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All right folks here we go the ss4 I'm Redoing the ss4 so that way to make sure That no one is making any mistakes and This is going to help you out okay so Please follow this ss4 for your 98 to The T or else you're going to end up Getting you're not going to get your 98 From the IRS or you will get it and then You still have to file a 1041 which You're not supposed to be doing So a lot of people who have been trying To do the ss4 they're they're receiving 1041s and that's not I mean a letter Saying that you got to file a 1041 which You should not have to do So let me go ahead and tell you so the First one is legal name of entity you Would put your full name your middle Name and your last name all in caps with The brackets of trust in the middle has To always have a trust in the middle for Number one Number two is you would just put the Name without the the trust name Okay it's really easy first middle last Name On the third You're going to put your last name Uppercase lowercase exactly as written Colon the first name the middle name Comma administrator Okay And for the 4A mailing address you're Going to be putting in the street

Address but this is a foreign address Outside the United States do not put an American address in this form for this Particular Ein that you're trying to get please Anybody who puts an American address on This form will turn this trust into a Domestic trust and it will defeat what The 98 is there to do So just read it city state and zip code And what I put is the city Tijuana the State Baja California And uh I put Mexico if it's foreign and then The ZIP code okay And for 5A you don't have to put Anything there you could just put the The ZIP code on there Of the country And then 5B Nation Baja California Norte Comma 22710 which is a zip and the Country Mexico well this is you know This is the what I used this is the way I did it so 5B would want to put Nation Let them know it's a nation Okay And then you would put the state Or the province of the specific country Six you would put Tijuana Which is a city All right you know what I mean City and Then the country so Mexico so this is Just a template of course you're going To be putting your own address in here

Into the country that it's with okay so What I would also highly recommend okay 7A name of responsible party n a 7B I would put n a on this as well Because some people are receiving their Ss4s Again by the IRS saying they have To fill the 7B out and no one's putting Nothing in there so you just put an A Okay Uh eight a you're going to put no 8B you don't put anything on there 9A You're going to put Trust And you're going to put foreign no and Then t-i-n please put t-i-n I could not Put that on through the computer so it Has to be foreign no space T-i-n please put that there okay Okay now 9B State you're going to put none Foreign country you're going to put Mexico 10 Created a trust Foreign granter Trust Okay 11 you're going to put December 21st and You're going to put the prior year so For instance this is 2022 so I put the Prior year which is 2021 and we use December 21st because it is the solstice Of winter and there's a reason for that December 21st 2021 And you would put 20 whatever a prior

Year that was okay do not leave this Blank because they will find then that's What's going to cause the problem where They're going to end up sending you a 1041 and all that telling you to file Okay so Um On 16 you're going to put other you're Going to put Ministry religious Organization 18 you're going to put no Says I ever applied for an EIN you put No And then you're going to put up here After after the third party designee you Don't put nothing in there but you'll Put something underneath it says name And title type or print clearly and you Put the last name colon first middle and Then you put attorney in fact very Important And then you're going to sign in blue But you can you sign a normal signature Just any type of signature the way that You do it you don't have to put like the Last name the first in the middle you Sign the way you always sign And you date it and then you would put The the telephone number of the The country telephone number and the Country fax number in here okay because A lot of times they're going to be Asking you for that so hopefully this Clears up any issues

And they will put the Ein you can fax it To them and then you say hey I just Faxed you I'm waiting for my 98 Ein and Then they will when you call them the IRS they'll Um tell you the the 98 over the phone But the thing is regardless folks even If you get a 98 over the phone you still Need a courtesy letter and this ss4 has To be mailed over From The country or your Global Virtual Office it has to be mailed outside the Country into the United States cannot be Mailed from inside of the United States This particular one okay if you don't Listen to the instructions then it's Your own butt I'm telling you right now People have gotten in trouble for this So um You would ask them on the phone just say Hey thank you for the ss4 and the 98 but I need my courtesy lender I mean Courtesy letter sent to my address Which is in Mexico Italy whatever Country but it cannot be in the United States and a lot of times they'll try to Trick you and say oh do you have an American address I can send it to then Right when you say yes they're going to Connect that name to your social Security number they're very smart and People tend because they're very anxious They want the letter right away they

Don't listen to me so they go ahead and Do what what they're doing and then they Get in trouble they just turn their Trust into a domestic Trust So I'm letting you know do not have them Send you the letter to a domestic Address which is in the United States Because that is a problem that is an Issue and that is not right okay hope This helps take care

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