Factor Alliance – Eliminate Subordinate Debt to Assume 1st position – 2

Alternative lenders face distinct challenges in distressed business investment. Over-leveraged companies in need of factoring/ABL facilities won’t qualify for terms when assets or receivables are encumbered by a host of secured and subordinate debt.

An Alliance with Second Wind will reorganize your target entity, removing all subordinate leans and obligations while putting you in first position to lend.

Over the past ten years, Second Wind has conducted thousands of reorganizations in the distressed space. Through a single, frictionless transaction, we preserve the full ongoing concern value and continuity of operations of a distressed business while eliminating all subordinate debt. For the ABL or factoring professional, we deliver back a pristine, debt-free enterprise in 45 to 60 days.

For alternative lending professionals, Second Wind turns untransactable deals into great situations.

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– At Second Wind Consultants,
we’ve worked with Hundreds of factorers
all over the country. And what we’ve realized is Is that they would like to transact On a vast number of deals
that they’re not able to Due to the fact that the receivables They want to lend against
are already encumbered. Factorers are then left
to discard those deals Because in order to make a
deal happen as a factorer, They need to be able to
lend in first position. An alliance with Second Wind Consultants Allows those factorers to
take those opportunities And capitalize on them By passing the opportunity over to us To reorganize that business
under a strategic short sale Using the Article 9. By using Article 9, We are able to negotiate with
the first position creditor To strip off all of the subordinate UCCs On the business’ debt schedule, And reorganize the company into an entity With no outstanding UCC filings, Giving them a back a pristine entity In which they can lend in first position. It makes it very simple for that factorer To go through underwriting
and establish a line of credit Against the outstanding
receivables of the company.

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