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Partnering with Equis Financial allows you to explore your entrepreneurial spirit!

To learn more about partnering with Equis Financial visit www.equisfinancial.com and consider attending one of our business development workshops.

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My name is David Schneider I'm from South Florida and before I started with Equus I was a health club owner operator For 20 years the key benefits we're Working with Equus considering where I Came from you know opening businesses uh Scaling having to invest in every Component of that business has been Changed since I came to the Equus Financial team those things are all done For me okay they've got this amazing Playbook that I get to follow the Technology that I can that I can use to Grow my business which is what really Attracted me to starting this new space This new frontier that I've gotten Involved with and it's been tremendously Helpful especially if you got that Entrepreneurial Spirit to open and open Your own business and uh obviously you Know Be Your Own Boss

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