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Hi everyone how are you this is Dr Joanna Johnston and I'm going to be Answering some questions I ended up Having a question from somebody from Um the Netherlands actually that was Asking me a question regarding becoming A secure creditor And this is what they asked Dr Durana I have some a question okay How can I transmit my social security Number Or BSN in the Netherlands and transform It into an estate number that you were Talking about well first of all because You are not an American you can't do That you cannot transmute your your BSN Or whatever National Insurance number Into an estate number because I don't Know how to do it it's only for the Americans now if you are foreign what I Highly suggest is to become first of all Is learn about becoming a secure Creditor and all you really need is the Security agreement and the UCC and the UCC filed in Maryland because this is The international area to file in Maryland And then I mean that's all you really Need to do and then get your trust set Up the foreign trust is what you need That is the the meat and potatoes okay So just by you living in another country Such as a foreign country Um you are you are qualified to get this

Number which is the foreign tax exempt Number from the IRS and they will mail You the courtesy letter and you'll be Able to create your trust from there That's all you really need to protect Your assets and also to open up an Account that is tax exempt if that's What you're looking for then that's what You're going to be wanting to do okay so You know I do have a lot of foreigners That ask me if if they're able to To become secure creditors and all of That but but I say you know because the Laws are so different Um I know that the UCC is very Universal Because it applies to any country that Is operating under the color of wa and By and you can tell because the money That they're using is funny money which Is the Plastic money right the funny money that Is not backed up by anything so they are Operating under a color of law where the Uniform commercial code is it's all About that so Um Other questions that I've had was Something to do with recording now in The United States we we have a place Where we record our documents which is Very important to record your trust Record your security agreement and so Forth recording means a place that let's Say that your birth certificate was made

Public your marriage certificate was Made public your death certificate Specific events that were made public That is what we call recording so I Don't know exactly which department it Is That you're that you're in I have no Idea uh in the in I know that I think in Canada I think it's called Justice of The Peace or it was Australia that was Called Justice of the Peace And The the thing that I tell tell the Foreigners is at least get it notary Signed Get your documents notary signed because That is the witness and the witness has More I mean the notary has more power Than a judge judge anyway but to make it Public you would know what that is in Your own country okay if it's not called Recording or the County Recorders or the Register of deeds it's called something Else some people tend to want to just Put it in the newspaper and to make it Public for everybody to know And they they do it for 30 days okay Um so it's entirely up to you what Recording is but once you record it it Becomes law So that's Pretty much what you would do as a Foreigner now for the foreigners I do Not make any claims to say oh once you

Become a secure creditor and you have a Foreign trust you can go ahead and Discharge any debt that you want so I Can't make any claims like that because I'm not in your country okay I can only Say that hey it could protect you from a Lot of lawsuits legal issues uh tax Issues whatever in that way but to go Ahead and just like say Max up your Credit card and just go crazy or do Things in an inappropriate way after You've signed a contract and agreed with Them about something and then turn Around and saying oh well I don't want To pay the debt so I'm just going to see If I can discharge with my trust or Discharge this is not about discharging Here this is about Taking care of assets to protect them From possible seizures which is coming Around the Pike and it is happening Right now because you know it's mainly Targeted to people that if you have a House that you paid for and you know It's in your name but you think it's Yours but it's not in your name because It's on under a corporate name which Looks like your name but they tricked You to make you believe that it is yours But all you are is the user or the the The one who leased it that's all you are You're just there to use the property You don't own it you never did And you're you're tired of that

Injustice you're like hey that that's Absolute BS then you would put it in a Trust to protect it which is a foreign Trust and the foreign trust is more Powerful than any domestic trust and I've seen a lot of people posting things On Facebook You know trying to act like other the Rockefellers and they've they've done Their trust this way but it's all Domestic and that is not true it has to Be foreign because you have to be a Foreign agent in order to have any any Rights at all Any type of rights at all you have to be A foreign agent to be operating in your Country because all of the the Oppressors are foreign agents if you Will they are all freaking foreign Agents so they're the ones that are Oppressing The population So if you want to continue to be in the Plantation then don't do this work don't Bother don't even bother okay if you Want to be a good little slave and you Got your your your credit score and Everything's all perfect and whatever You don't want to mess up anything up You want everything to be pretty then Really you're not looking in the right Direction I'm not saying that it's not Going to help with your credit score it This is for people that are in dire need

Of help they're like hey I really need To protect my family and Legacy from Being taken from them when I pass away Or something happens Um for the Americans yes you can Discharge certain types of debt I'm not Saying everything certain types of stuff Like I did with child support you can You can discharge a lot of things And which involves Injustice okay And I've shown a lot of a lot of my Students how to do this How to get their TDA accounts opened up And how to securitize specific debts and Being able to get paid in their TDA Accounts now I can't make this claim Personally okay but I have a group that I've been working with that have Actually mentioned that they've been Doing this themselves because I have no Debt I have no debt at all and the only Way is to use debt and get a promissory Note and be able to securitize that Promissory note and move that money into Or the credit into your TDA account not Your bank account okay because that's The FRN notes I don't care what anyone Says I don't buy into there's a lot of floating around and I don't buy Into it because I'll I'm also in Connection with my higher guides and They they tell me watch out there's a Lot of crap we have to be aware of So

Anyway so you know people ask about oh I Just want to go buy a car off the lot And and uh and not pay for it and Whatever I mean that's just you're doing It at your own risk but this is not what We're about we're about protecting what You have already okay but however there Are people that have mentioned that They've done this where they've been Able to take they would put a down Payment on the car And they would fill in a 1099c Okay and they would send it they would Send it to the treasury somewhere the Treasury and they would be able to get It removed I mean completely the the Amount on their credit report Um shown as paid I mean shown as paid so There is no debt anymore So I mean there's a lot of claims going On but the thing is is you have to check On your own and see but don't come to This process putting that in the back of In in the back of your mind I'm going to Go ahead and do that I mean are you in Trouble are you in in a dire situation That you need help from a lawsuit from Creditors coming after you a possible Possible judgments liens tax liens That's what we're about to help people With that okay First so for the Americans yes we teach You how to transmute your social get an Estate number control all of your your

Corporations and whatever the heck Um pretty much become a diplomat and Being as more of uh with respect as Opposed to a a debtor in the on the Plantation that's pretty much it And again in order for you to achieve That you have to change your mindset too Because a lot of people come into this And their mindset is still very much They're very slave minded they're Completely slave minded and they believe That the paperwork itself is just going To change their lives and it's learning How to communicate with other agencies And not having a chip on your shoulder So that's pretty much it I mean if you Come to us for the right reasons you're Going to have a lot of protection and a Lot of help and there's just so much More that you can learn on my site Secured you can go to my Site secured There's a bunch of videos there's even Free information you can download the Book you can also go to Amazon you could Down you can go ahead and purchase my Books on Forensic debt investigator And becoming a secure creditor and I Also teach you what you know how to fill In a UCC correctly how to do this how to Do that you know with some forms to get Your first package out to Puerto Rico Okay Um the Americans are the only ones that

Send their packages to Puerto Rico no Foreigners none of that only the Americans because if you're foreign and You think you're going to send to Puerto Rico because you're going to discharge That then you better think again that's Not what it's for it's to protect you Your assets from any possible seizure And protect your bank accounts if you Decide to have a bank account to protect That from any like tax high taxes and All of that okay so Um There's just a lot a lot of things you Got to learn it's best if you're brand New and I get a question how do I get Started I want to know I I I'm just so New to this Get one of my books on Amazon or there's A course that I am offering it's about It's 97 and it teaches you like I said It teaches you to put your package Together the first package sent out to Puerto Rico at least gets you started on That and that's the one that you want to Get started with Um if you think that's just too high You're not sure then go go to Amazon and Check it out okay all right guys much Much love much peace abundance in your Life okay and uh looking forward to Seeing you in the March the the next Webinar that's coming up for the Silver Bullet trust and secure creditor is

Going to be on March 31st and the Deadline to sign up is March 15th and I'm only taking 10 students so you know Seats do tend to fill up very fast they Filled up very weirdly fast last month Or in January I was shocked I had 12 People not 10. I was like oh my gosh Everybody wanted to just jump on in So this this coming up in in March you Have to Contact us immediately fill in the Questionnaire if you're very very Serious and we can go and we can move From there all right take care guys

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