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Foreign Nation this is Pete Lee your senior vice President here at Equus retirement Solution and joined today by our vice President of Equus Retirement Solutions Mr Bill Martin 2.0 and we've got a great Guest Mr Jeff Helene who's been with Equus gosh as long as I can remember and That goes back to 2016. and you know Really glad to have Jeff on board with Us here today you know Jeff is always Shown a keen interest in what we do you Know we started with index universal Life and and Jeff Um you know at the time was in uh Seattle and you know a lot of uh High Net worth people in that particular area Looking for ways to to uh place money in Uh things that would provide not only Death benefit but living benefits but More importantly you know how to how to Grow and accumulate wealth uh and be Able to access that on a tax-free base So you know that was his initial Interest certainly gravitated toward Annuities now we've got uh you know our Debt elimination program you know Jeff's Been to many of our Retirement Solutions Universities uh you know and gosh I Think he he had at the time the highest Uh score on the exam that uh that we uh Administer at the end of each uh Retirement Solutions University so you Know he's uh you know demonstrated not

Only a key in interest but uh done it in The field as well with applications for Iul for annuities you know and that's What uh we're going to kind of talk About today is you know what's the value That Jeff sees uh on his team as a Regional manager and and expanding the Product line and diversification of Revenue so uh with that what I'm going To do is turn it over to uh The handsome and talented 2.0 to uh talk A little bit more to Jeff Elaine Jeff Welcome bill over to you buddy thank you Pete Lee the great and masterful Pete Lee the man that knows the man Jeff that Has forgotten more about investing than We've ever known that's for sure but uh Anyway you know uh I wanted to bring Jeff on board for the podcast today Because as Pete said Jeff has been a Very involved student of the Retirement Solutions division right from the get-go And uh has done a very good job working With his customers to develop them into Clients and that's really one of the Main reasons that we exist here for Equus and the Retirement Solutions Division is to do just that to teach the Agents how to create clients out of Their customers and the way you do that Is you help them with additional Products and services we can't just make A sale one time maybe with mortgage Protection or whatever final expense

Whatever it might be and call that that Person a client we have to help them in Multiple ways to really develop that Loyalty that a client brings and Jeff Has really figured that out has done a Very good job and he's worked hard as a Regional manager with our company to Train his team on how to do that as well Or at least use him as a specialist Until they get to the point where They're knowledgeable enough to do that Type of work themselves so Jeff really What I wanted you to come on and talk About here today is maybe start out and Let's kind of talk about the philosophy That you have for your team with Retirement Solutions what are you Telling the folks on your team that they Should be doing to build and grow their Business utilizing what we have to offer In Retirement Solutions and then what We'll do is let's get in and talk a Little bit more about what you do as one Of the Specialists on your team and a Large case that you recently helped a Client with and how that played out so Thanks for joining us Jeff the floor is Yours well thanks Bill and Pete I'm Happy to be joining you guys here and Yeah with our team you know a lot of People we have a lot of agents in our Group that have already that had just Interest in Retirement Solutions and in Retirement Solutions is always something

That there is a learning process to it Um it's not something that you can just Watch a video And you kind of have the good gist of it There's a lot of training and practice That goes into it Um I know at this point we have uh four Total agents that have gone through the Actual Retirement Solutions course and Passed their exam in our group and so When we talk to our team about it I Think the big thing is kind of like you Said Bill making sure that we are trying To create clients not just have Customers and so all of our agents are Still running mortgage protection Appointments that's that's the core Business that they need to be doing but You know when they have their needs Analysis worksheet that that they're Using in home there's questions on there Already that are giving an opportunity To create a Retirement Solutions Referral for them uh it's like you said I don't want my our agents to sit there And feel like all they're ever going to Do is refer I would love for the ones That want to learn this to be able to to Get to the point where they're Comfortable doing this on their own say You know Mark Levy in our group is one Of those individuals who's worked to the Point of now being able to handle these Types of things on his own

Um but you know early on you need to ref You should be referring these just Simply because you're missing out on Dollars when the client is really Telling you you know really just keying You in on on just like yeah I guess you Could say like triggering uh ideas for You that should be leading them to a Referral so it's never something where You know you want to talk to them about Retirement solution stuff right in the Middle of your your uh appointment but At the end of it you know if you're Submitting an application on them you've Got about a five minute wait if you're Doing an e app until you get that first Response if it's approved or not that's A great time to go back to questions Like you know when you're looking at how Long they're more mortgages for well are You paying this off you want to pay this Off sooner than the 30 years Is that what you're looking for are you Doing anything right now that's going to Put you in a position to have this Mortgage paid off sooner than the time That you that your mortgage is currently For and then also with things like old 401ks and and any kind of 401K money They have if they're worried about Market risk right now These are all things that it's very Simple to find those answer you know Just get them talking about that stuff

And then the transfer over for referring Is very simple where all you have to be Doing is saying something like well hey We have a specialist that is great with These types of products I don't do the Math on this but I'd love to get you in Contact with them can we set that Appointment up for you right now Um but it's just helping agents start From the point of being able to get into Get Retirement Solutions working for Them through the referral process but Then after that you know keep growing And learning and understanding what We're doing and then you know if they Want to get to the point of being able To do this on their own there's plenty Of opportunity for them to do that Whether it be you know getting to the Meeting studying this studying Everything on Retirement Solutions at Um in the training center I mean I know When I first got started every time I Was going to appointments like once I Got comfortable with my in-home and I Wasn't having to having to listen to an In-home presentation at when I was Driving to every appointment it just Became listening to uh you know the the Podcast the Equus Retirement Solutions Podcast as I'm going to appointments Because that was another way to keep Learning these products and and what's Going on with them tell you what

Um I wouldn't mind uh if we could go Back and take a clip of everything you Just said and play that for all of our Regional managers at Equus because That's the Playbook right there that all Managers should be using to build and Grow their business and help their teams Build and grow and become more solid uh In their in their own practices Utilizing what we have to offer in the Retirement Solutions division that was Excellent so thank you for sharing that Philosophy that you have from a Leadership perspective but let's let's Transition as I said earlier now and Let's talk about a recent opportunity That you came across to help a family That was looking for some safety and Guarantees with some of their retirement Money What if you would share the story of how This came about how did you come across This opportunity and then you know what What kind of things did you do to you Know lead this down the yellow brick Road into a actual sale and a uh and an Enrollment for a client that really Needs what you have to offer yeah so This was one where this is a warm Market Sale it didn't come from like a mortgage Protection leader or anything but Um you know anybody that is listening to This podcast or just existing in society Today probably understands that there's

An issue in our stock market right now For people and and people are worried About that they're they're losing money It doesn't mean there's a stock market Issue it just means it's down and Anytime you go from you know really a 12-year bull market to a down market so Quickly and with such a drastic change People start forgetting that you know Yeah markets go down Um but now so now they're worried They're kind of trying to play catch-up So in this situation this was an aunt And uncle of mine who they had Um we I had spoken with them about Annuities previously uh and actually it Was over a year and a half ago and it Was just they were they're small Business owners and they were at that Kind of retirement phase And at that point uh you know a year and A half ago when we first spoke it didn't Feel like the right time for them well Fast forward to you know a year later a Year and a half later and they've lost 150 000 in the market or from their Positions well now it became something Where it was an i it was a good time for Them to do it obviously it would have Been great to not have those losses Happen Um but you know it's just sometimes That's what it takes for people to Understand

Um so you know to me it's one of those Things that with working with these Products when you start believing in Them and what they can do for our Clients it doesn't matter who you talk To about this Um whether it's a family member a friend Just some random person I mean it's one Of those things that I've talked to our Team a lot about like when it comes to Some of the Retirement Solutions stuff We do it's hard to strike up a Conversation with someone about their Debt like you know there's not people Going around having like who has who Accrued the most debt this week parties Um it's a it's kind of a personal Subject for everybody but the one thing Everybody kind of thinks is happening Right now is everybody thinks everyone Is getting their teeth kicked in with The stock market if they've been losing A position they want to people are okay Talking about that with other people but The beauty of it is is we have these uh Products that you know whether it's a Family member a friend Um you know or a mortgage protection Client any of your clients it's Important to just understand that you Know these products are going to be able To help protect their funds we can lock In the gains that they've had really Over these last 12 years it granted some

Of it has come back Um but that's okay it's there's still a Gain there from wherever their Market Position was before this year happened Um but it's providing that Safety and Security for their money Um you know with this last one I did uh All we did was on that one uh my uncle Was happy just getting a fixed annuity For that one Um being able to get a guaranteed 5.3 Percent for five years to him was the Best thing for him and and that's a Tough thing to find anywhere right now And so you know what when you're retired And things like that those are great Things for you other clients they're Going to be wanting you know an indexed Option or even just incorporating the Fixed uh you know doing a fixed rate for That first year of an annuity that's an Index annuity but then you know Switching to an index when maybe it Seems like the the market is a little More stable and a little more uh looking Like it might go up again but that's What I would say you know in regards to That case it was just hey you know People uh there's individuals in our Lives that you know are either nearing Retirement or at retirement and taking On you know big losses is not going to Be beneficial to them in retirement so We just can't be scared uh to talk to

Those people about it and if you're Brand new and you've never done these And you don't want to talk to a family Member about it um you you definitely Still can if you just sit there and say You know tell them you work in financial Services now I mean we're at the holiday Season a lot of times you're getting Together with family Now's a great time to just say let them Know you work in financial services and Hey we have these products where you get To participate in market gains but you Don't participate in Market losses would You like you know speak into one of our Specialists about this I can get you set Up for a time with them you know if You'd like to hear about what that looks Like for you but that's the easiest way To do it so don't be scared of of Talking to people about this and you Might stumble over words right away but You know it's family so you know who Cares if you if you make a mistake Talking to them about it but so I would Just say you know don't don't just think There's only one person you can talk to About these use a lot of your resources Family friends uh random people that you Meet Um there's always a conversation that Can be had with people and there's Always a way to you know eventually Bring this up to someone if they start

Saying the right things you know that Gives me two follow-up questions I'd Like to ask and and the first is one When I first met you at a meeting in the Fall of 2017 I immediately thought that Guy looks like Matt Damon so is it true That you have actually impersonated Matt Damon to benefit your business no just Kidding don't answer that don't answer That don't incriminate yourself just Kidding the real question I wanted to Ask was When it came to working with this Particular client I don't recall now we May have discussed it and I and I may Not remember but uh is I think you just kind of did this on Your own what resources did you use to Be able to figure out what product you Wanted to use to help this particular Situation Um really this all came from just Studying Um and and you know going through a lot Of these trainings Um yeah I didn't I actually didn't talk To you guys about this one I I talked to You guys quite a bit and and I always Figure you know anytime I call you my Phone my call goes straight to voicemail So I just figured you got my number Blocked but Um no I'm just joking about that but no This was one where having been to a lot

Of the you know a lot of the trainings Um that you've done with Retirement Solutions I mean there's always product Training that goes on there and so In this particular situation like we Showed a few different ways that that he Could do this annuity Um and we we brought together a few Different products but to be honest it Just came from Um you know years of of studying this Stuff in in learning the products and Everything that the carriers offer Um and then it was after that it was Just having a discussion of what he Wanted uh this particular annuity to do For himself uh at that point it just Became obvious that you know the fix uh The theme Max rate was going to be the Best one for him because that was what He wanted Um and you know it's not always as easy As a client just really laying out Exactly what they want Um but in this case it was and he didn't Know the product he didn't know what What we were talking about but he just Had an idea of what he wanted and so That's where it's like well hey this is The product that we have that fits that Best and so that's what we're going with Um but yeah it like I said you know just Trying to be a student of everything on This side of things in the Retirement

Solutions you know the product training Is always there I mean I I do know like In every Retirement Solutions uh Like meeting that we do you know you Guys go over a lot of the products and I Will say I there's there's some I could Probably tell the name and I get them Messed up sometimes between carriers but All it is is just going back through Notes and you can find this stuff and And now it you know over time it's Become more ingrained in my head when I'm talking about the products to know Which ones are which Um but that was really it just just Having been to a lot of meetings and and Having that training that's been the Most helpful thing Jeff thanks so much For sharing all that that was fantastic A lot of of our agents and managers at Equus would do well to emulate exactly What you've just discussed here and uh You know you're you're I think you're a Great model from that perspective for Many to look up to so thank you for that And I'm going to kick it back to petely Alrighty Bill thank you very much and Jeff thank you uh great job and you know That you've been doing forever here at Equus so we we greatly appreciate you You said a couple of things that that uh You know that I want to kind of Emphasize and one is you know it's the Holidays we're going to be with family

People need to know what you do In order for us to broaden our Horizons And help them you know so like you said We need to let them know that we're in Financial services and for people that Just started you know heck uh your Family members and your friends and Colleagues want to help you you know and And it's easy to say Hey you know I just Started a new career with Equus Financial we're in financial services we Do all kinds of things we do you know Mortgage protection there's Safe Money Solutions you know could I practice with You Um you know and and that's a good way to Be in front of somebody else uh but also It lets them know what you do you know And some sales can happen uh you know in That way too uh but more importantly You're getting some reps in uh Jeff Thank you so much you know what you've Done is uh fantastic uh keep it up and We're here for you and and we never Block your calls we take your calls dude We love you So anyway yeah Jeff thank you and Bill Uh as always thank you uh for conducting These great seminars and uh we'll see You all next week take care

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