments Let's say the Commandments of Buddha you Know I'm sure he doesn't have Commandments really but you know uh Commandments of other religions they Should all be there in the United States All of these other Um Commandments or ways to live by Should all be there from other religions If we are to be a a place where we're Free to practice religion and why are The courts based on canon law Which is all based on Vatican law which Goes all the way back to the Vatican Until you start to see with your own Eyes and do the research you're going to Start to unravel the truth And when you're able to do that you for Surely will be free you will be set free You will be liberated So this is not my this is not about Religion what type of religion you are Really it's about truth because truth is

The reality And once you know truth and you follow Truth my gosh amazing things will happen You set aside your own opinions your own Spiritual opinions and beliefs and you Really start to to see with your eyes And hear and hear with your heart as Well fill with your heart Okay So This is very interesting stuff and I Finally and I really I suggest you check Him out he's got amazing work and it's Going to literally blow your mind where You cannot argue you can't argue because If you are a Christian or Jewish and you Live by the scriptures why not live by All the scriptures that were banned in The beginning This world According to the Hebrew Bible well They say that this world was created by The saturnalian god Who calls himself Yeshua or yeah And he was really here to Entrap and enslave Humanity for his own Needs For him for them to worship him for the Rest of their all eternity what God asks For worship I know the Demonic Gods I've dealt with And Angelic and Angels I've dealt with Were nothing like that they're just Happy you're even communicating with

Them But to be in a heaven where you have to Worship for the rest for all eternity And live by their rules And be a good slave That doesn't sound like a loving God or Compassionate God See God does exist and God exists within You And in one of the the Scriptures it also Mentions I think it was the Gospel of Thomas where whenever some they say God Or Heaven is up in the sky The birds will be there first whenever God they say heaven is in the sea the Fish will be there first wherever they Say heaven is outside of you don't Listen to them for they are liars For God is inside of you and everyone Here So we're here this is what I'm about This is what I've been teaching for many Years that we are Gods here to create Our own reality and break free from Enslavement and Lucifer Was An angel or God That broke free from God from from God's Enslavement And that's why he went to give the fruit Over to Eve so that they can have real Knowledge true knowledge and they can be Gods as well and Jesus also mentioned The same thing in one of the scriptures

That that you can become God and He also Mentioned in the one of the banned books That it was him Who was the serpent or he he was the one Who gave the fruit to Eve to awaken to Their true reality So anybody who tries to send me Blasphemy and be baloney and oh you're a Satanist and and I will tell you this I Am not a Satanist I do not worship Satan Because I really I never worked with Satan before I work with Azazel I work with a bunch Of other angels and I've connected with Jesus and it's really cool because Jesus And Lucifer are one no wonder why I Really connected with him really well And Jesus created a Revolt in in in back In ancient Judea back in Israel Against the Vatican church and Lucifer Created a Revolt in heaven To free the people from God's Enslavement so you need to ask yourself Who really is a God you're praying to Truly If you are not evolving if your life is Not getting better then you should Question yourself but if you've been Following Jesus hey Jesus is pretty Awesome I told you I love Jesus he's a Very compassionate Spirit energy entity Trying to free the world but the problem Is the slaves cannot stop worshiping That he was trying to teach you that God

Is inside of you and God has always been Inside of you So if you've been if you've been Following Jesus you're on the right path Congratulations if you've been following Lucifer you're on the right path Congratulations but really I don't worship anybody I'm a gnostic I Go within and but I connect with other Energies and I do believe in other Spiritual energies of course Um they have made my life amazing so I Just wanted to mention that check him Out and see what you think much love Light and darkness take care bye-bye and This is Dr Donna Johnston and oh one Thing real quick before I leave I'm going to be doing a lot of these Videos on Rumble And a lot of the spiritual type videos Are going to be on on My blog and I'm actually finding a lot Of interesting progress with my latest Video on the secure creditor Presentation I got over a thousand views And it was on Rumble And it wasn't because of rumbles because Of my secured creditor blog I am getting A lot of traffic people are starting to Awaken so every now and then I'll be Putting some uh metaphysical stuff on The secure creditor and also the Mystical if you want to see More though ritual work because I'm

Going to be adding a lot more ritual Work utilizing sigils communicating with Specific entities to help with certain Things it could be court cases it could Be to bring more money into your life to Bring a love into your life I'm going to Be sharing a lot of those tips because Really we are Gods here to create our Own experiences and the angels and Demons and gin and fairy and whatever The heck you want to call them are here To assist us and our ancestors of course Take care much love and light bye-bye

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