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I'm ready yeah I bet you're all fired up Yeah I was telling my boys All My Sons And I said uh you guys don't know I'm Like addicted like you're a drug you're My addiction and my boys were all Laughing because I mean because uh Literally I've been studying since 2005 And I've been all over the place of this Internet stuff what's going to be a National be a national it would be more Everything but I never pulled the Trigger because I got I just it wasn't Just the right thing and then and then Before I met you when you you mentioned That you finished your ebook And I was like for two three days I was Like you know telling my how I said my Wife was looking at me she goes well who Are you talking to you're in the closet I said I'm talking to my Creator you Know I was like the the I need my Creator to bring someone into my realm Of thinking because everybody my whole Family thinks I'm crazy but I know I'm Not because I lived it I seen it and I Know there's somebody like me that can Believe and has the answer for me and Then three days later you popped up and I was like oh I have I filled this Application thing out and I was I was Just like unbelievable because it was That missing piece in my life that why I'm here to leave

Um what was that called uh uh live Something of knowledgeable to my kids in The right way Yeah thank you so much wow how did how Did she find me I'm just curious uh I I Was following you on YouTube oh okay Since since uh 2008 uh I had a bit uh When I was in uh Afghanistan uh there Was a we were our base was under attack Multiple times they made a movie called The Outpost oh my gosh and so uh so I Was with second ID second Infantry Division out of Colorado so uh when I Was sitting there and I looked at videos And stuff I uh your videos I just kept Following you as much as I could Whenever I had internet or you found out About me I think it like one month I'm a New guy one month one month ago Oh wonderful and you found me on YouTube As well yes YouTube yeah yeah YouTube no No no no no no no no my brother my bro One of my brother they sent me like Three persons they say hey check it out Because I'm on the in the group that I Have I'm the only one that's big like You know or more English right and I got Three persons that you have to find out What they got I said okay send it to me The first person was you and then wow Let me go to the YouTube and then start To check it and get shocked Well that's awesome Tom thank you thank You the way that you talk the way that

You inspire people uh I don't know how The people they they're telling you Something like that like you are an Awesome person you know what you are Awesome being you know what I mean thank You so much I'm female this is more Respective you know even more respect You know it's it's crazy but I love the Way that you do it and say oh my God I Have to get in some workshop with Brandon I appreciate you so much thank you I'm Glad that I was able to reach you Somehow anybody else I'm curious zyriel how do you find me Is that real yeah Tick Tock okay and it's been about a Month and a half okay cool yeah I just Started getting on Tick Tock a month ago Uh my go-to place has always been YouTube for many many years but do the Censorship crop I started veering off to Tick tock and I'm grateful I did my Friends have been looking for uh A route to take and I kind of stepped away from him for a Little bit and so then I started seeing A lot of stuff come across on Tick Tock So I heard a lot of people say a lot of Different things yeah but from the stuff That I've learned over the years what You said resonated me more than what They were saying yeah yeah I'm glad that Made more sense

I'm very glad to hear that yeah very Glad to hear that thank you so much and I started coming across your videos and I was really intrigued because we had Already done quite a bit of study in This area yeah you're stuck with so Succinct that you know it kept coming Back to me I could see the Lord keep Bringing it back to me bring it I said Okay okay I'll pay attention up because I'm I search a lot of different things Anyway so Um it's been a blessing that I got Blessed to be able to be part of this Group and to get to know you uh drana And the the team here and I just look Forward to progressing and going forward The whole more thing is another Intriguing element that I had never Dreamed of and I just am just thrilled To death and I thank you for your time Because I know how busy you can be thank You so much I appreciate it absolutely Thank you yeah and that's what I always Tell um people even in my videos you Know connect don't just listen to me Connect with your high yourself ask your Higher self and you will be drawn to the Right teacher yes ma'am you know and I Totally have faith like I don't have to Try to get anybody I just let it go to People to me that is ready that's ready Or is is in sync with my knowledge Because I know there's so much different

Types of um knowledge when it comes to Secure creditor or how to be free There's so many techniques so many Teachers believing when I got started Out there's so many people coming to me It was like communicating this person That person but I never liked Gene Keating I was like I don't like him I Don't like his energy Um it was interesting Um I'll just face uh the guy we had went To went to seminars at the New Albany New York with uh Kennedy the guy Kennedy Was an interesting character but he was Just I thought he was a little like an Empty suit at some level information but Never substantive and never something That you could follow up with him to Come you know to find out just clarify Things you know so this is why I think You're you're extremely unique in your Approach and what you give your students Because I haven't seen that anyplace Else wow thank you so much I appreciate That feedback that's great that's great Well I put a lot of Energy into for so many years even had It drilled into my head by one of my Mentors from Canada the forensic auditor Guy my gosh it was like he was talking In different languages it was very Difficult for me to understand there Were times where like look why do I have To learn this I just want to learn get

It back into my magical world and I why Do I have to get into this because Because you have to understand the way That things are working it's all Mathematics it's all account science It's like okay okay and I mean even Though I wasn't he I mean he he led me To other teachers he led me to other Teachers after that and where I was able To use a lot of discernment because if I Started seeing you know uh other Teachers talk okay strong start talking Straw man language it really turned me Off because after being taught by Someone who had a very high intellect When it came to dealing with I mean he Would just call the comptrollers and Just talk account science with them and He'll even be flirty with a women it was So funny to hear him talk and just Complete I mean I wish I had that Talent Really and I would listen to this man Talk and I'm just like how the hell do You do this you know he just had such a Way of communicating and and nothing Like many of these other people that I Was taught by so I had to find another Teacher well actually there was another Mentor that was taught by him but he was Doing his a lot of his own research and He was able to utilize what his Teachings were with his and so that's Where he took me under his wing for a Little while

And then that's how I started learning About the trust and uh how to transmit Your social and all the very intricate Stuff that Jaguar couldn't get into and Um it was really really awesome and be Non-adverse always be operate and Non-adverse not uh have a chip on your Shoulder and fight against all the time You know I mean there's ways yes I'm not Saying be a wimp we have to stand our Ground but there's certain ways of Standing your ground and it like I said It's a way of it's just knowledge Because once you have the knowledge then You know exactly what to do and how to Handle it you see so So that's wonderful so many of you have Found me on YouTube and some of you on Tick Tock that's really cool Um still putting stuff on Tick Tock and And I'm also putting up books which is Great and I think a lot of a lot of you And many many of my um clients and Students they really appreciate the fact That I'm putting it into book format too Also too the guy that I was learning This she mentioned you his name is Brad Kipton Uh oh he mentioned me okay yeah and he's Been uh living in the private for 20 30 Years and I you know Brad Pitt and wrote Over 100 books of how to live in the Private and wow I never heard of him Hook me up that'd be cool like to say hi

To him another author yeah but uh you Know he doesn't explain it like you do That's the thing that God wow I mean He's he's living the private does Everything but He doesn't make it simplify you know Because I know it's so technical I know Like me and you like in the military hey This is how you do it this is the only Way to do it get it done this is the way To do it right get to the point yeah the Other people they they don't give you That backing or a little bit this is why You do this this is why you do it Because if you don't do it that way but You know that's why I followed him Learned but just uh kept my distance and Just learned from all these because I Was going to be a State national Learning how to be private on that side On National but I don't want nothing to Do with that because you're still Belonging to the system yeah yeah in Some way in some way you are in some way It's just always better to be private But National is better than saying You're a US person I do say that yeah You know I mean they have their own Little way and that's perfectly fine Whatever hell helps but you're still There's just so much more because when You know that you hey let's get to the Freaking point like I mentioned we're Indigenous that's just it let's just get

Let's get to the freaking point where There are no borders borders do not Exist it is just a freaking concept or Construct right yeah so the national Thing is just you're always in conflict With them and going to court try to Protect you yes and then the secure Creditor is not dealing with those Quirks whatsoever dealing it with it so You don't have to go to court yeah so That's took holy better than being a National and

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