Is Gofundme your insurance policy?

Let’s face it, at some point, we will not be here to take care of the ones we love and care about. So, what happens to your loved ones’ lifestyle and finances when you are no longer here? Are you certain the ones you leave behind will not have to raise money to bury you, pay your outstanding debts, and live a life where your absence hasn’t put them in a worse financial position? If GoFundMe is what your family will depend on to make take care of your final needs and other obligations that remain beyond your passing (like kid’s college), you need to reevaluate and reprioritize your priorities to make sure they will be ok when you are gone. No excuses…. start working on this today.

If you need a financial coach to help you organize your finances, email me at or check out my website for additional information I provide a variety of services to individuals, families, groups, and civic organizations.

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I am a financial coach that focuses on improving personal finance behavior. I do not sell investment products or manage investments.


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