Foreign Trust and Credit Lines
I interviewed my special Guest David last night who is a Secured Creditor and states ¨I am a Holocaust Survivor¨, meaning even in the United States the country is controlled by other Foreign Agents who seek to destroy peoples lives including their children. David had a rough time while pursuing public education only to find himself in a very hostile environment! He explains through this tragic experience has led him to mastering the world of the Secured Creditor and how to draw out limitless credit from his Foreign Trust and his Foreign Corporations. This show will absolutely blow your mind! Listen and take notes and you may want to listen to it over and over again lol

The best radio station in the world in The world is right here right now Welcome everyone welcome to eliminating Minds radio and this is Dr Durana Johnston I'm so happy to be back again I Hope you enjoyed the last show the last Show was pretty fun I got to have one of My students who was a secure creditor And he also had these amazing paranormal Experiences that he got to share with Everyone along with all the information Going on Over Canada you know all the the Craziness going on in Canada and of Course there's a lot of craziness going On isn't there One thing or another And it was really funny like my husband And I we were watching a thing last Night and we just saw something about You know there's hackers you know if You're trying to get money out of the ATM uh this one woman was trying to get Money out of the ATM and for some reason The ATM wasn't working for her and so This guy this random guy just walks by Behind her and says hey uh don't worry Press this button and you'll be fine You'll be able to get your money not a Problem so she's like oh thank you so Much you know thinking that this guy was Going to help her so she goes ahead and She presses this button on on the ATM And lo and behold

She finds out she was able to get her Money and then she went to go look at Her balance later on and she realized All her money was gone isn't that pretty Messed up so That's what the hackers are doing right Now so you need to be very very careful When you go go to an ATM Yeah you know make sure the ATM Works Don't listen to anybody who tries to say Who tops you on the back and says hey I Can help you no problem go go touch that Little button on the screen you know What I mean stay tell them to stay the Hell away and just take your card out And go somewhere else you know and Personally what I think what I Personally think is happening it's a Hidden agenda this could be CIA Operation and they're doing this Deliberately To um say hey you know what obviously Taking your money out of the ATM is no Longer safe anymore but using our you Know digital currency cbdc is going to Be so much more safer for you you know What I mean they it's a problem reaction Solution as what David Ike says they Create the problem they create a Reaction and then there's the solution And it's happening a lot now happening a Lot in America along with the banks the Banks are going really crazy right now I Mean people are telling me um just going

In the Bank of America you have to swipe Your debit card just to get inside there And only being met with Computer Um what do you call video tellers not The real tellers So it it has it's really really insane What's happening folks Um but you got to know you got to Understand there's always a hidden Agenda For everything it's because they're Getting prepared and ready for that to Happen because they're they're Mentioning that hey you know what Um That you know we're getting ready to to Abolish the IRS Oh wonderful Okay awesome so oh yeah so I have a Guest That Um A special guest tonight And uh his name is David and he is a Secure creditor he's been a secure Creditor for uh for a while and he's had A lot of his own successes In dealing with his foreign private Trust and um He's really new to podbeans so please Bear with me here Um and I'm going to be getting him on The show and uh David yes if you want to

Get on the show just click on one of the Caller this is color number one in color Number two in one of the little color Buttons and you could just come right in Okay there you go All right wonderful Okay David you're on how are you I'm good are you able to hear me yeah I'm able to hear you how are you this is Awesome It is such an honor to be able to speak With you personally oh My gosh I'm so happy to be talking to You too I mean your knowledge is Extremely vast And my gosh I mean were you where you've Gone and everything and you're helping a Lot of people as well I mean what what a Wonderful wonderful life huh I know it Comes with challenges but hey Like nothing you've ever seen before oh Five hour long conversation yeah oh my Gosh well tell tell our listeners Dave I Mean first of all just just tell Everyone about you know like a biography Or background and how you got started And so forth Yes I will I will start talking I'm not Sure how long it'll be though I'll try To explain the whole thing so uh my Journey on the secured creditor path I Say It became visible around 2012 but I Would have been considered a 10th grader

In high school wow It really To me I've just always seen the world That way since like 2004 back when my Parents were well intentions though Tried to they were still essentially Conditioned into wanting to register me Into conventional school So what wound up happening was I was one Of those kids with a lot of creativity Up in my brain Um it came from a background of like Video games and classical music Composition And had the tendency to come out when I Was um Like at home in the private in the Family world that was considered normal Though when it Got transferred into like the Environment of the U.S corporate Public School System Um It was essentially reacted to very Negatively Um I would almost consider that to be Like the creation of an obscene legal Gesture or fictitious person yeah a Little more into that like later Um though eventually just the reactions To that by the school it started a set Of proceedings in 2012 which I could Really only characterized as a 10 year Long child kidnapping conspiracy

Instigated by a teacher from the Gwinnett Georgia Public Schools against One of their own students which would Have been me oh Um And that that proceeding involves Several different state organizations And had several different phases to it Which only recently uh culminated in a Dismissal or basically like States Motion and old props like all of the Court cases that they had tried to like File against me from just help Vast the situation got Um though the most the most traumatic Parts of this Um essentially involved just being a Child Caught up in like the state Organizations and just knowing that Everything was wrong And essentially imagine just a bunch of Kids like on the floor of a couple of Jails said Getting every sort of legal document They could to essentially have to Operate as their own lawyer and how how Old were you David 2012 when I was 15. wow it began like Out the schools Um I tried explaining to my parents that That was happening though for some Reason they just couldn't listen Um and they weren't

They weren't just like competent in Terms of being able to advocate for Themselves or for me effectively to like Pull me out of the situation before it Became a threat to My Life Um So I stumbled upon your videos and YouTube channel in like 2015 with a Birth certificate is a bond video wow That long ago oh my gosh Um and that that really was when I Started getting the feeling of something Is wrong like fundamentally wrong like There there's an existential issue Involving legal status in terms of like What so the involved lawyers are saying To me and also how the school staff were Behaving and essentially like slave Trader monsters yeah totally Say about them honestly go on speak it Out you know what and a lot of those Podcasts it's going to be also it's on My website which is in Iceland so it's Like speak your heart out it's fine I really I have a lot of very not so Nice things to say about the when that Georgia uh school system and its Employees I I can say that honestly as their GPA Valedictorian I in light of those events Regret ever attending public school I Wish I spent the first 15 to 17 years of My life at home on the computer playing Video games and learning about business

Credit because yeah Like squat c47 now I'm teaching myself All the things about money that are not Taught in that system And that's just what I do like on a Regular day-to-day basis now because I I Had my own arc right I realized if I Don't do something and take control of My own destiny I'm going to die in here These people will not take care of me And will allow me to die Like like when you raise health issues To the employees of these entities they Don't register them as legitimate or Something that would need to be acted on Um and at one point we had a court Appointed attorney who was basically Reciting the same scripts back to me Um basically someone that had no chance At life I was probably going to die in Prison I was like wait a minute ah it's Not the life that God ordered for me When I was born you can bring me a Lawyer who's actually going to get me That life and then eventually we did we Had two outstanding his hearing aids who Were able to actually negotiate on my Behalf and have the court cases all Thrown out wow okay like in 1983 civil Rights action going just against the School system for like conspirators so Much and prioritizing that injury over a Student's academic or even personal Success oh goodness it's just such a

Huge amount of information which is so Many like figures involved it could turn Into its own Thriller action movies [Laughter] Wow wow oh goodness I I feel like my um The secured creditor side of that I started getting the Awakening before I Even know I probably knew what the word Secure creditor was or what it meant Um I would wake up at school on these Mornings and I'd have this rushing going On in my head like a essentially a sort Of glass being pressed through your body Is how I would characterize it and what It represented was the fictitious person With all these bad things That the participants from the Gwinnett Schools were essentially like creating About me Um And I would complain about it and they Would simply regurgitate the same Scripts because that's what the name is It is a script Um They even did that in court they would Recite the same script over and over Again and when presented with just the Basic obligation to take care of a child In their care provide for the basic Human needs they would dishonor that Obligation by creating the same script Um right I saw your YouTube video the birth

Certificate is a bun and it's like we Were using similar language and I could Tell we were describing the same D money Yeah Like like the same kind of entity it's Essentially a corporation where all the Judges the teachers lawyers State Psychiatrists their W-2 employees of a Corporation that has the taxpayer Identification number so I when I was at The facilities this was all that me and A group of other people who were awake Would essentially like read we read like The gene heating files as well as the Roger files oh wow like like your Contents on YouTube yeah and then Eventually I met up with another group In Florida as well as like some of your More recent videos regarding the 98 Trust and I realized when we create that NCC we are essentially creating the Equivalence of an international Trust Bank with all the same rights and Powers As the Federal Reserve and the DTC Exactly that's what the 98 trust is and What it what it can do is it can Essentially Sue these creatures in their Private corporate capacity for failure To pay and Report Capital transfer taxes Which that that tax delinquency is the Actual cause of these situations Whenever somebody's getting caught up in An entity like that it's not caused by The underlying incident it is caused by

The involved employees failure to pay And Report the capital transfer tax Which you look in um like IRS manual 6209 all of the 1099 filings that they Do when they fund these proceedings Using the bonds or like the private Securities portfolio which result for The birth certificate accounts Um that is classified as a classified Gift in a state tax So Their liability Occurs when they're essentially Compelled to become commercially Responsible for the harm and injury that Their placement decisions are causing Upon others Um So Upon like hours and hours as hours of Research I mean just like sitting with These books in front of me oh yeah It's like being a kid and then if we can Save the highway looking for their Parents [Laughter] Um I found the instruments which is used to Assess that liability against them for The classified gifts and estate taxes The international bill of exchange Um and myself and one of my contacts we Basically put together an entire trust Return file with a form 1041 and

Um I I'm just very academic no no but no That's fine that's fine I I love what You're saying I mean I totally follow What you're what you're saying right now Yes keep going that's fine go ahead I love to talk about this stuff I'm a Huge nerd about it um so the whole Sovereign movement and security creditor Movements it comes from internal revenue Publication 12-12. And also Um like the corresponding Federal Statutes for like 1099 reporting which Essentially involves like the Responsibilities of a nominee uh because What is happening Um is when every child is registered Into the public school system or Whenever there is a um like a set of Charges or debt speech your debt Instruments created against somebody Whoever is articulating that in the Present Fiat environment is operating The capacity of a fiduciary trustee or a Nominee so Um what that involves is essentially Off-balance sheet reporting and the Creation of these fiat currency to Commit more crimes against somebody of Course isn't that insane It is very insane yes and what it does Is the essence of the remedy involves Identifying The Entity that is doing the

Debt speech as the recipient of the Funds they're articulating at you under The nominee Clause from publication 12 12. and when you file a 1099 form it can Either be like a 1099 AC or oid that is That as the recipient they become Obligated to file a secondary form that Essentially shows a tax like a Classified gift and a state tax due on Their side of the accounting Ledger and Then a refund which would be due on the Creditors Side Of The Ledger which is Where the 98 trust will actually come in And then how the credit hosts its Taxpayer account which you would then be Able to secure it highs yes like a rule 144a private placement security or bonds And get a line of credit against it Using like a secured credit card even Through conventional Banks their asset Backed lending or what have you Um and that is how you essentially draw Your life and your credit and just the Whole value and true worth of your being Is a creative creature out of their System and isn't even out of the Matter Where it'll adjust the books in terms of Like the commercial energies just being Returned to you which is where the whole Like process for Redemption is and then International bill of exchange you write Pay to the order of United States Treasury charge some said to that Personally doing the net speech from the

Public I call them the adult sixth Grader because if they are doing that Speech at you they're they're acting as An adult sixth grader yeah Create controversy and debt in a Fiat Environment don't they sound like Malevolent Spirits or malevolent Entities don't they It's interesting when you say it that Way and then it just hit me I just had a Picture of like malevolent dark Spirits Running the whole planet and I'm like That is exactly what they're doing That's who they are that is exactly what They are Um In my instance and I saw this both at The school when they tried to put me Like in the special ed classes and at The State Mental Hospital when I just Refused to answer talk in court what Would happen Um is they would essentially they would Say that somebody was fine if they were Acquiescence and allow themselves to be Treated as state property or they would Essentially say that they were sick if They were not acquiescence and that is Essentially how the diagnoses that were Being thrown around would essentially be Turned into more of this death speech Right And So eventually you realize they're Articulating a number or an amount at

You the amounts is actually derived from Like Publications 950 and 559 if you Look on the IRS site Um and that'll explain just the value of The birth certificate Bond every single Year when essentially like the state Custodians are going to their private Mutual funds and bond portfolios and Filing a 1099 to create more of the fiat Currency or Bond Revenue that they're Using to finance the terror so Um essentially that's the amount that Gets listed on the bill of exchange and Then it would be journaled in whichever Box from the 1041 would that you would Use to claim it as a credit Um so me and my contact we've been just As soon as I touch ground in the Free World again we essentially started Writing out this whole table Yeah Elaborate document because what you're Writing is essentially a declaration of Trust where you name each and every Employee whoever wronged you or tried to Harm you as a party to the trust And then you do a UCC or you identify Them as the recipients of the bond Portfolio collateral and other like Basically all the secure transactions Incidents to the underlying events or Tastes that they are creating Um and once they are identified as the Recipients of the funds the bill will

Exchange as well as the trust return Which is a 1041 it goes to the IRS it'll Actually go to odds in Utah is what we Found at the filing office for that is And the 1099s those go to Austin Texas Where those are saying hey this person Received all this off balance sheet Revenue they have a nominee return due For this particular case number this Particular accounts And Um what happens then is IRS has to Assess the classified gift and estate Tax was they are the liable party for The commercial harm and injury Happenings that the person caught up in The situation and the 98 trust becomes Essentially the accounts payable or Where the refund is due if you apply Like the ifras standards or like the Accrual method like International Standards of accounting and like that's All free that's where the accounting Team for that comes from yeah definitely And then what will happen and I've had This conversation with Internal Revenue Service and I called them called them We've gotten our trust because actually They'll say yes I can see a refund is Due on this account I'm going to call This other office to have that issued to The educate Um so what me and my contact are doing We are now setting up like a transfer

Agent Bank to essentially become the Holder of the bonds which we have Created Against yeah see we can create that That's the thing you don't have to wait For them we have the power to do that We do with the trust in everything and It because you know a lot of it was kind Of backwards many people were like oh no You know I'm the trustee or no I'm the Beneficiary of the estate and and blasi Blasey on the birth certificate Bond I Said but it doesn't end there it doesn't End there because there's a lot more to This and I know because of what I've Experienced when I finally got my trust Set up when I finally got the number That 98 that that Holy Grail okay Because I've done a for V's up the butt I've done everything without it before And I it was always a hit and miss But and I was dealing with child support When I finally did it and I sent in a 1040v with a 98 and the a for v i mean I Didn't even have to be elaborate with it I didn't even use the bill of exchange I Just did it a for V and used that number Basically saying hey run run the numbers Handle the debt and I sent it to Washington DC and never heard from them Again That easy It's crazy but it's awesome yeah Ultimately it's a theory of acquiescence

With knowledge they are the tax Delinquents the only reason we're here Has nothing to do with the underlying Event or charge has to do with them not Paying capital transfer taxes and when They acquiesce all that ground that is How you obtain all of your private Equity rights back right After just years and years and years of Just keeping my head stuck in the soften Books We have acquired a lot of knowledge I Mean really intricate that that's that's Really awesome that's awesome so you're You're having a lot of success yourself I am yes it What I've essentially designed is I've Started My Own Credit Consulting Business Um well let's actually get like personal Credit lines as well as corporate credit Lines that people create their own Corporations or entities and get like The dunsumber the paydex score like the Articles organization all of those Created Um and so far we've gotten over like 200 000 of like just sheer credit lines that We've discharged like over forty Thousand dollars of like credit balance Is a number of cities decline like I Only recently got back into the Free World and I just hit the ground running Too oh recently oh my gosh how long how

Long ago yes when did you yeah Technically like February is 2021 Um oh my goodness you poor thing you Were in there that long yeah you can Imagine oh goodness but you know what You you must uh you must I mean it was Like you were just totally educated There that was your real education my Freaking life events the whole Nightmarish group of adults oh man You had other priorities than a Student's succeeding I I think they Would have rather meet had me die in There honestly Speaking out against them and you can Imagine any parent's worst nightmare Send the kids to the school For the employees there to try to kill Them that's just oh Like dramatic I mean that's like well Look what they're doing to the world Right now they want the kids to you know Everyone to be inoculated with this Kool-Aid Jab I mean everything's right in front of Our faces and you kind of missed out a Little bit on the pandemic that's good That's good you've only seen part of it Oh that's right uh it passed out some of The masks and during like the riots is George Floyd they actually locked down All the facilities And I said that's triggered it in terms Of just realizing this entity is wrong

Yes That is it's very very very dark very Dark entity and you know what the more And the more I mean what what would you Say to the view uh the listeners right Now With all of your knowledge that you've Acquired what would you say to them Say get a 9 8 trust stay home do not put The kids in school yes Don't put the kids in school do not go To school this is why you do not go to School I did the right thing Yeah it's not going to teach you how to Get money if you have any sort of like Mental Atypicality whatsoever the employees There can and will try to kill you and Or the kid oh that that is so freaking Sick that is so sick I mean I I had um a Client many many years ago and uh you Know this is before I I knew much about The the trust actually I only knew about The secure creditor part Um and she had her two kid daughters Taken from her and what they did the CPS Came in and and said oh um hi what there Was like a an issue regarding Um possibly that you're the your Grandmother uh killed a cat and threw it In the trash or some some like That and they were attending Public School of course right and she's like oh

Oh oh no no that never happened I don't Understand what you're talking about so Then she said so the CPS lady comes in And says oh do you mind if I can have a Word with your daughter And she willingly let her daughter go With the CPS lady And I I would have never done that ever I would say hell no you're not taking my Daughter you know what I mean you keep Him at home teach him about business Credit get a corporation yeah Exactly that's what I'm talking about Yeah and well what happened way more Video games play Spyro and Zelda yeah Enjoy your childhood right enjoy your Childhood And and so what happened was the Daughter they took her daughter her Daughters and she hasn't seen him in Years and then I just recently heard That one daughter is is probably Murdered Somewhere in the foster home I mean it's Absolutely insane and I just couldn't Freaking believe it it was insane I go Why the hell did you ever give your kids Over to that the CPS you could have said You know what It's brainwashing oh my God and she did And a lot of people and parents taking Their kids to public schools and then Saying and I said that's the worst Because when you take them in a public

School they freaking own your kids they Could do whatever the hell they want and I had a teacher that beat the out Of me in um sixth grade and uh it was Called Penny Camp she beat me in front Of everybody in in the cafeteria because I didn't want to eat coleslaw and back Then I'm like what the at six years Old So they're criminals they are they're Pirates and kidnappers and they are by Far the worst thing I've ever done to my Life oh my gosh like retake school it's The biggest setback it did nothing for a Career in terms of just being able to Learn the most important thing which is How to get money yeah that is not taught It's almost deliberately withheld yes That path leads to becoming an employee When the right answer is just being a Private entrepreneur and setting up your Entity and getting the duns number and The business credit line yes I'd say if You wanted to go in the conventional Investing as a real estate investing if You don't want conventional just do Secured party creditor and learn how to Report 1099s on the 98 trust to Essentially discharge bills or debts Using the instruments like the bill of Exchange or like item 26. I'll actually Send you some of our documents after This okay oh thank you thank you yeah I Definitely would love to communicate

With you uh at another time for sure About this Um 1099 C's are really good too Canceling the debt and then securitizing And all of that I mean it's a whole Other world David the way that we're Talking it's a whole other world to many People they don't know this it's a whole Other world they've never heard about The remedy it's the remedy is what it is And they're asleep to the existence of a Remedy because they have invested their Entire lives in becoming slaves and I Think that is the only option available To them when in reality it's not there Is illegal existential issue created the Moment the citizenship registration Happens or the school registration Happens to the person is like first Introduced into the state environment However that is not how the successful Is they live in the private and they own Entities which function in the public For them right that has been done for Hundreds if not thousands of years Um yes I think since the Knights Templar It really goes back far right And you know the only place in the world That that can be learned is from mentors Right or like from Good literature on the area which will Actually teach it in a manner that can Get results yeah like get the credits to Post on the 98 trust taxpayer account

Yes potentially like securitize or get Corporate credit cards against its Accounts payable like that that that's The most important knowledge yeah Extremely Extremely important because now you're Utilizing credit and credit that that's From your your trust that's Limitless And that's why I was explained to the Students it's Limitless you don't have To rely on the sus KV you don't have to Rely on the foreign site as trust their Thing we create our thing we create our Own Yes yes in the conventional situation Where the person's registered into the State and succeed the um The 98 trust is operating as the Beneficiary to the estate right by the Birth certificate and corresponding Taxes So it's it's drawing all that credit Away from the hands of this yes that's The law monsters who are trying to take That into their custody which is all School is it is custody yes so why we're Putting them into their custody when We're spending so much effort trying to Get them out of the custody and it turns Into a court matter exactly exactly and You know what my kids I'll be avoided just don't go to school And learn from the internet at home very Very true thank you so much David for

That I really appreciate that my kids I Mean they've been going to school online Since they were really little they went To Mexican school for a little bit they Went to American school for maybe not Even a semester just to see it and it Was absolutely horrendous I was like now We're going to put you on if you guys want to Check it out you guys have kids out There time and the number four and my kids are they're Learning their school they're learning Everything that they need and then my Son goes to gymnastics my daughter goes To ballet and then they come home you Know what I mean we do everything at Home because I know and I'll tell you One of one of the schools that my Daughter went to in Mexico and this is When I took I totally took her out I Said you know what no more they had a Nurse walk around inoculating the kids With a inoculating the kids with some Straw it was not the the covet shot it Was some flu shot but luckily they Didn't get me my kids because they need You know my permission but I'm like well The kids are sitting down listening to The the teacher they're sitting in their Chair and they're getting inoculated What the is this So then I went and I said you know what My kids are no longer going to the

School and then it turned out that the School was a Catholic school I had no Freaking idea it was Catholic I had no Idea that was also private school it's Beautiful whatever okay and you know I Don't speak hundred percent Spanish and Then I found that out and I said oh my Gosh it's happening in Mexico as well I Mean not as intense as over over here The U.S I mean over there here there in The US yeah yeah that It was so weird when I was younger I saw All of this I visualized it I didn't Have words for it like I do now though I Saw it it's like the people here are not Healthy they don't have the creativity Force happening in them that would allow Them to become something productive like Content creators it is a conditioning Process to follow instructions except When those instructions are trying to Essentially kill a child or take them as A prisoner of war yes something wrong And survival Instinct because more Important than anything that was ever Learned in that school environment I I Had really good grades I was by GPA Gwinnett County Georgia's valedictorian Yeah the auditorium my gosh you went way Up there well so what I mean let me ask You David what was it if you can talk About it a little bit what was it I mean In layman's term sweetie no I know You're so intelligent You Are So Into

You don't even need school yet I mean Really Um but in layman's terms for the viewers Are the listeners to hear uh what really Happened what Set It Off what did you do To make them uh do this to you I mean What was it that you did well somebody Thought it would be a good idea to tell The school that I had been diagnosed With a mental Disease or disorder I don't even want to Say the word oh goodness somebody Thought it would be a good idea to tell Them that and the next thing I know I'm being taken out of the normal Classes and being berated And stigmatized by the teachers at the Schools Um And we got into fights about it I'm not Going to cover that up it's like there's An ongoing fight about it Um the parents were getting railroaded Because they weren't in the classroom And seeing the level of abuse that was Being categorically directed to the Children in there like a segregated School for those with disabilities so They didn't do the worst of it I went to A school a special ed school I mean I'm Going to tell you straight up you know Because I have 80d they say I went to One too Um in California and you know

And according to I was I was a problem You know I could have they could have Figured me out so I understand going to Those schools go ahead continue David Right and what it amounts to is an Attempt to fault somebody's way of Thinking where a placement decision made By somebody else as a grounds of Creating plausible deniability to the Parents and saying everything is fine When it's not And there is an active War Zone in the School and intervention is not happening The situation is being allowed to Escalate Wow Everybody involved to the point that it Is physically dangerous for me to even Remain in the schools Um so let me ask you did they had their Own psychiatrist in in the in the school To assess you There is not a single clinician who was Working for the school Who returned the assessments it was Mainly one teacher who was involved who Was essentially coming up with the Diagnosis a teacher yes in spite of a Lack of a medical qualification or Credential that would Essentially give them a learned basis to Make that kind of diet oh my gosh and Your parents had no idea or They I would raise and raise and

Re-raise this issue to them and it's Like they were conditioned ah guessing To it and did not believe that they had A choice in the matter oh gosh That's the problem with the parents Today they believe they're conditioned I Mean they're so conditioned and when This pandemic hit And the kids oh wear the masks wear the Masks and and in California you you Cannot and this is where I'm from from California I got the hell out of there Years ago okay I saw the happening Then Automatically they want to see that There's something wrong with a kid and They're trying to make up and I've Seen it happen in the eyes of there was A doctor in Camp Pendleton and she ended Up he was uh my son was getting a Physical just a physical for the school And right away she's like oh he's acting Weird why is he acting weird I go what Do you mean he's acting where you're you Know you're opening those pants you're You know your your test you know you're Checking them out I mean that's what a Doctor does and he's a little shy what Do you mean well that's really weird Because other kids that have been abused You know and I and I stopped her right There I go excuse me you are assuming That my son has been abused sexually What are you talking about like my son's

Only been there for like one semester And he was sick all the time and I saw That and I said you know what I said I Want to talk to your supervisor right Now and it was in a military base and my Daughter was right with me and she was a Year younger than him and she she starts Screaming He goes oh my God and and she felt Something very wrong this woman was evil I go you know what never Mind doctor you know what Don't worry I will take my son over There to another doctor thank you very Much and I took the kids and I got the out of there and right away I I was Already you know into the secure Creditor thing since 2010 and I really Started to see the evil in these People's eyes and um when I took him Back to the school they said oh well um You gave us a um medical exemption due To religious purposes that's why you Don't want your your son to have any Shots I go well for one my son is Allergic to peanuts and he's allergic to Egg And he doesn't need shots to go to School So and at first everything was fine they Allowed him and then when they started Pushing the that I said you Know what uh-uh done okay we're moving To Mexico that's why I was sick and

Tired of having to deal with a lot of The going on and I'm Mexican anyway So I was living in San Diego it was only Two hours away and I fell in love with Mexico a whole other world whole other World but um so I after we left years Later and then here comes the pandemia And then I'm hearing in California that All the kids are being forced into being Inoculated with the with the with the Kool-Aid job in order for them to go to School now like of course but we can see It now with our own eyes Insane Absolutely insane and what you went Through you know you had to go through This day you had to go through this so You can see You can see what is not being seen And you can be a voice now to help you Know parents that are going to listen To inspire them to get their kids out of The freaking schools and that's what I've been telling parents for years get Your freaking kids out of there they can Learn at home you can have a tutor or Whatever the hell you figure a way to Make money at home so you can be here For your child for your child because They're so conditioned I have to get a Job I gotta work a nine-to-five job and All this crap So Anybody anybody on this planet if they

Were conventionally minded regarding Business would have a better opportunity As a real estate wholesaler on the phone At their house than any job yes Yes my parents were real estate agents Too so yeah yeah anything involving real Estate Um business investment even crypto I love crypto so you know any type of Investment and it's interesting to see The kids nowadays the children there I Mean the kids that are like teenagers Are so freaking smart And they're crypto Traders you know what I mean Stock Traders you know they're finding Ways to they they know too much and the School what it does it keeps you down That's all it does So very interesting David it's insane so You finally were released From prison since February 2021 yeah but that was yes oh Just for trying to speak the truth and Basically tell them hey I'm being Diagnosed by uh someone who doesn't have The qualifications to diagnose me what The hell Yes our Theory and we're raising this in The 1983 civil rights action as they Were essentially trying to discriminate Against me on the basis of the diagnosis They were concocting Um so

Essentially the theories that I was Targeted in the form of prosecution on The basis of that type of discrimination Is what the um what our allegation is And what mine has been since the Beginning in 2012 when the whole thing Started up and I said we need to end This right now before it turns really Really awful and was it because you were Asking too many questions [Laughter] Probably [Laughter] [Music] Pretty much an active International war Is Like the environments Um I I've noticed the same exact Behavior existed at the panthersville Georgia state psychiatric hospital as The environment at the school where what Is happening is the employee is based on Being trained to be in positions of what They think is Authority which we know is Actually not they will attempts to fault The diagnosis or these the way of Thinking of the person in their custody For placement decisions that they are Making that that is how they are trained To respond to criticism about that so More control can be exerted over the Person Um and that exact Behavior what's going On at the Gwinnett Public Schools on a

Regular basis when I'm not afraid to say names when William Bellfort was the principal there that Was Regularly done and I watched it happen To students like over and over again What what happened exactly I mean can You give me a little glimpse Hey one Yeah what's They're operating By essentially lying to the parents About saying that everything and I'm Getting a little bit all this work I'm Talking about it I'm not afraid of it I Believe in confronting okay okay Um So to the parents they will continually Say that everything is fine and then Issue denials and there's a problem However in reality the teachers are Attempting to retaliate against students For advocating for themselves is what is Happening it's retaliatory treatments Um There were In that retaliatory treatment would take Several forms like in the actual Classroom There were characterizations of Attention-seeking characterizations of Authority problems characterizations of Basically the diagnosis the school is Trying to create saying oh you're

Autistic or yeah or yeah whatever Whatever they were relying on to keep The segregated School environment going Um is essentially How a retaliatory response was made Whenever the students which had to Defend themselves or speak up for Themselves or essentially uh and or oh And they might be sick they might be ill Put them on some Pharmaceuticals right Yes yes Exactly yes it all has to do with Essentially trying to steer somebody Into a state of Dishonor if you know Anything about like commercial dishonors However When diagnoses and school standards are Being used as that kind of weapon and it Also responsible for your hair are Becoming adversaries or a child for me A traumatic experience Um it created a state of isolation like Literally for the last two years I've Sat in a room alone on my laptop writing Legal documents I do not go out in Public I've seen the dishonor fights Take many different forms so it's always The same sort of thing it is an employee Of one of these entities trying to lure Somebody into a state of submissiveness To Is what is going on yeah It's a slave plantation that's exactly What's going on I mean

It it I mean it's insane I mean we're We're um I wanted to ask you David I Mean it kind of to change the subject a Little bit but you know going into the The credits and and currency and all of That what do you think That is happening With America right now as far as Currency goes do you really do see cbdc Happening Um I honestly think there is mass Miseducation regarding money in general Yeah of course In terms of a centralized digital Currency I don't really I call these Entities frequently like right I Frequently call like New York Federal Reserve I'll call the dtcc they're Scared of me at the deal of course I Know I know what's going on I don't think they really know what They're doing I think they're really Just mindlessly following orders yeah Um So like when the Federal Reserve Bank in New York does its redemptions Transactions it will instruct the dtcc To create a money order in the form of Our International bills of exchange Which they used to create the fiat Currency that's the actual instrument That'll do it Um in terms of like a centralized Currency I don't

I don't really think the Fiat nature of It is going to change it's just digits On a computer screen yeah exactly it's Going to be digitized and it's going to Forever be that Um it's created by these money orders so I I think that's what the actual Currency suggestion is going to stay as One form or another honestly right People are forever not really going to Assert themselves or advocate for Themselves using all of their rights Usually you would expect a lawyer to do That however These issues they hang up the vote on me They run away just because they know They're not actually enforcing their own Clients and rights and Internal Revenue But they're all not doing their jobs no Not at all not at all in order to really Just be the superior being you must Advocate for yourself exactly it's what Needs to occur To get the actual remedy from that Problem when it takes on one of its many Forms or guises whether it's called School or called hospitalization or call Jail it's just somebody trying to take Custody over your person yeah Exactly the same demon by another name Is what it is exactly I mean we saw even Worse like like I said worse hypocrisy Even the worse with the whole who the World Health Organization

You know everything I mean it was like More like everything was coming to light Like finally because people are so Addicted to social media people are so Addicted to you know Telling their problems online all the Time just saying hey I'm doing this hey I'm going here you know they became so Comfortable And now all of a sudden boom it's like Everything just started closing in on What they're trying to do with people I I couldn't believe what I saw I mean we Went through this for the past two to Three years with this whole coveted Pandemic here in Mexico it was like I Could not believe it how many people Were so submissive like okay uh-huh I'll Do whatever you know I just couldn't Believe what I saw with my own eyes and I'm like you know what I I didn't think It was going to happen in my lifetime I Was hoping it would not happen in my Lifetime I was open somewhere down the Line after I died or something and I'm Like oh my gosh it's happening right now And it's the same thing that they did Back in 1912 when the Federal Reserve Came into place and then you know their Entity came in and you know started the Whole Spanish flu and then brought in The Federal Reserve and all of a sudden Oh do away with the gold and silver We're gonna take that away from you if

You don't give it to us or going to Prison and all this crap and I see this Same thing happening again because History tends to repeat itself over and Over and over again So it's been Securities dollars since 1933 and well for it forever will be at This point it's just people who think They are the all-powerful recipients of The funds who are not paying their Capital transfer taxes that's all it's Ever going to be and that's just what I See them as now these are tax to liquid Fugitives right a night tailored about This exact situation like when I was in Stockbridge Georgia and it was like 2003 And I was six I would wake up in the Middle of the night screaming like Everyone's about to attack me this is Right around we actually got the social Security number the birth certificate And I have the same sort of feeling when I went out onto the playground in 2004 At the elementary schools and like just Everybody here they're not operating off Of Truth and why it's because everybody Around you in that environment in the Public is doing business as a tax Delinquent fugitive Somebody claiming to be all powerful the W-2 employee or the public official the Really They're just somebody claiming to be in Receipt of funds and then not paying the

Capital transfer tax on it that's what The whole currency system is yeah Yeah It involves enforcing the tax against Entities trying to create false Controversy yeah Of course of course I mean it just keeps Going and going but all the stuff that's Happening right now is just absolutely Insane right now but that is the thing And that's what I've mentioned to Everybody you have to open your eyes you Have to do your own due diligence you Have to take uh control and Responsibility for your own life you Know you see these groups that are like You know worshiping cute Anon movements Um you know Trump is going to do Everything for them Um you know and it you know or a higher Power is going to do everything for them It's like to succeed in this area you Must be proactive and it's like Operating really independently where Yeah And there's a whole like just Talking about the word art to 98 trust Administration it's like coming back as The 98 trust administrator and suddenly You're able to control everything like You just name all the parties involved In the matter it can be like your own Banks or Companies or state employees involves in

A matter on the Declaration of trust Instrument or the UCC both kind of Operate equivalently and you use their Tax payment and Reporting requirements To select the better words successfully Tell them what to do Which is the essential skill set even to Being successful in business yeah it's Being able to effectively tell other People what to do when they don't have Direction or a capacity to just use Their own resources or even just operate Productively you're providing that Solution to them yeah Definitely almost like guidance In a sense yeah but the proper role is Though that requires a level of Free Will and self-control which most simply Will not attain because it is not how They were taught or raised Um and they did not get to the reading Level which would be necessary in order To be successful in that role so the Opportunity is there though a bunch of Limiting beliefs would form in the General instance like just somebody's General the general person it's like a Better word like limiting will form that Prevent them from doing it definitely I totally agree Having beliefs anymore because I had Lawyers telling me I was going to die in Prison and not only am I out today we Had all the court cases dismissed all of

Them and you're alive [Laughter] Yeah you're kicking ass though thank you So much David for for appearing on the Show sharing so much valuable Information to everybody you know this This is very very important for people To know this to be you know secure Creditors is the way to go for those of You who is able to take responsibility Of your own life yes definitely so yeah I mean any do you have a website or Anything where people can find you I I'm Building that out right now it's like It's just going oh hon I'm so sorry well You know when you are ready you let me Know and then we'll do another show I will I I have like some of my because I'm also like a classical music composer And sci-fi fantasy writers so I I have Some of my um some of my like violin Compositions from back in the day They're available on YouTube I think I Sent you a link um through email Um you have uh Gosh you play the violin yeah I do I do Oh my God So oh amazing um violins make me cry I Love it very emotional oh that is Amazing yes well you know send me that Link again and then I can I can uh share That with uh everyone else too to see Your violent composition that'd be Wonderful thank you so much David I

Really appreciate your time and and you Come in on the show sharing this wealth Of information and helping people to hey It's time you know time to take back and Get your kids out of school And learn about becoming a secure Creditor and get that foreign trust set Up and own their asses no that's pretty Much it yeah okay I I just emailed you The um like the YouTube link again okay Awesome thank you so much and I'll Definitely post it in my groups for sure And I will check it out myself Definitely all right thank you so much David and I hope you guys all enjoyed The show very very inspiring and uh you Know what it's time to take your power Back stop being so conditioned educate Yourself get your kids out of freaking School already get your kids out of School put them in homeschool Um because the kids they know what they Want to do in life they're creative they Already know what where they're going to Go in life they they don't need to be Told what to do and how to do it you Know they find their own creativity on Their own and I tell you my kids are Just amazing uh my daughter I mean she's She loves to she's an artist she's she Plays a guitar I mean she does all these She's so freaking creative and my son You know does parkour stuff he draws and It's just like they didn't have to go to

School to learn that they just have some Much free time with homeschool You know it's amazing but uh wonderful Are you gonna write a book David I I think about that daily please so much Information it's like please write a Book write many Survive from the Holocaust That's what you are I really it you are A Survivor from the Holocaust that's Exactly what's happening right now and They all think oh it was just it was Germany a come on Wake up right yeah I was thinking about The book it's like it's like night by Ellie weasel honestly I I feel like a Concentration yeah oh you're cutting out David oh yeah write a book publish it Publish it on Amazon that's what I'm Doing I wrote four books and and I love I love it I love it I'm going to be Writing more to get more information out To people because if they can't you know Really take the course or they're just They don't really know anything about What it is what we're talking about but They're interested a book is a way to Grab their attention to teach them books Are beautiful books are made I'm a Bookworm you know just like you I'm sure I read a lot oh me too I can't stop Reading it's insane it's just it's it's Like I gotta take a break because I love

It so much I love to research research Anything that I can research and I tell You and and that's another thing you Know everything's on Kindle now on Ebooks and all that and that's great but I say always buy a paperback always buy A paperback book hardcover because you Never know when the system they could Fry the system and then all of a sudden Take your book for a meal oh that that Would be that would be it with me trust Me I'm the same way like when I when I was In the facilities I was just thinking What mattered the most to me it's all of My writings it's all of that Dragon Fanfiction that I wrote I've been Working in 2011 and also like my current Like legal documents and all that Content that I've created that's what's Most important to me I don't care about Housing or like jobs or licensure or any Of bats I hear about my contents the Most oh gosh you're already a Creator You know you're you're you're a musician You could be a writer I mean you're Already there you're already there you Know and they say oh get degrees I mean I don't I'm not against degrees because I'm working on mine a metaphysical and All that stuff too but I get it not to Work a job that's for damn sure I get it For for just to let people know that I'm Well-rounded I love to read and it's

Just somewhat of recognition for my own Stuff you know for my own books for my Own thing not because I want to get a Job somewhere you see what I mean but Unfortunately a lot of the people they Think like that oh so I can get a job It's like no you have the creativity to Do whatever the hell you want to do you Use that creativity right do something You know on your own you're you're the God you are the you are like we came From that source and we we came through In these vessels and we are already God We're the gods and we're here to you Know invoke The powers that be whatever the heck Because we can do it and and that is the Game that is the simulation game that's What I believe That were in a simulation so we can Realize that we are already Gods Ourselves you see It's not having executive control Definitely I call it creative control Just being able to control your own Destiny yeah definitely and it includes A lot of Um uh numbers numerological numbers you Know um and that's what my my mentor Taught me years ago in a account science Language you know he's a forensic Auditor and he knew account science Language so well That it would drive me crazy because I

Hate mathematics only I'll count money That's fine but when it comes to Anything with mathematics I'm like huh What the you know and uh everything He said everything is account science Language and when you learn that that's How you can communicate with the Comptrollers all these people that are High up there or you know the higher People not not the not the secretaries And all that crap the people the Controllers Higher above that yeah the accountant Way above that that understand the Freaking language and it's interesting I Used to hear him talk talk his language And I'm like what and and and the women They acted off like flirty with them Like ooh who's this guy Like flirting with them Exactly what you're talking about I send A letter to the executive office of Citibank like every other day of the Week to have these conversations with Wow That's probably like totally like wow They talk our language That's awesome It's pretty cool we have some pretty Interesting conversations It's a whole other world Can you can you show me the q-sip number For this particular credit card balance It's like

Give it to me and then I asked about tax Reporting they said oh that's a separate Legal agency you have to call this and Then it's like I I got on the phone with Like the bny melon Trust Company yeah We can't give you that account number It's dtcco and I said DC CC owns do you Know who you're talking to You know who has the priority rights on This account yeah Exactly because the senior colleagues That is actually income and you're Telling me it's ccco so I can't touch it Real with it you know who it is right And residual remittance residual remits That's what I learned Because uh jogger would say my my other Mentor he would say income means Incoming meaning in the future What how what the hell so you're taxing On incoming on an event that never Happened yet So you you call it residual remittance He would have these you know and it Would make me really think like no How can they freaking taxi or how can They You know charge you or or say oh on an Income that is coming from in the future And that's why when uh when I I had you Know my website I would say secure Creditor even though I also bought the Domain secured creditor just this year But he got me so used to talking in a

Present tense secure creditor Nat is is Now there is no time Only the slaves go by time we don't go By time Because time is an illusion I think it Enders Game The Hive queens Were wired like that where they just Experience everything at the same time It doesn't necessarily Occur like In terms of like a past or present it's All just now exactly and boy got kind of Wired that way because I I realized I Would need to think that way in order to Get out of this yeah you got to see my Use you see I'll send it to you and um It's very powerful if you haven't seen It yet it starts off with instead of the Date we say today And we say today and it goes into really Really talking about the You know the non-adverse language uh It's kind of late right now but yeah Going into the maritime lean Um oh gosh I I don't have the document With me but we never put a date to it we Say now or today And I learned that from Jaguar he and he Was the one who I learned a lot from he Was the the one that shut down the Vancouver airport years ago for about Six weeks Basically saying hey I'm gonna shut you Guys down I'm gonna stop your your flow

Of money until you remedy the situation And he was working with uh uh uh who was He working with Interpol Interpol to shut down billion dollar Companies heavy heavy he used to do So he he was the guy on the groundwork Basically he would go to the the billion Dollar companies and say hey if you do Not Show me your books I want to see a You know your books in accordance with The unitary convention but basil III Um General accepted accounting Principles and so forth I want to see a tax Um Oh goodness I mean I can't say it right Now but just just going off on that and Basically if they didn't show this Then uh their their corporation would be Shut down in 72 hours It's like that for all credit card Applications and like loan applications As well they are precluded if all your Rights are unfortunate saying no they Can't say no And I I followed Gene Keating like a Freaking I'm just gonna use the word fans like It's about my greatest Mentor Um like and one of the like mortgage Cases they were doing the judge said That they um they were surprised the

Point of astonishments that the um the Plane if it was a borrower purported Borrower and Wasn't shown like the chain of Securitizations From the original sale of the notes And that she was also a third party Beneficiary to the bank's pooling and Servicing agreement and by trying to Foreclose they were not complying with That so they essentially enjoins the Foreclosure So essentially Um They said like without the polling and Servicing agreement she and other Mortgagers similarly situated would not Have even been able to obtain financing From the bank Eventually refers to the proceeds from The sale of the note and the Securitization and creation of the bonds Behind it which is all so any sort of Like public charge or debt or Expectation really is it's the creation Of an off-balance sheet of bonds is what Is going on in terms of just being able To think on both sides of the accounting Ledger for what is happening I always Like that like as a kid when I just Realized so much was wrong and I was Trying to be created I put into like an Artificially created seat of essentially A subservient class and I was like this

Is wrong like I recently I I was a kind Of saw Georgia Um for basically a dormitory party and One of the students they actually Started having like a PTSD attack and Was trying to essentially commit suicide Oh my gosh he was having essentially Like a traumatic memory of a time in his Childhood when his parents didn't want Him so they essentially deposited him Into the state Um like I'm not sure I'm not sure what it is Called Um just like for Orphans Children thing and he said he just Remembers that was like the lowest Position of society and he said I prefer Talking to David than the siblings Actually I tell you this one because he Knows exactly what I'm talking about It's like yeah you know exactly what You're talking about it's like an Artificially created or legally created State of like a lower class which does Not need to exist Um oh my God so I saw it I saw that it's Like just two sides of an accounting Ledger it's like okay if it's this mad On one side it has to be better for Somebody else on the other side and you Need to find that person and trade Places with them almost like a tip for Tap type of thing

Um and that and those are the thoughts That were going through my head when I Was just a kid Language for it that I recently found With the secret Predator movement though I could still visualize all of that was Happening So it really just has to do with Whenever like debt speech or just Shadow Black magic is being articulated at you By a public entity just think of the Other side of the account Ledger where That's a credit and find where that Credit is and I I did that with the with Citibank their transfer agents bny Mellon Trust Company and that's just Holding all the income created by the Off-balance sheet financing of the Credit cards like whatever there's a Balance on there that's actually income It should be paid to the entirely Shareholder which is you yeah exactly They're just not doing that oh we can go On and on and on I tell you I dealt with A New York melon uh I was able to I was Able years ago I'm sure you probably saw One of my videos when I went to get a Book from Amazon Using that Uh the New York melon number okay the Numbers and I believe I used my passport Numbers In the on Amazon and I actually got my Book it was just one little book it was

Like a green Magic Book And 14 bucks And that was it was crazy and that was The only time I could do it this was Many years like 2017 and everybody Started doing something like that they Started going you know finding the Routing numbers Um to some of the banks and using their Passport or other other numbers uh maybe Their their social security number and They were able to do certain similar Stuff with Amazon it was crazy and Amazon actually send us Merchandise So in bonds world and securitization World all the any type of security like A soccer Bond whatever has an identifier Called a q sip number which I I'm Assuming you're familiar yeah yes q-sup Number yeah yes So the way to think of it as for every Debt there's a corresponding qsip number All you would need to do is just look That up a like Fidelity or I use Computer to get accusative Numbers based on like the name of the Issuing bank and they'll usually have it On their website or the investor Relations section Um and that'll identify like the holder Of the credit card account payable Because they're setting you what they're Calling an account receivable on the

Computer when you log into like or Bank of Whatever it shows a credit card balance That's the account receivable What you're looking for is the accounts Payable which is to whom is that balance Owed or paid out to and if you look They're pulling a servicing agreement They'll always designate like a Securities custodian who's essentially Holding the monies which for a myriad of Legal reasons rightfully belongs to the Original borrower like like what Happened gkd makes a whole bunch of Videos on that exact subject and there Are ways I think like the 98 trust is Probably the most powerful way to Essentially yes that amount back and Then access it safely by getting a line Of credit against the amounts that you Had securitized on your end when a Superiority came in and made a claim to The bonds portfolio and then you went in There and got a line of credit against That to use in the public when you're Just out and about Um so we're Myself in one of my contacts who are Really big into this area we're Essentially trying to use that with a State entity because it is operating as A repository bank which is like a Private like a mutual fund or a stock Portfolio it was all a state really is a

Corporation So like all private corporations they Have tax payment requirements and Reporting requirements which they are Not immune there isn't any sort of like Qualified immunity or judicial immunity Or say solid Community whatever for like Transfer reporting like tax reporting And payment requirements there is no Immunity to that so without immunity They're being sued in their private Corporate capacity which is how they're Supposed to be sued and we're making Them responsible for the commercial Ramifications yes And as soon as they see that they will Dismiss the case yeah exactly that Actually happens if you look at the State of California foreign Philip Asher in the Pomona County Superior Court that was how they did it When Gene Keating essentially did a Trust on the judge in that case and made Him liable for all the taxes and they Voluntarily dismissed it that's the big Wake-up call right Hello hello it's a trust here you go Smell it buddy you know it's right in Front of your face yeah oh speaking of Which I wanted to bring it up real quick Uh going to court there was a man I Heard from somebody that told me there Was a there was a guy who went into Court

And he spoke Latin that's it Yeah it was yeah it's funny he Spoke Latin I guess he had a bunch of Charges against him so finally he Decided he walked in the court spoke Latin only they couldn't find a Translator and then they had to dismiss The court Because Latin back in the day was known As a very high-end language And they could not find anyone And you know I I found that to be very Very funny but very very smart because The laws are based on canon law I like Latin too I I took that in College I love Latin Very interesting language It is very interesting language but Very interesting but anyway I'm gonna I'm going to wrap the show up again I Was going to I know we can keep talking For five hours like you were saying oh So much it is awesome and it's so Wonderful to talk with another well well Intelligent secure creditor here that Has a lot of knowledge but you got to go Through a lot of to get there just Like me isn't it funny many of us it it Wasn't like we we got this information Like handed to us easy it was something We had to sacrifice We are Holocaust Survivors Holocaust Survivors exactly

[Laughter] I love it I love it I love that we are Holocaust Survivors Holy thank you we are Yep ah It is what it is and you know what I'm Sure we've done this several times many Lifetimes ago and that's why this time It was like it it just felt right it Felt like look at them look up Arnold Schwenberg the Survivor from Warsaw he Actually did a really interesting Symphonic poem about that Yeah and you went through so much my Goodness well thank you so much David For coming on the show I hope you all Enjoyed it all the listeners there and Hopefully this inspires you to like I Said take your power back And uh educate yourself educate dear Your own due diligence on being a secure Creditor and uh really understanding What it is that you do have this power You've always had this power it's just You know you weren't educated in that Way We had so much power and uh you know What you're here now there's a reason Why you're here we're all here for a Reason because we Our higher selves brought us here so we Can finally remedy this once and for all And we can be able to flip everything Around that is what the whole I believe

The Ascension thing is going to be it's All it's all about the mind we have to Shift I'm sorry to interrupt I just need to Say this I wish I did less homework in High school and just did more fun kids Stuff like going to the mall yeah Is right now It's so much I know So much I mean kids have to be Kids but they try to get them to to you Know grow up so fast have sex real fast Pop out a bunch of babies so they could Take control of the babies I mean you Can see it just like what they did with Hitler You know have a bunch of babies for Hitler blonde hair blue-eyed kids I mean it goes on and on and we can go On Thank you so much dude you don't feel Like a kid in spite of everything like I Feel 15 right now okay I I don't feel Like an adult I feel like I had to fight For my own life and operate as my own Lawyer as a kid at several points Because I'm not doing it for me though At the end of the day I still feel like A kid I want to go like to the movies At Natsu homework So I understand how many how many years Were you in In the in prison So in terms of like the active prison

Exposure I would call it like just over Four years Um four years oh and you just got flat Out that there were a couple other years Of like Um like segregated school placement and Also Hospital Invasion Um It like you have ever seen like like a Psych like it's like a prison Psychiatric all this other garbage To up people I know and then the worst part about it Is essentially like what others make of The situation who can't see the world Through the lens of a secured creditor They essentially treat you like you are A marginalized human trash in the form Of a disability or Set of charges or deviance or whatever Um and then there's just so much attack There's a lot of marginalization I think Terror I think Drew and Terry Jarrett From the Jared Realty investors have you Seen him on YouTube said he said there's A lot of people out there yeah it's it's Shadow monster thing it'll come out of The mouths of complete strangers when They start hearing various aspects or Facts involved with the situation like Um when I I spoke with one of my Childhood friends and I mentioned oh I Was at the jail he freaked out and Stopped talking to me so it's like okay

I guess we were not ever actually Interesting because it's a stigma it's What it is so many innocent people are Thrown in jail so many Like majority of the people that are They are innocent There's only a little peer a piece that Are maybe not it's that insane your Criminal for doing anything anything That is about yourself Independence I Mean how I don't even think Chapo was a Criminal to tell you the truth I mean I Watched the show about El Chapo it was Pretty cool I'm like dude this Guy was a rebel you know But I think the mentals like the mental Health stigmatization was probably the Worst aspect of it for me Um also the age because I was a kid a Teenager where all this was going on so I have not recovered from that like Level of trauma personally was there a Lot of pedophilia going on Oh definitely yes I was Target's head oh My God a lot of it just went over my Head I I didn't really pay much Attention to it Um That definitely was happening my biggest Issue was the stigmatization uh just Because It would turn into verbal abuse like the Way some of the Warriors would talk to Me and improperly budget the actual

Value of my life which is actually the Secured creditor value not the debtor Slave amount it That was the worst part of it Um yeah and it's a very particular type Of abuse which took several forms There's a lot of language bastardization Where something is essentially construed As A lack better word either Self-inculcation or basically saying you Are the mental health or you are the oh Yeah yeah Oh trust me I mean I've Me too I've been I've been uh assessed As also of a bad person It's just like Basically it means bad person though in They'll as thin it several ways to say Mental health person or just what have You it's a straw man they're saying You're the straw man when you're nuts Like that's seeing out of The Matrix Yeah they bring up a bunch of paper That's somebody else go yeah and and Actually what you are is a file that's a That's what the the straw man is or the Government franchise name is is the Freaking pile The other weird thing about it everybody In those facilities the actual person is Free to go the only problem is The employees running the facility are Too stupid to do their job as a

Fiduciary which is pay the tax and open The door to let them leave that can take Like procedural forms that could be like The state's motion to vacate the Senate State's motion to no across all the Charges when it's essentially negotiated The right way as a secured creditor so All of that it's essentially the state's Motion to release somebody that's how They that's how my lawyers negotiated Our outcome Yeah No so the whole thing is getting them to Act on Your actual will is the Creditor and not Keep treating you as a straw man from What I'm just thinking what God's been Telling me the 9 8 trust it's standing In the situation allows that to occur Because the nine eight trust can make Private civil claims against these Entities who are otherwise gonna say oh We're immune or we have sovereign Immunity or prosecutorial Community Qualified immunity not for taxes It's like it's like they're creating a Corporation to attack a life person when They're if they're going to do that There's nothing stopping you from doing That if you wanted to use it exactly Thank you that's what I'm saying you can Become a foreign agent as well And what can they do and that's why they Make it so hard now for people to get

Their 98 they're trying very hard you Know they're trying to test people And now there's this uh rumor or a bill That they're trying to pass to abolish The IRS I've heard by any chance to veto That yeah and I'm like ah if we do that Then that would kind of suck because we Kind of need the IRS there are Bookkeepers You know they are the proper venue for Getting the remedy oh God they're They're the I mean when they when They help me uh with a remedy to get rid Of child support they were on my side And even wrote my ex-husband saying Sorry we don't know where she's at and They knew exactly where I was they had My address I always give them my address They know exactly who I was and where I Was but they protected me and I said Sorry we cannot find her but thank you Very much it was after I paid them With my credit And everything changed it was it was a Shock it was a miracle it was and this Is when I first started really getting Involved because that was the only thing I needed was to get rid of child support Because he wanted me to die my ex he Wanted me to croak you know And uh A defeated his ass and I defeated his Ass and child support but I didn't Defeat child support I'd like to say I

Paid them nicely And it was through the IRS and the IRS Handled it beautifully and the rest was History when you are a creditor life is Different it's not the same and then at First you're like what just Happened what the hell whoa and then you Have your students go through similar Experiences uh child support and all That and then they're like whoa what Just happened And that foreign trust I mean really Makes a freaking difference That 98 it's like and they're trying to Make it difficult for people to get it Because they know Once you grab that freaking number Get many of them get many of those Numbers that's what does the status Correction like I um on the mornings at The high school I started having severe Mental health issues in terms of like Feeling like a Shard of glass is being Pushed through my body and I realized That was a status or a legal status Issue where somebody's trying to place Me into an inferior legal status and Then I I learned about the 98 trust and I realized that is how you actually do The status correction With standing to make claims against Their proceedings against you in Essentially waive all of their Immunities and make it pay taxes and

Also like Sue or negotiation in your Proper capacity and it's your entity Negotiated on your behalf you don't even Need to be involved or be there in court No the interests can essentially like Represent your interests as a private Creditor yes Not be subjects to all of the It's a life better word backlash or they Will try to hit back like they did like To essentially put you back into the Inferior status Here at the school and at the jail and At all facilities that are run by these Creatures I saw that they keep trying to Put the person back to the Imperial Status so they can't do that to the 9 8 Dress no no it is so powerful I tell you You can't and you know what they can't They cannot you know yeah you can throw A bunch of sovereign documents at them But when I actually saw what that 98 did It was like holy it was I couldn't Believe it it Because it's credit it's like okay here You go they can't say no to that You know They can't say no to it So all right everyone okay I gotta wrap It up all right David uh have a good Night everybody thank you so much for Coming on the show I have to wrap this Up and uh love to talk to you again have You on the show again uh some other time

And um definitely hopefully you made This podcast really really Um This podcast has been extremely Informative to you Listen to it several times if you have To to try to understand it more

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